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^ifn'Thnn moliidi-d in CJUP of thp Schedules to the Indirn Medical
£n"il'-Vet. 1933. (11) Diploma m Public Health. (iu) About 5
v"arV expi-rienpp of Public Health Administration in responsible

11 ipitv Qualifications relaxahlc at ComnuHpiors' disprotion
'„'! clip "1 r-flnrtifl^a othirwiHi- WPll-qunliiud.

09    one, Associate Professor of Pacdiatnes: All-l<nrtw

,H'':enr and Public Health, Calcutta. Mitiistiy rf H(ah _
t. i jui'nry but likely to become permanent. Reserved foi Scheduled
/'"ti.Jgiiipdulptl Tribes candidates if such suitable candidate avnl-
S'b otherwise to be treated as unreserved Pay ; Rs.SOU—40—
i i,|j(V_l,000—1,050,—1,050—1,100—1,100—1,130 private prac-
*',,' laboi.itoiy or consultant practice not allowed Higher initial

iv to speriilly qualified and experienced candidate Age :
iLtwivii 3d and ia ypara. Reln&ible for Goveinmenl seiiants
nmilififationi -.Essential (i) Medical qualification included in one
of thn Schedules to the Indian Medical Council Act, 1933. (n)
p t.Kradiiati? diploma in Paediatrics, (ui) About 5 years' ex-
npriL'iirc m senior capacity m childrena' hospital with not less than
Ml iH'rts (iv) Experience in teaching and research. Quahfica-
tinns rnl.ixable at CommiHsion's discretion m cnse of candidates
uthnrwist? well-qualified

30     One  Chief Inspector,   Workshop  Scheme attached to  Ex-
tension Training Centre, Gandhi ftaffar, Bhopal    Post temporary
hut likely to be made permanent.   Pay : Rs.300—20—500—500—
EB_20—600     Furnished quarters with light and water will be

lull? available on rent to be charged at the prescribed Goveinmrnt
raid's High01' initial pay to specially qualified and experienced
p'mditlate." A tjc : Between 25 and 45 years. Rflaxable for Gov-
ernment servants Qualifications : Essential : (i) Degree in Mecha-
moil or Agnpultiu-al Engineering of recognised University. (ii)
-vbout 5 years' cxpprionce in responsible capacity in workshop
ol repute ' ("i) Some toachjing experience. Qualificaticnt rc-
hxible at Commission's discretion in case of candidates otheiwise

31     One Chemist for the Scheme for Impro-offment of the essen-
tial oil yielding plants-.    Ministry of Food and Agriculture.   Post
tL-rnora'rv  up to   31st March, i960.    Other   things  b/emg   equal,
Terence   civcn to   Scheduled Castes/Tribes     candidate.     Pay •
S 350-350—380—380—30—590-E B.-30—770—40-850.     Hi-
ffher initial pay to especially qualified and experienced candidate.
4(je • B"low 35 years     Belaxabl? for Government servants.    Quali-
fication's   Essential: (i) M.So. in Organic Chemistry of recognized
TjiuvBwity.    Or Bachelor's  degree in Science  or Agriculture    and
Diolomiof A-Ssociiteahip of Indian Agricultural Research Institut
in'Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, with, Pjant Chemistry
(11) About 5 years' research experience m Synthetic Organic Che-
raistrv preferably in relation to essential    oils as    evidenced by
published papers.    Qualifications relaxahle  at  Commission's  dis-
cretion in case  of candidates  otherwise well-qualified.

32.   Exhibition  Officer:  Ministry  of J'ood^arid^ Agriculture.

continue.   Pay • B..7aO-40_l1CGO

' nectad with Agriculture or Animal HuBbandry mcluding espencnce
of organising and managing exhibitions/fairs, (n) Experience
of Public Relations work including experience of window display

of Public Relaions wor    incung     p

and pictorial   layout.    Qualifications relaxable at Commission s
case  of candidates otherwise well- qualified.


The Union Public Service Commission will hold a combined



dates for admission to the National Defence Academy. Jfljr :
Ibrnfa candidates must have been born not ear her than 2nd Jan.
uary 1939 and not later than 1st July, 1941 Wies* *8*l'*
ccmV no ease be rfaxtd. Qualifications-: Matriculation or

for nandi dates abroad).


The examination for recuritment   of Chilian MaJe  Doctors
ftw Direct Permanent Regular Commissions m the Army meaicai
oommeuoB from th 28th September, 1966.

21—35 years for Elet-trical E»i£in.-frmg and Signal Encmetrrins
Departments and 20—23 yr-ura for othpr servif-s UIJTJC r ajr" r^laxubb- in c-a-e of Sthprlult ri Castes, sJchudulcd Tribes, Dis-
placed p-rsoii^, rfjirlents of Chundernrisjar and rnrt.iiii r,itt>gor]rs
of D^pirtmental canduUtn-5 a-a p^r derails ITIVPII in Hul<^ OuaJi-
ficatoow • A df«ieP in Engmporing or a ptl>.s m ^crion-! A and B
of A. M. I. E- (Inditi) or equvalent. Appllfatioi, fart,**. mnl full
particulars obtainable- from Secretaiy, Uiiion Publir Snvirp Coin-
mission, Dholpur HOU&L-, New Dellu, by rPmittmit Kf. 1 by mont-y
order or on cagh payment at the i-oumt-r. Candidates inu«t i-]t-«irjy
state on Money Order Coupons " Enyiiifenny S(),itr* En.tu,iiha-
tioti December l'Jf>5 '" and al&o giec their ntttue n)n1 fullpL^ti] nittlrrfm
in blocL letters. Pot,tal orders or clu'que^ or ruirei»y notes TV ill
NOT be accepted in liuu of monpy ordpi?.

Completed opplu-ations must jp.irh Rnntaiy, Union Public
Service Oammission by 24th iS^ptrmbtr. 10."."i (St'h Octct-pr, IOCS,
for candidates abroad).

PART ' B '

Closing dAte for receipt of applications for thp follcwinc po&ts
in the Hollerith Sertion of thn ojgi«e uf the Uniun Public Sorvice
Commission, Dholpur Hou=e, New Dullu i^ 13"tli August, 1955.
No application fee is required for tliese pr<st^. Applications on
plain paper to be submitted TO the SeLretaiy, Union Public Ser-
vice Commission, Ne-w Delhi, giving und^m t ntioned particulars :

(1) Name (2) Address (3j Place and date of birth.
(4) Present poation and salary. (.1) EducJtional qualifications
(\JIatnc up w-Tids) (6) Experiencp -nith full ilFtails of pic-vious
employment, if any. The posts are rPS'-rved inr Si In duled C'sste
/Tribe*randidatpg ancZ nrc- at present tompoiiiy but likf'ly to con-

1.    Four Technical Assistants—Thicr prFts reprivtd for gche-
duled Castes and    one   for   Scheduled   Tribes.    Scale    of  pay :
Rgr160—10—330   plus   usual   allnwpni'es    admissible    at    Delli
Age: Below    33    years,.     Qualificuticns : Essential : (I)    Degree
of a recognised University (II) Must bp able to work on sorter and
have experience of working on Tabulator preferably 'Alpha Tabu-
lator*.   Desirable -. Knowledge    of   Typing.

2.    Three Mechanical Operators—Two potts reseivrd for Sche-
duled Castes and one for Scheduled Tribes.    Scale  of pay :
Rs.55—3—85—4—12,!—5—130 plus usual allowances admissible
at Delhi.    Age > Below  30 years.

Qualifications : Essential : (1) Matriculation or equivalent
qualification (II) Muat know Punching and Verification cm Hollerith

Desirable : Typing speed of 30 words pf* minute.
By Order,


Deputy Secretary.


Tt i* hereby notified for general information that Satya Pal
nT,d Om Prakaeh have been taken to be the incoming partners in
the firS of Manohar Sheo Co, Tikonia Bazar, ARra with effect
from ™h JaiiuaTy, 1948. The constitution of the fii'm with eflfert
from 27th January. 1948 is as follows :

Cbiranji Lai.
Chunr-i Lai.
Satya Pal.
Om Prakash.


Shoe  Go., Tikonia, Agra