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The following statement showing HRIZUIM and deiths from pKsTue, > holera and    Sin.dl-pnx reporte 1 in
Dttar Pradesh, during the week ending NTovjinber 12. l$~)5, is puoli-h-'d f>r ^nftr-il lafonn-inon


Districts and Cities

Jaunpur District ..
Sitapur City

Seizure         Deaths


Add for Hie uwk ending November .">. 19o.')
Districts and Cities

Harhwal District ..

November 12, IB".


Saizares          D-aatfcn          j-aizuos          Daabba          Seizaran

K. M. LAL, Doctor.


Notice under section 10(b) of the Indian Tmde Unions Aft, IP'J

the Assistant Trade Unins Inspector inspect t-d thi'
Kleuti'irj Supply Workers Union. Rampur, registered as a Track- Uninu
under no. 942 of 11151-52 on the «th September, ]H55. and hi-
*pot. enquiries revealed that no subscription h,mbuen realm-d fimn
raemberb for the lost two years, the uash-bnok and proceedings
bo1 k have been maintained after 1953, and the other recorrk have
altao not been kept properly Tt, therefore, tippftnrs that tho union
has now ceased

And whereas the union has contravened the piovisions of
section 28 of the Indian Trade Unions Act, 1926, read with regula-
tion 17 of the U.P. Trade Unions Regulations 1D27, by failing to tsnli-
rait its Annual Return for the year 1954-55 up till now wliii'h w i=>
be submitted by July 31, 1955.

Notice under section 10(6) of the Indian Trade Unions A-it,
J 0:?P, is, therefore, hereby given to Electric Supply Workers Union*",
Rampur, to show cause to the undersigned within 2 months from the
clato of the receipt of this nutice, why the certificate of rpmstraHcm
granted to it should not bt- isancelled.

WiiEBEAtf the Aaaislant Trade Unions Inspector iiispeutftl thi»
bras>b Sheet Mill Workmen's Trade Union, Morudabad, re.iij-ten.-d
na a trade union under no. 1247, of 1953-54, on 18th January, 193J,
and his spot enquiries revealed that the tieoratory of the union had
taken no action to remove the deficiencies pointed out. to him Jitrmc
the course of the last inspection of the union on. the :!7th May, I0aŁ
At the timo of the infection the registration uertificato Jnd thu copy
of the registered constitution of the union were not ioiuid with tlie
union. The unicm hail no admission forms tillrd ui liy njtiubir»
and it was also nutmed that no meeti g of the uniuu hod l<cvii >• «t-
iluutpil after Lhe 15th Det-'euibur, l!»55. Xo member or' tl-e union
Imd paid any Hub-auriptioii for la^t *,\ months in tin* ,\ i-ar I llu-i--."*.
*md ari-ordmg to ruyistored constitution oF tho union a peisuu .-eas,-?
1o be u, member of tlie union ou his failure) in imymeai nf tlu-a.-
iustalmeiita of hi^ subscription.. The union has al?o

WQDEEAS tli2 Lo"d Kr^lma SurarMiII Workeia" Union, iahnran-.
win'     rcsiatereci ,.s a Trade   Union    under   no. 449 of the year ^
l'J-47-4^ has comm.«ted a breach of =>ecticn 2S of the Indian Trade
Unions   Act, 1926 fXVI of  19Jo), read with regulation 17 of the
Ragulfitions under the said Ace by   failing to submit to the under- j
signed a correct Annual tieturn for thy   year ended with the 31st
Maruh,  10.V, by the prescribed   date, viz. the 31st of July,   ]9o5,
notice tinder 'ec-Eiuu U»i.6j of iht Indian Traile Unions Act. 1926. is*-
hereby given to thu LorJ Krie-lti.a Sa_-nr Mill Workf s" Union Saha-1
raipni- toshow e.iuse to the underoigntd  on or  before   the espirj'jji
of two  months  from  the  date of rec 'ipt ol this notice, why the
e-ertiniMTs uf iej;i-5ir«ition granted to it should nut bf canaell d.

KhandelwaL   G''i*= Ivi:ui' hari    Stiimh Sasiii,'
s   ti  Trade  Union     under  no. !J2J     of the*
ytar   IWO-ol, iius   committed   3,   l>r^ar*li of   Action  28   of the
Indian Trailu   Unions    Act,   1»:!6   {XVI   of    1926)    read   with
"emulation 17 uf the Regulations under thu said    Act   by   failing
to submit to the und«rsigno,d a correct Annual Kutum for the year
ended with    the   31st March,    195"',   by the  prescribed   date, -
viz.   tho SIst ot'July, 19J.J, notice under action lU(6) of the Indian
Triide    Unions   Act, ll>2ti, is    hpretjy   given to the   Khanut'lwal
GUs-   A! " n   i. . !s   -jh ria^ui i \ligirht  vo show    'aua"<    to   the
nnderaigued on or before tlip expiry of two months from the date
of receipt of tlm notice,  wliy   tho   <-ertitieale of   registration
uri-cinted to it should not lie cancelled*


failed to comply with the statutory formalities foe getting il» changed
address registered. The union was instructed in my" otlice letter
dated 9th August, 1954, that if the records of the union were not ke pi
properly and tho provisions of its constitution wore not complied
with tho registration of the union shall have to be cancelled bat no
nntice was taken iu this behalf. From the aforesaid reasons it WH-*
rti\ ealeil that the union had ceased to exist.

And \\hei-eaH a, Notice under seotion I0(b) of tho la aim i Trado
lemons Act, 102B, was given to aforesaid union to show cau«' ti\
the undersigned within 2 months from the date of the ri-ceipt of
HIR notice why the certificate of registration granted to it should
not. ba Cancelled on the ground that the union had coaled to cxiat.
The period of notice expired on the 21st Juno, 3 1)5.", hut no mply
was received even after issue of a. reminder.

The registration oertiaoate of the Brass Sheet Mill Wotkmen'a
trade Union, Moradabad, ia, therefore, hereby cancelled.

" \Y'HLBI:-V& the N.'wsspupfcrs J^tu. Emp'-uyct. i Union,
ifgiaterL-d as * Trade Uuion under na. 1311   ufthe year              . Qoniuuttcd a breach of section 2S of tho Indian Trade Union**
Yet, li'Sii yXVI of lfl«0), r«ad with regulation 1? of the Ragula-
lion-8 un.ler th-3 ^nid Act by fulling to submit to thu undersigned «t
correiM Annual Hcturn for the year ended with the 31st March, 195.*i,
bj the pi-fsunbi'd date. viz. the Hint of July. 1035, notice under
^vtioii ltl|/*) of tin- Imliau Tr.vUe UnionB Ai-t, 1926, ia liereby giveu
TU the So V!«|MP >rs l.ttl Kmpioy • -s' U it on, Alltthal-aJ, to nhow cause
to tlw nn'lei&iant '1 on or before the t'Xfiiry of two munths from thc»
fUtt> of rc^Jiiit of thi-' autic-', *^hv Lho ecriinVatu uf i-p
granted to it should not be cancelled,

WHEREAS the hutliaraupiir Engineering Wurkeivs' Union, t>aJiarmi-
pur, registered aa a Trade Union under no. HSfct of the year 10S»'fi4
has committpd a breach of Action 28 of the Indian Trade Unions
AL-t, 192(i (Xyl of 1D26). read with ie«ulation 17 of the Regulation*
under the sail Act by failing to submit to the undersigned a correct
Annual Return for the year ended with the 31st March, 1955, by the
prescribed date*, vw. the 31st of July, 1955, noti e under Jetton
I0{fr) of the Indian TradeUnions Act, 1626, is hereby given *fr
the Saharannut K uui ••irin? \Vock«rs Union, Saharanpur, to Show
cause to the undersigned on or before the expiry of two months
from the date of receipt of this notice, why ths certificate of
registration granted to it nhnnlri not h?