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,'itcd for the  uiidm-jnentionrrl

.5     Ttifo In 'iircfinti
ffril of SuiJj'li't.*   n,i<l
he nifidfJ  permanent.
Oanjl»te  if    «rli   aui

n., I LTt < trirrtl ) in il-r Direricrnic  fiVji-
t^nl*      Pu^tf, trjitl-orjiy.   hut   lik<'Jy  to
pn-=t  n scr\-pd   for  .SclieiluJi tl   C^fctf-s
r.m.lirtalo  nveili'Mr.   ntlm-wiM    both
,.rl. _ TVy           -


u                                                         ompanied by

pBd envelope for each post at least of size 9"  ;< 4" mdieat-
ir thnroan nam« of past for which forms are required.    Closing
of apparitions with trPcisuiy ropeipt or Crossed

6     Tim AA<
try  of Lnbou>.

t Clttif -'fl

- f,f raw:
l,ut likely

' <F. W- I). Mini*

„,„ _   _____                 ^                     .._..._     ____ay flpply

nn jnun paper if forms not available, and de-posit fen \vith Inc'til
Indian Embassy. If required candidates must appear fni personal

30   v

•'' .' "T*_-._n_  qualified    and  experienced     candidates.  Age .
Relaxable   for   Government   serVnwta.     Quah*

ficationa : jtmatmiol : (i) Master's or equivalent honours degree
in Zoology of recognized University, (ii) Training in the collection
and preservation of Zoological Specimens in the field and in hand-
lini» and maintenance of large Zoological Collections in some Muse-          g ,pwo Senior Scientific Offit-trB, Grade I, (Chemist™) Defenc

-       ..-------_., -o „„„,„,.  T^*,,*,^     rYn-irfi-nH,™ rM^nhln     „ .e|i(.e Q,^^^ tfinutiy of Defence.   Posts temporary bn

likely to be made  permanent.    Pay -. B.s.600—40—1,000—1,00

or  factory   of I'L-pute. inns  :         .          .    _   ____

discretion in  case  of candidates  otherwise well-qualified.

7.    Onr    permanent    A a si Want    Superintendent,    JMcffiantcnl,
~"                   "         ~"      !ry  pf RnAvaiis    Pnp : Es-SflO—3CO—

~"   '-70—40—850.     passes      as      pe
Higher initial pay  to   special!;
candidate     Age :   Between 25  and 3!
for    Government   servants.   Qualificaiic<ns :  EA
: (i) Degree in Mechanical Engineering of  recognized Uni
vergity or equivalent     (11) About threfc years' pOBt.grodur.te  ex
perionce  in Mechanical Ensmeennrr  m    rospon&ible  positicn   J;
— engineering works.   Qualifications relaxableat Commission.
;tion in rase of candidateq otherwipe weU-qualificd-

lin" and maintenance oi large zoological uuiio^iona m Rome IVIUBB-          g     ^wo Senior Scientific Offirtrs, Grade I, (Cher,

run or Zoological Research Institution.   Qualifications relaxablo     a*ieilce Qrffnnit,ntion, Ministiu of Defence.   Posts temporary bu
at Comnnaaion's discretion to case of candidates otherwise well-    fikely to fce made  permanent.    Pay : Es.600—40—1,000—1,00

—1,050—1,050—1,100—1,100—1.150—1,1510.         Higher      initia

at Comtmssii

SSSi'd &^*'*B^«-«X^tf<>^ Mf»* or    ^n^peJJ   Cjptes of gj™,
passing  Advocates'  Examination held by Bombay Bar  Council    dlscreticm in cflse of candidat.

-aamg   Au.»u^™uua     ----- ^ ---------  _    _   _a

enrolnaent on Original side of any High Court, (ii) About three
' practice, (in) Adequate knowledge of Gujarati to be able
anslate from Gujrati into English and vice versa. Qualifi-


motions    relaxable    at
:es otheiwise well-qualified-

discretion i

!Pit'o  Inspecting  Officers   (Metltnnlcal)   in   the   Direciora

^lish    and vice versa.    Qualifi-     General of Supplies and Difpcsals  potts ten:poiaiy  but likely
discretion   in   cane   of  candi-    be made permanent.   Pay   :   Rs.350—350—3SO—380—30—600-
E.B. 30—770—40—SoO.   Higher initial pay to specially qualifif
.    x   ,..     . „ .      and experienced   candidates     Age : Between   3U and   40 year
3. Two Deputy DLredtors of Inspection (Engineering), Directorate    BrfaCT#cjrOP   00vernm:nt_tujva*1a.    Qunlijactit, *      "

to translate from Gujrati
citions relasablo at Commission'
datoa   othei'wiao  well-qnalifiad.

xc                ..

of Supplies and Disposals,   Posts ^P"??y ^n* ^^ *°     (i) Degree   in  Mechanical  Engineering   of recognised   Universil
e permanent. Pay. Rg.600-40-1,000-1,000-1,050-1OSO     ^ oqu^al(?nt    _qUaliflpatIojiB.    (<i J About 2 years'   apprentices^

of repute.    .    .
of responsibility i

tiip or practical training in  some Engineering workshop    ni1HHi01
>.    (iii)  About  5 years* practical experience in position    ea>
.sibihty m connection with manufacture, inspection and          JQ

Three Assistant Ewiplobfiitnt Officers (3 in
under Directorate General of Resettlement and

-- *•    -    posts temporary but likely to continue.    Pa\

testing  of engineering stores.   Qnalific
mission'H discrotion in case of oandidat

tors and mdnulflicturers.    (V) wuinu. uj.tij.«j.g- -*• *—4:---------------         «*.   »%u»'.uj.~>-»v>'-w  ----- -      -        _^ __

or Circle, the administration and control of that Centre or Circle    in oaB0 of Candidates otherwise" welUqualified.
and the staff employed therein,    (vi) Any other duties that may be

assigned to him by higher officers.                                                            11.   One Assistant Employment Officer (Te

General of Resettlement and   Emplo^ient,   Mil

v___     „„        (Technical) Directors

General 'of Resettlement and *Emtploy/nient, Ministry of Labo*
Temporary but likely to continue. Pay : Rs,21S—16—S&
Higher initial pay to specially qualified and experienced cane*
date Age : Below 35 years. Relaxable for Government senan\
Essential : (i) Matriculate of

4. One Deputy Director (Textile Engineering), Office oftne
Textile Ounnm&onar, Bombay, Ministry of Commerce ^Indus-
try. Post temporary but likely to continue Pay :: Ks.600-40

—1 000—1 000—-1 050—1 050—1,100—1,100—l.loO.   Higher initial               ..„...... .--------------,,    ^

pav'to   apBoialZv   Qualified and   experienced   candidate.    Age :     ^ersity or equivalent,    (ii) About two   year's practical ,

Below  45PyeaVa     Relaiable for  Government **a&.   Qua^cc-    in sujerviaory   capacity with knowledge   of grnerg  e:

5....w   ™°..7.^_T .(i) Degree in Textile Technology  of — ~-      -        ——*--------'---«"   -   -+"i   ™^«t+«-     '"^   if"-

ilty.   OB Degree in Mechanical Bnginee]

\^hS^S*^^S!  SHS^aV*.  SH£r£ c^se-of c^didaies-^horwiae^ well qualified.

TSS^^^SS^^^                       l2- <& L^.**&*^?i^ n—