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A Tei'i?n>i numbered 1-145, dated t»io J2th Vugiiab, Lf)Gu, .iuil
.ranted bj thu Reserve Bank of India, Publip DsLi Office, Luekuow,
on. submiasion of the undermentioned trovfrnrncnt Pro n's-nry Nnt '--3.
Notice of loss h'H been ftiven to the lle^erve B ink nt Inli.i, Public
Debt Office, Lurknow and tlis undersigned is ,iljjut to .ipjjv for
•dom-ndec of the securities.


THE Govcrumi iir. Promissory u. • im DIJ""1!!1"'
'J pT c-enfc lo.ui of l'14-n—32 for R =.'.!• HI ..r^r, 'ilv =*.'Ji.I,
nima of Re^n,-..- B tak of Tiiilij .t 11 l.i-- «M,I <••- - i '
Unund thr> Proprietor !iv Thorn it -.TV.- u-v-i "i«'i' "^J T •

pPfdOU,     ll'lVin^    b V,l       I.IT.-.       U.^l,'       I      ir-| -I r/     _IV   '.

jj iviri'-'jii,    nf  til--   ,1'i'j.i      unr -       iii'i   7ii    mt'i i-t     i'

	-----------   ----------------
	.    ...    _
	HI-.IJ   -intniiij- 1 a, ih: Tuolii  LI-.,    l.ti"1 -, il: ^r -   M vii jt Izi i  i

Bond   no.
	it    Holder •, nnme
	r'li di-,0 iii-T- viia- ii T- .-»Li"  o.  ^i'p-,..   -r .r.     Th   jninii     u.' mentioned "-ecuntv.

LK001S5030      -i LK001 65037
	ol'U. P. Z. A  I' Bond's Ditto
	,10 100
	Dovi Diiio. Dittn
	^a?ne o/ ^Ae   adv*rtinr — XANAK i PT V\TI, Residence — Jri7 X",L   I'c \i ~-i= L I.JP 'r  VT'M    ivi,itm', 1".   t1-[S-15 & 22-ll)-'j5 ]


Name of Uoldei—DEVl SHANKAK,
y2eaitZen.ce.—Deputy Baghuber Dayal Lin*, N"irhi,


The 3Ł p«r MUit ULtar Pra leah EiiL-umbeiv-d EsLitPa Act Buiiil,
no. B/EBOU734.J for Ua.jl'U ungmally ainudrng in the nimc of
Kishan L&1, by whom it wad never endorsed to any other pursim,
havuig been lost, notico iri hereby given that the payment oi the
above note and the interest thereupon has bean stopped at tho
Public Ddbt Olficd, Resorvo Bj,nk ot Indlv Delhi, an L 1:1,11 appli-
cition is about to be mads fur tne issua nf duplicate in f-ivoar of
the IB »al heir of the deceased proprietor. The public are u.viuuned
against purcha9ing or otharwiaa dealing with tne aljjve.ii -iition^d
Name of the adnrtiier— SHAN'T! DEVI.

Residence__C/o   Messrs.   Kislian   Lai   Sin   Ran   S,irraf. S.iliaran-



7 of 1

I-M ,-"it lo.ui nf Uttar Prcd ^. EnL-umb r d KT>I if Act Bn»il-
i ui R=, 10^ rai'h orijTintilly (.Unilnis in tli"1 n,tm« nf Uu'l'-n Krislm.-
Kumiin, tin? proprietor,--^, by \ilnm r*,^v *VIT« n'-v^r r-i,lurked to
an.v oth--r p'-r^nn, h.ivin^ lieen LJ-C, niti.1.- ij lier-'hy Cji— i ''ivu tb«*
piyment nf tbe abnvi. bnnrl-1 ri"'l rli" iiir|""1"t th^r.'n fi-'ii lua b^on
T,toppjrl at th1 furth • D ht OVi--, ii,-.«-.-s 7! in': of Tn hi, D"lbi,
an-lt'iitap.jii-i-ioMi.i'.'uttii.' i^I? 'irrh . - i. .." «1 i ."'-P^ •
for pnVMiont of tl'.t,- il -»i1( i"j - ' ' i 11 "•• i :•>•::• n "' i'i~f~j^~ -J-
Th> p'lY, .IP- iiu'']"."! avn.iini" nar^'i--.i i_f -»r i '->rn»--. d.aalinL'

[lo, 22 t 2'l-ln-"1j ]

in--,  <P«V

.     T      H.-T.t


Tho Bunds noa. LKOOO,ljrJ(l72I LKQ0033U73, L!i'Urij3074r (threi-
in numbers) ut the 2V per ui-ui U. P. .^.iniivUri Abalitioa Oom-
ptmsation Bonds for Ua.oO, Hs.lUO and Ra.-2l)D reapeptivsly oriTmally
standing in tho name of M.ohain.Lna,J. ±Id,ait Jdian, by waoin ili-y \vani
never undoraed to txny other pdraon, having baan Lo^t, usti^ is
hereby given that the payment of the abovo and tin iab.-r,-,t
thereupon has been stopped at the Public Debt Office, Reserve Bank
of India, LuLknow, and that application is about to ba male for the
issue of duplicates in favour of the Fropriator. The public an,
nautioned agauttit purchiisiug ur otheiwiso dejliag with tne abo\v.
mentioned securities.

Name of the per*on notijywj— HYNTF KHAX.
Residence—^Village Ajhm, P. 0. Uaaaapur, ilist let .^ulta ijur,   IT. P.
[8, 15 SL 22-10-!55.]


TliL- un'liTnotJ I :${. ; -r ,-"it. Uttor Pr.i 1 -=h Eu/'iui1 -r -I E^t.
i. t Bm l=>. o"iffm-,I'v i-   ulinj m t; .-• uanu' of Chaita.n  Prakash
minor Kirpal riiiih.i     he  iir>prit?tir:?, *iv whom rh?v  w^rp ne
i'ido.v-J to ,ii«-ti.'i".-p LSO i,   hjviny  b;»n  last,   ncstiri"

n?r.-ioi h^ 'j^ista-j - I -r «•'.!? Pn^ik' D->bt O,TICI>, R.*-CTVS Bamc
of E-i li i, D/I'ii, ••, I rh i \ i Jli • i^'o'i is ih.mtto h? m^ lr> fin-thp fe^r."
nr l.iplicit-351 if> .* i ir >'' r.';-- nnjriL'tJis. TUJ •' i"jlw ;iri- -antion''!
.i^iinit pjiv-'ji-.'!,' or orli-n.-1* "il'-ilm? vit'i fhu un'lrruot.-il ^r<;-
rilies :


The Bonds nos. LK0001347;!, LK00013J71, LKOO'JlRrO of th*
84 peVoeut U. J\ Zamindan Abolition Cumijcn-^iwu Honda for
Sal 000 Ra.l 1)00 and RB BUU, wapettively ouyiruilly atanJmg in the
S of Ra^Prosad by whom they were iievei ,udoi,ed re, any other
P^on,hav^Sbe1nloa?t notice is hereby giv,u tluvt the Foment

A,'EB0340.i-, >7

.11   t< -i   .-'nr. U ? C E. A'-'D        lirj c.trh.
Bon Is

w— i ••• rfVirVN PRAKA^H.
(-2) KlU.-'Vr, niAN'URA, (C'VnV.


Name of the person notiMng-KAM K>. SR1VASTAVA.

BeflidewcB-Village Bhadesiya, P. 0. Biamin, dutrmt Sitapur.
[8, 15 & 22-10-'55.]                             _ ___

r'hah Kanial Sti-Jit.


tates Act Bciul


j, Hardoj, XJ. P.

[8-15 SB 22-10 -'55.]
29 Oa


The Bo-.i-U nu?. LKltl«Jl,j."»3S, LK-ilunloVil ,««! LK'JUUl^,'),1! fij
the -t pi1' I'Lnt U- V. Zaimndiri Al»oUti'»u (Jompensi,itiijn Bonds tU^
IHlil'i, R,^.3JJ aindR^ l.^Jn ixap-vtrwly originally lauding in tlw
nanvof Am in All by wnoratlvy \vron-viSc emltu-^ed to aity oth< v
Mt-isiia, hjivLii^ bpfn lost or yrjlpu, ntm* i-s hcrolij- uivu that th>
nuj'm^nt of thn abovo bou.l-? and tin. juttrest tb.mMt.Mn has beet
stopped at the Public D*ht Ujn« >e, liesex-ve JB.uik of In 1 w , Lurkno\r,
atxrl that dsppliction w about to lia mode for tha imuf of ttnjjlu»atp&

favotur of tha Proprietor. The publie are rsaiitiornjiJ               *

or othorwiao Jealiug with the ahovampntionp I ^i-

'^i'< OJOity, Bareilly.


8t»tiawry. U. P.