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UNDEB instructions contained in para. 3 of G. 0. no. 348U/X—
15S, drltecl July 11, K>2S, it i- notified for general information that
tho r«ito of bullock L-art for Budaun District, during the next cold

The following    2£ per   cant
Compensation   Bond?;

weather J 955-36 !•* fixed as bcl ov • R^.iau jiur uai't per mouth v.ithui the district. Its.loU IICT I'.irl pur luuntli outsulu the district lis.10 per cart pui1 day withm tb.L division Uy.8 JUT ran Tor rlay within th? diritrici. U. «. GTjl"i'A, Collector, B uda ui < .
	Hand no.                         Amount                  Holder's name

 LJIUOOlUaiS        ..                   50           Laxmi Naram. LK00012214          .                  101)                  Ditto. LK00012215        ..                  200                  Ditto. LK000122K.        ..               1,000                  Ditto. LK00012217        .,               1,000                  Ditto. LK0001221S        ..                5,000                 Ditto. LK00013326        ..                  200                  Ditto. LK0001332G        ..                  200                  Ditto. LK00013327        ..               1,000         Laxmi Narain. LK0001332S        ..               1,000                  Dibto. LK00013329        ..                1,000                   Ditto. LK00013330        ..               1,000                  Ditto. LK0010481U        ..                 100   Luuhohmi Narain. LK00104S17          .                  200                  Ditto. LK00152540        ..                   50    Lakahmi Narain. LK00152541        ..               1,000                 Ditto. LK00313161         ..                  100    Ladhmi Narain. LK00313162        ..               1,000                  Ditto. LK00313163        ..               1,000                  Ditto LK00313164        ..               1,000                  Ditta. LK00313345        ..              1,000                 Ditto. LK00313346        ..               1,000                  Ditto. LK003 13347        .,               1,000                 Ditto.

 JT iss notified I'm jruiiui'al information that   duriui;   the  cold weather Of lOjj-lti, the rates of carts in th«   Pilibhit   Distrust will he HA follows .
 IKIUD per mouth per eavt ii' ulurytid by munih. K^.4 par rlay per c,irl u'cluii'ged by day. U.H.W1AL.I.A.S., (Jollector, Pihbliit.
Rates of cartage and coolie Wages in the Muzaffamagar District lor the year 1955-56 :
Rateti saucti oned for 1035-56 by the _                                                                                        Collector
Hei-ia!                           Description               m                           Per trip no-                                                                 "                           from Mu-^affaniagar Per diem       Railway Station to Kutchery OP  City
	originally   standing   in   the   name   of   Lasrai    Narain/Lachchm Naiain/Lakahmi Naram/Laclimi Narain, the proprietor,    by who ^ they were never endorsed  to any   other   person, having bean \o& notice   is  hereby  given  that  tho  paymont   of the   above   looada and the interest thereupon has beeu stopped at the PubZi c Debt Office, Reserve Bank of India, Lucknow, and that appli °afcion a about to be made for the issue of duplicates in favour o f the proprietor.   The public  are oaul/ioned   against  purchasing °r   otherwise dealing with the abovomantioned laaauritiea.
 Nome  of the person notifying^LAXML NARAIN. Manigsr. Jiurtfencft— Delhi Cloth and Oenaral Mdla Coinpeny. Limited, Sitapur. [5, 12 & 19-11.'55.]

Rid.   fl.   p.      Its.   i\.   [I
 I.   Thtjlas, 4-wheeler drawn by 2 bullocks — 32 maunds                    .                  . .     U    U    U       a    o   Li
 i*.   TheUbj 4-whtt'lur di'invn by 1 bullock — 16 maunds                    ' .                          £    U    U       2    0   0
 :{.   Thelas, 2-wheuler drawn )ty 1 bullock — Iti maund«                                          . ,       TOO        2    0    l>
 J.    T\\ u-\vlieel ercoits itrawu by i* liulloL-ks — b maunds     .                . .                          l»    i>    u        J    n    u
 ">.    J*\\ u-whi'tli!!1 L-ai'tis drj.v u by 2 bulluuks — li uidiuiJb to Ui maunds                   . .       7    n    U        -    U    0
 b.    'LV o-'nhi.'L'ler uai'tri cli d\vu by ^ bullockt,— 10 mauiidbuptolo^iuaiiuds           ..       SOU        J    S    0
 7.    Two-wlitjeler cdi'ts diuwn by '2 bullocks — exceeding 15 maunds up to^Omaunds    4s    U    l>       -   b    0
 H.   Oojliu  Wiiget fur pitching and .strikinji tents          ..               ..                .'.      1    2    U
 Notice is hereby given for the mf oi'mation of the general  public that there haa bean a partial   partition  in the   H. U. I1, firm of which Lula Nathan Lall, was the Karta,   of Rarnpiir,   on the 23tb October, 195j, by which the entire movablo  property  except tk immovable propei-ty has been divided amongst   ths members ot tb family and the family hua dlso disrup Lud with effect from that dak. ( The H. U. P. iirm Basanfc  Rai    Ram  Perahad   Rampur had also been dissolved im that datu and had been succeeded  by a partner-ship firm of the same name.    The name of the separating memben arc as follows : (1) NATHAN LALL. (2) SHIAM LALL. (3) SURAJ BHAN. (4) DEVKI NANDAN and [19-11.'55]                                    (5) HARI KRISHNA, mino*.

(ILLEGIBLE), Collector, Muiaffarnaga,f.


StiALKD lenders tire invited for supply of maLciial and erection
of tJIJ,000 volta. 3, phasa-double circuit transmission line with A. C.
S. R. conductor size 0-1 sq. inch, copper equivalent between Salawa*
Alai'iioag^r-Suinera Sub-stntions of the Gsnga Hydel Grid appfoxi-
inately QQ niilea in lan?th. Specification and tender form at
Rs.15 pec sat ate available from the uideraignud. La^t date of
subrniflfliou of tender IB January "23, 1!»3C.


Eny Inzer * Bydtl Qanya,
Q'tTcl*i Roorkee.

Notice is hereby given for the information of all concerned th^ -
iSarvsn Chaadnka Prasad and Mahadeo Prasad, soua of late Shi; i
Ram Prasad along with Shri Kanhya Lai, son of late Shi'i Baoi*11
Ram, all residents of JamaTapur, district Jaunpur, are with eff«f.
fromKuar Sudi 10 Sambal 2012, corresponding to the 26th diy w t
(Jtober I95o, carrying on their cotton and woo len cloth busine*:
utBanaraaaii ^ is Ia3 m^iafa tanag business at Bandu, diStwH
Ranchi, in parf-iie 'ahip with one-third share each, und?r 1/hJ iian161
.and style or' Messrs. Ram Peas id Bachai Ram, in the capaffltf j
of Kartaa of their respective families.