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FORMED. A.I.T -li a)

XOTltE UXDER SEt TITiX ir,| 1 j OF THE U. f

(Fern AssEtiSELS nrHn; in vx r-iMfUMcs)

FORM No.  A.LT.-!(P)


(F'JE   ARSES.-,lifi-'   O'l'HEii   THA.r   CniVlLJANIE&)

A*w*8inc>. ' yrdi i Ori.j-.lH

1. In'e ( if the pruvi>ior* of ,-p» nun ]"'(!)
of the U I* Im-miie T ix AM, l<t+s,
I, (Jija Prasal Ppuiley TAS Co lc-ctu .f f .'in
pur Ustiict tlu hereuy rail u.iun every it.'i-ou. linn
undivided Hindu family, -n. irty trust n, A-i-sun.i-
tiun other than a company uf. defined 'ii tin1 ludi ii
Income Tax: Act. 192J (XL of Mi:™), whiw .mricnltinMl
income exceeds Its -Li'D" tu picpure ti leti.rn and
correct statement of hi1- ur its agricultural uvuim-
during the previous ye IT 'jeyhinina from July 1, 1954.
and ending on June "*" l!K"j."i in form nu. A.I, T -3 to
deliver the sinue, \vhf iv the income* exceeds ono
lakh, at 1113' office- othprv/i^r at r|uj office of the Di^tiict
Assessing officer duly signed and verified in tlu
mamiei indicated in for ^ud f-n-m by him or it within
thirty-five days of tin1 publication of this notice.

'2, The income to he returned is the " total agri-
cultural income " as defined in section 2(16) of the
U P. Agriculture 1 Incum" Tax Act, 194S.

3.    The form cont-iins instructions renuirecl for the
preparation of the return.    If .my further inform,m > i
is desired, it can lie obi -lined ,it the office of the Assetis-
ing Officer concerned.

4.    If any claim for depreciation is to he made,
neces&ary  particulars   in   form Annex u re   E   to   form
no. A.I.T.-3 should be fumiphed.

5.    In accordance with the provisions of section 29
of the Act  a return  should  be  fumiHhed —

(«)in the case of a firin in form no. A.I.T.-10
showing the name1- 'if the partners uf the firm
with their addresses

(6) in the case of ,'TI undivided Hindu family in
form no. A.TT.-ll shuwiny the names of the
Manager or Karta .ilon^ with the names of all
the adult male members of the family \vhh theii
relationship and their addresses, or

(c}in form no. A.I. T. -12 showing thp names
of any peivon fur ui> on behalf of whom you aie
a trustee, mutawrdh guardian, agent or represeii-
ttitive, with theii- nddresses.

6.    This   return    should   be   accompanied   by   n
declaration in form n->. A.I.T.-2  indicating the option
as   to the    method  of computation of your income
under  section 6.

NOTE— The   forms specified above van be had from the office of
he   AsirfSbin},'   Officer   uonccrnucL


Collector, district Juwnpnr.

1. In mir-iiianco oi' th.- prnv:«_6na of section
l,j(l) of the U P. Ay."rvinn\il Income Tax Act,
IfUS, L, H (i Daliral. P e.,s . lAjllpcfoi' of Garhwal
jJi-itri'.-t, do hen-by i-'!! i^u-i r-\cry person,
finii, undivided Hindu fMudv. i-o 'ety, trustf or
fi'-.-'ucution othej1 tlinn a cumi'-iny ..'s rMiruvl in thr«
Indian Income Tax Act, J.JiJ, (XT of J023),
agricnUurul incomi- exceed R^.i..20<> tu prepare a
ivturn and correct statement OL hi-> or ic's atvricul-
tural incoinp'huri'i re pipvious y? •/ '-ejiinning from
JulyJ. I-'"4, and -Jirlin-i, on> 1955, in form
110 A.I.T -^ and tj LL-livei1 tV *.;.ue, '.There the income
exceeds one l;ikli, at my office otherwise at the office
nf the Sub-TJivi-Ional OJficer of the Sub-Division
in winch such person, firm, undivided Hindu family,
society, trust or association, ns the may be,
ieside> or carries 011 business oi1 aityate, duly signed,
and vc-i'ified in the iiiauiK-r Lidioate. 1 in the said form
by him or it within thirty-five iliy4 of the publication
of tliia notice.

'2. The income to be returned is the:e total
agriculumil income 'n ns defined in .section '2(16) of the
U. P A^iicultniai fnromt'Tax Aet. 1048.

• 3. The form eonLihis i>;-,tiii;ctioii^ required for
the preparation (jt th? ret urn. If any further informa-
tion is desired, it can be obtained at the office of the
Assessing Officer concerned.

4. If any claim for depreciation is to be made,
necessary particulars in furm Annexure E to form
no. A.I.T.-3 should bo fiu-.iislietl.

"). In accordance with the provisions of section 29
of the Act a return should be furnished—

(rt) in the case of a firm in form no. A.I.T.-10
phowing the names o* the partners of the firm
\vith Lheir <

(6) in the case of an undivided Hindu family
in form no. A.I T.-ll ^hoAvinu1 the names of the
Manager or Karta a!o:^ with the uainea of all
the adult male jiinn'r-iN uf the Kmnly n'ith their
relationship and l!ieu' a .l-lrtases in-

(c) in Form no. A.I.T. -12 showing the names
of any person for or on behalf of whom you are
a trustee, mutawalli, guardian, agent or re-
presentative, v ith their addresses.

b. This return ahr.jld be accompanied by a
declaration in form u i. A.IT.-2 indicating Lhe option
aa to the method of coiiiputatiou of yoi1!1 income under
section tj.

.ii 'L    uhovc can hs had frnm the office of

f'ollector, district Qarhwal*

Dateltftc WlJ'uly. 19".o.