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The following statement showing seizures and deaths from pUguo, cholera and    anwll-pox reported in
nr I'rfdesh, during Mio wepfe ending Nnr.anber o   1955, is published for trenural IG for motion :


Seizures     Dfii



Districts and Citip-

vMittbfr 10,  I !).ir».


T- —Reason

During the first and third weeks of the month
under report, there tvere light to moderate rains in
almost til the districts of the State. Duiing the second
-?HEr fourth Wc^ks. there were moderate to heavy
runs in the L.rge m. joiity of districts and light Kins
in the rest. Tne -weather remained cool and clouch
throughout. The tot^l r^inl 11 for the mouth was in
slight to large excess of the noiiml in the mt.jority
cf the distiicts tnd in defect of the noiniiJ. in the
rest. In the annexed statement is given the clistiiot-
Anise distribution of rain full in inches dining the

TF — Agricultural Operations

Heavy rains during the month geiieifJly delayed
agricultural oporations in the niL joiity of districts.
However, the cultivators lenuJned busy in piepc.iing
Ic.nd for the next mfc/ciops. Ht-ivestirg of uuize,
eiily paddy, and other e^ily khufi/ cicps w*s going
on. Sowing of grb.m and potatoes and. pukikg of
i-ntton started in Pome are.,s.

flJ — Standing C'/o^s

J V — P)'08j)tdt> ofHarvtvt

The condition of standing crops and their prospects
of outturn were reported to be generally st.tisft ctoiy
except in hretts iv^ich were &,uveisely tffjcted by
excessive rains and fljods. Pmther repoits of dMnc^'e
to'th? standing ciopa, viz. p-ddyr sugtrctne, bajra
'• and pnls^s by w"dt?i -lagging (ine to he^vy r^ins Vcie
reoeivert, fi'iim tue Muz.Jff!..infc,gt,,r, ileerut, BiiJundwhf.hi,
Aligarh. Mathura, Agia,, Bhbhit,,
nur and Azamgu,rh aistiicts. However, the condition
of the sng^retune and pc,ddy crops in the uplands
is reports to be satisf^ctoiy in tne-se distiicts. On
the bftsia of the reports received so fh,r from the Dis-
trict GffiecKTB, the ttver^-ge $nna condition (expressed
JIB percentftge) of the kharij crops in. tne State is roughly
«atitiaa.t©d at 77 per eent of tjjo normal,

AH   Epidoniif.s   Nil

K. M. LAL,  Director,

}'--Dunt(i(/f id Ci'Ujji

Danielle to the standingkhufij ciops by eU-e.ssiu-
rains and fljod«3 resulting in, -water-logging Jii low-
ly ing areas, h&s been clenoiibed above. Acc-ordino
to t-ne report for the month under review receiver!
from the Entomologist to Government. U. P., fijltl
rats caused wtra.y damage to paddy and .sugarcane
crops in a few districts. iStrt-y attack-s of gif>ss-
hoppei'8 on pa-ddy. cotton and sugarcane, ofgiaidJiy
bug on pi day, of pyidla i.n, of red cotton
bug and cotton le^ f roller nn rotton, and of termite,s
on groundnut \\ci"e reported (TOUT se\ eral districts.
Contiol meftMires aga.inHt these ti^ld rats and jjests
^ei'o imdertfcken ny the 1'ln.nt Protection Seivjct.

r. P.

VI—Agricultural Mock

J'he condition of livestock was on the whole
sjatisfuctory although cattle di.seases ha\e, as usual,
been reporter! from a number of distiicts. The
figures for the number of seizures, deaths and mor-
ality from infectious cattle diseases dining this ajul
I he preceding months are presented in the Table
given below, which hEiS been prepared from the data
furnished bv Hit Director of Animal Husbandry
and Fisheiits, U. P- It would r ppea.r from this T«-ble
tht'.t, E.h eoinpfed >\ith the prevjons month, the tots.l
number (it st-izures recoicled an of 17'S per
cent and the 1otd miinbei1 of deaths a decline of 21-4
jjej1 cent resulting in »\ fn.ll in mortality from 40 tu
^7. As regards Anthrax, there was an increase of
7'1 per cent in the number of seizures and of ^6'1
per cent in the number of deaths,, resulting in a rise
in mortality from 82 to 1)7. An for Haeinorrhagic
Septicaemia, there was a fi.,11 of 21'tt per cent in the
number of seizures and of 25-3 per cent hi the number,
of deaths, leading fco a ftll in mortality fioin 85 to 81.
As regards Blt,ckcmaiter} the number of seizures and
deaths dfaclmed by 16-6 per cent and 19-5 per cent
respectively, resuliing in a decline in niortUity from
(S2 to 79. In the of Rinderpest, there was a
decrease of 15'8 per cent in the number of seizures
0.ud oi 15-0 par cent in the number of deaths, in
consequence of which mortality recoidcd a nomin&l
rise fiom 60 to 61. As for fjot-and-nionth disease,
there w&& an increase of 58*4 per cent in the number
of seizures and a decrease of 66*7 per cent in tht
number of deaths, which led to a decline in morft Jity
from 0-58 to 0*12, Tnere were 17 oases of seizures and
deaths from other diseases as against no case of
seizure or death in the previous month.