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4' 13

8 One At&istant Jiestnreli Officer (XtcnV-.ntion) Ait-uml
fitiiFticn Diviitan, Indian Veto nary Ht.scn.icli InAt'hitt I tiln-i','iir.
Po-it tnmpornry for period of three yearq. Rtf-cived foi Si In rlnl-'d
( 'a^tos/Tril »('& tandidato if such suit.ilrtf r.mrlitl.itc fri'tl'cuininir,
.liLiTHTie post treated a,s uniL'iaiTved. Poi/ - Ks.JTj — J.'i — ,'iOM —
EH, — 311- tir>0 — E.B. — 30 — NUll Piiy of i)iTui.,m nl < irm-nirmnt
..rTV'.int mil be Hxfd according tu lulc-s Hiffln.-i uiiti.-l pay to
hjjL-PJoUy qualified ami pxpenwifed e. Ac/'. : l!i lew li-T
yeai* ' Jirlaxnlile foi Uort mnient *eicant<i fyvnlijtcattam , ESM n-
[,al — i) Uugr^e iir diploma in Vrteruuuy Scieim- nf ivrngiuzi'd
University or Institution, or post-irruiluati? di'jsrt t- in
(jennties/ArnniLil Physiology, (u) About 3 ytMis expcripiu i' in
carrying out original research in Animal Genetics or Ei'iiiLduiti\t-
Physiology. Qualifications relaxable nt Couimis-iuii •. di-i rr-tinn in
i ise of candidates otherwise vt'll-ijuahm rl

!l. Out- Aiteistrtnt Tn^eiHtnj Htji'ti Itiliu, tinul). I)>,i .tuitilr
//oi .'/•«/ of tiujJplieA and Disposals. Poht t-.impoi.iry but hl^ly
to continue and ultimately lie re tamed on permanent bdsis Po«t
reserved for Scheduled Castes /Tub PS if &ui h Mutable randirlatt -
available : other-wise treated as umi'&erved. PL/I/ : K>/j*J."» — ii.l —
3UU _ 30 — ij'Jfl. Hudim initial pay to specially c[iiahfii>rl and ex-
perienced candidate. Ayr • Below 3.1 yua-d. Jtel-owttf fur (he-
eminent wcantt, yuuhficatiun& ; Eaitntml — (n Derive in
Engineering of lecocnired TJmvrrsity or eqim alu-iit. (si) About
3 years' practical training and/or experience in Engineering "VVoikshop
of repute denting with fabrication of st^el bridges and other
structural work. Qualifications rolaxtible at Commissions dis-
cretion m ca&e of candidates otherwise well-qualified.

10 One Dairy Development Officer , Dell i State. Pnt,t temporary
'nut likely to continue Pay - Ra.276— 25— «00— E.B.— 30— H3».
Higher initial pay to specially qualified and expeiienced candidate.
Am- Below 35 years. Eelaxdbh for Government sen-ants. Qua-
lification* - Essentml—M Degree or diploma in dairying or
decree or diploma in Agriculture/Animal Husbandry with *p«riali-
ratum m dairying (u) About 3 years' practical experience in
recognized Dairy or Co-operative Dairying or in Government
Denartment connected with dairying. Qualifications relaxable at
Commission's discretion m ease of candidates otherwise -well-qua-

j — -21 — .1UU — 3n — sun.    Iii^i
and cxpLriLiHed!idd

initial p~y to   -]_Kri,Ll

,                             -

3L rhmm .il ilngui< '.iiu^ uf rci oum-'
) Aik-ijuat.- ivpfii. ivf nf rirav

tioii and Lj.irTli-nioviui| tqiupmtiit-
rultixablc f-t L'ijmnji-»icii - div rr ta

Id.    One   Aawtnnr  Siijffuitrn<lf)>-f  vj  Dev
Trc1i,  Ucnbjuntnt  E^nU^hi,i>:,\t    Ai.,
the    Mint-'iy of fJrjttirr.    Temporary   but   L
nii ppmuMiLiit h.i-i?.    Pu-t i curved for SrhL-a:;
tnbtb u sui.h ^ait.ibl'11 randirlatt >• ii\ .triable
.•21,~»—2-"i—.>"ij—E.B —

J Dtgrt-t m A


.   K ,
Llif-h- to
il'.i'C,ist:= '


>1— \r    At   ]»\ --
-iO- i f i* iu3in-i -f

." /'•  c-z.

Po%t   tt-inin iaiv   but III ely

13.    Publicity Ofjictr,   Coal
portiry   but hkoly to continue.


11 RtoMrnt Superintendent, Sflvet Jubilee T. B. Ho^i/'i/,
Delhi' Post permanent. Pay . Bs-BOO— 40— l.UOO— 1,100—
roSO-loaO-UOO-l.lOU-l.lSO-SO-l^OU. Rent-free accom-
modation and free electricity up to Rs.o p. m. and free water

(11) Post-graduate qualification in T. B. (iii) About ten years,1
experience of T. B. work and management and supervision of
seizable T. B. institution. Qualifications relaxable at Commission's
discretion in case of candidates otherwsie \rell-quahfied.

12.    One Senior Scientific Officer, Grade I, Indian Nacal Chemical
and Metallurgical Laboratory, Bombay,  Ministry of Defence.   Po&t
temporary but likely to   become permanent.    Candidates who had
applied m response to  the  Commission's   advertisement   no.    ol
which appeared on  December   4,  1954, as  amended   by the corri-
gendum which appeared on Januaiy 8, 1935,  iiep'l not  apply again
Pay    :       Rs.600-^0—1,000—1,1)00—1,050—1.030—1,100—1,100—
1,150.    Higher initial pay to speciallj   qualified  and experienced
candidate.    Age,   :   Preferably   above   35   years.    Qualifications   :
Essential—(i) At   least   second class Master's degree in Chemisti-y
(A. B,. I. C. also accepted),    (u) Adequate research experience in
Applied    Chemistry.   Qualifications    relasable    at»     Commi>saiDn5a
discretion  in   case   of  candidates   otherwise   well-qualified-

13.    One   Assistant Home Economist (Women) in Indian, Council
of Agricultural Reseatch.    Post   temporary but likely to continue.
Pay    :       Rs.350—350—580—30—590—E.B.—30—770—iO—S50.
Higher initial pay to specially qualified and experienced candidate.

Aye ; BP!OW 35 years. Relaxable for Government sovaiitn. Qua-
lifications ; Essential—(i) Degree in Home Science, Home
Economics or Domestic Science of recognized infititiitlon. fii)
About three years' teaching experience in the Ime. (ul\ Kuowludiro
of Indian village conditions and expexlencu of »Social Wurk in rural
aivae. Qualifications relaxuble at Commission1!^ discretion in case
of candidates otherwise well-qualified.

T'niier ity.    I'

us sperm! aubjpvt or

17     One ftttttiitic

Edttcntinn, Mmt^iyof Educutmn', Po%t tt-inin iaiv b
i-nntinue. Pust r^-tTvcd fi-r Sdii'ilul^il Cast' ,-,'TrJj' -= i- <nd ti.i.*<- -* but
if no suitfiule randidar™ forth coming fipm Pith- r u' rht1 ''omi(iuii'-
t u1"!. post will betrjtfda'' [inreaerved Pu>j : Rs.Il.jii — SJM — UsO —
38(1 — 30 — 500. Higher initial pay t j specially qu.iiinca and i- vr ^ritn-
ned candidate. Ago : Bulow 3/i years, 'fiilitfafi >' fuf fit>>,', >,:i,f lit
servants. Qunlificatiijitti -. Essentut1* — Master's or eq^nal-^ji Hi-
nours Detjiee in iStitistii-s or in Mathematics (with biuti-tivsi
or m Economics (with Statistical with iir»t cla»s at gr.iduQie c-r pi ST-
graduate level OB Master"^ or equivalent Honuuiis DL ±»- e m
Mathumatifh (without ^tatiatcsJwitU alwumruyeai- cxp li'-iin.- i i
practical work in tJtatistics. QuaJif.caiiun1) relax jL>le ar Couiiuifes-ioii'a
discretion in oase of fandidates olhorWiSe w< ll-qaa'lii^il.

fiiiw    Welfare Fu.'L    Pc.-t tern-
.      Par- Rs.-oU — l~i— 4»'.»».    Hi'-'hcr

minal pay to special'y quali*ied and exfieriei^cp 1 tun-'idate. Aye :
Below33yeira Ildazablc for Qave'tiiiientecrt-atSo. Qua'if • ctii.tft :
Hmsnitinl . — (i) Degree of recognised University. \i,) Adequate
expenenco of public relations work. fiii/ Adequ.ite
experience of social welfare work, tiv) linowledge of Hmdi. Quali-
fications relaxablp at Commifcaion's discretion in case of candidates*
otherwise well-qualified,


1. In item no. IT, of Advertisement no. 39, relating to the
recruitment of one Assistant Engineer, Central Trat-tcrUifc'ai-.sar on,
Ministry of Food and Agriculture for "Pnst temporary Lut 1'kt -y to
be retained on permanent basis" rend "Temporary but likely to LOU-

2. In item a of the Advertisement no. 39, i^u^d on £>eptembi?r 17,
1953 for "One Plant Pathologist for Seed TV*ting Srheme"' r. -rf
" One Plant Pathologist."


Under b'ecrttftry.


14.    One    Assistant Chief for the Progress and Programme
ministration Division of the- Platming   Cammisaion.    Po&t tempo
hut likely to continue.    Other things being equal, preference give
to Scheduled Castes/Tribes candidate.    Pay :      r.M.Snu—ffll-~-l".i;il>.
Kigher initial pay to specially qualified and experienced candidate,
*!(/'! :   Bi'twiu'ii 30 and 45 yearn.   Itrluxablr   for Qove/Htnfnt f-er-
einitH.    Quttltfivutiomt   :   J£ssentiul~-(i) At    least     second      claw
Alawti'rV degreo m Eiouomit1!1* of rwogni,-nl Vuivi wity.    in) About
oyeaw' experipuce of either tesearcb uiirl  teuch'ng m X'luveisttj /
Institution 01 ot financial administratiun or planning nnd de\'tiloj.-
naent in  Government   Department.    Qualiiit-ations itlnxubh- at
ComuusKum'B discretion in case of candidate's otherwise MeU-ijiiali-

15.    Oaj Technical Offietr under the Cowtnimity Prtgecta   4J-
ministration.   Post  temporary   but  likely   to    continue.   Pay   :


[Notice under nation 10{&) of the Indian Trade Unions Act, l

has committed a breach ot section «a ot me J.QUJIUXI JLI
tlnions Act, 1926 (XVI of 192G) read with regulation 17 of
the Regulations under the said Act by failing to submit to the
undersigned a correct annual returnfor the year ended with the 3] gt
March, 1955, by the prescribed date, viz. th«J 31et of July, 1B55,
notice under section 10(6) of the Indmu Trade Unions Act, 192t)
is hereby given to the Raj Kiya Press Karamt'hari Songh,
Lucknow. to show cause to the undersigned on or before the
expiry of two months frointhP" date of receipt of this notice,
why tha certificate of registration, granted to it should not be

W-HH"ftn\s the Oudh Tirhut Riilway Employees' Association,
G'nrakbpur, registered as a Trade Union under no. $21 of the year
1950-51 hits committed a breach of section 2S of th« Indian Trade
TTnions Art. 1926 <XVI of 1926) wad with regulation 17 of th<*
Rfgulationri under the said A*'t by failinp tu auVimit to the
uudt'rsigni'd «t correct annual r«turn fur thi1 year cad<*d with
the31atMnn;h.lB30rby thepreaciibed date, viz. the 31st of July,
19DS, not ict> under sect ion 10(1) of the Tndipn Trade XTttJons Act,
182fl,iB hereby given to the Oudh Tirhut BBilwfty Employe&fl*
Awociation, Qorakhpur, to show cause to tfae undersigned on or be-
fore the expiry of two months from the date of receipt of this notice,
why the certificate of registration granted to HahxraW nofbeenn-