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UTTAR PRADESH GAZETTE, SEPTEMBER   3, 1965                    [PART VIH

(69) Hanonuranjana Nataka.   Edited by Dr. Mangal Deva Shastri. ^H^Z^a*^  °f the HiBt°17 and DoctHnes <* the
(E(7o!C Th^bhSS, pSiayanam   (*ith  Commentaries.   Edited by ^An Into to the Eamayana, by Manmatha Nath Boy.
Dr  Man"iil De^a Shaatri, M.A., D.PHIL, (OxoN.).    (Beduced price As.5)      (d)  Studies m Hindu Law,  by MM.  Dr.  Ganganatha Jha,
(3^j \     B                                                                                                  (e) The Munansa Manuscripts in the Government Sanskrit labrarj

(71)   Pait L-Tatta Chmtamam         Edited by Dr.    Mangal Dava   (Banaraaj,  by Gopinath Kaviraj.                                                      '
Shasta, u A. D. PHIL. (OxoN).    (Ba.1-4) (5<w.)-                                        M Nntes and Quf ies> tT Gopmath Kaviraj

(72)  Part I -The Tantatiamala Tiljka.   Edited by Dr. Mangal Deva     Vol.  VII -(a) Bhamaha  and hia  Kavyalankara,     by Batuk Nath
ShUn,   M.A.,   D.PHIL    (OxoN)     Deduced   price   Aa.M).       (4« ).       Sharma   and   Balder   Updhyaya.    (Eeduced   price   Ea. 2-8)    (4W.,

Part   II.-Be HO (4fli).                                                                       fl») Sflme Valiants in the Headings of the Vaisheshika ButraB] !>y

Part HI.— Es2-12 (las.).                                                                    Gopmatb Kaviraj                                              _

(73)  Pait I.— The Chalara Sikalana.   Genl.   Editor, Dr  Mangal Deva      (c) Histoiy and Bibliography of Nyaya Vaisheahika Literature, bj
flhastri, M.A., D.PHIL.   (Oxos.J.   As.U  (4o*.J.                                        Gopinath  Eaviiaj.

Pait II.— Ee.1-12  (Sax ).                                                                        (d) An Attempt to Arrive at the Correct Meaning ol Borne Obacnre

Desapjidvunadinrtte    General Editor Dr. Deva Skastn, M.A.,  Vedic words, by Sita Earn Joshi.

D mi   fOxoN )   Es 3-4 (Bos }                                                                    (e) A  Comparison  of the  Contents  of     the     Eig-Veda Vajasneyi,

(UJON.,. *s.d4 wm->-InthaprM                                              Taittiriya   and Atbarva-Veda      (Chatnradhyayika)     Pratishkhyas, by

(1) Njti Manjari, by Dya Divedi fVedic Literature)                            Dr. Mangal Deva Shastri, M.A., D.PHIL.

13) Nvaya   Zaustiroha   (Part   II)   Anumanaakhanda,   by   Mahadew       (/) An Index to the Eamayana   by Manmatha Nath Eoy.
PnntambekM                                                                                              (ff) An Index to Shabaia'a by the tote Col   G   A. Jacob.

(3) Memauiasa Chandnka by Brahmanand  Sarasvati.                            (>0 Gleanmga from the Tantras, by Gopinath Kavira].

11) Tantraratna  (Part III),  ,,y Partlm Sarathi Miara                           (*) TJie Date of Madhucundana Sarasvati, by Gopinath Kama].

(5) Kavya Prakass Dipil.a (Part II), by Sri Chandidaaa.                      (/) Descnptivs notes on Sanskrit Manuscripts, Gopinath Kaviraj.

(B) Tatfva Chintamam with Commentaries called Prngalbhi.    Aloka     W A note on the meaning cf the term of Parardha,    by Umeaha
Darpana and Eantakoddhara.                                                                Misra.

(1) Nayayamita Saurabha by Vanamali Misra.                                     W- VIH.— (a\ Indian Philosophy     (a Eeview),    by  Tarak Nath

,-8) Kalataetva  Vivechana   (Part  HI),  by Eaghunath Bhatta.           Sanyal.  (Eeduced price Ea.2-8)   (Sas.).

(9)  Sakanda  Shanrka.                                                                               (*) An Indes to the Proper Names occurring in Valnuki's Eamayana,

(10)  Siddhanta  Sarvabhauma,  by Muniawara,  Part ni.                     by Manmatha Nath Eoy.

_                                                        (c) An Index to the Shabara Bashya, by the late Col. G. A. Jacob.

(d) Hariflwami— The Commentator of the    Shatapatha Brahmana—

The    Princess    Of    Wales'     SaraSVati    BhaYana an<l tlle date ol Skandasvami— The Commentator of the Eig-Veda, b}

Studies   YolS-   I  to  IX,   edited by  Mahamaho-      S^MyatiSm m Veda, by Gopmath Kaviraj.

'   padhyaya Gopinath Kairiraj, M.A.,   Present ^ TEh0eyDevadflflls-a Bnel Hlstory of tbe *****»• ^ Manmath8
Editor, Dr. M. D. Shastri, Principal, Sanskrit priy°uE^(fl(Jfl'f f Llfe of a Yogm' by Gopinatl1 Kamai' (Badwd

College,  Banai'aS.                                                                  $) On the Antiquity of the Indian Art Canons, by Haridas Minn

_                                                        (c) Prachya— Vargikarana  Padhati,  by   Satiah   Chandra   Guhft.

Vol. I.-(a)  Studies in Hindu Law-(l) Its Evolution, by Ganga.      « To*a Vashishtha and Some of the Minor Upamshadas, by B. L

by GoPinathbV-P-

rana    aYa   by Gopinath Kavirai                                               ^    he Philosophy of" Tripura Tantra, by Gopinath Kaviraj.

Vol .         S       SlrSJ rSES J afaTva'ni Easala Eaya, by Gopi-     Vo1: V(? ™*con^™ °f
nath Kaviraj.    (Eeduced price Es.2-8)   (las.  Ops.).                         ^    ism in Sanskrit Literature,  by

•*    r,' SVSST MS


,b-   'P'

!:;\i!%8r.Eo^s^i&4j,Pb^fi^t-   0rf'«iu*.SIM.a aaorinMS,fcJA <»».<

SJNTayaya Kusumanjali (Engh'sh Translation), by Gopinath Kavirai   SnaBtri-                 .     .    _ .      L    _   __   _    . ,     _.

The definition of poetry, by Narayana Shaetri Aiste                     W Agriculture in the Vedas, by B. N   Jhorkhandi.              „     .„,

(il So^ala Upadhyaya, by Gopmaih Kaviraj.                                       W An Enquiry into the Nature of Speech,    by    Horan Chandra

irfV1'   by   ^   C°L   G'   -                    -        Objects of Offerings in the    Srauta    Sacrifice,, by

Stu^ m Hindu La.^3) Judicial' Procedure, by Ganganatua ^Ig**^ ^[g^_^ ^y& ^ ^ Pftniniam

..-) Tbeism m Ancient India, by Gopinath Kaviraj.                           Grammar, by Mangal Deva Shastri.                                    t

\d\ nibtory and Bibhography of Nayaya Vaishashika Literature  by     ^^ Kaumudi and its Author, by  Santimoy Banerjee.

Gopinath Kavirai                                                                        «*«""o    /      ^ The gaktl gutra ascribed to Agastya, by Manga] Deva Shastn-

fe) Naishdha and Sn Haraha,  by Niflakamala Bhattacharya               To be had on Prepayment from THE SUPBEINTENDENT, Printing

(/) Indian Dramaturgy, by P   N. PatanlSr         •DnaiiacnBrya-            and Stationery,  Uttar Pradesh,  Allahabad.    From    Agents    for sale

Yol.  IV.— (a) Studies  m  Hindu  Law— (4) Judicial  Procedure    bv of State G0™""*"311* publications or from     the    Secretary,  Sanskrit

Ganganatha  Jha.    (Eeduced  price Es.2-8)   (4<w.).     .                   '         College, Banaraa.

.               ..

(5) History and Bibliography of Nyaya VaiBheshika Literature, by
Gopinath Kaviraj.


(VI) Narayana's Ganita Kaumudi,  by Padmakara Dvivedi

(e) Food and Drink in the Bamayamc Age, by Manmatha Nath Eoy.                               Belvedere, Calcutta— 27

(/) Bat-karyavada;  Casualty in Sankhva, by Gopinath Kaviraj

(g) Discipline by Consequences, by G. L. Sinha.                                  In response to public opinion, the walking    hours ot the Beading

(h) Hiarary of the Origin and Expansion of the Aryans, bv A C Eooms and the Lending Section at Belvedere have been extended
fiangali.                                                                          '          J ' with effect from the 26th August, 1953. The revised working hours

ft) Punishments in Ancient Indian Schools, by G. L.  Sinha,           are specified below:

Vol. V.— (a) Ancient Home of the Aryans and thair Migration to • Reading Booms— Week daya (including Saturdays)— 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
India, by A. C. Ganguli. (Reduced price Es.2-8) (4flJ. 6pj.)-                                            Sundays and holidays— 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. f

(b)  A Satrap Coin, bj  Shyam Lai Merh                                             Lending Section— Week days (including Saturdays)— 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

(c)  An Estimate of the Civilization pf the Vanaras as depicted ip                                Sundays and holidays— 10 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

the Eamayana, by Manmatha Nath Euy.                                                 The Beading Booms and the Lending Section will, however, remain

(4) A Comparison of the Contents    of the Bag- Veda    Vaiaanevi   entirely closed on the following days of the year:
TaitKriya and     Athava-Veda     (Chatoradhyayik,     Pratishakyas)   by      W ««piblic    Dav,     (if) Indej«ndence    Day,    and   (i«Q Mfthatma
Dr. Mangal Deva Shastri, M.A., D.IHTL.                                  y   ''    Y Gandhi's Birthday."

IM. ffgrtf &23J-JW.J. JJ.^ ^ ^