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Full text of "Government Gazette Of Uttar Pradesh"



Fust Five-Year PUtn-Price Ea.3 (tie.l a»d ua.ti),           m    ,Uaid   .,n   tin

1.   Courses of Training at Civil Aviation Training     J'li^-l'e / ^'-s j'i"   ( '
Outre, Allahabad.    Price annas 5 (al. pa. tt).                      L    ' '

i.   Constitution of India in Hindi.   Price Re. 1-1     „ .:!J   iillj-l'a1'1  *•

3.   Audit   Code,   Vksfc Edition incorj/oratin<r
i-ecUon slip* noft. 1 to 25.    Price Jle.1-4 (as,4). "

4.    Indian Penal Code as modified njj  to   March 1.
UI31.   Pricfa Hs.a-B (oa.7).

5.   Information for tlio SIndents desiring it; proceed
Overseas for "the Advanced Studies,   1947-4S.   Pricv

G. Factories Act no. LXIIlot' 104S as modified up
to August, 1954:. Prico annas 34= (as.2).

7. First Report ot" the National Income Com-
mittee, April, 195L. Price Ue.1-6 (as. 2 #s. 6),

S. Indian iBoileis Act as modified uu to Novem-
ber 1, 1949. Price annas 7 (tts.2).

CJ. Co-operative fcjocietieM Act as modified np to
July 1,1032. Price annas 4 (a.l).

10.    Payment of Wages Act as modified up t-j May
15,1951.    Price annaa 4 (a.l).

11.    The Poison Act as modified up to May 1, 19i9.
IMoe annas 2, packing and postage (a. I).

Minimum Waires (Amendment) Act no. XXVI
of 1954. Price annas 2 (la.).

12.    The  Indian  Evidence  Act  modified  np   to
August 1, 1052,    Piice annas 6 (as.2).

13.    Workmen  Compensation Act, modified lip to
May 1. 1952     Piice annas 6 (a.l ps. ti).

cor-       Noro—Tht amounts


110. XLVLII of

1C.   Tmlian Liuntation Act no. IX of IfiOS, modi-
fiecl up to FeLruary 1, 1952.  Price amias 6 (a. I ps.ti)t

16     Laiirl AcquiHition Act no. I of 189S as modi-

fied up to April 1, 1052. Price annas 6 (a.l).
1         J         J                                       '

17.    Indian  Electricity  Act IX    of   1010,    Price
annas 12 (as. 3).

18.    HTOffa 35 «" %cTT    Price   Rs.2-2   (as.').

19.    Ciueniatoai'flph Act no. XXXVII of 1952, niOdi-
fi  i         j.     c 14.      i        i     inco     T> •                  A%    i\

ncd up to September 1: 1953.   Pnce auneia 2 (a.l).

20.    Motor Vehicles Act IV of 1939, modified up to
\OTembei-l,  1952.    Price PvB.1-10 (flS.3 ^JS. U).

ni      ......           ,,,         .   ,         ,.„   7         ,     ,r      ,   ,

2^    Minimum Wages Act, modified np to March 1,

iy.i2.    Price annas 4 (((.1).

22.   Opium Act no. t of 1878, modified up to Aug-
1WL 1, 1051.    Price nrnmB 3 (tt.1).

and Mtd&S

2'J.   Five-Year Plan Progress Keport for tho years
1951-52 and 195JWJ3.    Price'annas B («.4).

24.    Hirakim--]    Dam   and   after.   Price Re.l  (as.3).

25.    Census of India, 1951,   Volume I, India   Part
11-f,    Eeoiioiuici Tables. Price Es.3. (Re.ll.

.,..,.,           T    n    *. T D       A

26.    COHBUB of India, Volume T,  PtU't I-B,— Appen-

tliocM to the Census Eepoi't 1051.    Priue  PU.3 (Re,l-8).

T    -»       TT -n -n

27.  (JeilNlls of India   1951, Volume T, Part TT-B Ecu-

uomic Table (General Popnlation). Price Ra.3 (Re.l-8),
Payment of "Wages   (Proo&dni'es) Rules, 1937,

The Princess of Wales



D. Phil.  (Oxon ),

Principal, Government Sanskrit College, Binaria

(JVos' l io G6 ™'1 n edllrd ly M*L Pt   GlJl"l<l'h K*lw'-

\l>\yu.Tcs in iinrfnthesei: inifi''-'     fujfui,

, ,

(1) The Euanavali Bhaskara (VaisLupIuLj
Udayana'0 Erannvali, D»v3A s^tion, b7 P^
Wltb Introduction, and Index, by Got JM'!.

pnce IB-      (4flff<)'

(2) The Advaita Ciuntaniam iVedaiu-.j. by
with Introduction, eta, by Nazayaaa Sraslrv

Jfeduced prue ^   W) .TSiw.j.

13) The Basasara tVaisheBhik&j, Commentary on Udayaiia.'a
Kirjnavah, Guua sectiQii, by Bliatta Vadindra. Edited with Intraduc-
tiw»i tfc-. bJ Gopinath Kaviraj, M i (Seduced price As.S) l3a>.;. •

MUra.   &Kted
M,A.   (HeJa.eJ

^         „,    .
Bhatta, Ethtsa

Maliaiaahopadliy&yft Ganganatba Jha, M.A., D. LITT.    ^Reduced price

being a   Commentary on   Yogiiuhridaya, a


**   Varna keahvara

MaO                                               '    *****   ***

(5"The Kavjadatiai (Juankara), by Gaagwxanda Eavindra. Edited
™& Introduction, etc., by Jagannatha Shasta Hoahiag SuhityL.pa-

dhyByf   ^educed ^ ^t^ ?"^ u      a,

(6) Part I.— The BHakti Chandnka (Bhakti Shastra), a Commentary
011 Sandilya's Bhaktisutraa, ty Naiajana Putba. Edited with a,
Prefatory Note, by Gopuwth Kaviraj, M.A. (Reduced price Ae.7-6)

Tart U.    iReduced pnee As.  12.)    tfas.).

<7) Part L-The Siddfaauta Eatna, by Baladeva Vidjublius«n
Edited roth lutroductwu, by Gopiuatb Eavira], M.A. (Bedueed pnce

AB9) (3^.^                          J     *

Part U.   (Seduced price Re.l-&)  (4a*.).

(Bi The EasapnaOipa (Alankara), by PrabliaUra Bhatta. Edited
vdth Introduction, etc., by Narayana Shastri Ehiate Sabityacharya.
(EeaUced price Aa.9) $ns.).

The Siddhasiddhanta Sangmha ^Natldsm of Gorathauatha Beet),

Imr°auctil>n b? Gopiliath **™1> **"

(10) Tbe Tmenika (Alankara), by AsaOrara Bhattm. Edited mft
Introductira by Bitokanatha Shanua Saiatyopadhytya, M.A., and
Jagannatha Shaatri Hcabing Sahityopadlayay^. (Eednced pries As.7)

I, U and m.-The TMU» Balww fiTnp. .Kha

29.    Indian Eleutricitj?

Price Re,l-0 (tta, 2)

Part TV.—The Tripwa Kahasva lJuaua Khanda>. Edited wiili
Introduction and Table of Contents, by Mahamabopailiiyaya Gopinatb
Eaviraj, M.A. (Reduced price Aa,12) (3as.).

(12) The EauyavilaB (A.lautaraK by Chairanjiva Bba^tncbnrya.
Edited with Introduction, etc., by Eatofcanutlia Sham,a, M.A., iJauityu-
padhyaya and Jagannatb^ Shaetri Hoahing Sabityoj^dbyaja. (Ilcdaeed
price As.9) (3a«.j.

(18) The Nyaya Kalika (Nyaya), Bha^ta Jayaiita. Edited with
Introduction by Mabamahoyailhiftya Ganfranatha Jba, M.A., D.UW;,
(Reduced pries As.7) (3ar.).

(14) Fart I.—The Yoraksa Bidhanta Saagraha (NatlviMtu of Gorakha-
natha Beet). Edited with a Prefatory Note, by Gopinath Kavir&j, M.A

by   VoraTOL-bi   -with   tfcii
aud Bubodbim by 3*dwwni;

^ ^rt j^rphe   prafcritra
ITnkrita Sauiivani, by Basimtti