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1~>     O.i " {s-'^rr}i'tPltinfPaiJirjJf>{H"L.IiifJin9iAgTifiilti'ialB(n>ttinJi

~>''v< JCa " Qth"i tl'itiL^ b uiu < qupJ. prefiU'Jicr nivpn tr Scheelukd
i't'- ., Tnb. - i'.ui.I"irifd Pu/. R-- 27."I'.1!."f>f_F P3f
mnD P. dO MTI 'full'-' i n'l I i ilp.iv in :>puiuUy qualified and
oxO'iiL'Uf-d r.j.irii'1 l- . ';/f lMm\ :)" 5lills I.rtitrnbl' /or
f}r uncut ir,r,nt~ Qt. i1if*rat i>* Ert-r1'n> H> M Sr m
Btr mv with pLMt-irr.Mlu ti- UMii.mi: in Mj rulc^y JIIL' PLut Patlioloay
Oi? A.'Uwiati'ship fit TUciian Ag icuHurnl Ites-riic}! Institute in
Myi/oioL'y .iud ^Unt PaMf-'loiiy, tnj Abuut 3 j^arrf' experience uf
rL'^erirclV 011 prubli'm" ri'Litmu toiiuti'tiou of fun^i, variability of
fau-;i, aa en.l nti-dbv p-iJili-beil papd'. and ia"iuMinni r "f^'Ji;

li, r-tionin -it-nf.-  vl' l'^1- 'ir! ~nv'-e W"ll-qua1!,", d

J?c arch Institute. MII>*i/,, '/ ^ ' '""' - r,/m 7,?.  F^f temporary
for T y. I.P-J. O'li'-i tim ^ j li-'ir1- i u I'.pivfc'Ti CLI L'lVinto Scheduled
Ci=rns/Tnb<-f. c.iml'datt - P.. 'R-. 27,"- -'".'ifi(iE B.3CG50
E.B  'JO %."i ui 11 r'jv to^p ^ ir^Iy MU iUiiL-d uLdr-rpiii.

s1; Ttii^. /J't (Z'/i,('iM - -/'. Mint-1!.(11 2\1 SL i Aariuilturr) nf
'r''j^ai4Va1'Uiuv"r,ily O/J A^ "rnt.^lnp of Indinn A'.'ticulturn]
Rriseirchln^ ihite ui AL"DIW.HV "i) About 3 vi-aiH1 i xpeneiir-i- in
Ai'icultural D r-lup n'ut in I'ur.iJ n-pas. Qu'ihfi-itioiifi ri Lxnblp
at3OallimiyHi,>u\ dia'TPtiun 'n c.M-,r of f-iandiditos other\visr v'^'l-
qualifit d.

14 TV 'i 4fAj^pitf Ciitr>(jriitti<'int3. Indian -Kji XiJt'uicil J?iitbn7r
Institute, Ministry of Fovd and Arfrici.liun pt-i-ts tcnipmary foi
5 years. Other things beme pqu. 1, prrf.-renon given to Scheduled
Castes/Tribe candidates Pa//: R" 2752i 500E B  30
650E B.30800 Higher p, y to sppfiplly qualified and
experienced c indidat^a, .-'fir Bplow 3,1 ypiuj- Reloxablf f< r

or Asjrieultiirt'with A^soi i.-ilf-hip nf Indinn Aciicullmnl Reseaich
In*ituteinCyto:v>nptirrs OR M gf m Botany 01^ Agmulturp with
So^pialisation m Cytology or nytoaenptn-s. (ui) About 3 y.^rfi'
r.-'g'-ireh fsppri^ncp in cytoj' n-ticn or Eiobiyolopy as evideiin d
by published p ipera. Qualifications rolaxablp at C'ninjnU'eion's dis-
cretion m case of cnmlidatcs othersi-jf well-qurtlified,

15. One 4^sistant Phyaicist, Indian AgnciiltturJ Retail], Ins-
titute, Ministrif of Food and Ag/irvlture Pr&t-, trnrpoiciy fni 5
V^ars, Qth'T tiling being equal, preteicnre given to scheduled
oaatMrtribP^ L-.indiclat-s Pav : Rs 27.12,1)500E.T3 306,'n
E.B 30SOO, Hichei initial ptiy to specially qualified end ex-
pTiQnn'rl '3i liiJite, Atj" : BMow 35 years,. Eelaxctblefor Goven*-
mznt vei'tittnti Qnitfifirnt->oiit : Essential (i) Mr stt-r's 01 pqu-
valnnt dit;r^e in Physic^ of iv^naniSL-d TJjiiverdity. (ii) About
S y.:tr5' resa3nn--h experience in Physic-s applied to agnculturnl
p'obl^ais a? evidenced by pnbliahed papers. Qualifications rplax-
ablc at Com.m^-5ion.'s discretion in case of candidates otbr

16. One Asiitfftnt Chief of Division IMineiajs). Planning Con>-
mission. Centirnl Servir-e C'l-is-s I, temporary for the present but
likely to continu3. Oth-T3 things being equal, prefrrence to schf-
rliU'l cigtJs/cribea c.andidatpg Pan : Rs.SOO501,150 Higlur
rnitinl pay to specially qualified and experienced candidate. Age
batvreen. 35 and -to yew. Relaxable for government servants
QuaJif^atiftna : Essential :(il At leost pprond clans Master's or
qui\-ilpnt Hoiiour'R degieo n Gfolnsy (ii) About fi^f1 yeaiw"
expari.>n(js nf wrirk ronui'i'tind with devplopm^nt nrd
urihzition iacludia=j thr^e yeu'n' experience of problems of minf-
ral erononii^1. Qu'ilifioalion& rp.ixable at Commiasuin's discre-
tion in f nge of^g otherwise well-qualified.

17     [,i] 1   R?t-ifell   Assiitrjitf,   (Hi,'di)

fuch for History,

(b) 3 Hese'fi,'L'/i -l^LtniitA^HirH1!), one each fur Efu', Hedicine rttirl
Engitietring and ic) 3 Research Astni-tauts (Hindi) for Adminn.ita-
fivc and otter fcpurtmtntal term*. post= temporuiy but likely to con-
tinui.-. Thii^e ppst^ reserved foi scheduled 'T.^t-'s/schPduled tn-
bea uandidatLS if sjcli suitable randidates available ; ntherwiPP

ta  bp  tivated  aq   un^servud.    Pan       K^.2aO10__300__E.B 

15ijO25/2'iUO. Higher initiril pay to specially qinili-
fied and experienced r-andidatpg. Age : No age-limits but candi-
dates bL-Iow 81 ye-ira p-^f, rrt>d. Qualifications: Essential :
For (a) : (i) Master's degree of recognised tlniveraity m the
particular subject (to be -^cified by the candidate in his appli-
cation), (ii) Adequate knowledge of Hindi, pyidenur of wHch
in the form of published works or academic deEf'pep, etc., must
be furnished, jiii) Adcqxiato interest iu ^Word Studies, jyidnnt-p
of which must b> qtatej. QutlifiLMtiong rrlaxable at Coinmission's
discretion ia C-HH of c indidatja other\rjfii' well-qualified. For (b}-
(i) Digrae of re.-a^ni^d Uaiversity m the subject oonc-ern (to be
-'"ifi3d by th' caadiilnte in his application), (ii) Adequate know-
i of Hinli, "V.dgnco of which m the form of published works
" mic d^uiVHa, tu. must be furnished, (iii) Adequate in-
Wo 'd StTiiies, evid?n-je of which miwt be atatecl. Qu"li-
fixations reUxuble it G namuuion'fl discretion in ww of ramlidntra
otharwsp voU^qailiflod. For (e) : (i) Maater'a degre? or ruui-
volant in Hindi or Mamkrit of rupo^iiised Unix-ewity or equivalent
Qn*n*al de^rou or dtplomft in Hindi or S-uxskrit, (H) Sound know-
l9?*3. "DKlWi. (iii) A(U*qnif infcereflt m Word Studies, evidence
of which mmt bo atatfld. Qualifications relaxsT "


The TTmoii Public fiprvicc Commi^'-'cn tvil] hold rn rxaminatir
iit Ajlahabad, B ombay. Calcutta. Delhi. Jajmrnu, Ludhir un, 3JBdrE.
Nngpuv, Patna and Whillon^ &( HiL-tunf in Januaiy, 1056, for ^
into tho Mihtaiy Colltgp (liithciln kncwn RR the MihtHiy ^\lrL;
Cnndidati-s must ha\e bi-m born not eflil'nr il,,

.                                                     -

2nd July, 1113.1. nnd not laU-i tlinn 1st July, 193R.    These
can in no case be relaxed.

U-i tlinn 1st July, 193R.    These age-li^
.    Qvohfitatiti.t     Inteimrdiate or pqui3

alenT Applications from cnndidates who have appealed cr ir
tend to appeal at Intermediate or equivalent exfmination arrsjt
ablppiovisionally. Application fwma and full part ir<ulai& obtairUl,
froini Sccretniy, Union Public Service Commi=&ion, Dholpu
Hou^i1, Nrtv Di'lla, Ly remitting Rt 1 by money ordi-r or on PO.J
pajmcnt Lt thp r'nuntei Candidates mu&t cleaily &tetc ,-
moni-v order coupons " Military College Examination, Janucij .
HlflCi", and alto give tht-11 name and full postal uddti".
hi bluri letter* Postal orders or cheques or currency notes fc,i
in,! be ,ILP 'pted in lifu of money orders. Application forms unc
r onnr- ti-d pjpois nrr alho obtainable free from the nearp?t recmitinj
otl.Li , Military Siib-an-R HL- ad quarters or Cadet Cotp"
Unit OJm'pli't d npplip.itiuna must reach Union Public Ser\irf
('umii-i-pirn In Sth October. 19.15 (22nd October, I96fi. for candi


Deputy Secretary I

U\nion Public Service Comrnvseioti',

(Notice of the date of hearing of Insolvency Petiiicn)


Present-    tim  RAM   SABOOP   LAL,    Dislriit  Judge

Insolvency Case No. 1 of 1955
In the matter of

Sheikh Saadat, aged about 70 years, son of Sheikh
Badlu, deceased, resident of qasba and tahsil and
town Area Phulpur, pargana Mahul, district Azamgarh Applicant,

Noir Mohammad alias Algoo, aged about 30 years,
aon of Rahmat, Noorbaf and Azeem Eraqi, eged about
35 years. ."&n of Noor Mohammad, residents of qasba,
tahsil and town area Phulpur, pargana Mahul, district

Azamgarh (debtors)


WHEREAS the abovenamed applicant has apphed to this Court
by a petition, dated thp 2Sth March, 1955, with a prayer that the
afori'toid drbtcr be dei-lared insolvents under the Insolvency Act,
1920, that the Court (debtors) fixed the 17th (seventeenth) dy of '
Scptem>er, 1955, for the hearing of the aforesaid petition. If any
one desirFa to I1 e represented in the matter he should attend the
Court personally or by duly instructed the pleader before 10 ajn.


By order,



Insolvency Case    no. 6 of 1955 (N)

In the mutter of

Sri Nar Singh RaghuraBisht, son of Sri Poona
Singh Bisht, age 47 years, HalwQi, resident
of Talh Tal, Naini Ta.1, district Naini Tal .. Applicant-

AVHEEBAS the abovenamed petitioner has applied to this Court,
by a pptition, dnted the 2nd August, 1955, to be declared
insolvent under the Provincial Insolvency (Act V of 1920, the Court
has fixed the 1st (First) day of October, 1955, at Nami Tal for
hearing of thf aforesaid petition and the examination of the debtor,
If any person desires to be represented in the matter, hi* should
attend personally or by duly instructed pleader.

Given under my hand nnd the seal of the Court this dtiy of
Anguat 1955.

By ordor,

. IT. SAH,