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UTTAR PRADESH GAZETTE, SEPTEMBER 3, 1955                                    357

List of new publications published during the month of             SUPERINTENDENT, FEINTING AHD STATIONERY,

August,  1955                                                              UTTAR PRADESH, ALLAHAEATl

Important and usual Publications on different subjects   List of puUimt\onf>  rv fruited tlvriinj tin     ,nf>n1li     of

issued by the Uttar Pradesh Government, are available               "                     |sf   Vir,

for Bale from THE SUPERINTENDENT, PRINTING                                   '    J     '   '

AND STATIONERY, UTTAR PRADESH, ALLAH-     J-    The    United    Prounccr,    Rnniml.. tvd     Estate

ABAD.    Catalogue free on  application.                           ( Amendments) Act no   XI  ol iflil'j  in   Hndi-^!     Pnc-L-

1.    The U. P   Agiicullnml Income Tax Amendment)   lumas f'' (fl" l '"' f"'

\ci   no.   XVIII   ol   1954   in   English.    Price anna 1      N. B.  The amount in parentheses    are for packing

id. 1 7>?- 6).                                                                      and postage.

o    The Luchi by Dr. Lai "Relian Singh in English.      Can be had from_
Pnoe Ks.9-13 (a,?. 7).

:\    The U. P.   Control of BuppLes  I Continuance of                                    SUPERINTENDENT,

Powers)   (Amendment)   Odnanre  no.   IlT  of 19nf>   1,11   Printing and Stationery, Uttar Pradesh, Allaltabad.

Hindi     Price anna 1 (a. 1).                                            ____ _

J.    The  U.  P.  Zamindari Abolition and  Land Re-             TTVTr*T A TVT     T  \M7  o l? nr^n T-C

forms (Amendment; Act    no. VII    ol1 1955 m Hind.             1IN1JIAJN     LAW   KH.fUKlb

Price anna 1  (a,.I pa. 6).

5.    U. P   Municipalities (Conduct of Election                     ALLAHABAD   SERIES

dents) Order 1955 in Hindi.    Price annas 5 (ax. 2).           (Lucknow series has been combined with it from

fi    The Allahabad University f Amendment) Act no.                                  January   1949)
V of 195o in Hindi.    Price annas 3 (fl.l ps.61

7    Eighty-third Annual Report of Director of Medi-      The only official series may be obtained direct from ihe

cal and Health Services   U.    P.    for the year ending   fhT       ff  'J 'f^nl r     Statlnf>\}L *'  Allab'

December 31, 1950 m English. Price Rs.10-8 (as. 10).     abad' or aeilts for U- P Government publication*

8.    Government of U.  P. Election     (Local Bodies.  ,   Price Per ammm> Rs'9 Ending postage.

Department     The U.   P.   Notified  Areas  (Conduct   ol                                        -

Election  of  Presidents and  Election Petitions)  Order*                              BACK NUMBERS
1955 in English.    Price annas 3 (aft. 2).

0    The8 Dita Ptafed. Civil ]**. Pt I corrected           OP " ****** AHD WCKNOW SEEIES

up to January 1, 1955 in English.   Price Rs.ll for Stiff   are available from the    Superintendent,    Printing   and

Cover1 and Rs 10-8 for  paper cover  including packing   Stationery, U. P.,   Allahabad, and   may be   obtained

postage                     '                                                         unbound at the reduced rates quoted below  :

ID * Annual Report on the working of the Local Fund                 f mo, ion, 1912 & 1915 to 1925 at Rs.2 per

Audit Department for the year    1952-53 in      English.   ^Uahab adj  1920 to 193                                 g.6

Price annas 13 (as 2 ps. 6).                                                            (. 1941 to 1948 & 1950                   ",  E^.S

11     Irngation  Administration Report of  U.  P.  for                (- 1926                                             B.,4

iHe year ending  March  31, 1949 m     English.    Price    Lurknow \  1937 to 1930                             ;,' BB.B   .','

n   n              -.   f        o\                                                                        8eriea'      1   1931 * 193? and 1939                     BS g   .

Us a anna 1 (as. 3).                                                                                     L 19. 1944 aad 194P                        Es 8

nolish.    Price Rs.2-4  (a-?.  3V                                           Postage in India Re.l per volume;  abroad  Rs.2.

13.    Consohdation of Holding Rule, 1953 in Hindi.                               9"1^ 1ttW     0"1


Price annas 5, (as. 2).                                                                       B011   4 *****'   Che*oes 8hfluld not

14.    The  Uttar Pradesh  Code. Volume II  (aeventfi

'UaanDaS A'


35.    The Uttar Pradesh Code, Volume III (aeventh   Stock   availdble   with   Superintendent,    Printing   and
edition) Act E to M in English.   Price Rs.10 annas 8     Stationery, Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad.

' l^ TiTi^atlon    Department, U. P. Amm's   Service  ^jajour ^PPeaJ a*. January 1954, price Rs.2-8

Rules 1954 in English.    Price annas 3 (p.. 6).                 Labour Appeal Cases, January 1954, price Rs.2-8

37.   Rules for Admission to Police Training College,   Labour Appea Cases, February 19543 price Ks.2-8 (.

Mnradabad ]956    Rpmion in    English.    Price annas  8  ">our f PPe*} Cases, March 19o4, price Es.2-8 (os.4).

,fft   i ,   6>)                                                                       Labour Appeal Cases, April 1954, price Es.2-8 (

EX^ a B^ Commltte8 Repmt ln ^r ss ss sa.1^*.11.

English.   Price Bs.5-10    (as,8).                                     Labom. Appeal Cases^ July> 1954  price HH>M (flg 4)

16,    Repoirf; of  the   Gosamyardhan   Enquiry   Com- Labour Appeal Cases. August Ifl54, price IK2-S (^.4).
mittee, Parts I and II in English,   Price Rs.2 (as.6).   Labom- Appeal Cares, September 1954, price Rs.2-8 (as A}.

17.    History of Services of Gazetted Officers (Civil Labour Appeal Cases, October 1954, price Rs.2-8 jf<ia.4>.'
Department), Part IV (Judicial), corrected up to July 1, Labour Appeal Cases, November T954, price Rs.2-ft ,(*.),
1959, in English,.   Price Rs,5 (as. 8),                            Labour Appeal Cases, December 1954, price PvM.2-8 (an. i\.

Annas 6 extra in each case if sent by registered post, Labour Appeal Cases, January 19S5, price, Rs.2-8 (as A}.

tf-B.-The amounts in patentees miv for packing and poflta^   '$***** APP6al C'aS^' *ry 1955, price R*. 2-8 to.4).

n*n Be AKZ/>m                                                                             Labour Appeal Ca^e-*. March. Ifl-wl. priro "Rn.2-^ fas.l'k,