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JULY, I9n,"j

I—8ft moii

During the first week of the month under review
there wore hen vy rnins in the large majority of districts
and moderate rains elsewhere. During1 the second
\vpok tlioi'c were widespread and heavy rains in many
dist'Vi rN ;md Haht to moderate rains in the rest. During
the tlrirl w^fk there were widespread and unusually
he.ivy rains, in practically all the eastern districts and
light'nhowei s to moderate rains in the rest. During
the fourth week there were generally light showers to
moderate rains an many districts and heavy rains in
a, few districts. Rains during the last two weeks
w^re generally inadequate in the western districts
where more rains were badly needed. The total
rainfall for the month was in slight defect of the normal
in some districts, mostly western and in slight to very
larse excess of the normal in the rest. The weather
remained cool and cloudy throughout the month.
Th^ annexed statement shows the district wise
distribution of the rainfall in inches during the

II—Agricultural operations

Sowing of Kharif crops was in progiess in the
majority of the districts and was practically over by
the end of the month except for some late Kharif crops.
Transplantation of paddy had alsc commenced. Pre-
paration of the seed bed for the next Rabi crops started
in a few districts All the agricultural operations
were held up in certain parts of some eastern and Oudh
districts which wero affected by unprecedented floods
and excessive rains. The weeding operations of the
standing Kharif crops were in progress. Irrigation of
the standing Kharif crops, particularly sugarcane,
was lesorted to in a few western districta.

///—Standing ci'ops

IV—Prospects of Harvest

The condition of the standing crops was reported
to be generally satisfactory in the majority of the dis-
tricts. However, owing to excessive rains and floods,
extensive and severe damage was caused to the
standing crops in the eastern districts particularly in
Faizabad, Jaunpur, Gorakhpur, Basti, Azamgarh,
Deoria, Sultanpur, Pratapgarh and Allahabad.

V—Damage to crops

Besides the damage noted ILL the preceding section
by heavy rains and floods in the eastern districts the
standing Kharif crops in the western districts were
adversely affected on account of inadequate i#ins.
According to the report received from the Entomologist
to Government, Uttar Pradesh field rats caused damage
to the sugarcane, groundnut, juar, and maize crops
in a few districts. Attacks of pyrilla, top borer and
root borer on the sugarcane crop were reported fro-m
several districts. Control measures against these
field rats and pests were undertaken by the Plant
Protection Service, Uttor Pradesh.

VI—Agricultural fltock

The condition of the livestock   was on the wluj-
satisfactory although cattle diseases have, as   usual  '
been reported from a number of district a,   The figu^
fur the number of seizures, deaths and mortality fr0J '
infectious cattle diseases during this and the pre'cediiuf
months are prehented in the Table given below, \vliicii
has   been   prepared   from   the    data   furnished by
the Director of Animal Husbandry    and Fislieri^
Uttar  Pradesh.    It  would appear from this    table
that as compared with the previous month, there TO< '
a decline of 25-4 per cent in the total number of ssi-'
ziirna, but the total number of deaths was about 2v» j
1 im°,s that of the previous month, with the result that ;
mortality rose from 17 to 62     As   regards Anthrax,
the number of seizures and deaths were about 5-1
und 5-6 times respectively of those in the previous
month which resulted in the rise of mortality from HI
to 100    As for Haemorragic (Septicaemia, the number \
of seizures and deaths were both practically about
7- 8 times those in the preceding month, and mortality
recorded only a nominal rise from 84 to 85 •.   In the
case of Blackquarter, the number of seizures and death
ware both practically about 4-8 times   those of the
previous month,  but mortality remained stationary
at 98.   As for Rinderpest, there was a decline of lo-s
pf>r cent in the number of seizres and of 18-0 per cent
in the number of deaths and mortality registered a',
decline   from 65 to 63.    As regards Foot-ami-Mouth J
disease, there was p, decrease of 76-7 per cent intlv '
number of seizures and of 66• 7 per cent, in the number i
of deaths, resulting in the rise of mortality from 0-21 j
to 0 -29.    As for Obher Diseases, the number of the ;
seizures and deaths were 4 and 3 respectively as against J
no case of seizures or deaths in the previous month,'

TABLE—Number of seizures, deatJi and Mortality
from infectious cattle diseases during ih
months of June and July, 1955.

,1 Seizures           Deaths       Mortality
	June July    June   July     June  Jnlj

	206       37      206       97    1IH

Hame. Sept.  . .
	1,934      208    1C42       84      B

Blackquarter . .
	271        36      265        98      "8

Rinderpest -    .
	829      638      523        65      d»

Foot and Mouth
	. .    4,390
	1,021          fl         3   0-21   fl'29

Other Diseases
	..       ..
	4:         ..                  3         ..             ft

	. . " ,1,717
	4,265      94 R   2,642     17      t-

Number of Deaths Mnrtfllitv —               _           ,             _                v 100
Number of Seizures

VII—Pasturage and Fodder

Pasturage and fodder were reported to be generally
adequate in almost all the districts of the State except
in the flood effected western districts where scarcity
of both theae was felt,