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B the (Sugar Mill Mazdoor Union, Doiwala, Dehra Dun,
r-SLStBrjd as a Traie Union under no 375 of the year 1047-48. ha«
rj-niutt-'J a, bidich of septum 28, of the Indian Trale Unions Ant.
KI2U (XVT of 1026). rsa,d w,th Regulation 17 of the regulation*
und?r tha siid Act, by failing to submit to the undersigned a correct
Annual Rjturn for the yaar ended with the 3lst March, 15155, by
th-3 prassribai date, viz., the 31st of July, 1955, notice under sec-
tion. 10(6) of the Indian Trade Unions Act, 1926, is here by given ti>
t'ia Su?ar Mill Mazdoor Unio-i, DDiwala, D»hra Dan, to show cause
to the undersigned on or bafora ths expiry of two months from the
ilate of receipt of this notice, why the certificate of registration
granted to it should not ba ean'jelled.

WHEHEAH tUu Lucknow Press Worker*1 Union. Lueknuw, ivgis-
turcd as a Tradu Union under no. 259 of the year l(l4ti-47, has commit
ted a breach of section 28, of the Indian Trade Unions Ar-t, 10:20
(XVI of 1926) read with Regulation 17 of the regulations under the
said Act, by failing to submit to the undersigned a correct Annaul
Return for the year ended-with the 31st March, 1955, by the pres-
rnbed date, viz , the 31st of July, Ifloo, notice under section
10(6) of the Indian Trade Unions Act, 1926 i^ hereby given to the
Lu.-know Press Workers' Union, Lucknow, to show cause to the
undersigned on or before the expiry of two months from the date
af receipt of thi" notice, why the certificate of registration granted
to it should not be cancelled.

WHEREAS. the Lucknow Motor Workem* Union. Lucknow, rcuia-
tered under no. 341 of 1047-4S as .1 Trade Union, was iinpectrd on
the Htl- January. 1'Wi, by tin- Ai-Mntiint Tradf Unnm In^yii-ctur and
it wa-, disclosed that thr* Union did not pu^ovi A \ opy ot its con-iti-
nnr did it have any applications for admission to it*, member-

ution                                                                                           -

nhip. AUu th"re was no proceedings bouk, mdirntine thereby that
f.lf Union hid hilrl no muetui|£H. The Union had a~l-o got iio ro-
oi'ipfsj A-I J vouch •! for pxpvnditutc. Only a few item-, of t-spcndi-
tuiv and nam3=> of members were found roughly noted down in
A r,jj;ijffT. The-ie factb indicate that the abovenamed Un:on
him i'f»a<pd to funrtitm.

A notiue under ^eution lofl/j uf the Incliun Tnuk' Unions Act.
1'JiG, WHS therefore given to the aforesaid Union to show MI-USO.- to
the undersigned on or before tho expiry of two mouths from th«
date of receipt of the notice, why the certificate of registration
granted to it should nut be cancelled on the ground thai the Union
hid ce ised to exist. The period uf notice expired on the 30th June,
1 955, but no reply has, b?«n received so far

No cans? having bt.en shown to the contrary the certificate of
registration of the Lueknow Motor \Vorkers" Union. Lueknow, Is
hereby eaneelled under section lll(b) uf the Indiun Trade Unions
Act, 111-26, by this order-




THE fallowing is the list of the factories, ^ith nam^s of ou'iie.s, regiuterod lessees and postal address
togather with the spssial mark required, to be used under section ID of the U. P. Cotton Ginning and Pressing
Factories Act, 1949 :

Xamo of pressing factory
	Name of if ame of owner                     registered
	Postal address of pressing factory
 Di&tnet        Speuia I mark

Naram       Kapaa        (Ginning)    Radha Krishna H inglmma, Kan-
Preafting, Oil and Dal Works        pur.
Karwi, Uttat Pradesh.

MOUBH.  Jugal Kishoro Mxikat,    Jugal  Kibhor*. Miikat   l^al and
Lil,    Cotton    Ginning     and       Sons Ltd., Klmrja.
Pressing     Factory,   Khurja,
Uttar Pradesh.

Messrs.    Ciinners    and Pressers   Meseru.   Gmnci-s   and  Prp^L-is
Ltd , D3bai, Bulandahahr.            Ltd., Appollo Street,     Fort ,

Bombay 1.

West's Patent PreBa Company    Wets's Patent Pr«aa Co, Ltd. . .
Limited,     Hatluas,     Uttar

Juggilal      Kamlapat   Pmaung,    J uggilal Kamlap^t
Factory,     Etawah,       Uttar

tjri Mohan Ginning and Pressing   1    L. Ram   Swarup   Maheblt-
Oil and Dal Mills, Kaimganj,       wari.
Uttar Pradesh.

2    L Auand Swarup Ma hash-

3    L.  Kirti    Kumar    Mahesh-"|

wari.                                       > Minors.

4   B. Subhaah Chandra JIahesh-J

j   «rimati    Kriahnrt    Kumari

G    arimati    Kuaum    Kuman


>Sri   Bam   Mohadeo   Prashad,   Lala Hard tihenkcr
CutLon   Press    Faetory, KHH-
pur, Uttar Pradesh-

BaldeoBaiar, Karwi,   Uttar    Bandu

Railway City Station    Rood.   Uuloudshahr
Khurja, Uttar Pradesh.

llailway JStatiou Huud, Dubui      Do.

Near Madhogdrh,     Hathras,     Do.
Uttar Pradesh.

Pakku Bagh liooU,     Etawah, Etawah
Uttar Pradesh.

Mohalla Pirtlii Darwazu,    Farrukhalwd
Kaimgauj.   Uttar

Jiiggilal     Kamlapat     Ginning   Juggilnl Kunlapat
and Presaiug Factory, Kanpur.

Sri   KtUlma  Oil  Ginning and  MotiL-il Bhagirath Mai
Proving     Mills,       Kanpur,
Uttar Pradesh.

T,n    Bilm^kunl t9     Cotton   Lain B-*lmt»kuad  ,.
Ginning     and         Pressing
Factory,     Hatlntis,     Ultw

3  U-

Ilohalla Harrisgani,    Kaapur, Kaitpur
Uttar Pradeah.

Narain   Das,
Gopal    Daa,

Uttar Pradesh.

Kanpur,    Do.

Mohalla   Bhaauatiapunvo,         Do,
Kanpur, Utter P»d*sh,

Muwan    Gate,       Hathras,    Aligarh

24 CT.

2$ V-
31 XT.