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358    '                                UTTAR PRADESH GAZETTE, SEPTEMBER 3, 1955                     [PART VIII

First rive-Year PlanPrice Rs.3 (Re.I and as.8).           30.   Af\vard  on  the  Industrial  Disputes  between

Central    Banking   Companies    and  their workmen.

1.    Courses of Training at Civil Aviation Training    Price Re. 1-6 (ft3.4.).                                                          '   ,
Centre, Allahabad.   Price annas 5 (a 1. j. 0).                       ^ Programmes oUndu.strial Development, 1051-^.

2.    Constitution of India in Hindi.    Price  Re 1-1     priCPRs.4-fi 0^.12).

3.    Audit  Code.  lint Edition mcorpomiug   cor-      *"-a*  * P-*  - !** ma;8.
rection slips new. 1 to 25.    Price Re. 1-4 (fl.s.4).                 -------------------------;-

4.    Indian Penal Code as modified up  to  March 1,        IMPORTANT SANSKRIT LITERATURE
1951.    Prine Rs.2-8 (aa.l).                                                                                 ______

5.    Information for the Stndentadesiring to proceed                              The princess of Wales

Overseas for the Advanced StuHies,   1947-48.    Price                                               A17 ATM 1    TBYT

annas 3 ( i ?. 6).                                                     SAKAbVAll D n A VAIN A  ItAi

ti.    Factories Act no. LXIII of 1945 as modified up                                      EDITED K

to ALigust^l9.^ o^^fft^N^Jon^'Illcome rom.             Dr.  MANGAL DEYA  SHASTR1,   M.A,          I

mittee, April, 1931.   Price Re.1-6 (n#. 2 pa. 6).                                       D. Phil.   (Oxon ),                                ;

8.    Indian Boilers Act as modified up to Novera-                 Principal, GoYernment Sanskrit College, Eanara,

foer J, 1949. Price annas 7 (as.Z).                                                                       --------                                          i

9.    Co-operative Societies Act as modified up to    (** 1 * 68 * -73 edlted ^ ^ Pt" Gopl'notJl JtM*n"' M'4'J  j

July 1,1952.    Price annas 4 (a.l).                                                                                .

17                                                                                                                        (^tgures in parentheses indicate postage)                        I

10.    Payment of Wages Act as modified up to May                                   "                  .,,_.,

iriQKl       Dio^oojf/Y-n                                                     (1) The Eianavali Bhaakara     (Vaiaheahika),     a     Commentary on .

15, 1951.    Price annas 4 (.l).                                                 Udayana'a Eiranavali, Dravya aection, by Padmanabha Miara.   Edited

11.    The Poison Act as modified up to May 1, 1949.   with Introduction, and Index,  by  Gojiinath  Kaviiaj,  M.A.   (Reduced
Price armas 2, packing and postage (a   I).      '                   ^ Tl'ldva^'chintamani (Vedanta), by Bangoji Bhatta, Edited

Minimum    Wages    (Amendment)    Act   no.    XXVI    with Introduction, etc., by Narayana  Bhastri Khiate  Sahityacharya.

Of 1954.     Pliceaiinas2(lfl.).                                                 CReduoed pnce  As.  14)   (3as.).

-.mi       TT        n-n             *j.          TJ-I            j.         (3) The    Rasaaara      (Vaiahaahika),    Commentary    on    Udayana'a

12.     The   IlldlAll   Evidence   Act   modified   up   to   KirUavah, Guna sectaon, by Bhatta Vadmdra.    Edited with Jntiodnc-
August  1,   1952.     Price  annas  6   (as.2).                              tion, etc., by Gopinath Eaviraj, M.A. (Eeduced price Aa.9) (8ai.).

13.    Workmen  Compensation  Act  modified up to   & ComnJn^by^Sa Umbeka^EdS^th SrSctio^eto.^
May 1,   1952.    Price annas   6   (a.l pS.  6).                     MahSahopadhyaya Ganganatha Jha, M.A., D. LITT.     (Eedncad price

14.    Industrial Dispute   (Appellate Tribunal) Act   ^ (2Mi)'
no. XLVIII of 1950.   Pric

15.     Indian Limitation Act no. IX of 1908, modi-    Tantara.   Edited     by     Gopinath     Kaviraj,     M.A.     (Beduoed    price

fied up to February 1, 1952.   Price annas 6 (<f. 1 ps.G).    As-13) (3afi' 6ps'                    v  t   rt           ,   v   . a

1                        ^                                                             -^      '        (&) The Kavyadakini (Alankara), by Gangananda Kavindra.   Edited

16.     Land Acquisition Act no. I of 1S98 a* modi-    with Introduction,  etc., by Jagannatha  Bhaatri Hoahing Sahityopa-
fied ujj to April I, 1952. Price annas 6 (a. 1).                      <&W-   (Deduced price As.5-8)  (2a*.).

T-      TJ-        i?i    * - -4.       \   4. TV       t    ir,i      -n             (fi) Part I. The BEakti Chandrika (Bhakti Shaatra), a Commentary

I        Indian  Electricity  Act IX    of    1910.    Price    m   Sandilya's   Bhaktiautraa,   by   Narayana   Putha-   Edited  with a

h  Eaviraj,

,                                 -

annas 12 (5. 3).                                                                          Piefatory Note,   by  Gopinath  Eaviraj,  M.A.    (Eeduced  price As.7-6)

IS.     m^WSf?rrt    Price   B..2-S   (.T).                  ''pl;^'.1'  (Bedooed pnM A,.  12.)    (MJ.

19.     Cinematograph Act no. XXXVII of 1952, modi-       (7) Part  I. The    Siddhanta  Hatna,   by    Baladeva   Vidyabhuaan
fieri up to September   L,  1953.    Price annas => (a 1}       Edited with Introduction, by Gojdnath Kaviraj, M.A.   (Eeduced price

'      As 9)  (3as.).

20.     Motor Vehicles Act IV of 1939, modified np to       Part n    meduced price Eel-6)  (4aO

November 1, 1952.    Price Ke.l-lO (s.3 ps. ).                    (fl) The  Easapnadlpa   (Alankara),   by  Prabhakara  Bhatta.   Edited

21.     Minimum \\agesAct, modified up to March 1     )K L\trod?ction' tov b7v Narayana Bhastri Khiate Sahityacharya.
19S2.    Price annas i(al)                                                 '    ^Eedllcea PI1CB ^-^ (3(W-)-

V      ;~                                  ,                           (9) The Siddhasiddhanta Sangraha (Nathiam of Gorakhanatha Sect),

22.     Opium Act no. I of 1S7S, modified lip to \llg-    b7 Balabhadura.   Edited with Introdnction by Gopinath KaTiraj, M.A.,
nat 1. 1951.    Price annas 3 (.]).                                        (Eeduced price Aa.7) (2w.)-

(10) The Trivenika (Alankara), by Aaadrara Bhatta.   Edited with

Rpnnrt* f-nil  T?I//PO                                Introduction  by Batukanatha  Sharma  Sahityopadhyaya,     M.A.,  and

Xepo)tt> fnd ItUtes                                Jagamiatha  Shaatri Hosting Sahityopadhyaya.    (Eeduced price As.7)

2.   Five-Year Plan Program Report for the year-s    ^''J'         T       , m     u                                         , .

1951-52 and 1952-58.    Pricelnnas I (.4).            B^^^^^S^J^ig1^^

24.    Hirakmi'l   Bam and   after.   Price Re.l (as.?,).   (8a*' 6Mh)l

^                        T   ,                                                                Part  IV. The  Tripura  Eahasva   (Jnana  Khanda).   Edited    with

25.     Census of India, 1951,   Volume I, India   Part    Introduction and Table of Contenta, by Mahamahopadhyaya Gopinatb
TT-f.    Economic Tables. Price Rs.3   (Relj                         Kaviraj, M.A.    (Reduced price Afl.l^)  (3ew.).

26.   Census of India, Volume I, Part T^B.-Appen-   Ed?K?h S^V ^^^^^^^

dices to the Census "Report 195 L    Price   Es.3 (Re.I-8).    P?^Jy and Jagannatha, ahaatri Hoahing Sahityopadhyaya.   (Deduced

27.  Census of India   1951, Volume I, Part IT-B Eco-       03) The  Nyaya  Kalika   (Nyaya),   Bhatta   Jayanta.   Edited with
nomic Table (General Population). Price Rs. 3 (Re 1-8)     5>*toehim by Mahamahopadhyaya Ganganatha Jha, M.A., D.EOT.

v      '      /    (Eeduced price Aa.7)  (3<w.).

28.     Payment of \Vagek-   (Procedures) Rules '1937.       CU) Part L The Vorakaa Sidhanta Sangraha (Nathiam of Gorakh*
Price annas 3 (a. 1).                                                                   natta Sect).   Edited with a Prefatory Note, by Gopinath Eawaj, M.\

(Eeduced price An,7)  (2iM.).

29.     Indian Electricity Rules,    Pricft Re.l-6 (<w. 2)       &) Part I.-The   Prakritra   Prakaaha   by   Vararuchi   wztu   th*

v            Prakrit* Banjivani, fay Basapta Bjs    aad Bubodhim by gtdnn4,