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!, SEPTEMBER 24, 1955


Insolvency no. IB ol 1954

In thf t

r of—

(1) Pennirth Bank Ltd.. Baruilly, ihrouyh l.abu
R=im BohariLal, General Manager, Bank, (Jj Shri-
matt Kitori Devi, widow of Bai] Natli uliaa Lalu
MahrAj, casta Brahman, residing ai piu^uut Bu-
dciuUjimhjlUPdtyali tiarai, (3) Haji .Sikendar
Partner, Firm Haji Chuttian, agud 55 yoaw, rehi-
donl of Bisharatgaaj, toliail Aonla, district
BareiUy, (4-) Lila Bishoghwar Nath, son of Lala
Kili Olurau, owto Khattn, readout nf Bareilly,
lUQlulla llvliin Danvassa (Creditors) . ,

(Ij Hm1 .Saroup, (2) Kiahan Saroop, (3) Kawal
Kuhoro (4) Damodar Dass, (5) Laoluiuui Dags,
(0) (jiLuri ShankiT, (7) Hari Shtmker. sons oi Lala
M&nm Lai, casto Khattn, residents of Baredlya
mo hall a Madan Dar/aza, (S) Manager, Bareilly
Corporation Bank, Baroilly, (9) Sals Tax Officer,
Bareilly, (10) incomn Tax OHicur, Barcdly


Ojj posit,

[Tu—(1) The Manngor, Bareilly Corporation Bank, Bareilly,
(.!) Tho Sciles Tax Officer, Bareilly and (U| TliuIncome Tax Officer,

WHEUEAS the abovmrnmed applicants havo applied to thin Court
by a petition, dited tho 3th July, 1954, for opposite-party 1 to 7
to be declared as insolvents under the Provincial Insolvei'y Act, V of
1920, and your name appoara in the list of creditors hied by the
aforesaid creditors. This is to give you notice that tho Court has
fixed the 14th (fourteenth) day of October, 1955, for hearing
objection, if any, from you against the withdrawal of the aaid peti*
tion on the ground that the matter haa been amicably settled bet-
woen the parties. If you desire to bo represented ui the matter,
y ju should attend in person or by duley instructed pleader.

By oi dor,



Xuiiouia hereby given to all concerned that tho buriineas here-.
1 o foro carried on under tho name and style of United Medical Store,
Bhagat Singh Road, Muzaffarnagar by the joint Hindu Family
headed by late Lala Gaun Shanker wag partitioned amongst hia 5
sons. The business IB now being carried on by Sn Suresh Chandra,
Sri Satish Chandra and Sn Mahesh Chandra in partnership with
effect from 1st April, 1955. Sri Yugesh Chandra and Sri Rajesh
Chandra have taken their share of Capital and had not joined the
firm as partners-



For United Medical Store,
Bhagt Singh Road,


\Nolu* under section 36 of the U. P. Town Impt ovement   Act T7JI

As ruijuii-ud by aeution 36 of the U. P. Town lmurovBHiP«t
Act VIII of 1919, notice is hereby given that a scheme Bn\S
'Industrial Labour Housmg-cMw-Low Cost Housing Schemu "
un.lor section 31 of the U. P. Town Improvement Act in Bhelunura
hay been duly framed and is being published :

The boundanos of the area comprised in the scheme are :

North—Reori Talab Road, Grave-yard of Reori Talal
and houaos no. B 19/8, B 19/9, B 19/11, B 19/22, BIO/17
B 19/18, B 19/21, B 18/93, B 18/90, B 18/95, B 18/96
B1S/98-A, etc. of Roori Talab.                                    /(

Bast—Road from Tilbhandeshwar Park to tho Gate of
Vivsianagram Palace.

West—Kamachha Road.

b'outh—Dr. Thungama's residence, Electric Power House.
Anglo-Bengali High School and House nos. B 19/27-A
B 19/29, B 19/26-C, B 19/29-C, B 19/29-4, B 30/187'
B 20/117, B 20/119, etc., of mohalla Bhelupura.                 '

Tlic map of the area and statement of the lands proposed
to he acquired can he seen at the Trust Oifioe at D 58/12, Sigrn,
Vidyapeeth Road on all working days from 10.30 a.m. to 4.39 p.m.

Any person objecting to the scheme may, within, sixty days
from the date of this notice, send hits objection in writing to the
Improvement Trust, Banaras.

[17, 24/9 & l-10-'55].

C. M. NIGAM, i.A.a., Administrator.

Tho 3J per cent D P.B.E. ActBonds nod. C/EB011882/84 forfii,
l.UOO each originally standing in the na.mes of Nawab Khan,
Ashraf Khan, JFagih Uzzaman, Abdus Salam Khan, Waii
Uzzaman and minors Abdus Sami Khan, and Badi
Uzzaman Khan, and last endorsed to the propiretor-
by whom they were never endorsed to any other person,
having been lost, stolen or destroyed notice is hereby given
that the payment of the above Bonds and the interest thereupon
haa been stopped nt the Public Debt Office, Reserve Bank of India-
Delhi, and that application is about to be made for payment of the
discharge value in favour of the proprietors. The public are
cautioned against purchasing or otherwise dealing with the above*
mentioned securities.

Names oj the advertisers—NAWAB KHAN, ASHRAF KHAN,

Residence—Mauza Gulzarpur, post office Gulssarpur, district

[17, 24-9- and MO-'So'.]

Qaz. (E)—19^5,

Printed Wd published by the Superintendent, Printing u>d Stationery, U5 P. AUihibad, India.