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Advertisement   No. 34

ApPf'iOATI°N'a arc invited fnr the undermentioned posts from
L.-iTii-itizDna and p-M-sin^ migrated from Pakihtan \\ith intent irin
LTiif>ntly settling in India or subjects of Nepal. Kikkua or
^ji-se ov furinri Frnnr-h posafidsions m Indu. Uppei ,igi -
hTBitreliable by 5 y^-u-b fnr S-hedulr-d (Jistcs, tribal and jibmium-
,ii communit i ffl find tip to 45 years for displaced persons from P.iki-.-
tJQ andnon-hbcrat -d areas of Jainmu andKabhmii' Nu leUixrition
fr>r others, save in exceptional oases and will in no rai-n bi« leII^x^ d
b.-vond thr^o y..Miv,. particulars and application fonns frcm Si r -
r'tirv, Union IVibliu Service Commission, Povt BLX no I'-d. Xi w
D'lh' K^l'i^tH for forms munt specify ntime of poht ami should
bj .i"L'ii,npaiiied by s -If-adtlrrssed unsfc unpi'd c-nvelrpp fnr ivch
pu-t at lo.iat of mzt? 9" ; 4" imlu it ing th-Ti-oa niin1Luf po-,t foi
wiiii-hfornw atorequired. Closing dib^fo • r.'-i'ipt of upplicdtiorf.
H-ah tiv.wury i'ac,.-ipt or Crossed Indmn Postal Oidtrs fm R-, 7 H
lRq l-U for S?h-»duled Castes and Ti'ibes) 10th Scpteuilifr Ml,'")
|Jith September, 1935 for appliPintg from uhrovl). r-im-
mi=sion may remit genuinely indigent and bunn fide
ji'-sms' f"3 Spirit1 applictioiiwit.h s'piratf f-v r.quired
fur each poat. Candidates abroad may apply on plain'
pip it if forms ntjfc ,w ulable,- and deposit fee with lonal Indian Etn-
bi337. If required, c nidi d rites must1 appear for person, 1 mtei-

1. Two iNsiviant Beseatch Officers, Giode J, in the off it e 0J
ihq India Dflr,gattui\, Xrw York Posts temporny and likelj
to boeome p^rminent Gindulges who have already applied in
ragpinse tn flaninaH-iion'fl Advertisement no. 18, which appeared

'   on 30bh Apnl, IJJfiS n>ed not    apply   again.    Pay -. Rs 350__2.1__

, 300—E B.—30—020 plus,foi-=>ign .illoivancc, rent-free accommodation,

1 passage facilities, m-'dii-'al attendance, etc , as admissible to India
bagsd sbuff at New York from time to time At present foreign
allowincEi admissible is R ,.u'50 p°r m -isem. Higher initial pay
to specially qualified and experienced candidctes. Age- Below 30
yearn. Relaxable for Government servants QitahfiiatifHs Essen-
tial : (i) IMagter's or equivalent Honour's degiee, prcftrably in His-
tory, Politics or Intornational Affairs from recognized University
(ii) About 3 years' Bxp?iience in responsible post in any orga-
nization or institution connected with inteinationrl affairs (iii)
Knowledge of current aff urs. Qualifications relaxable at Commifa-
sion'a discretion in cage of candidates otherwise well-qualified.

2. One Deputy Developnent. Officer, (R-ublfi) DiVfhffiiifi
Winy, JUinistiy of Qoinmercc and Industry. Post temporary but
likelv to continue. Other things being equal, preference given
to Scheduled Castes/Tries candidates. Pay • Rn.tiOO—40—1,01'U—
1,000—1,050—1,060—1,100—1,100—1,160. Higher initial pay to sp<?-
nilly qualified and experienced candidate. Aye : Below 40 years
E Taxable for Government servants Qualifiiatirne : Essential—
(i) Master's degrcn in Chemistry or Bachelor's dcgire m Ch^miral
Engineering or Technology, (ii) About 5 years' practical experience

,   m Rubber Industry  including  testing of rawmateiinls and finished

1 goods. Qualifications relaxable at Commotion's ditcreticn in case
of .candidates otherwise well-qualifir d

t 3. One Deputy Qhief Adviser of Factories, Minify ojLabour.
Poat temporary but likely to continue. Pay : Rs. 1,000—30—

i 1,400 for direct recruits. For Chief Inspectors of Pactoiie? under
the State G-ovornment, if appointed, Ra.1,000—SO—1,400 or grade
piy plua sroaeial pay of Rs.200 whichever is advnntryecu* to
them. Higher intial pay to specially qualified and expenen-
fed candidate. Age, : Betwr en 30 and 45 years. Rdaxabli foi
Government servants. Qualifications : Essential—(i( Dogree in
Engineering of recognized TJiiiversity, or Apsociate jVIen>Ltisl >v °^
tho Institution of Engineers (India) or equivalent qualifications
lu) About 10 years' experience in Engineering "Workshop or Es-
tibhahment of reputo or in a Government Department dealing with
ailaiinistration of Factories Act. Quahfictions relax able at ComTm^-
sion'a discretion in case of candidatos otherwise well-qualified.

4    One Assistant Soil Conservation   Offic(r(^qrcncn-ty).atthc
Soil Conservation    Research    Demonstration    and Training Centre,
.   Bareill!/, Ministry of Food and Agriculture.   Post temporary   but
Ł likely   to    continue.    Pay :      Ra 350—350—380—380—380—30—
f 590—E.B—30—770—40—S60,     for    direct      recruits.      In     the
case of Sta,te   Government officeers:     grade pay in State   Govern-
ment service plus deputation allowance of 20 per cent of the grade
pay.   Higher initial pay to specially qualified and experienced candi-
date.    Age : Below 40 years.    Relaxable for   Government sf^anis
Qualifif.ationa : Enstntiuh—li) Degree in Agriculture   from recog-
mz^d University    0&  Master's or equivalent degree in Soil Science
or Agronomy, (ii) Experience of fiflld experiment  or Soil Research
m Agricultural Research Institute or Station.   Qualifications relax-
abloat Commiasion's discretion in case of candidates otherwise well-

FIVP fljvft ol 1-1=1 ^'I1 p i-i-.ia;.' o i f «-^t ipnomt^Qpnt and icom Port Blair
to Cikutt i/Midiiis and N.JI k fur oftictr and fr.trtily win! procc<?a-
ing on and rcturninp fium b .ivr. Highn1 iiut-.J jmy TO sperially
qualified anil i Kp^iii LH il i .iiidirlatL-." j*r/t : J}>\\\><n !'."• <ird ^.~)
Vr'^iN Eclayillr fnr Gt;-n mi.ini sciin}>f> ^ -nl^n < l,i, ^. Ltm
tvil , (i) qiLilifii-r-ti'.,,.. im-ludt d n <-i • i-f Tl:o SclirduL-
to the Indian M' r MUU il Art, I(j33. |in Ain-iit ."> years'
oxpenenrfc of Hp^lth .iilmim-tiaiion and crntn.l tnl-f rriik?:s acd
m ilana and inf« oriju=, rli-o is. H Qu.ilificaTion^ :u< I.1?: l-li- at C'Cjnnii---
iiim'd discretion in c^-- of candidates orlnivl" well.qtii.],

G Our Arti,.t, India Stn nty Fir** Jj'i»-> / " ';/' Pi^r^fe 'L'c.
pmt,neiit nf Etr>nn>ijt> A1f>, .,i IV-r ten-] > ->• •> Lut hktly to
be ra.'d'- pi'iin-iiunt ,9i]i-ft.U L.mJid...-' v.'Ii If tij-jcgnrctl cn
tri,il nrnvo yt.T/'- oi-ptloir if ucc-'-diy n tl.f f."rst ir-torcc. pr,y.
R, 3.10—2M—'"n,0_30—0,-n Diiimsr tl« ti M1 ]" i •• 'I t} .• -tlictnl s n ill di\iw r-'> 1J1 M'p *im°-'ali» rf T{>. ini'—IT—320—
20—440. HiL'liLi- n:iti,.lii A 1 n -p"ci-.lly qii.ilifi. '1 . -:d expf.rjiju.ed
tMnrlidat-. .-l./t . H. "W-MI :." ,md 3"' VI-MT. Sdus-lh jcr Gov.
einnieiit *nn'nt> ()•> «!>ti' < ti,,i-t, • E*fiu,t'nl—'ii Degiee or
i fioin "Mi^ni? -d AI*" fc'rhool. (n'l TimniiiB in miniature
diMwinj. S,nn{il« *• ni Mar-k and-whitf dL's>icn work lufludnjg
E, tubf rubimtinl.

7. Dpput.u Dtrc,'tnr\ ki,\tr<i Lrhtrol]. Po.^ttcmporaiyLut bkcly
to continue Otln-i rliiMr-i bfj'n3 rqual. Candidates bplongfnp to
ScheduU1 CJMes/Sc'ht-dul, d Tnti'* prffprrrd. Pr,// •—RF. tCT—
40—1,000/2—l,ii.jO/2—-Line,.—1,130. Hitrh* r initial piy to
specially qualified an I ixperienced c.-mdidnte Age'• Belo\r
43 years. RduKikU fr,r fam nwcnt sf,santf, Qvahjitatir.^* :
Essential—(i) About j VI-JM' experience IP i. tj-cnsiL-le crpacjty
of trade m suaar or in i-oiiiparable commodity, ml EdutrticnU
background pi-pft-rably of d^irc c fiT.-.nd.uil. Qu-tl«Ł« aticns rt-laz:-
abl*1 -lt rioxnmisi^i>in'fl di^c.ration in of candidates otlierwis-e
w U-quihfi-d

8     Two  J.fjonniMiVx. I at1 lav,  AgricuJtu.t'l Eet'a'rf Institute,
Vinivtrtf of Futil n,>>7 --'i;n>-Htl 'rt.    Post teiupr.i.iy for 5 years,
Hthpi  tlii'iu:- b.'inp ' i n.'l,  niefpri-nc" given to Si-htdulrd C'a&tt.-/
TiibPs   (Miidirlr-t-     Pn>,       Rs.    600—40—1,000—1,000—1,050—
1 0,'0—T.inii—l,ll)ii—I.'"•'•.    Hicherinitial pay tc^piL-ially qualified
and .'sn?iiein-f.i  • «'t.«     Aye-.        Below   4i>   years.    Itelas-
aWc f"i'   flwiHW'I   *«-i'-<i'ii.    Qimlificatir,ti& •       Essential—(i)
M.Sf  lA^L-inultun.) of i1 viiuiu->-d ^niversr.y     OH As°oei.ite&hip of
iridinn Atim uhiu.'l R^-vr.-tl. JnMi.T-T'1 in .^luncmy-    In) Abcut
7ve3r=5"i-xp ricrr"' uf -""""' ii'rh oa i^-ronom^ ulproljlfiEsaBcvidencpd
by published rnpi-rs.    mi I Kno\\li d^f ol mrdern t. c-Lniqte of ccn-
duftinr; nf*l'l '•xpeihi:c»i*'« .'.Vi -t,ui-tir.-.I pralyei? of data.    Quali-
Fipations r^l".x -hl»j at f icuiii.>--:n:i% diwreticn in crs,f> of candidates
otherwi^   w^l-quali fieri.    De*nrMf :        (J    Doctorate  in Scuncr
orAgnc-ultun'.    '") FnTMeput'. Exj-'-v n c of coiieluctinpicFeftirh
un irriiTntinn of r-rop5..    Fnf f/'i -1 d j>'ff -    Exrpli'r,re of ictcrifh
on problt.iw of we.-d    control.    D,i'its:   To    conduct    rcserxpli
onirrKMtinn of crop•> f«T oiu> pnst rind to research cn pro-
bli'vns nf w^d roiirrol f-ii- thi-   vrnnd post, undfr   the    technical
aup-rvision of tlu« of tun Divi^mn t f Agiunnmy «nd the ad-
ministration uf thf Dirfi-tor. Indian Aemulturiil Rpfeait-li Inrtltute,
New Dtflhi.

9     fine Plnt,t P'ithn*z(ii*f. Indian Atjrirvltwnl IfefttijcJt Institute,
Ministry of Food ani2 -J»rii nltute. Prvt temp(m.iy for 3 yenia. Qther
tliinad  ^^'mc. oqu-il pi> f'-vi-urc- siven to ScLedulrd  Castes/Tribes

30_770^40—K5d    Hiclur Initial pay TO specially   qualified (----

Psijprian.vd .jaJidati'. -Jgf- B^-low 40 yean. Bearable far
dawmc-it rtPi«-a/if*. Quulifir>"» »* : Bmctitinl— (i i M-Fr.
in Botany with pa^t-iir.idiisitc tr.rninp in Systr-rnfiticB Myeolcgy
OR A.?3opiar-ship of Indian .-icriciihiiral Research Institute in My-
eolot-y and PUnit Piuholocy. 'ii) About 5 years' experience in
SvsteiufttlL Myc<Slocv «nd q^dboni* di&ea?&s r:s c-videnced by
puhliohed ppppK. "Qualifiobtioiib v laxt-bk ut C'csa jui^iti': difMi-
tior. in PR-.C. of caudidat ?<3 ntht rwi&f1 well-qualified.

10. 2?u-o .J.^httiiu Aifrttnt$iiirts. India* Arfirvltural Seeentfh
Institute, Ministry nf Fo&* niid Ayilfvltite. T'c^t tt mporajy fcr
5 v^ar? Other thiugs beintr pquol, prcferentv yivcn to Scheduled
Castes Tribes candidate* Pair- fit. 275—25—500—E.B.—30—
050-E.B.—an—SOO. H^V-er initjpl pay to bprHrlIy qualified and
pxp^rien«'"d danclidates. Age : Brlow 33 yfaic. EelaauWf. far
Gnvrrwcnt swant*. QvaKficeti,.- r: E*ft»<;'>J— t**Wjt.
(4.«riculturp) of rurogni°ed University OH AsFcriiitPthip of Indipn
Aericultural R-HPAroh Institute in Agronomy, fu) About 3 ypars'
px'p»npnne of Agronomical research as » vidcnredhy jiubliphe d papers.
Qualifications reUsable at Coi»d!iss.ion''13i diarretinn in CSSL- of candi-
dates otherwise well-qnalifird.

11 One plant Bacteriologist. Iinfian Agricultural Research
Institute, UinwtrV of Food and JpnVuf'wr*. Post teaapotaiy for 6
vears OthffVtlunBHbsinsfqiiul.piofwnrp piyento ScheduledCastep'

't MOO-l.OSO-l.OSO-^.lOO-MOO-l.lBO plus Andamnra Special
f pay equal to 33 i piroekt of l/wio piy subject to maximum of
f a».3(S) par month plus jiil allowance of Vl50 per mont and
uon.praotrSmP allowance equal to 25 pw cent ofbasic pay orR8.200
I per ^onth whichever islets. Free unfurnished residential aocom-

with post •^

QloKy andPUnt J>flthe>Iop>.
after pOBtgradnat, ^M
evidenced by published PaPB™

(n) About

.                                                          -                                                     nd

?.»(>dati0nalBt>adiniaaible but subject to review by Government,    mission's discretion in cose of candi