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' '171

1   lit pjr



APPLICATIONS,   arc  invited for the  undeimenunned por-t-, fiom
Indian citizens and persons migr.itivl fiom Pakistan with niti-ntum
"y settling in India or subji-cth nf, Sikkim nr
.        ...               Former   French  poHsrssioiih iu  India     Upppr   .IL-I-

, limit reldxablr by.lyiWH for Srhi-fluled f'astrs, Tribal .mil abonai-
! nal Communities and up tn 4,1 ypar" for displaced pt/rM>rBi from Pa-
ki-rtmi and non-liberated aienh uf .Tiumnu and Kashmir Xo rL-
taxation fm others, save m exceptional CH,«L-S ,ind will m no r A^U ln>
relaxed beyond thrcp years Particular and application fcnnih
from Secretary, Union Public Service Commission, Pust Kox Xn
186, New Delhi. "Requests for forms must specify name of past
and should be accompaniRd by self-addressed unstamped envplupt.-
for piich post at least of &i/e (D" 4") indic-ntms thpipon namp nf pnpt
for -which forms arc required. Clobinfi duti. fur fprPipt of npjili(u-
tion with trpamrv repeipt or Crossed Indian Pfistid Ordprii fnu
Ra7-S (Ri.l-U for Scheduled (Jaates and Trilieh) 24th Divi-mber,
19,15, (7th Januaryj 1356 for applicants from abroad). Commis-
sion may remit genuinely indigent and loiiafifle dis-plari-d ppi-
sons' fee. Soparatp application with separate fet1 required fnr i-aoh
post. Candidates abroad may apply on plain paper if foims not
available and deposit fee with loral'lndian Emlv.if-sy. If ivquired
candidates mast appear for personal mtFmpw.

1.    One Director (Sugar Technical) in   Dircr,'orrite of fatitur n-aO
Vanaspati,   Ministry   of  Food   ami   Agricultyir.    lost   ttmpeuirj.
hut   likely   to    continue.    Other   things   heinc   equal   preference
given to   Scheduled   Castes or Scheduled   Tribes candidate.   Pay;
Rs.1,000—fiO—1,300—GO—1,600,   Pay   of   permanent   government
servants receiving pay higher than the minimum of scale -will he
fixed according to rules.   Higher initial pay to specially   qualified
and   experienced   candidate.    Jtje.   Below   4-"   years.    Eehuallc

for rjov2rnm°nt servants. Qualifications; Essential.; U) Dcprpp
in Science with post-graduate, degree or diploma in Nujiar Tech-
nology from recognized TJmversity/In&tituticn. (11) Ahcut 10
years' experience in responsible capacity preferably connrpted with
development of sugar industry and marketing of its products.
Qualifications relaxable at Commippirn's discretion in ra'-e of
candidates otherwise well-quahf u d.

2.    One     Svperintanilent  (Technical),   Ministry   nf  fair.   Post
temporary but likely to continue.    Preference given to SYl.cduled
Castes/Tribes     candidate  if     auch  suitable    candidate   available.
Pay;   Rs.530—30—710.    Higher   initial  pay   to   specially    quali-
fied nnd experienced candidate.   Age;  Between 2ii and 40   years.
Relavdble   for    government   servants.    Qiialificatisns',     Esxtntiala'
(i) Degree in Law of recognized Univemty.    (ii) About    3 years'
experience in printing    and publication of Law hooka    and Law
journals,  particularly  statistics. Qualifications relaxable  rt fcm-
mission.'s    rliacretion in case of candidates    otherwise ^ ell -quali-

3.    Assistant Director    (Publication), Central Water anfl Power
Commission.   Post permanent but    appointment to be made on

Between .'JO p«d i.1} j<-.u>.    It-luallt fftf  &•• ,,i,,*.f'~

fionsiblp r,ip{Mit\ in liMfinHiLi.l il- | nitrj'iVt i: '<ii'-' •
iIiMlin^ vitli iiiiliisiry. (11,1 l'» j.\> • i '. r-1' UL> '- u IT i\<
lincritinn- ifl.i^iMp ut f.'ra'Ui i--'fi> i ili-riit»:i .•>

7      OrlP   I'ttfiiir   Pi\nt<l-> Ui'i't   .   } ,t<nl •••  J   i,'/.   ',
Imt likely to pojitii-ui- till thr — i.nd Pl.-i    P-'ir.!     /„.
223—23«U-20—a.1»—E.r.—!:•—•mi—Vl-i- -F B - _"- ' -

Bnlow   'J1   yoaiv.   'tjinh'tuat-,,,.      A-"-''-,/     <,, 3l'.s ,'.
ticaticn inplud^d Li oue nf ->f Ici'd^li -• TO !inliiii. ."i« i ., •
of 113S.    (n) A'oriut   -Jin' year's r:.r.m>ijn-  'njli I   •
boratory,  ]ir -fi'i.ibly  in  m.iTUit.i^m1'.   nr      • • M i    '-.j,
licatmns ii-lax^lilo .it Cc'iniiu-i-ion - il'-(i>t---n in i,       . '

S.    Our  Men in? 8riti>t'ftr  UJ1 f ,
tiinnrtitu), flrftiicf '•t'^-.c  O/f/n"/. T"I i '»
perinaufnt     Pun ; ]!•» MH1 — JU— l,WMj
1,1 00—1,1; "H i.    Higher initial p -y to

temporary   basis   initially.     Pay;   Rs.350—350—380—380-30—
590—E.B.—30—770—40—850.    Higher   initial   pay   t<
qualified   and   experienced   candidate,    Age'. Below_

to   specially
iw   40   years.

Belaxable for government servants. Qualifications ; Essentials;
(i) Degree in Science or Engineering of recognized University.
(u) About 3 years' experience of publishing scientific and tech-
nical material, (iii) Experience of writing popular articles on
scientific subjects copies of published papers to be forwaidcd with
application. Qualification? relaxable at Commie-ion *• discretion
ui case of candidatps otherwise, well- qualified.

4. Four Soil Correlators, All-India 8ml Survey .9L^cmf, J/f-
ntKtnj nf Food and Agrifitltttre. Post temporary for 5 yenis.
Other things being equal preference given to 9cl<eduled Caster'
Tribes candidates. Pa./ ; Rs.fOO— 40— 1,000— 1,000— 1.050— 1,030
1,100 — 1,100 — 1,150. Pay of persons who have been in con-
tinuous Government employ since loth Tuly, 1931, will be fixed
according to rulea. Higher 'initial pay to specially qualirlrd rnd
experienced, candidates. Age.'. Below 40 years. Relnaabl? for
government servants. Qualifications; Essentials; I1! At leapt
second class Master's degree in Chemistry of lecognized
University. Or Degree in Science with Associatesl.ip of Indian
Agricultural Research Institute in Soil Science ami AgmultUK'l
Chemistry with knowledge of Foil Purvey and Land Utilisation,
(ii) Experience nnd knowledge of Indian Soils and about 7 years1
research experience on. soils aa evidenced by publish cd papa?. Qua-
lifications relaxable at Commission's discretitu in case of candi-
dates otherwise well-qualified.

3. One Assistant Director (Foreign Quarantine) in Directorate
of Plant Protection, Q-uarantine and tifainge, Jf«i«rfrj/ of Focd and
Agriculture. Post permanent but vacancy temporary at piesmt
and likely to be made permanent after n year or so. Other things
being equal preference given to Scheduled Castes candidate. Paij ;
Bs.flOO— 40— 1,000— 1,000— 1 ,050— 1,050— 1,100— 1,100—1,150. High-
er initial .pay to specially qualified and experienced candidate.
A je; Between 35 and 40 years. Relaxalle for government *uvnnt*.
ntial", (i) Master's or equivalent honouit.

*: Essent,

degree in Zoology, Entomology or Agricultural Zoology of recog-
nized University, (ii) About T> years' research experience in En-
tomology. fiii) Experience* of work an major crop peats of India
ftud practical experience of fumigation and other mothods employ-
ad in quarantine work and knowledee of foreign peats, (iv) Art-
miuistrativa experieaace in. scientific organization. Qualifications
a at Oommfesjou's difloretion in caao of cantlidates other-

. t) i^ >/ /', • i, i'o-t
ni,— l.Wil — J,i-,Vj — 1,100 —
. ully rui-hcpd o:-

.          .                         li-^t    \T>    kM^i^.    ic:>rL-

nit'. Efftntinl; li) At l"ar.t -u end cL-.-s Drii'» :n EUrtii-
cal Eniimet-Tins or in Instrunii nt-» li rlinoloay n ittcgjj-^d finci-
sity or equivalent, (in Al cut ~> vi-si- rsrr-ri'nn r: iL-iPiclt rt
lu'gh standard or in dengu or rl?\elopnunt ot oh-ctv cal Tr.act'nrry
or instruments. QiiahfiiMtini'S r^lascbk nt Crmn.i«s ci » rl!=, jct-rii
incase of c-inHtdat n ofh<'rwisp well-qrf/if n j1.

9. One fienior tfcirnttfir
.SisVnrg Organisation, Mtn i*tr>i of D»ft»™.
Es. 600— 40— 1,000— l.OOU— l,0."i»-- 1-""'"
Higher initial pay to epefially qnol'ripJ am
Aye • Preferably ,ibo\»- 3l" yoars. (/ f /'
(i) At leaat -eroud fk'^ ilejru-- Ji }I< r-h


'. , J.h fr.t
ijr,t.     l\,,t


graduate tlegree    01    d;plom.i    in

Intprnal C'ombustjon Encmeennit (

Aircraft Propulsion  a-s mtiui  submit,  nr F^".I\M'OU*.    '   i Alimit

3 years' experience of loaeAi'i-U of lush M 'M-'rH, v.1* 1-1 J- -i^.i   »i-

development  in field o*  internal p'-m^u-ii-m nu n.-ru-^.    ^i-mir.

fications relnxablf? at Commicon's d'iPWt.-iij ^u cjs-.- .jf ,-uPii .iltci-'

othenriiP w ell-quHlitic d.

HI. Oi'f NC/IIIU ni'tiit'Jn' nffif'f <*.n<l'-I i.i . • i: Lh'l. £>-fVfn.r-
Science ltryan'*atioti, W.nif'f'j uf Dy-ifi l'ri<r pyrmnnrnT. jf-jy ;
Rs, GOO—40— 1,'JO'J— l,iiOij~-l,M,KJ— l,ii"H— I,Km — l.MH -l,L"f».
Hicher pay to specially qualified anil expfi-.^m* d 'Mnrlidjr**.
Aye : Prefenbly abovi11 3-1 yean, ffuultfu-i-r-''., s : E-tei 1W : (!) AT
least bprond ilds,s r>i;ree in^ ^[euli?in»-al, nr Clit-inical
Engineering of rero^uiBed I'nivfir-'ity or fijiwjliMit. !'•> Ab^nt 3
yeaM1 expenenpe of researeli of high standard, or oi"<lMsitin. nr de\ e-
lopment of urniampnt or explosives stores. QiuliQeutiirth reliixalfli-
at Commioi9inn"sj dw^rptinn in i'*iai3 of itmilidiit**' nTlicrWiSf- w<»Il-

11. One Proci'&vlny. Et'git'Ctr M^tt '<tr<i uf /'»*) ? tm-1 ^jfirnlturr.
Post teinporarj' but likely to onntinue. Preference given tn
(Vtes,Scheduled Tribes (-'andiii.ite*. if sudi MUMbli1 I'auilirtutp .1
able. Putf : Ra. 1.<M»0— oU—l,3nn— 00—l.liOU. Hiahfi mititil
tu specially qualified ..Tiul fxp^rienwil r.uuliihitpa, Au> : f?
45 ye^ra. Iteliisenblt fur LiiiUfiin rut a'jvnjiA*. ijwii'ftnttt'un* ;
Etiintiifl: \t) Degret' in Enuuerrmu especially Mei>li«tii,iMl or
Bleftnctil of rec-Ppniffirt rmyei-iity. (u) Abrcit in years' f\-v<>miipr
in reiponsiblc i-'dpanity iin^iimmfi, eiwtiim iiiiJ uperatiou i»i t'ni'ioriL'a
relating to Food or Agricuhur«\l products, preferably -snyar iai.1 ur i»f
cotton giiifs and oil milk. Qualifiu-dtioiw riihivtitjiy at f '»m-m^i,m\
discretion^p of candid at e-* othprwi"i> Mpll-ijUdlifipil.

li. Qae EntumoJoijifit in IVrctfunitf '*f Pinnf P, a^riv,, Qun-
rant Inc. and Storage, Jfjutar// uf Fwl nnd A<tfn-itlftrf. 1'n-t tt'm-
porarj- but likely t»> coiitinnt? fi»r peri>jd of 3 ye.irs. Other chinfjfj
heinii'enual preference Riven to Hi-licihil&l i;.istr^ Tnl>*>s f'.uulnlat^.
Pn-i : B5.273—23—,-itH»-E.B.—Sf>—«rii«-i:.iJ.-3M - Mtti. itiulirr
initial pav to spcciully «iUiihfieil »uid exjwru'ui'pd « uuli'latt1 -l;/c :

UfietHhnr: EfvndJal: 10 Degree m Agriiniliuiv^ii m.iatpr's iU>j>H«»
in Zoology ur Agricultural ZcMiloey "f ivfoi>mKed Uni^n^iTy or.
equivalent qualifications. (f;i About i ywin.' i»^ihai»iipi» «f plunt
protection and quarantine work, u'u) Unipral kuuwled^ of the
posts of cultivated plants anil training in. tluir iilcntificrtfciuu «ud
method of disinfestatioii owl knowledge of fnneijin pent specie-,
of quarantine importanpe. Qualifications relaxablo «t C^wr—' ' *
discretion in wao of raiuUilatcfi otherwise \tpU-qnuKHeil.

13. Ont lecturer 'it SMMh'*, fftirfniutfut BamMta t'olfr,7,<
Blwnal. Port tempumrj' hun lita-Iy to be iaarti» pi*imannni. Other
things l»eiiip euual jtreBrenuw KIVWI to Si'liorfadoil CUrt'-i <'nn<liute» |
Pay : Rs, 3011--13- 330—3tt -^M, Hijshw initiJi! pay tn spociaUy
qiwlitintl and oxi*rioni.'ed pftudidato. J* : »«;!1^«*« ** awl 43
ywira. RrtaxuW jw gornnuuM Mrmnh, Qwiifwtt-m* i £«cn<

natlm with pwt-gwduate trainltiK in Station* .>t wr^nwed T mvar-
hity, (*0 About two yeaw' experimcp of tncbintt btotwtivn up to
dimte atandard. («'<) WnWug kiwwlMlne of Hindi. '»—'-
t relaxablp at CoouBwuhm'ti Ulwreti'm in *'*>*> cif QAOI