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[he Princess of Wales' Sarasvati Bhavana
Studies YolS' I to IX, edited by Mahamaho-
padhyaya Gopinath Kaviraj, M.A., Present
Editor, Dr. M. D. Shastri, Principal, Sanskrit
College, Banaras.

Vol. I —("J Studies in Hindu Law—(1) Its Evolution, by Gan".i-
DJtha Jha (Eeduued pnce As.14) (3dA )

,    (b) The  Viewpoint   of Nyaj-a  Vaishe-uka   Philosophy,   by  Gopinath
j Kauraj.

j     (c) Nirmani Kay a, by Gopinath Eaviraj,

|    Vol.  II—(a) Pdrasumma Misra alias Yam Easala Eaya, by Gopi-
i ,,a:h Kaviraj     (Hecluced puce Ua.U tij   ^4ua    bps.).
1    (!)) Index to Shabara'a Bhashya, by  the late Col.  G. A. Jacob.

fc) Studies in Hindu Law—(2) its  Source, by Ganganatha Jha.

(rfj A new Bhakti Suvra, by Gopinath Kaviraj.

(e) The System of Chakras according to Gorakehanath, by Gopi-
nath JidVlTdJ.

(/) Theism in Ancient India, b;  Gopinath Kaviraj.
(g) Hindu Poetics, by Batuknatho, Bhariua.

(Ji) A  Seventeenth Century  Astrolable,     by Padamakora Divivedi.
(i) Some Aspects of Vira ghaiva Philosophy, by Gopinath Kaviraj.
(j) flayaya Jiusumanjali (English Translation), by Gopinath Kaviraj
(k) The definition of poetry, bj Narayana Bhastri Khiste,
(h Smdala Upadhyaya,   by Gopinath Kaviraj.

Vol. III.—(a) Index to Shnbara's Bhashya, by the Col. G. ,*..
Jacob. (Eeduced pnce BB.-2-B) (4as. 6pi.).

[b)  Studies in Hindu Law—^8) Judicial Procedure, by Ganganatba

(c)  Theism in Ancient India, by Gopinath Kaviraj.

(rf) History and Bibliography of Nayaya Vaishashika Literature by
Gropmath Kaviraj.

(«) Naishdha  and Sri Haraha,   by Nisakamala Ehattacharya.

(/) Indian Dramaturgy, by P. K. Patankar.

Vol. IV.—(o) Studies in Hindu Law—(4) Judicial Procedure, by
Ganganatha Jha. (Reduced price Ba.'2-8) (4ajj.J.

(b)  History and Bibliography of Nyaya Vaisheahika Literature, by
Gnpinath   Kaviraj.

(c)  Analysis of the Contents of the Bigveda Pratishakhya, by Mangal
Deva Shastri, M.A., D.PHIL.

v'd) Narayana'fl Gamta Kaumudi,  by Padmakara Dvivedi.
(e) Food aud Drink in the Eamayanic Age, by Manmatha Nath Eot.
(/) Hat-karyavada; Casualty in Sankhya, by Gopinath Kaviraj
(3) Discipline by Consequences, by G. L. Sinha.
(h)   History of the Origin and Expansion of the Aryans, by A. C.

li) Punishments in Anciant Indian Schools, by G. L.  Sinha.
Vol. V.—(a) Ancient Home of the Aryans and their Migration  ru
India, by A.  C. Ganguh.    (Seduced price Bs.2-8)  (4<w. 6p*.).
to) A  Satrap   Com,  bj>   Shyim  Lai Merh.

(c)  An Estimate of the Civilization rf the Vanaras as  depicteu in
the JRamayana, by Manmatha Nath Buy.

(d)   A Comparison of the Contents    of the Eig-Veda    Vajasneyi.
Tahtmya   and     Athava-Veda      (Cbaturadhyayik,     Pratishakyaa),  by
Ur   Mangal Deva Shaetri, M.A., D.PHH.

(e)  Doctrine of Formal Training and the Ancient Indian Thought,
by G. L. Einha.

(J History and Bibliography of Nyaya Vaishaehika L'terature, by
itopintLLh Kaviraj, U.A.

lg) Notes   and  Queries,  by Gopinath Kaviraj, U.A.

Sol. VI.-'a) Index to Bhabara'a Bhaahya, by the late Col, 0. A
JKiofti (Hedged price nB.3-8) (4a«.).

(b) Some Aspects of the History and Doctrmea of the Nafchaa :.v
fjopmath Kaviraj.

(c) An Index to the Uamayana, by Manmatha Nath Eoy.
id) Studies in Hindu Law, by MM, Dr. Ganganatha Jha.

'el The Mimansa Manuscripts in the Government Sanskrit Librjr.
(Banaras), by Gopinatb Kaviraj.

(/) Notes and Queries, by Gopinath Kaviraj.

Vol. VH.— (i) Bbamaba and his Kavyalankara,    by Batnk Natb
and  Balteva   Updhyaya,   (Reduced  price  Ra.2-8)   (*<**•)

ibj S-'iiie  Variants it, flit Eaaimiis
Gopinath  Ka\iiB).

(c) Hi&toiy and lii'>liojrppliT or >"ja\a Vai^ii.ah.l i
GopiDath   KiiYiiaj.

' the

irfi An A ,einpr u,  \;ino ur the- C-jrrc.t  iltnL.
Vedic voids, b}  Sita Eam   Fcslii.
(e) A  CQuipurison  of tlie  Cc/nrenti  r.i     the     r.ig-Ve,li   Vajas^c-ji

Taittinya   aoJ   AtbarvT Veda      iChaturadhyavika;      Pra^,   -j

Dr. Manga]  Deva Shastn, M.* , II.PHIL

(/) An Inilcs to the Rarn,u-ana   liy M;ir,r.. -ba  -Ir^l  E •;,

(g) An Icde:   to Shal-aiaV lv tht" Idtj Cc,}   <i.  A   J .• j-

(ft) t4ltianmg3 from the Tantraa, by Gonmuth K^'-iai

(fi The D,ite uf MadLiicmuUna S.iras\a.ti. by Ui s.:'>nth  E.ixirt;.

(j) Uehiinptive vmss on  SHn^knt Mam-T'pfi. Go|>in ith K^TIT.I,,

I'fc) A note on the meaning nf the  term of Par-irdika,    by  Uiuesiri

Vol.   Vin— (a\  Indiao  Philosnphv     la Ertip^,     bj  Tamk  Njfn

Sanyal.  fReJuced p»-ice Ri/2-8)   (3ac }

(b)  An Index to the Proper Names or cum'- 3 in Val-   Iii"3 R.i'i' •; 'UJi,
by Mantuatba Nath  Eoy.

fc) AD Index to the Shabara Bashya, by the late Col. O   A   Jac,)")

(d)  Harisnami — The Cnmmeutator of  the    hlui|pa]'.'.tha P'-fi.n'iC'i—
and the d.ite nf RUandas\.'uii— The Cnnimentator of the Bia-Vsdi, L',
Mangal De\a Shasin.

(e)  Mysticism  m Veda, by Gopinatb Kaviraj.

(/) The Devadasis— a Brief Histury of the Institution, bv ManmatiiB
Nath Eoy.

Vol. IX.— (fll The Life of a Tugin, by Gopinatb Kaviraj. I'Kednce*
price Rs.2-8) (7os.).

\b) On the Aatiquity of the Indian Art Cations, by Handas Misn

(c)  Prachya— Varcikarana   Pa.Ihati.  by   Satist   Chandra   Gnha.

(d\ Yoga Vashuhtha and Seme of the Minor Upanishadas, by B. L
Atreya                                                                                                        *

ft1) An Indes to the Proper Names occurring in Valmifci'a HaiuayaQE.
by Manmatha Nath Eoy. *

f/1 The PLiLis>>phy t-f Tripura  Tantra, by  Gopinath Eaviraj.
Vol. X.— (a.\ The conception  of PliyiicEsl anrj  fnperp^vp^al Organ
ism  in Sanskrit  Literature,  by    Gopinath    Kanraj.    (Eedi^-e-l  jrice
Es2-8)  (Bos.j.

(JO Some Aspects nf the Philosophy of Sakta Tan^a, by Gopinath

(c) A short note on Tattvasamava , by Gopinatb Kaviraj.

(d)  History of the WortJ Isvara and its Idea,     by Mangil D?vi

UO Sr>nrts and Tmniea us referred tu ui Sanskrit Literature, by
Anant Shnstri Phadke.

(f)  Objecta of Offerings in the grants   Sacrifiiies, fay A   Chiniaswami

(g)  Agriculture in the Vedae, by S. N. Jhorkhandi.

(hi An Enquiry intd the Nature cf Speech, by Horau Chandra

(i) Deities and Objects of Offerings in the    Srauto    Sacrifices,  by
Prasad Misra.

(;) A eompansnn i-f the fii^veda — Prati iSakhja with the Panimani
Grammar, by Mangal Deva Shastri.

Ifc) Knti K:muiuili and its Author,  by Pantimoy Baaerjee.

(1) TUe Sakti "Sntra ascribed to Ajastya, by Mangal Deva Sfaaetri.

To he had en pn>{,aynjent from THE SFPF.RINTENDENT, Prin'iny:
and Stationery, Tjtrar Pradesh, Allahabail. Frcm Agents for salt
uf State Uf.vprmuent publitntiuos or frrun fhe Secretary, Sanskrit
College, Banaras.

Belvederej Calcutta— 27

In response to public opinion, the working hours of the Rending
Rooms and the Lending Section at Belvedere have been extends
with effect from the 26th August, 1953. The revised wurkina koun
are stifiifieil VHuw

Rending Booms'— Week days (including Saturdaye)— -9 a.m. to B p.m
Sundays and b- liilavb— 10 a.m. to 5 p,ro.

Lrndiw) Se rtion— Week (lays (including SatnrdayB)— 10 a m. to 6 p.m
Pumlays and hiliJavs—lO a.m. Ui 130 p.m.

The Rpadins Ritnnus and the Lending faction will. tiowe%er, remair
eiitin-iv i'|. RpiJ on the fi lfo«ins davs of the year:

It] Republic- Hay, (ff. lodprenden^ Pay, aixd ii«t Mahattnt
Uunrihi's HirtluHv.

fersons above 13 yea-* of Ftpe are eligible rn make use of the Library
nhii'h i- a frrp l.t'ndjivj Librarv <>jien to anyone residing in anf \*xi
of the Indian Union. Th«* is no wlwriprinn to pay, boi B«c»ri«j
in cash i« essential.