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P^T vni]


cining the insolvency powers)
Insolvency Case no. 12   of   1954

i Mai, win nCM.ikliaii |j,il. T.iin Jiy rnnlp,ivh.'rlPii1
'lOiilud.dislricl. Al.iinpiiiJ (deliinr)                  ..


TUE Bond no. LKOnia.11.18 of thr- 2- ff-r irn* T. P.
Znminrlari Abuhtion Compensation bojul- fr<r Rs.l liOn orijjinnlly
standing in thp n.imo of Sluhjaile Sin^rh by whom ii was never en-
rlorsi-fl iocinyolliPT pprpon, Juuinp Imfn lost or stulrn. nntirc ift
lii'robv KiMMillidt rli-iijymr-iil nflhi- nln.x •• Imnil and tin-intrw-i
I In i.-.'ipnnh^ },. .-I, M..|.|.r'.l ..I ih.'VuM" l>< In OITir, , }'.. -, i r.- B.,iik
ill'lii-lia. Lml IKIVV. IP.| (li,n .i|.|ilii.iii«iii i-.>l.iuir i'. 1.1-iis.uli- INI i hi

l^^ll>'ll[i||||)Jjl.ll'   Hi l,IVOI|l'l.tlll>']lll»i'l M   UK

pat eh ClKindrn, .and oihorH (pi-editors)


\VttETOEva ihi* abovpimmcd npplicnnthna applied by a petition,
dated thr 30t|iNovi'mbor, JHH4, to declnrp the creditors opposite
party insolvent uiidnr the Prnvmrial Insolvent y Act, III of 1907.
this if tci Muo iint'"'** that the couil. has fisc-d tin? 22nd (twcnty-
secomljof Optolirr, 19.").i, fni thr-heaiing of frhu .iforusaid petition and
pxamni'^'"11 ul' l'lu' ''"'litm-H ri1 you wish to lie w jjvpspntL'd in
t'hn mivltcr, you should nlti-ml ni person nr hy dul.\ j nstruutprl

By ovdei.


THU Cinvnrmnant Promissory Nate no. WHO IJhOb of thn 3
per cent-loan of 1st Development 1970—75 for JR9.SOO (liupeos five
hunrlrprl only) originally standing in the name of Reserve Banli of
In da and liist endorsed to Ganga fcJahai Govil, the proprietor, hy
whom it- wart novpr ondonsrd to any ol-her person, having buen lost or
Htolon, nofcinoinliornhy givonthat tha payment of the abnvn note
and thn mtoruHt tlinroupon has boon atopppd at tho Public Debt
Office, UoHcirvoT5n,nkof Jnilia, Delhi, and that application is about
lo liomido for tho IHHUO of duplicate in favour of the propriet
Tim juuhliR ai'.o cnubionod against purchasing or otherwise
withtliR uliovn mentioned potvurity.

Nnm* .J/l/io AdvartiHtr-^QANQA. SAHAI GOVIL.
Residwen—142, Rorawgian Streut, Etnh (TJ. P.).

Hume ofiheprrsonsnotifuing—'BHAG'WA'N


Residence — Pandrij near Baror, Nawabganj, fiareilly.
[3, lO.cfc I7.fl.'55]



inenrioiiL'd sL-iuvi'y
-Vflwi- u/ /Ac jJ-'-i msMt'f /!.»•/—SHAFlZAUt:   M.N'4!H.
I?es/tfi?Hce—Court b,Kanpur.

\*~ h,ir3 un cunccrn
nr S-n.i B.i/ar, iliTi


XOTIIE i^ liL-aliv jiivon ihnt If.u^ljMU D
thf bn^ini'-s ^jL-il  lii'n  Hard-^'Ti U.i-^

Uoi\akh[jin ncir has ,\n\   uJuil -o cv. i.    J-Jnj .iii'i UN ^on-, WLTO
unil ai^ T,lii' ]IITJ|II i.-tnt'- at tliv s.iM  IJIHUII*—, Iroin thu iLiruuf irs
htart at Hiswa B.i/iii
|10-!l-'o-lj                                                             UltlJ   LAL.


THE BohdHnos. LK00214286, LK00214292, andLK002142g3 of
tho 2-J por L-ent U. P. Zamindari Abolition Compensation Bonds
forRa.200, Rs.50 and Ea. 1,000, respectively, originally standing in the
name of Bhagwan Hwarup by "vvhom they were never endorsed to
any other pernon, having been lost or stolen, notice IB hereby given
that tho payment of the above bonds and the interest thereupon has
been stopped aL the Public Debt Office, Reserve Bank of India,
Lucknow and that application is about to be made for the issue of
duplicates in favour of the proprietor. The public are cautioned
against purchasing or otherwise dealing with the abo-vementioned


XOTU i; 11 hiTi-liy liivt'ii to all com fi'ni'il that Tin- i'oii=.titntjon of
our nnnti stylfil «i> Mi'ftjs. C'hundu L.d iiurdii,m Das, Khatauli,
di-itmt Aru7iift«im,iaar rind CrKi'Lllifiii Da- Aiiant Kam fc
Cumpiiny, NL-U .Mtimli, Mnir.ift.ii'iiHii.ii' ha- uiu-Jin'tiCJiirt .1 (.haiific
binio Jiily Ji», I'LT-'i. Tin' two jjoitnris n,mul> Sri Anaiit Kam.
Mm nf L. Jl.umal DA-, ami Sn H.un Xarain, -on of hn Nmmjnn Uni^U
li.ivi- ivtii'fil fi'fim rhc- itlonvinl t'ims ^uiu1 tin- Jiuw ii^u-,1 (Utw
mil' un «• ii»i abovr- firms m»« owned and thi ir IHISI'I^.-J .at- jn*m«*
cairiffl uu lij- .MI--.M-I. Alamthdr J^jl. IlLinlw.inlal and Ooidlum J>u^
ni[nir(uiM5l,ij> simv July JO. I! I. -j,".

.MOS'llHAll LAL,
1 10-i>-"'."i |                                                                                Partner.

XoriL'K is heivljy niven that Sn Ja^.imiath ^ra -ad, expired on
.lime 19, 1U.13 LiuJ sjni'o iht-n hn i<a no IOUULF .1 partner in the firms
Puru«hottam D.M Bnjnaiidiin Pra^-id and TJiakur Proaad .Ta^aimatn
Pmyad siutatcd a* 'jouildipui' and Puniahottam Dds and Sons -iitna-

Jin.«.'33j                                                                        Partner.

In the matter of Companies Act, 1913
In the matter of Merchants Association Ltd., Muzaffarnagar.


NOTICE is hereby given persuint to section. 208 33. of the Indian.
Companieh Act that "a general meetm? of the members of the above-
named company will be held on 10th October, J955. afc 2 p.m. at
ItJ-A Nevf ilandi, JMuzaffamagar, when tlie liquidator will lay-
before the meeting on account nf the act and dealings and of the
conduit of the winding up of the affaire of the company and v,
statement m the particular form together with any explanation.
which may be nece^ary .

[iO-U-'-M]                                                                           Liquidator.

I, Chan-man, a student of M.Sc, Lt Physics, of tho Lucknow
LTniversity in the session 1955-56, cliuugorl my name from Chairman
to Chandra Mohan Bholla

rsHAlRMAN, iLSc. H Phy.,
Hostel LucJjtntf C7»irv/wrV//t£udthotr.

PHUP-23 Qa/. (E)—1955.

Printed and publiabed by the Sapeiat^dent, Priotto?


, D. P, AlW»»tad» Ind*.