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U>ABT Vlt;

The   Princess   of   Wales'   Sarasyati   BhaYana

Studies   YolS-   I  tO   IX,   edited  by   MahamahO-

padhyaya Gopinath Kaviraj, M.A.,   Present
Editor, Dr, M. D. Shastri, Principal, Sanskrit

n   n,rf«

in the Readings  of the Vaiaheahika Sutra a, t '
(c) History and Bibliography of Nyaya  Vaisheshika Literature, I ',

n!   l—\ai  rimJk'S in Hindu Law— (1) Its Evolution, by G-anga-
ij.  Jli?      (Heilueed  ijtwe  As.Hl   I3fli )
, T,c   V,,,po,nt   „, HW.

fa Amve at the Correct Meamng of
vedic ™rda, by Situ Ram joshi.

(fiJ A Comparison of the Contents of the Eig-Veda VaiaaneJ
TaiUmya and Atbaiva-Veda (Chaturadhyayika) Pratishkhyaj, £ ',
Dr Mangal Deva Shastn, M.A., D.PHH.                                             '*

(/) An Index to the Eamayana, hy Manmatha Nath Eoy.

(p) An Index to Shabara'a by the late Col   Q-. A. Jacob.

(A) Gleanings fiom the Tantras, by Gopinath Eaviraj


I'c) Xirmanj. Kara, by Gopinath Eaviraj.

Vol. I!— faj Panorama Mnra alias Vani Easala Eaya, by Gopi
uaih Jfcmidj iBuducea price Bs.2 8) i'4a*. tops ).

<M Imlc: L-j Shahara'g Ehashya, by the late Col. Gr. A. Jacob.

(c) Studies in HuiJu Law— (2) its  Source,  by Ganganatha Jha.

(dl A new Bhakti Suvra, by Gopmath Eaviraj.

if} The BM.tem of Chakras according to Gorakshanath, by Gopi-
nath Ed^iral.

(J) Theism  in Ancient India, by  Gopinath Kavi/aj
,     „.

fa] Hindu Poetica  bv Batnknatha Sharma.
ffj jam           .    ,   . y                  .

Oit A  Seventeenth  Century Astrolable,     by  Padamakara Divivedi,

li; Some Aspects of Vira Shan a Philosophy, by Gopinath Kaviraj,

(j) flayaya Kuaumanjah (English Translation), by Gopinath Kaviraj

(A) Tiit;  definition  of poetry, by Karayana  Shastn Ehiste.

l/t ffu?^a]a Upadhjaya, by &opinalb Eaviraj.

Vol.   HI.— ia.)   Index  to   Shfibara's   Bhaahya,  by   the   Col.   G.   A.

Jacob.    Deduced price Es.2-8)  (4as. 6pi.),
ib) StiifLeg in Hindu Law— ic5) Judicial Procedure, by Ganganatba


(c)  TLeisiu in Ancient India, by Gropinath Kavirai-

(d)  Hibtnry and Bibliography of Nayaya Vaishaahika Literature by
Uopinaih Eaviraj.

(c) Niishdha and  Sri Haraha, by Nisakamala Bhattacharya.
(/) Indian Dramaturgy, by P. N. Patankar.

oJ^^hl ."ffl Ji S? JSSfliLH** PrOCedUre'   ^
fb) Historv and Bibliography of Nyaya VaISheshika Literatnre,  by

thipmath Eaviraj.
(,) ADalysis of the Contents of the Eigveda Pratiijhakhya, by Mangal

^ NararanJa^Gan^rEaniniidi,  by Padmakara Dvivedi.

(ej Fuod and Drmk m the Eamajamc Age, by Manmatha Nath Roy.

(/j Sat-kurj-avada;   Cavity in Sankhya, by Gopinath Kaviraj

Ig) Discipline by Consequences, by G. L. Sinha.

i?ij   History of the Origin and Expansion of the Aryans, by A. 0.

i'fc) A note on the meaning of the term of Parardha,    by Umeaha'

MlflTH                                                                                                                                            |   ,

Vol.  VIII.—(al  Indian Philosophy     (a  Eeview),    by Tarak Natl I 1
Sanyal   (Eeduced price Es.2-8)   (3as.)

(b)  An Index to the Proper Names occurring in Valmiki's Eamnyan
by Manmatha Nath Eoy.

(c)  An Index to the Shabara B a shy a, by the late Col. G   A. Jacot

(d)  HariBTvami—The Commentator of the    Shatapatha Brahmana-
nnd the dale of Skandasvami—The Cnmmentator of the Eig-Veda, b
Mangal Deva Shastri.

(c)  Mysticism m Veda, hy Gopinath Eaviraj.

(f) The Devadasis—a Brief History of the Institution, by Manmathi
Nath Eoy.

Vol. IX.—(a) The Life of a Yogin, by Gopinatb Eaviraj. (Eeducei
price Ea.2-8) (7<zs.).

it) On the Antiquity of the Indian Art Canons, by Haridas Misra

(i1) Prachya—Vargikarana  Padhati,  by   Satish   Chandra  Gnha.

(d)  Toga Vashifihtha and Some of the Minor Upanishadas, by B. L

(e)  An Index to the Proper Names occulting in Valmiki's EamayatiB.
by Manmatha Nath Eoy.

(/) The Philosophy of Tnpura Tantra,  by Gopinath Kaviraj.

Vol. X.—(a) The conception of Physical and Superphyaioal Organ'
ism in Sanskrit Literature, by Gopmath Eaviraj. (Eeduced jriee
Es.2-8) (6as.).

(I) Some Aspects of the Philosophy of Sakta Tanta,    by Gopinatb

Bhort note on T.ttvasamava, by Gop.atb Eaviraj.
(^History of 'the World Isvara and ita Idea,     by Mangal


d) Puniihrncnts in Ancient Indian Schools, by G. L.  Sinha.

Vol. V.— Iff) Ancient Home of the Aryans and their Migration to
Inilia, by A. C. Ganguh. (Eeduceil price Es.2-8) (4as. 6ps.).

l*) A  Satrap  Coin,  bj   Shyum Lai Merh.

frt An E^iimaTe of the Civilization rf the Vanaras -aa depicted in
(he Ramayana, by Manmatha Nath Euy.                                  -

.A A Comparison of the Contents of the Eig-Veda Vajasneyi.
Taittiriya and Athava-Veda

' ChimilBWaIni

the Vedas   by S   N. Jhorkhandi.
(h] ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^Q rf  ^^    fey    ^


(»J Deities and Objecta of Offerings in the Sranta Sacrifices, by
Bhagwat Prasad Misra.

(7) A comparison of the JBigveda— Prafli Sakhya with the Panmiam
Grammar, by Mangal D~eva Bhastoi.

(k) Eriti Eaumudi and its Author,  by Santimoy Banarjee.,

(1) The Sakti Sutra ascribad to Agaatya, by Mangal Deva Shastri.

To be had on prepayment from THE SUPBEINTBNDBNT, Printing
and Stationery, Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad. Prom Agents for sale
"* fr°m ^ Secretary, Saoskrit

Dr. Mangd Deva Bh^i, >,.,., D.Pm.        '

Pratishakyas),  by

(e) Doctrine of Formal Training and the Ancient Indian Thought;.
by G. L. Smha.

Vaishashika Literature,  by

Kotas and  Queries,  by Gopmath Kaviraj   u *

Belvedere, Calcutta-27

In re            to      blic     ^       the ^^        hoiJIS rf the

^^ ^ tha ^^ ^^ at BBlved^a lavfl    been

with eBfef™m the m* ATIgUflt' 1953'   The reTiaed

.              v

(c) An Index to the Eamayona, hy Manmatla Nath Eoj.

f<l) Studies in Hindu Law, by MM. Dr. Ganganatha Jtta,

(BaLS lSTaSJSlSKl to tbB G°vemnent Sanskrit
(Banarw), by Gopmuth KaYiraj.

(ft Not<* and Querte, by Gopinath XMnf.

V«-l.  VJL— (•) Bhamaha and Jbitr Kavyalankara,    by Batuk Na
TJpdhyaya.   (Beduwd  priU   Bs-S-l)   (4?i

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