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Full text of "Government Gazette Of Uttar Pradesh"




Hihger initial pay ID qppcial'v qnfllifie^ ann experienced esadidete
Af3~ : BP'OTT 40 v^arE. Ttzlaxabh for Gci'eiT.Truyit eovcnts, <?z.al:"-
firnllon.8. Erratic* : ti) .'U least second daf.?, yi,Bt.. m rpp'^cd
P'lysif^ or at I'ji.i^T -leconrl clB=is rl^crcp in "Mechaniral 01 Elsetncal
Ei'c:ncF»"irijr "if r-coe>'ii?:?cl l"mv?r=,itr or equivalent. \7?i Jnl ma ,-
knawledct1 or flpriinmr^ tiarl ••xjiri 'onrp in L-iin^tiiKiini of elertrrnn
..mpvirti*. (Hi) I~j\i'i-iiciicf nf ' ifpnnma .mil Jilinvrmu cn^m fit
.L-i 1 inlu-tU'il r'-iiiiivil mMi'iim >uis Quihtic^tnin-, r.Mrxnl li» ,a
f'ommUson's. rh-r-i^rinn m r.i^ of c.inilirliUo« othrnvisf1 \\olL qun'ifn il

11. OnerJiFM'^fJi-r,toi foiJp] .11 ftfoltHjiralf.iTif.i cfl,,il,>,
W/V/V nfX'iturnl Ht.f,ri,iiC€- run! Rfn,\f,ft< ' Rc?c>i, < // Lift tin
pmMrv but likoiv TO i-onlinir uvlthiiitrlv. />"/ IJ-s ?"'H — "-ifl —
,<Sii_';]XO— 30— .Tin- i;jj.— Jin— .-»• u— E. P,.— 311— 77U— 4i — R3H.
H'li'icr initial pjy 1 J spi'r-i i'h rmiliflp.l anil i"-ppr enced cr-rddatc
.Lgr • lltiriit- S.'iV.'tiis. HilttJ'rille .I'.' Gotnii'm/J SrncwtA. Ctna]>-
ftt'alioii i E^eiiHal-: i«) lln«.nn''& m i crnva\i't IK nrnii? cf decn e HI
i 'hfim-try of I'n^tjniwd I'm1 cir-.iv. f-d About X years' i'X[.eirm< .•
• 11 a^al/t^ nl -jih r Inm!!' ra rocks aiiil iijipei'a's nurl n^Pjing of
piv:r-nud mi. i1- Ouc'1'iH'ui..oiH ri'Kixsil'h1 nl romim* -inn's rli-i ii'ticn
ni nj^p of f. 11. 1 1 Intus r.ili' rn i^>' vi'U-ijun'iIifrl.


t                                              ,     j,

t,f<.i H.i. UJitn.linrL 3Tir'iti •/ t>J Xnhirnl Et -
*s' iniftfjr ]!, ,-i,,rh'. r^st Teirpornr\. Lnt lil»rlT to
i-onnnuF'. P/rv : fi-. i;iMl— 40— LOOP— 5(1, J— l.OuU — .")0 — 1. lUU —
50—1,100 — 10,'J— 1 HO. Hifzl r-r initial pay to specially qun ilkd
and pxperitnced Ct'uri'd IPS. Aye: Relcw 4n JPOTS. Jlelrxnblefai
G)""r>i'nent tw.irt'?, Qvalifierttions : Esneriial : (i Master" .s dtgrop
in Phvsi s or Gr ilcg • or Gnphyoip frcm reroenised Univerpitj
(j"0 About 3 years" esperiencp outpacing Gerphjfics up to dogicc
atandftrd, (Hi] Exprr ence of suirlmg reteaich, ^nli in Gtcjrljfirs.
QuViflcitiociR rplaxal le at Ccmmifa^Hn's discieticn m case of candi-
dates othfnvisc well-qualif.Ed.

13.    One   Assistant    Fiqfetixor of Nutrition nvil   Dietetic*.   All
Iti'lia Institute cf Hygiene and   Pullir Hfalili.   C'ih ulln, Minvln of
Hcallh.    Post temporary but liltnly to crntintip.    Ptni :   F^. 3TC —
25— 300— E.B — 3U—1JO— E B.-— 30— 800.    Pay of ppwonfe already
in permanent Government pervire -will bp r'scd "accoidirg to Fnndn-
montnl Rules.    Higher  initial pjy to tpccialiy qualified and   rxpf1-
rienced candidate.    Aye    : Bolnw 40 yeara.    Eelcraile  for Gcvnu-
if'iit servants.   Qualification,-. Eafrntizl • (;' Mcricpl qnalificftji n
included in on3 of Schedules ot Indian     Medical Council Act,  K33.
I ii) P ;st griiudte training and experience^ for   abr ut   2   years-.'   in
recogVzied  nutrition luboratorv      (m) Experience in   teaching.
Qua ifications ralaxable at CommiBpion's discretion in ca&e of candi-
dates otherwise -we1 1 quaLfied.

14.    Owe  Technical Adrf'ef  w   Direcfc/ute   Geneial  of  Focd,
Ulinistri/ of Feed a/itl Agriwiltwrp.   Post tcmpoiar\ Lut likely tc con-
tinue.   Preference given to  ^(hpdulfd Castea/TriTies  randidatrs, if
suitable   r,i idi li eg availal le. Pay :   Es. 630 — 10 — 1,000 — I,0f0 —
1,030— 1,0 jO— 1,100— 1,100— 1,150.   Higher inital pay to epeciVly
q-ii'ifi'd \-iii gxp?risic3d cindinte.    Age.:   Below 45 years,    Re-
lastable for   Government    st wants.    Ova tficc twits ;      Es'et.t.cl : (i)
Mi.iter'6 dospee in     Chemistry,    Bio-Chfinvfctry or Technology   of
rerocnKed Uriversity.    (i^ Jhout 5 j ears'    research    and    rnanu
fuctunnp exnenence in   prorc^Fed   food-ttaffir.   namely,   Biernils,
Canned   frui'a.   Vegetal nles,   Hydropennterl  cils,   Tairy  products,
ete.   in  priv te ronfeiT  of repute or in Government department.
Q'lalificaurns re'asablf pf Cfn-nni'iin s  diFrreticn m case of rendi-
dates othprwisc well quaUfied.

15. Fifteen A*'i*trnt Anhitrri,, lii Jo? Central PvWn Wmli
D"partnte,tt nnd one for National Bvildi) rts Oigawnalicit — JUinifliy
of Works, Housing and STjpIv Prsts temrorary but likely to
com/nue. Frur pnsta reserved, for fcherlij led Caster ord 2 postf for
tichedu'ed Tribe? CRnndfltr? if -uclionitnVlp cnndiVatrF avalnhle,
other-vi--e a'1 prsis m-> be treated as unreserved. Pay : Us. 275 —
55—501— E.B.— 30— 630— E B.—ZO— SPO. Higher mitial pay to
special!,- qua'ified anil expenenrcd cprdiatep. /re • Bel-n-oer J2 tuicl
t'l ys IK. Rplaz it le. for Govn mnent sprranl Qi.ulificatioiis: JSsFfn'inl
fe'bwor A«g^ciate of E I.B.A. Oi National Diplrira "n Aich.itccturc1
of A'1-Tndia Council cf TecrnicflFdvcnticn r;-dr\errn-Fr^ c5 plm a
in Ar.-hiteeturo of Sir J.J. .School nf Art*, Fcmbay. Or Degree 01
diploma m Arch'tecture of British, Auatroliap, jimenraror-Jndia]i
Universities recognised by All-India CcuncilofTechn'calEduiation.

Deputy Secre'afy.

(Notice fo Creditors of Application /or discharge) .

[Sect 1 0,1 41 (i)]

Pt'fw>i\ SEI V.N. VAUMA,    Insolvency Judg*
Insolv^ney Petitiou nu. 63 of 1952

In tin- ir,«ite,< nf

iMiinnlal, snn ol   late tin (.(uIiuJ Chand,   Dairying   on
work nfl a gnlrlsniilh i«i   Chowk  Sarntn,  Knnpur
( Debtor i                                                .                   .          I>isolv&,M.


TVKIJ notiM1 th,it tho ahovL'iumed jniolvmt Jus applie,i trj
iliiiCrmi'i Jur Ins discharge, and thai the Court has tixerl thi> ->,"tl'
(twenry-tiFth) rlay nf Nnvemlier. llJi-l, a< 10 oVlnrk. fni- hnanna'Th

Oivenun'lpr  uij' Jiinnd nnil  elm   .ic-ril of this   CVmrt   rlntprl ihi

Jnth ridvof -V.ian=.t, tflfin.



(flection 9)
ruESEur : SEI V. K". VAHMA, Insolvency Jurlvr

Insolvency Case no. 18 of 1955
Jn tli& matter of —

UraaShaiiktrr, son of Pandit GulzaTi Lai, caste Brali-
man.rp'iiilont of Dhunkutti, Kanpur (Creditor) . .        J'i'titiniur.       •
versus                                                j

BalmKdm, son of Hori'al, oaslo VaWi Adult, re.si-                             |

dent of (randhinapnr, Knnpur (Debtor)               .          Opposite-


\VHEREAy tho abovcnnmcd petitioner has applied to this Court.
by a petition dated tho -1th May, 1955, for adjudging the opposite-
party insolvent , i ncler the Provincial Insolvency Act, V of I9_d.
The Court has fixed tho Igrh feig teent ) day of November, 195-j,
for the hearing of the aforesaid petition and the examination of th*
rlobtor. If any one desires to be represented in the matter he shouli
attend personally or by duly instrurterl pleader.

Given under my hand find the senl of thn Court this the 22nd
day of Aupnst, 1955.

1» y order,



[Section 41 (i)J
Present : SEI V- N. VMai^lrmolvBHcji J<i dge, Kan}"*

Insolvency Petition no. 17 of 19 52
fnth6 mutter of —

BabuLal, son of tJLuihu , uasle Kathaur, resident   nl'
T rirwaln.Hiba.Trthj ana. City Katipuv                 ..    Insolvent*

TAKE notice that the abovenamcd insolvent LIIH applied tu
thH Court for his rhsfharge, nnd that the Court has hxed the 18th
(eighteenth) day of November, 1953, at 10 o'clock for hearing tho

Dated this the 2nd day of August, 1935.

Insolvency Jvdt/e,

[Order of A djud'citio^

(Section 2?)
Preset, | SRI V. N.VABMA, Insolvency Jndr)c

Insolvency Petition no. 16 of 1955
In the matter of—
Jurakhan, son of Ni-waji,  resident of Lallanpurwa,,

Nvw bgm,Kanpur (Debtor)          ..              ..          Applicant

PunSU i ST to a petit ion, dated 33th March. 1!)55, against the abo\ e-
aimed applicant, a d on the applies, ion or t e debtor and on,
reading the petition, etc. and on hearing the Said application on 9th
September, 1955, it is ordered that the debtor be and the said debtor
i3 hereby *djud&ed insolvent, who is ordered to apply for discharge
wifchia six months from 9th fepbember,1055.
Dated this the 10th rt»y of Ootober, 1955,


(Notice to Creditors of Application J or discharge)

Insolvsney Petition no. 10 of 1952
Prs^mf. t>Ei V. N.  VERMA, Insolvency Judge
In the matter of —

Sri Krishan Reza, son   of Lai Madan Lai, caste
Vnish, resident of Nnugarha, Kanpnr (debtor)     .

ON the application of the abo^ enaired adjudged insolvent OB
tho 7th April, 1932 arid upon taking into consideration the paper
on the recoiditis ordered that the insolvent be discharged forthwith.

Given under my hand and the seal of this Court, the 56th day
of August, 195fi.

By order,

rl9-Jl-'B50                                                  BAM DATT*