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-~~ ~                                                                                                    ^ i iVo.'i'cc ro creditors oj the date of Jicai'ing of anlnnoli't /*••>/ Ptliiian j
 FN THE COURT OF CIVIL JUDGE,  BUL YND3HAHK Present : SRI S. IBAD ALI, Insolvmey Judge {Section 19) Insolvency Petition no. 8 of 1955
	•'IjVu*  fiuUTtal  H, mi'.'. Mv ,u D.I\ ,i: JM -. KLiirjr., ,li~!
 n-i. liii nV l!»Vif,. of ii-!ilH-IJ.n".iii.l   .ja=i 1,1   Jl'i Ex*   "i no. lutl of I'.ISJ, of IS  a -.4 ni tin   Luarr i.f Muii- vl h'l ..' Babu Lai j'-r.v* Kftl*. <iu ll^^ .Mid i.'iir   r,r 7. jr,on!i(=   I!-Total— Rh,.T*«-l*'-H. Firm i2lLa!,i   Chit.ufchjj    IM-, JJ* i   \«l"l..   Tiuu
	' 'i

iCalyan. Das, sou uf Oiikar Dull,   Brahmin, iPtiflent.
	Rolai 8^1^,1 p, ..... ,  -nA-,M.

WHEREAS the ab >venamed applicant haa applied to this Cuuil, |jy  a  patition, dato 1 the  29th  tieplember, 1935,  to bo derlarril ,iii insnlvrat under the Provincial lasolvenoy Act V of 1020, and vour name apppara m the list of creditors filed by the  aforesaid
	per cem — Hs.20(i, (4j Sri G'JilLn H^lrt.n, i.-- -If-uT 01  Ivlit."'-, -u..' Grhasm.inili.--llH.Jnii,
	Ir 1

itwcsnty- sixth) day of November, 1035, for the hearing of the ufuif-qtiid petition and the examination of the debtor.    If you desirp tu lie repn-aeutedin the matter, you should attend in person or by dul> instructed pleader.   The particulars of the debt   alleged in thl-petition to be due to you arr> aa follow^;
	B^/arMakhduia -K=,J'H» [19-11- '3BJ                                                          By order, -d.)    ULLEGIBLEJ.