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Full text of "Government Gazette Of Uttar Pradesh"



The following statement showing seizures and deaths from plague, cholera and    small-pox reported in
Qttar Pradesh, during the week ending September 10, 1955, ia published for general information :

Districts and Cities

Bareilly District ..
Deoria District   ..
Etawah District ,.
dcrakhpur City    ..
Aleerut District
Pratapgarh District
Rae Bareli District
Sitapur City


Seizures     Deaths

Seizures      Deaths

Seizures        Deaths



Add For the sreek ending September 3, 1955 i

Seizures         Deaths

Districts and  Cities

Seizures         Deaths

Seizures       Deaths

Almora District   ..
Bahraich District..
Banaras City
Bareilly District    ..
Pratapgarh District



September 15, 1955.



AePilc i.T?iOjifs Me invited for the undermentioned posts from
Indian citiznia and person? migrated from Pakistan with inten-
tion of permanently sofctlm? in India or subjects of Nopal, Sikkim
or Portugupf-e or Former Frenrh possessions in India. Upper age
limit relaxabk1 by 3 years for scheduled castes, tribal and abori-
ginal communities and up to 45 J*ears for displaced persona from
Pakistan and iioii-hbwated areas of Jaminu and Kashmir- No
relaxation for others sn.Ve in exceptional cases and -will in no case
be relaxed beyond three years. Particulars and application foim^
from Sacretary, Union Public Serviur Commission, POBC Bos no ISli
Xow Delhi. Requests for forms Millet specify name of post and
Should be? accompanied by self-addressed unstamped envelope for
each post at least of size 9" X 4" indicating thereon name of post
for -which forms are required. Closing date for receipt of appli-
cations with treasury receipt or Crossed Indian Postal Orders for
Bs.7-8 (Rs.1-14 for Scheduled Castes and Tribes) 15th October,
1955 I29bh October, 1953 for applicants from abroad). Commis-
sion may remit genuinely indigent and bona fide displaced persons
fee. Separate application tilth separate fee required for each post.
Candidates abroad may apply on plain paper if forms not avail-
able, and deposit fee withloual Indian Embassy. If required can-
didates must appear for personal interview.

I. &j;o Assistant Research Officers (at one for Goat Tissue,
VaGcfre and (b) one for Lajpinised and Avianised Vaccine,
Biological Products Division, Indian Veterinary Scaaearch Intili-
titute, laatnagar. Poets temporary but likely to continue. .Re-
served for Scheduled Castes candidates if such suitable candidates
forthcoming, otherwise posts, treated as unreserved. Pay—Rs.
875—25—500—E.B.-^Q—650—E.B.—30—800. Pay of officers
permanent Government service will be fixed in accordance with
^fundamental Bules, Higher initial pay to specially qualified
and experienced candidates, Age,' Below S5 yoars. Reliable
/«• tknn>rn»pnt *tnnn1*. Qmlifleatlon^ Essentitil—(i)

A. N. CHOPRA, Director.

or diploma in. Veterinary Sceince of recognised University/insti-
tution, (ii) About 3 years, practical experience; in Bacteriological
Laboratory, (iii) Knowledge of virus diseases. Qualification^
relaxablo at Commifcsion'a discretion in case of candidates other-
wise well-qualified.

2.    One Traffic Manager, Kaudio Port, Ministry of Trims-
port—Poat temporary but likely to be made permanent eventually
Pa//—Ra (JOO—40—1,OOU—1,000—1,050—1,050—-1,100—1,100—1,1110
Higher initial paj* to specially   qualified and     experienced    cand-
datc. Aqc\ Between 30 and 40 years.    ReJatKctble for Government
nervunt qualifications;    Essential—(1) Degree of recognised uni-
vwHity or equivalent. (11) About  TO years, practical Bxperieucc of
poit traffic Qualifications relaxable at Commisuion'/s discretion in
caWL-  of candidates  otherwise we]]-qualified.

3.    One Plant Pathologist for Seed leafing Stiliewe. Ministry
of Food and  Agriculture.    Post    temporary  for  5  years.    Other
things being equal, preference  given to  scheduled Castes/Tribes
candidates.     Pay; Bs.350—350—380—380—30—590—E.B—30—
770—40—850.       Higher initial    pay   to   specially qualified and
experiencedcandida-te.   Age; Below40years.    Uelaablepr Gowin-
ment    servants.         Qualifications'. Essential—(i)     Slas,ter,s     01
equivalent Honours degree in Botany "With post-graduate training
in Mycology and Plant Pathology OR Associateship   of Indian
Agricultural Research Institure in   Mycology   paid   Plant  Patho-
logy,     (ii)  About    5    years   research     experience   on  problems
relating to Physiology of JPungi as evidenced by published papers.
Qualifications relax able at Commissions discretion in case of can-
didates   otherwise   well-qualified.

4. Press Manager, Indian Gountil of Agricultural Ittmcurch
(uon-government aide)—Post temporary but likely to continue.
Pay; Bs.275—25—500. Higher initial pay to specially quali-
fied and experienced candidate, Age—Below 35 years. Relaxable
for Gtovernment servants. QuaUficarion\ Dsaential—(i) Matricula-
tion of recognised University or equivalent.—(ii) Certificate
or Diploma in Printing anil allied tracleu from recognised instilii-
tiou. (iii) About three* years' practical experience in printing and