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The Government Promissory noto no. DH028905 of 3 percent,
7ictory Ln m iF 1057 fnr Ks 100 originally standing m the namo of
Reserv-o Banl: of Inrlia a'id Inflt endorsed to Abdul Majeed, tho
Prop nefcor, by whom it way never endorsed to any other person,
having been lo^t, notico 1-3 hereby given that the payment of tho
above note and the interest thereupon has been stopped at the
Public DebtOJfitv, Resorve Bank of India, Delhi, and that applica-
tion H about/Lu De made. For the wsuo of duplicate in favour of the
Proprietor. Tho public aro cautioned against purchasing or other-
wise dealing wilh tho .ibovementioned security.

Name of flie advertiser—MAHESHWARI LAL, Traaaury Officer .

[1-8 & l5-in-'fiG,]


THE following Government of India Five Yea,r Interest Free
Prize Bonds, 104!), for the faco-value of Eg 150 (rupees one hundred
and fifty only) having been stolen, notico is hereby given that an
application has been imdu to tho Manager, "Reserve Bank of India,
Public Debt Off me. Uonihny, for the issue of duplicate in favour nf
the undereignr d:

Series                         Nmnbor


AF                         . .    OD9S30/S34

B                            ..    044762

	Total                 150

Nameo} person notifying with address—S. D.  SINGH CHAU-
Advocata, Lalkunw^, Lucknow.                    RASIA,

[S & lii-10-'55.]


sThe undernotcd 3J per cmt. Uttar Pradesh Encumbered Estates
Ant Bonds, origin.llly standing in the name of Ohaitan Prakash and
minor Kirpal Chandra the proprietors, by whom they wore novor
endorsed tn any other person, having been lost, notice is hereby
given that the payment of the mulurnoted bonds and the interest
thereupn ha« been stopped at the Public Debt Office, Reserve Bank
of India, Delhi, tind that application is about to be made for tho lanun
of duplicates m favour of thu proprietors. The public are cautioned
against purchasing or otherwise dealing with the undornotcd secu-
rities :

	Loan                          Amount

	Rs .    3J  percent. U.P.E.E. Act        100 each

	Ditto                       .    1,000

Nnme of the tide, rfwar*—({) CHAITAN PRAKASH,

(2) KIRPAL CHANDRA, (Chaitctn

Praknsh for Kirpal Chnndra)
Residence—Chah KAinal Street, Hapur.
n,22 & 2S)-ll>-jr.r. ]


The Bonds noa  LKOOO](in33, LK00015554 and    LlvOOUlSoQ-
the -2] per cont U. P. Zammdan Abolition Compensation Bonds f
RH.LUO, R^.-IOO and Rs. 1,000 rewpoctively originaUy Hlanrlmg "yf
11 Firne of Aman Ah by whom they were iievoi1 endorsed to  any Oth
jier.son, having boen lost or stolen, notiro is hereby given   that  th*
payment of the abovo Bonds n.nd   tho mtorost   tlim-cupon has bee
stopped at tho Public Debt Office, Rr-BOrvo Bank   of India,  LucknoJ
and that appliction is about to bo made lor the igsue   of diipllcat s
in favour of the Proprietor.    The pubho     aio  cautioned

purchasing or othorwian dealing with the al)i)vo-men.tinnerl HPruritieg

Nu'tw of thepvson nottfijimj — ARCAK ALI KHAN",
Residence— MoliaUa  C'hctJ-   Old   dlty,   Eureitiii.
[15, 22 & 23-10--5-!.]

It is hereby notitiod that the follnwiiig gi'iitlnnon have been
duly nominated for election HH a,u auditor ol the Corporation at
the Special Genera,! Aleutmg huld ou thu Oth October, J0fi5 :

(1) Sri iS  K. Kapoor, m A ,   ir.c A
N ational IiiHuraiico Buildings, Konp

Chart nrnd

(2) Sn I. S. Bhatty,    F.t'A., of   SudhbaiiH ,1

(.']) Hn B   H   Kalrn  CJluirtornil  Aunountdint, Ivunpur.

•2 It IB further notified that Sn N B. Wadia, Sri Raghuraj
fclwarup, Su- P.idampat Suighama and tin [ndor Singh, beuifj the only
persons m whoHe favour valid nommationH have betin roreived to re-
preaont respectively the four classes of share-holders mentioned
m section lQ(d) and (e) of the State Financial Corporations Act,
shall bo deumed to bo elected as Directors at thn Kpurul Generiil
Meeting nf this Corporation held on tho (ith October, I9RS.

Ala ii ay tun    Director,
U. 7'- yiiwwinl Corjiurittwn, Knnpur*

Thw is for information that an oil mills under tho name style
of Moa&rH. Naram Tol Bhandhar, Biwcfehwiirganj, Banaras, has been
started from 1st August, Jf)55, with four partners.

[15- U) '55-1

PStF P—29 GB«. (ES)-1»55,

Printed <ud imbl:9l)«a by the BupwiutwOeni. Printing and Btatiooeiy, U, P. Allfthatwd. India.