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Full text of "Government Gazette Of Uttar Pradesh"


 ADVERTISEMENT NH, 41 APPLICATIONS arc- inviird for the undeimentiijiie'ci   ]:
	V--?  .:i,v-..--

		if appointment .- Ti-fiL' on i.-j^*r,i' *.': i1 ,j -   -?
	:l .   .-   .,   v    j   ; -.     .1,      '    ^.!j ,   i i

		jo-sis from     Djplimiri in  \ii-l, u  i mi    i     \  II, I     i\    \.    ,,
	i   ,..,.-   ;,     ,.,':

Jf required i (mrlidat* -iiuu-tt

Indian citizens and person? migrated from Pakistan with intention
uf permanent ly stilling in India 01 subjects of Xcpal, Sikkun 01
Portuguese or tonner Frrnch po<wcMiiun< m India. I "pper aj..- limit
lelaxablobj Hj ears for Scheduled Cartes, Tribal mid
('uminimit ies and up to 4,1 years for displaced p.-rdcms tVnm 1'akist .in
Lind non-liberated areas oi Jammu mid Kashmir. Xo it-ldx.uioii
for others, save in exceptional c'Fma and will in no fdt-e lit ivKivd
|,pyond three vear.s. Particulars and application foiuis from feei-it .
rui-v. Union Public Service Commission, Post I SOY No. ISli. v
Dilhi. Request.* for forms must specify naim ol pi^i anil -hr.ulil
I.P accompanied by self-ad dre^i-d unstamped em i-lupe for edi l> pu-,1
atleaat of size 9" , -i." indicating thtreonnume nf |ju,t loivhiuh
forms are ic-i|Uiri?d. Closing date for receipt of npplii-aTiuiis ftith
treasury leceipt. or Crossed Indian Postal Order* ft.i K, 7-!n ill*.
1-14 for jSr-heduled Casies and Tribes,) 29th October. 19,1,1 | Jilth
XovemT^T, 1(1,55 for applicants from abioad). ('omnussiiiu may
I'L-mit genuuiL'h indigenl and bona Jide ili&plarcd pei,,on-' in MI--
parate application with separate fee required fur t-ar-h pout. ('.unh -
ilates abroad may apply on plain paper it'furirn imt a\ d liable, tuirl
' tleposit fee with local Indian Embassy. "
appear fo-r personal interview.

1.    Five Left urer\ (a) 2 in English, (b) I inBfiiyttli,\i) li^Mfitltr-
nintics and (b) 1 tn Economics,   Maharaja   Bif   Biknun   C'oUefft
AgarlnJa, Government of Tmpura.    One post of Lecturer in Econo-
mics permanent and the other po&ts teirporary but likelv to   conti-
nue. Other things being equal, preference fin-n In Scheduled C'asiL-
,md Scheduled Tribes candidates if hin-h hiiitabli' eamlidates a\ ail-
iblo.    Pay] Rs.200104:!01."-4.111.    Hmlu-r   initial   pay tu
-ptcially cfualifierl and cxpericuted caudidatep.      Ayr     BAtm 3n
vi'jrd    ' JtPln.fable for Government aerranl-t   Qit<iltficritlonK-  Ex*;.-,i-
tial :    (i)   At loast Hecond Clash Master's deyie-i- m the   it-lcvant
subject, namely.    English, Bengali, Mathematics, Kconomns, nf
recognized University having honours inB. A.   (ii) Adequate tiMch-
ing experience in thu- relevant subjecta up to 1he degree standard.
Qualifications    rulasable    at    Commirisioii's> discretion in cuse ol
candidates  otherwise    well-qualified.    XptpPreference     will be
given for one of the posts to woman cindidate havinc  trammy in
N. C. C. for taking up command of the units of thp Senior Division
Girls' N. C. C. of the College.

2.    One Asuistant Surgeon, Cert'i-itl Trartur Ofija)ti-.<tt>rm, Bttini-
tfnrh (BJiopal).   Post temporary but likely TU  continue.    Pn,f  :
RPi26(J1544.020500 plus non-practising allowan*1*1  of 2n
per cent of pay subject to maximum of lta.75 per mouth.    Pay of
person already in permanent Government service will ht fixed' ac-
cording tc Fundamental Bules. Higher initial pay to specially qua-
lified and experienced candidate.    Age :    Between 3u and 45 years,.
RdnxibU for Government   aen-anta.   QitalificrttioM :    Essential :
10 M. B., B. S. of recognized University,    (ii) About 3 years' esp(--
nence as medical practitioner. QualificRtions relaxablc fit Commw-
>ion'. discretion in case of candidates, otherwise well-qualified.

J. OneLeclitrpr in Hygiene andSnuituttan, Mahnntju BirBikiaai
t'allege. Aijartala, (Jorernmetit of Tripura. Po^t tempovnry but
likely to continue. Pay : BR.20a1042U Ij 43ti. Higher
initial pay to specially qualified and experienced candidate. Agr, :
B^low JOyaarn. TielneafJefor Governmentaerraniii. Quali$ii'it+\nH5\
K^pHtial : (i) M. B., B. S. degree of recognized University or ecjui-
valent. hi) About 3 y?firs' nxperience of teathinc Hyttienp. Qua-
lifications relaxable Hi. Comniissinn's diseretinn inciisp of '-dndirlites
ntherwise well-qualified.

4.    One Elcctriwl Eiujiiteer, Knteh.    Po*-t tumpurury )ut likely
I o be mailepermanent.    Pay : Rs.500306-10E.B..11,100.
Higher initial pay to specially qualified and experienced candidate.
Age :    Bet ween* 35 and 4.1 years.    Relaxabls for Gr>i'en,nnM *?/-
flints.   Qualification* i    Essential] (i) Degrep m Electrical Enmn-
eering of recognized University or equivalent., (ii) About o years'
experience of runn.inp Diesel Oil Engine Electrical concern includ-
ing experience of design  and erection  of plant.    Details of ex-
perience in the different fields erection and operation nf power planu
distribution Hystcm and management  should be clearly stated.
(Qualifications relnxabl" nt Cpnamission's discretion in ease of cnn-
ihdates otherwise well-qualified.

5.    Un-e Mtfacal Superintendent,  pursing Hotuff,, Delhi fibiif.
Poal temporary but likely lo continue.    Pny :   Rfi.300--33>0i>
E.B.30G.WE.D.-r3D800.   Higher initial pay to spfntilh
qualified  and experienced candidate.    Age  :   Below 33   years.
Reliable for   Government  wrvanta.   Qualifications   :    Eifttnfiiil;
li) Medical qualifications included in one of the Schedules of the
Indian Medical Council Act, 1933.   (ii) About 5  years'   hu,pital
wxpsrience including supervision and control of staff,    (iii)   Know-
ledge of Hindi and Urdu.   Qualifications relaxable at "-"------

lion's discretion in cage  of candidates othe              "

M.Mh,i., il K.ILIU-.
(11) Tr.iininu JI'-i'liAi
ami in injilnit in ii
inr-luilint: il ^i^nm,

1:1    M '

Ui[ t

J" tri.f
i  Zn.i IT-

in encint r

smtje I'inu m-Titminii v.itli } c " uli1.- i- ', . <
tice. workshop iMleui.r :<si ciri 1 t --tuj : j'l -
Quahticntinng rel.ix.iljl- .u (' '1^1.11-=:.. . - .h-
iluluieh otherw!-.- i-ll-iu<'lifi -"i.

S.      A S*i*tHilT tO fie,olt*>t it ' ' I J f it    'C^1 A

mciitnfli dm, Jf/.j.aiTi of H<- 'it . P.^: f '
continue1. P-'tj Il-.:IT"i--J~  ~j\>'t  II. ]J.  ;|

of the Sch-dules ti> Tndi-'u }'']; .1! C  I:L. i1
2 V''nrd' experience ni ,Se:i'".'j_i M! .ir.r-. M. iv
'                                                  '

. O//t Eji'n<,ii<>r of I'- ti^ttt^ ', ZV- , tuf-*-,, r'i 'i.,;"n. Jr^'^r,
uj 'uMf.>i'jvr iindlni&xis'i Pu-t t' mi i .!...-. r^.i. l:l:elr M  (,niimv.
Pt-^ecvrJ for Si-iiirdul. d Trr..-- l\.-t."s t i.i'.Un ? ii such ^li-rabl-
fanuiJtit" nvaila'jlf, u^iiarwi-si.' p.^t nvat.'J -'a uic- ivu'ti. /Jf,j;
R^.273 Jo  .TJii K.B. y.j l*3U--E I!.  ;lu 71'j. Hiylipr iiti-
tial pay 10 specially qu ihUed and t xi<-:v ru"1?1! tandjidati.-. _4^c<:
Brwee'n ^.~ an-1 HJyr^r-. lldJ&sllf />/ '.'v.  .^n, ,/','tj , 'Jtfi. f ii/r;
bficrit'fins' Eis,e.ii't><l', a- Dearer or <"j*.,ra!i-iit LLi*lnma m d.\.l
or Mpehamoi>l Ensiii=jriUif ut ror .i.ij'X^a Univr-.iTy, rii-"-'tntioii Dr
uquivalent. nl Ai-mir J yj^ij' jir.u Li.t'l Tr-Linacr't spi-Jfjir'.- m
Enaiuet-Tina fomt'^i nf i^p.rc. tJ,L'litii-.Tii.ii- i-_K, *.}*!<-, it C unmi^-
^ion's di^crctu.u ri Ctsi r,f -ia'T '^ nihi-rv- TV'll-^u.ilitii .1.

PA11T 'B'

ArPLUAi'inss uiv m\ic- 1 fiu;j iM-.lirl.iri.", i.Ani.xiu.* n> frcLf tlulL-iJ
Castes, Svheilnled THH.-.I nail r,tl,'i Br.riwvrrl Cla".c- .i>ly Fnr
award of U Uavernnieut of Ind'ii i^vi-a ^.-ri'! uf ,-.n-
tothieeywr-i duration (t'mi1 forcjoli u:n-i(i| f"r[u-t-j;riuluJtt' rom -
^e5. or rr-s.Mrc'h walk, iitL-ftraJr1 <:i M tlii'.n1. Ki i>m>:(.-rijiir, A,^r>-
culture, jji'it'iice md Tei-J,noloj:y ;u PiutrVi Kinu'ilma L,r uit.i r MUU-
ihle eonnlrii-'a. L'^u liiUi^s m,i-T It ^r.i-'.i-, .<f Jmltu ur i- -i.-on-
migrnted trona Pa^ufm with iin nlir>;i. ' ].  inU4-ni'\ ^-ttlini,
in India orsub]ccti 01' *>ilt.isim ur J.itu uii.n, i ku-j-'uir. ly. ; >.fiv
more tlian 35 vfMS on 1-t fi. t.T J"'i.'i. n.l-i \'ill h" *trn-fl\
ndben?J to. faml \fvul 'ML* [ i\\ / ,- -v/. f,,\  c'naVs ./ O//L/-
B!Kkj>tird C?'Ji,^s : tO f"'-1! fla-n Jl -^ti-i -, l^- f or  ^uvuli-nt
qualification,-, (n) Fir-t cla-3 m RT'lu-'m t. l"j;r, i' I'SMiniiuTionfur
oa-ndidaTCa with qudlitl^atinus i'i EnJi^n'^rij'j. AVin>rt no cl&^
or division given in an exammaiiun. i*. \s., at tl'i* R u'Li-lir"ri d'-'cruo
examma,tion m m--'diciuu tH) per ci.'iit riwil.t vi'l b t'ojmit]tTi.'d
as equivalent to lt dosw'D.viwuu. i") F.i/ .*.' 'wlnli'l Tnbr^
(i) Second ria^T. ila<ster'a di-arec nl I'l^iiualvt iiuiliiicatinn-. |n>
Second Cia^ in Itai'Iicloi's d^jive t \,imiu.itii.'ii for t at rJidnr^s \\itl*
qualitiearioiw in Eairiiuwms- Wln-r-1 nr> L'Ki-s IT Di\ isi-tti i- eiveii
in an examination f.g., at thp Bafb'lor"stl"i4r.'t.' .-xummjuinn in me-
dipinedOp^rreut inarlwwnib.-funsi.l.Ti'.l j^t-qunaloui tip Socyiul
L'la?:, Division. Prtvfut rait- of .- hi.! tr-hi]* i- 4Jli yts iinnum,
in Oxford nnd Camhrnigo ami 3i>- J' utb^r iniaThutiujj^


 xrlurline, fo>t orbtiok'-imdatuilv lour. i'H'uinn''nt allu\\ani'*
and -ica ]ja^<a<io anI tuition ami e\aniiuation fi^^
whieh will (n> p.iiil 10 mtttiiiium^ duv t l.v (o^Hriujnnl-
Parru-uUw ami upplicatiou fcirjna fniin Sni-ivraiy, rnhm l*uMn
Srvi-e (1nunii^i<Jit) Pn-,r B^x . ^i, X<-w Dcllc. Ki'nnosf* fot
' fnrm-t^liuuUl !. acuoraprtui*'d by solf-mllrr-.fd im>Tninp* d em flupi-
at !<a-.t of siz^ 9* , 4* Pupnwnbfd "Applu rttuut fuiir* F^r u\t r!-'tis
scholarship/" Olfwin^dttti.' forrfmpi ufapplicationsiilHU Oi'iwlcr,
J2Hi VovembtT, Isn,-., for wppln-ants K>iroail).
nuist appear for iini'tvi^u .

6.   Ona Senior  Lecturer in Architecture,   Delhi
\   Ministry of Education,   Fast permanent.   Reserved for Scheduled
Castes candidate, if such suitable candidate available!   othorwio