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Advertisement No. 36

IONS aro  invited for  uhe undermentioned posts from
zen1* and personH migrated from Pakimnii \uth intention
ntiy nettling in Indin or aubiects of Nepal, Sikkim   or
nr former Fruiit'h powsesHiotm in India     Upper age-nmiv
fi ye'U"3 for Scheduled     CZHL.BS   Tribal   tmd   Aboriginal
i and up vo 4(5 years for displaced per-.oiiNfrom Pakistan
,indnori-liberal.ed wuaH oi Jammu ond Kashmir. No re]fixation for
others, save m oxcepti onal cases and will in no case bo relaxed beyond
,   riiireB yeai'fl     Pa-'nictuarfl  and  npphramon formy from. Secretary,
I   Union Public Service Coraxmnuon, Post Box No   1S6, New Delhi.
i   Rsque^g for forms munt .sporify name of powu and nhould be 0 ccom-
m,uied by soif-t ddves^ed unstamped envelope for each pos,. at i.ea,st
of aize 9" x 4" indi raung tbpi'con name of pOHb for which forms rre
required    Closing date for receipt of applications with   Trecamy
receipt or Croaaed Indian Postoi Orders for RR   7-S   (Re. 1-14   for
scheduled Castos and Tribes) 24th September, 1935 (8th   October
1955 for applies nta from P broad)     Commission may remit genuinely,
indigent and bona f^de displaced persons' fee.   "SeperaLB applica-
tion with aepurnTio fee required for each  post.   Candidates pbrood
may apply on plain paper if forms not available, and deposit fee with
'. IOCH.I Indian Embassy.    If required   candidate,1) muat appear   for
'  pardqnal interview.

1    Aaistant Director of Education (Planning), DelMState,.   Post

temporary, bub likely no continue, i Pay • Rs. 400—25—500—30__

SOU.   Higher initial pay to specmuy qualified and  experienced candi-
date    a.g& : Between 30 and    45 years. Relaxable for government
tenants.   Qualifications : Essential : (i) At 'east 2nd Class Master's

r" of recogmaed University,    (ii)   Diploma   or degree in Educa-

[ tion from recognized University,   (iii) About three years'   expe-

1 rioncu of cducaMonpl administration   and planning, (iv) Working

knowledge   of  Hindi      Qualifications  reiaxable   ac   Commission's

discretion in case of Candida^os otherwise   woll-qualified

2   Principal, Opverntnen Model Higher Secondary SrJical, Drll,i'
Post temporary but likoly to become permanent.   Pay : Rs. 350—
25—500—E.B.—30—590 plus special pay of Rs. 100 per month.
Higher initial pay uo specially qualified and experienced candidate.
Age : Between 35 and 45 years. Relaxable for government   servants,

I Qualifications : Essential -. (i) Master's or equivalent) Honours
degree of recognised University, (ii) Degree or diploma in educa-
tion, (iii) About 3 years' experience of educauionEl administration
or about five years9 teaching experience in recognized Higher
Secondary School or au Institute for training of tescbjers. Qualifi-
cations relaxable at Commission's discretion in case of candidates
otherwise well-qualified.

3.    Registrar,   Indian    Agricultural   Research   Institute.—Pofat
perminent     Other things being equal candidates    belonging fo
Scheduled Cisues/Scheduled Tribes preferred. Pay : Rs. 350—350—
380—380—30—590—E.B__30—770-40-850.      Higher      initial

f piy to specially .qualified and experienced candidate. Age : Between
f 30 and 40 years. Relaxable for government servants Qualifica-
tions : (i) Essential -. Degree of recognized University, (ii) Abouc
five years' experience in responsible capacity in Government ins-
tiuution or University. (111) Knowledge of Government admins-
[WciDive and financial rules and their application. Qualifications
trelaxeble ft Commission's discretion in cese of candidates otherwise

4.    Five Assistant Naval   Stores Offiicer*, Naval Stcics Oiganiza-
tion, Ministry of Defence.    Only   Scheduled Castes    and   Scheduled
Tribes candidates need apply. Pos^s temporary but likely to be retai-
ned On permanent basis. Theree posts reserved for Scheduled 0?stes
and two for Scheduled Tribes candidates. Pay -. Rs. 275-25—500—
B.B.—30—650. Higher initial pay to specially qualified and expe-
rienced candidetes.   Age :- Below 35 years.   Rekwable for gavan-
ment servants.    Qualifications  i-lSssential  :-  (i)   Degree in Arts,
Science, Commerce or Engineering of recognized University.    (11)
Some experience in provisioning, purchase and arcounung o± stoics
in government Organization, public bodies or in private fiims of

5.   One Director of Industries, State of Aimer, Post temporary
buthkelyuo continue.   Preference given-o Scheduled Castes/Tribes
candidates, if such sui«ab*e candidates available.   Pay :-  Rs. 250—

25-400—E.B__30—700—E.B.—50-850.   Highe* initial pay   to

speoially qualified and experienced   candidate.   Age :   Below 40
years.      RdaxabU    for      government    servants.   Quahfications  :
Essential -.- (i) Degree or diploma in Mechanic 1 Engineering or
Textile Technology or in weaving, dyeing or printing nf lecognized
tTniversuy/Institurton.   (ii)  About 5 years' experience ,n the fieid
of cotta ge and smak scale industries in responsible capacity in Govein-
fcent department or an   Organisation of repute,   (iii) Experience of
organizing largB and. small  industries.   Qualification relaxab.e at
Oommiasion'a diecretion in case of candidates otherwise woll-quali-

„ 8. Two Malaria Officers (One each for Assam and Saniguuj
Qoalfalds) in the Anti-malaria Section of the Coal UwuLatcw
Welfare ffund Ministry of Labour. Poet temporary^but<likeiy'to
b, made permanent. JW : Be.. 270-2^00^.5^0-660-


BB-^0-800.   Higher initial
fenced candidates.   Age : Befo

to specify mialigid jwd
40 years.   Sellable for   gov&rn-
(i)   iWiflri    quail-

fications inuludedm tne sclierlules oi the Indian Medical    Council
Act, 1933.

7- One Professor of Agiicvltural Extension, Inut\,t' A( ,111.111.i*l
Research Instituted Ministry of Food and jigricultw e Post utrpoipij
for 5 years. Other things being equal perferente yi\ rn T<J tc},( clu't «l
Castes/Tribes candidates. Pay R? fJUO—40—J,OUO—]3Uf;(l—
1,050—1,050—1,100—1,100—1,150. Higher initial pay LO bpecipjly
qualified and experienced candidate. Age - Below 4.0 years j-eZaa-
aUefor'government servants. Qiialtfualiens .-Erto-t'C'i :Ji,Jj. hi.
in Agriculture of rerognized University. OE Acsocinte.-hip ci
Indian Agricultural Reserarch Institute in Agronomy, (lij Abou.
7 years' experience of agricultural extension -n'ork. fiii) Knowledge
of modern technique of tigricultur"! extension md dei clopmem.
QulifisitLona relaxable at CommiasionV dittrttoii iii ce%r
of cand idites otherwise well-qualied.

S. Civilian Officer, ff-3, Eeactthinettt Settle,,, 31 i,'.'i)>, r.fDefetn
Post tsmpoarary but likely to r-ontmue. Puj/: Rs.^75—23—
500—30—800. High er initial pay to specially qualified and experienc-
ed candidate. Age : Below 40 years. Relaxgllc for goi-fri,ntit>t
servants. Qualifications : Essential (i) Degree of recognized Uni-

(ii) Training in theory, history and practicpof co-operation,
co-operative law and banking, rural economics andbook-keepmjir and
accountancy, (iii) About 3 years* experience in Co-operutivo
Department Qualifications relaxable Commission'*, dirirreticn in
?aae of candidates otherwise well-qualified

9.    16 Assistant Boil Chemists   Mi,nit1'.y   of Food   arc! Agri-
culture.   Post      temporary for 3 years at   present.    Other  things
being equal preference given to Scheduled Castes,rt<chedukd TriliCfc.
candidates     Pay . Rs.275—25—oOO—E.B.—30—WOfl.    Higher  ini-
tial pay to specially qualified and experienced   t-andidate-,.    Aye '
Below 35 years.    Eeluxablefor GoceriMient senants    QualiJ Gotten f-:
Essential : (i) M. Sc. in Chemistry -withabout 7t years."   experience
in Soil    Chemistry.   0.R M. Sc.    (Agriculture)    with  Agricultuial
Chemistry or   Associateship of Indian Agricultural Research Insti-
tute  in  Soil    Science  and  Agricultural   Chtmiatiy -\\ith atout 3
years' experience in Soil Chemistry.    Qualifications relasablr at
Commission's discretion in case of candidates otherwise   well-quali-

10.    One Plant PaiJiologist, Central Potato    Research Institute,
Ministry of Food and Agriculture.   Post   temponuy but likely to
bemadepmnanent.     Preference given to SciheduledCastes/Tribeij
candidates, if surh suitable   candidates available.    Pay : R&.275—
25—500—30—0,10—E.B—30—800.   Higher intial pay * to specially
qualified and experienced      candidates.    Age :    Below 35 years.
Relaxable for Government servants.   Qualifiuiticjie -. Essttji-.^t.   (i;
Master'sor equivalent honours degreemBotany with Plant Pathology
as major subject.   OR Degree in Agricultuie* with Associateehip of
I. A- R. I. in Plant    Pathology,    (ii)      Post-graduate   trainirgin
Plant Pathology T^ith special reference to fungal and bacterial disea-
ses of crop   plants,   (m) About 5   years'  research     experience in
the investigation of diseases of   ciops.    Published papers to be
submitted as evidence of research.   Qualifications     relaxable    at
Commission's discretion m case of candidates otherwise well-qua-

11.    One Scnioi- Forest Officer, Ministry of Food and Agricul-
ture.   Post   temporary but likely to continue.   Pay : Rs,600—iO-—
1,000—1,000—1,030—1,100—1,100—1,150.   OR Grade pay plusdepu-
tation allowance of 20 per cent  in the case   of State   Government
Officers.   Higher intial pay to specially qualified end experienced
candidates.   Age-. Prefeiably   below     45  years.   QwoK/zctitfey.i :
Essential : (i) Degree or diploma in Forestry from recognised Ujii-'
versity/Insti-cute.   (Li) About       5   years'   research     or    practical
experience in Forestry.   Qualifications relaxable at Commission's
discretion in case of candidates otherwise well-qualified.

12.   One Director, Sail Conservation  (Enffitiecn-hy}   ,   fioil Con-
servation S^ard,   Ministry of Food and Agriculture.   Poht   tempo-
rary but likely to    continue.   Pay ;  Rs.1300—60—1600.  Higher
initial pay to specially qualified and   experienced   candidate.   Aye:
Below 45 years. Relanablefor Government servants.   Qtialificaticyie.:
Essential : (i) Degree in Civil Engineering   of recognised University,
(ii) About 10 years* experienceinresponsible capacity, of planning,
design and execution of Civil Engineering works in   relation to Spil
conservation.   Qualifications revalue at   Commission's   clifinericn
in case ofcandiates otherwise well-qualified.

13.    IS Assistant Traffic Officers Ministry of  S.uilwa.y&,   Poai
rary but likeiy 10 continue. Three posts reserved for Scheduled

one for Scheduled Tribes and one for Anglo-Indian, if such
BllifcniMiB candidates available. Pay ; Rs.350— 350—380—380—
30—690—E.B.—30—770—40—850. Bjgherintipl pay to specially
qualified and experienced candidates. +ige : Between 25 ejod 35
TOBIS. Relaxable f or'Qovtrnmfnt servant*-. Qualificatiotm : Essen-
tial -. (i) Degree of recognized Univemty. OH Havo passed
Sections A and B of Associate STembership axammatiou of the
Institution of Engineer& (India); or b'vo autih quaiificatiojife
recognized by that Institution as exempting fiom passing Sectioaa
A andB of that examination. OJR Assocuteship or Felloe thip of
the Indian Institute of Science, Banglore. OR Honours dipioma
inCivd,MechanioftlorEIeetrieeA Engineering of the Loughbprougfa
CJollege, Lereeatershire- OBEquivslent qualifications, (ii) Alxnre
3 years' experience mresponsible capacity m commercial firm or in
Transport Organisation. Quauficationfl relaxable at Conunisaion's
case of candideees oijber              -