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During the first week of the month under report
there was no rain throughout the State. During the
second week there were light showers to moderate
rains in all the districts of the State. During the third
and fourth weeks, there was heavy rain in some distri-
cts, mostly eastern, and moderate rain in the rest
owing to the setting in of the monsoons. The total
rainfall for the month was in slight to moderate defect
of the normal in the western and hilly districts of the
State and in moderate to large excess of the normal
in the rest. The weather remained partly hot and
partly cloudy.

77—Agricultural Operations

Preparation of land for, and sowing of the Han'/
crops were in full swing in a large majority of districts.
Harvesting of zaid crops was practically over in the
State. Irrigation of the standing sugarcane and newly
sown Jcharif crops was resorted to in a few districts
where there had not been adequate rains.

Ill—Standing Crops

IV—Prospects of Harvest

The condition of the standing sugarcane and early
kharif crops was generally satisfactory. Though
locust swarms visited the Jalaun and Azamgarh dis-
tricts, no damage was caused to the1 crops. Heavy
rains in the second fortnight of the month were reported
to have slightly damaged the standing early kharif
crops in the Qorakhpur District.

V—Damage, to Crops

According to the report received from the Ento-
mologist to Government, Uttar Pradesh, field rats
caused localized damage to the sugarcane and tobacco
crops in a few districts. Localized attacks of pyrilla,
top-borer and root-borer on the sugarcane crop were
also reported from several districts. Control measures
against these field rats and pests were undertaken
by the Plant Protection Service/Uttar Pradesh.

VI—Agricultural Stock

The condition of the livestock was on the- whole
satisfactory although cattle diseases have, as usual,
been reported from a number of districts. The figures
for the number of seizures, deaths and mortality from
infectious cattle diseases during this and the preceding
months are presented in the table given below, which
has been prepared from the data furnished by the .
Director of Animal Husbandry, and Fisheries, Uttar
Pradesh. It would appear from this table that as
compared with, the previous month, thftre was a dec-
roa.go of 29-2 per cent in the total number of seizures
and an increase of 69-3 pei- cent in the total number of
deaths causing,mortality to risift from 7 to 17. As
regarcls Anthrax, there was a decline ojf 25>5 pe,r cent

in the number of seizures and of   2-1-5 per cent   in
the number of deaths, in consequence of which morta-
lity registered only a slight rise from 9G to 97.    In the
case of Haemorrhagic Septicaemia,  the     number  of
seizures ami  deaths were    respectively 3-9    and 4'3
times those in the previous month and mortality rose
from 7H to S4     As regards Black Quarter, there was a
decrease of 32-1 per cent in the nu.-nbor of seizures
and of 30-9 per cent in the number -;f deaths whereas
mortality recorded onlv A slight rist- from 96 to 98
In the ease of Rinderpest, the namber of soizures and
deaths WPIV   respectively 1-5 and 1-8 times those in
the previous month with the result th;it mortality rose
from 53 to Go.    As for Foot and Mouth disease, both
the number of seizures    and    deaths    decreased by '
39-1 and 64-0 per cent respectively   resulting in the
mortality   declining from 0-35 to 0-21.    There were
no cases of seizures or deaths from other diseases during
this and the preceding months.

TABLE—Numb*? of Seizures, Deaths and Mortality
frot/L infectious Cattle Diseases during the
months nf May and June, 1955.


Deaths         Mortality

June   May    Jun«"   May   June

	51        38        49
	37        96        97

Heam. Septicaemia •
	<\4      247        JJO
	208        78        84

Black Quarter
	84       5    lg       06
	96       98

	.      068      985      335
	636        53        65

Foot and Mouth Other diseases
	7,204   4,300        23
	9    0-3Q    0-21


	8,071    3,717      o«U
	1>4S          7        17

	Number of deaths

	Number of seizures

777—Pasturaye and Fodder

Pasturage and fodder were reported to bo generally
adequate in almost all the districts of the State.

VIII— Health and Labour in JZiiral Areas

The health of the labouring population engaged in
agriculture in rural areas was reported to be generally

Director of Avricubuft,