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iinliictiyn inr-ludmg offset printing, in CJoveivnmf ut PIL--.S or pii-
,!tr pi'L-sri uf standing QualifuMtioiifc relaxablr nt Ciimnii^inn's
tsLTEtion in case of candidates othmvinc wrll-qualified.

5 One Deputy Development Officer (Tooh) \n Dei-clown ut
\\~niff of MmiBlril nf Cominerrr and Inrlmh'l Poht peimnnrnt
but ibho vai-anry will be filled on tcmpnr.ay Qtln-r tlmm-,
l,einijequal prefon-iitf yivi-ii to Scheduled Casti^/Trilii"-, randifl.ilrs
rill JU6UO —K)—1, (MID —1,00(1—1,03 0—1, o.l U—1,10U—1.1011—1,1.1(1
Higiier initial Pfty t(l specially qualified and c-spi-rn-uci-d i «iudi-
iliti1 -irje. Between 30 and 43 year* Relrtmnblr for Gorrrnntc,it
tttnini*. Qunlifnation*' Essential; (ij JJi-gr.M- in MeohanirMl
Engineering from ri'uogmacd University or i-quivdlrnt (uj About
7 ye/Ufa' experience? in responsible c'apdfity either m Machine Tnol
Factory or in Engmeennp 'Workshop of standing (m) Knowlcdiri'
of the modern technique of manufacture: and operation of Marhmt.
Tools and development of Machine- Tool Industry in India
and abroad Qualification rclaxablu at Commission'H discretion in
cabL- of candidates othn'wiso well-qualified.

6.    J)ircctor of Archive/i, Alwiatrij of Education.    Permanent
font appointment to be  made    on   reiiL'-wabli-1  eontiact. for five
yearn m firat maUnce.    Poat rewervud foi Kchfduled Castes i andi-
Ikte'i and failing them for Scheduled Tribes cjudidateu if hurh
suitable candidates  available ;  othenubu to be treated as turn--
wrved.   Pay: Us 1,300—GO—1,600     Higher initial   pay   to   ,spn-
1'inlly qualified and experienced cnmhd.vfci'   Ayc[ Preferably   l-elow
jll yaus     Qualifirntions JUst-ential: (i) At least 2nd Olaaa MasterV
nr    equivalent   Honours    Degree,    (u)   llesearch publications    ut
high utuudard and kno-wlcdye  of Historiography.    (111) Adujunti
experience of conducting and guiding rt-henreli and editing docu-
mi'iita    Qiialifif-'dtiunb   reldxaiile    at   Cum'misHion'E   discretion   in
rase of candidate^)  otherwise  well quahikd

7.    (hie. Professor of Bio-clientibtry iHUl AfAitrilion     AU-JnJiii
Iii^tituli' of Hu(JiOic rind Public Hpctlth, Calcutta, Ministanj ofHertWi

L Post p.-rmanoiit. Keaerved for Scheduled L'aates candidate if
dUL-h suitable candidate available. Otherwise po&t may be treated
as anreserved. Pa//—Rs.1,150—50—1,550. Pay of permanent
Government servants will be fixed in the scale according to Funda-
mental Rules. Higher initial pay to wpeually qualified and ex-
perienced candidate. A\g&\ Between 3S and 4o years. lielax-
ablr for Government servants • Qualifications', Euxe>itial'm (ij Mc-
dic-nl quilificatinns included in ono of schedules of the Indian Me-
dual Council Aut, 1033, with gpofial training different ftHpeots
of uutrjtjon and Bio-Chemistry (ii) About 5 ycara teaching and
research oxpanenoe in nutrition and Bio-Chemistry OR (i) M.Sc.
in Chemistiy or Bio-Chcsmistry of recognised University. (ii) About
10 years' teaching and research experience in nutrition and Bio-
Chemistry Qualifications relaxable at Commission's discretion
in case or candidates otherwise well.qualified.

S. 2 Assistant Executive Engineers (a) one for IrriJigniiaH
mid (b) one for Public Health, Himadial Pradegli public Vorla
Depaitmenf. Posta tdmorary but likely to be retained on permtt-
npnt basis. Pat/: Hs.350—350—380—380—30—390—30—770—
40—851). Higher initial pay to specially qualified and experienced
candidates. Age- Below 35 years. Rduxnble, for Govern awn*
servants. Qualificaliontt E±sen T'tal (i) Degree in Civil Engi-
neering of recognised University or qualifications exempting from
Parts A and B of Associate-Membership examination of the Insti-
tution of Engineers, India or equivalent, (ii) About 3 years'
experience m Public Health for one post and Irrigation Works
for the other post. Quilifications relaxabJ* at Commission's dis-
rotion m case of candicates otherwise well-qualified-

!). GfiiefC'aiii'irainuii, Films Division, MiniatrH oj Inforntfilion
and Broadens HI g Post temporary but likely to become perma-
nent. paij; Ks 1300__30—710. Higher initial pay to specially

qualified and experienced candidate Age: Below 45 years.
Relaxable for Government servants. Quahjicctions • Essential :
About seven yeara' experience as Motion Picture Cameraman in
Film Producing Company of standing.

1U. One Lecturer (Electrical) in Politechnic InntUitteon, Bhopttl.
Poat temporary but likely to be made permanent. Pay: Us. 200—

250—15—340—340—E.B.—20,500—E,B__20—600.   Higher initial

pay to specially qualified and experienced candidate. Age:
Between 25 and 40 years. Relaxable, .for Government servant*.
Qualifications:—Essential: (i) At least second class degree m
Electrical Engineering of recognised University or Institution, (n)
About 3 years' professional experience. Qualifications relasable
dt Commission's discretion in case of candidates otherwise \\ell-

H. One Principal ,Sasic Training Colh-ye, Bhopal. Tcjnpor.ay
but Ukely to become permanent eventually. Other things being
equal, preference given to Scheduled Castes/Tribes candidate.
Pay: Bs.300—20—SOO—300—E.B.—20—600. Higher initial pay
to specially qualified and experienced candidate. Agei Bflow
45 years. .Hetect&Ze for Government servants. Qualifiwtian&i
•Etwitialt^li) Degree in Arts or Seiunce, preferably iVLa&ter's degree.
In) Master'a degree in teaching with about 5 years' experience in
huaiu institution. OR Degree/diploma W basic education witli u
years' teaching experience, (in) Working knowledge of Hmdi
Qualifications relaxable at Conuriission's discretion in ease of candi-
dates otherwise well-qualified.

H                                H. 8. DEVWAN

Under Secretary.


Tin- riiinuI'uljliL Sin ;r>. f'umnu-ir,), !u.-. rj. . •.,. r. T],..T nm -
jjuct nffollci^iuu' .itr-irui'u >- nf GuvL-irii, - jt-'i'.-iT, iinjui .'«, T|j|llT
TiiU In- JS y^irs ii.^t, ,|,l ,,r-J-,^ ,11- MII ill. ,-', • I^.PH luiUWL :
I'D IJi i-oii>, mi linIiiiLi di-jil,n I'll |i>>iuiriiiL'iii ( '• iiti,-lG"V- n >ni-jii -n1-
mui^wlmlMM .,]i ,ifh Iit'turr.jifn-Tji d HI iri.,-i' t-t >.'i.,i,.l I)i'. i-iu]j=
riJjjMiDn-MnnCliikitf-ThirinmiHi.iii'Lriw.iLii'.' i.-i( i iLmiM-.,-
lj"fu funfirin- <l rti- .in1 diiiiljli- tu lit- • [pi.lfUn- -I Ji! -i-| - J1 ii'nn- i.uv
jiu-jts ut r-rjiuv.ili nt si -di- iif i, i\ jn' • - ]»nl Lifjiiiiii.; 'n I ,"itir»l Sin in : ,uirl Hi Pi-i-tms ^|,.j}ur«. i»-. u f i.'iUiiii.jH-!j
Loldmy pu^ti of fl(ik-- lUpp'r Jnd Jj»\\n iJiM-inoj, [ti « •(t-»o: y T
poat=, of L'l-ntral St-r hi i\ n ^ i 1.1 .. ] c-l- ui A — istdiit* -u
offn^spuitiLijiLitingin fi ntr.dhWri t=nia,t Sf i\ n • 'i<iluiMl<it" pru-irn
3Ulh Ajji-il. TIM ntljirniULlit'iii.-of i-1'til.iiu:. r"i . ili.i'-i- i- T"
thi- I'XHiuiiiatinni' iijj'u uijfdti n d Jj.i-^t rinf i»i ,'],jjlnvtn ii* ii( „,
the .ilioM- rainliil.irp, j> lutji (iitutu'i. l'»~i." Tl." •jMuiiii'm.iU'H1]!
f omia<inc.' mi J»th X'iVf,nli«'i. ILio'i, tr- alri ,'•!,% .-nii'-im' •-'!.

, IJVt-1




reueipt or crnssedlndian postal orderfia-pkS.7.s"r K». 1 - U for
Castes and Tribes) H.arknlpajaWr to Sicetai /, Ui'iu,i Pul1>f ^,-r, ,'.,
OoMmi8i>ion at Xf"* DfUn P<>*1 Offw. inth Oitol.»T, lOBl" i -lutVi
October, I'J.jj, for appn^An1" obiud'H fnu-n TuhliL SI-IVILJ c'njn"
mission mdy remit gumum? mdigenT aurl bona fiilo displaced ijur
son's fee. Candidates abroad ma.v ayply In plain paper ii form*- ar«
not available and deposit fee with local Eniba-!=y. If rt quirci] The
candidates muht appear for persoual interv-n \\\ QTia
i^^ion'ii dis(.retiun in ca^e of caudidu (

Posts    perminent    and    pi'iisiijivabli-.   Probntion   one  ynu1.

(A)  One    Assistant    Professor   in    ilfthanical    Enjrmet-rin'"
{Machine design).   Aae : Preferably   above SOyedis. Pa": Ks\6oTj
_-tU— 1,000 — 1,111)0— 1.05U— l.O-IO— 1,100—1, Ion— l.ljlt.    Qn,tli.
fixations : Esnpi\tiul\ (i) Tirsr    rlus.s   dpgree   m En-
gineeung with   knowledge of design TI ork and   pmductiou lut'thod
or equivalent, (ii) Abnut 5 years' txppritfnri- of orininal dt-iyn \rtjik
and about one year'b esperieure as production fu^ in< vr.    &?$ inikle :
(i) Teaching arid reg^arch experience. <nj Expr'rii'nre of wui'k iu u
factory engaged m mass production.

(B)  Three   Lecturer^   m Mechanit-dl Entrinueiijuj \a] Hyilraulip
Machinery, (b)  Enginepnng Mft<h«iui|'&   iunl   f'1)  JLirlune   Doyigu.
Age : Preferably above 25 yeara andbelow 3» xvjua.    Pan : K,^.3dU—
330— 380— 380— 30— 590— B.B.—30— 770— 4U— SdO.    For (u)  and
(b) Qualifications* : E&settttul.   (i) Fust eLiss detirec m Uerhtmical
Engineering with specialisation, in streiigth ut materials nr m f Juid
Mechanics or in Mechanism or in vibration, iii) About TWO year*'
industrial experience in Hydraulu- 31ai-luncry fur la) and Eugm^Tiui;
Mechanica for (b).   Desirable : T^'aelming and Rescjrch c-xperienft .
.Forte).    Qualification : Et,*tntial\ lii Fiivt i-la"d d<?yreu in JUteliruu-
cal Engincermg with speoi alized knowledge i n either of the following:
Mechanical haiirUmg of plants and equipmt-'iit and xaachiae tools
or industrial plant <md machinery and m^tnuueutAtion tyrhnologj.
(ii) About two years' industrial expeniwe.   Utt,irablc ; Evperitnct
in teaching  and  research.

Higher Initial pay may bw grouted to a specially qualified
and experience candidate for the podtn under (6J at'ove. Candidates
sit'lec-tea for appointment will be re quired t o j oin duty i-
after selection.



"NTorioE is hereby given to thcpublicthttt thu bunine^ atyled
Ghuienial G-irdhanlal sitnatedat muhalla Chinvk m Bahraich i< no
loii«'ora Joint Hindu Family business*ince Octnber l>51934, butusa
parfnei-sslup om' flith effei-t frum the .-,aid ddtr and tbenliiuu of tttu
partncra JUalu Ghiuvmal, OinllMZilul and Aluunnnlal aiv uquul ru-
cardiug which a partuorslup dt-rd has. bct-u i.-xt'vm«ii on the tith Ut%
tobw, 1354.

i t                       Pttunvrtt ".f ffltnnmat (,'t ji//4u/*