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Full text of "Government Gazette Of Uttar Pradesh"




for Ht'remorrhngie iSepticaezui*.,
seizure"* i.s wtll i-s do, ths \\<ML*
the-pieviwih nu>nth. in c<.11,^ qm
reiiiL in«.1 stt tionr.i v i.t <i. A-

whilst the iiuinbiv nf seizin LS \\t s 1 :M

*     .'   tl.e number  of
u...   twicv* tlion?  in
n, i<i which moiuJiiy
-jr. uN El, ck Qiu rt* r,

- ths T in the

VI—Agricultural stock

The condition of livestock was on the whole satis-
factory, Although cc,ttle disuses hr.vo, t.s usu, 1, been
reported from y, number of districts. The figures fur

the number of seizures,   dec.tha and  mortthty fiom             _________           _____   ..--

infectious cattle diseases dui-ing this e.nd the pieced ing pi--vious month t lit number of d v ilj- iL-cordtd only a
months are presented in the t^ble given below, which ^null use of 4.") ptrotnt, n-»u'tinjf the moiU.lily le-
has been prepaied from the data furnished by the gintti'ing ?, decline- fiom OS to S:!. In tin* C..H? of
Director of AnimtLl HusbsLiidry and Fisheries, U. P. It Kiiirleipcst. both the icumbcr of seizure, IL> wt-11 as
\v*ouid appear from this table that, as cornpsred with death s were t'.bout o"2 tmie^ thi,>e in the previoi^
the previous month, the total number of seizures &ntl month, but mortality decliiK-rl fn-in »i:J to lio. The
deaths were 3 1 times and S'O times respectively
of those in the previous month, resulting in i\ full iii
mortality from 02 to -40. As regards Anthrax, there
w^sadecLne of 86'4 por cent in the number of sei-
zures and of S318 par cent in tiie numbott of cletaha,
resulting in a full in mortality from 100 to 82. As

miinbor uf ^eizurja .aid of deaths fiom iOMl-a:id-niMiitji
d iseu.se were re-spsct ively ti'l tiinesrnd IL* tim^s those
the previous month, but nmitaliiy IUSL- fiuin 0--U

to 0-58.As fur other di set. serf, theie
seizures or dea,th« dm ing tint? month, rs
respectively in the prctc-rliuji month.

: Number of Seizures, Deaths and Mortality from Inpction* L'dttlr   Jii*ni*i*
the months of July and August. I Wo

no  ci^e<   ot
'insit 4 -and «'i


July         August


July        Augu&t         July         August


Haemorrhagic Septicaemia

Black Quarter



Other Diseases

206              28            2W


1,934             3.SU1             1.042

271                335                26fi

S-29            2,771                ,123

1.U21     '      *},222                    a

4            .                             3

SIS                    82

3»i          0- 21'              II- ,18


4,265         13,160           2,642             o,22G                62

Jf OTtality =

VII—Pasturage and fodder

Number of deaths,

-----_-----,-------------------;:      IflO.

Number nf seizures.

VIII—Httilth and labour in rural arevm

Pastitre-ge and fodder were reported to be  ^en-i c-lly          The her 1th of the labouring population   engaged    in

adequate in almost all the districts of the State exc?pt u\ agriculture in rural are? PWP a reported to be generally
the flood-effected distiicts where sc&icity of both these satisfcctory except in the districts affected by excessive
was felt:                                               "                           ruins end" floods.

SautfaJl for August   IflW

DiatnctB                                                                                        1st—7th      8th— l.ltli   10th—23rd   24th to ^nd Tot U      N'orraal

Dahia Dun
	12-66           7-li3
	6- 79         32- 51

	n*89            2-20
	4-70         17- «3
	10- 26



	0-73           «'05
	0- 59           7- 7ft

	1'OS           2- tilt
	2- BS
	1- 85            * B7

	2-70            3-BN
	2- CHI
	1- 34           «• 72
	7 33

	3-89           *-80
	i- IS         13* 21
	7 ftt