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14. One Deputy Development Officer (Sports Goods) in Office of
Development Commissioner, Small Scale Industries, Ministry of
Commerce and Industry. Post temporary bub likely to continue.
Other thmgg being equal preference given to Scheduled Castes/
Tribes Candiates. Pmj : Rq. 000—40—1,000—1,000—1,050—1,050
—1,100—1,100—1,1.')(). Higher initial pay to specially qualified
imrl nxponencBd caiirhntes. Age: Below 40 years. Rein cable far
r/overniient se?<rmfs. Qualifications - Essential : (i) About 5 years'
oicperionco of working in aporbs goods industry, (u) All round
knowledge of sports goods industry in India and its problems. (Hi)
Degree in Science of recognised University, Qualifioations relax-
• iible at Commisaion'H discretion m casa of cmdidatos otherwise

1.1. One Deputy Development Officer (Mutch Industry), ni Offirr
•if JJn-elotJHtfrif Com tains toner, ttwnll Rcale Indnntripx, Ministry of
f'oMtnerrc mid Induatvj. Post temporary but likely to continud.

Other IliinuH being equal iirelpi-pni o given to Scheduled LJiisies/Tnbes
(J.mdidatp. Pity : Rs 6(10-40—1,000 —1,000 —1,050—1,0,10—1,100

1,100—1,11)0. Higher initial pay to specially qualifier! and experienc-
ed eriniliatc Age : Below 40 yeniN. ReLarublc for government
seretmti. Qualifications • Ewnttdl : (t) About 5 years' practical
experience of working in Match Industry (,i) All round know-
"Icdgo of match mdsutry m ludin and its problems, and experience
of preparing estimates of pout of production at different stages in
manufacture of matches, (in) Degree m Chmnistry or Industrial
Chemistry or Tachnulogy nf recognised University. Qualifications
relaxable at Commission1 d discretion in case of candidates otherwise

16. Research Officer, Planning Commission (Education Divi-
sion). Post temporary, but likely to continue. Other things being
equal Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes Candidates preferred. Pay.
RH. 3.10—25—500—E,B—30—650—E.B.—30—800. Higher ini-
tial pay to specially qualified and experienced candidate Age :
Below 40 years Eelnxabla foi government servants Qualifications:
Essential : (i) At lesat 2nd Class Master's or equivalent Honours
degree, (n) Degree in education, (in) About three years' prac-
tical experience of teaching in responsible capacity, (iv) Know,
lodge of educational requirements and Educational Planning in India
or_abroad or experience of research on Educational problems.
Qualifications relaxable at Commission's discretion in case of candi-
dates otherwise well-qualified.

17. One Director (Production and Development) in office of
Textile Commissioner, Bombay, Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
Post permanent. P(\\i : Ha.' 1,300—60—1,600. Higher initial pay
to specially qualifier! and experienced candidate. Age : Between
3,1 and 45 yearn. Relaxablp, for permanent government aernunta.
Qualifications -. Essential : (i) Degree or diploma, in Textile Manu-
facture/Technology of recognised University or Institution. Pro -
ferenca will be given to B so. (Tech.) or M so. (Tech.) of Manchester
University, (ii) About 8 years' experience of raanagment and
runmg of textile mills weaving and spinning, in various production
centres. Qualifications relaxable at Commission's discretion in case
of candidates otherwise well-qualified.

13. A&sitant Aerodrome Officers in Cioil Aviation Department
Directorate Genual of Civil Aviation — In partial modificatjou of
item no. I which appoarorl in C3mmia<Jion'ia advertisement no, 42
issued on Octobnr S, 1955, it is hereby nobified for genera) in forma-
tionthat the number of vacancies has boen incraased from 13 to 16.
PostsLomporary but likely to continue indefinitely, Four posts re-
served for members of .Schedule Castes and 2 posts for Scheduled
Tnboa if such suitable candidal es available, otheiwiFC all po&is may
bj treated as unreserved Age : Between 19—35 (The upper ago
lun-t has also be en. increased from 25 to 35). Pay: Rs.275— 25 — 500
— E.E.— 30— 650— E.B.— 30— 800 after the successful completion
of the training for period of 8 months during which stipend at the
rate of Rq.150 per month will bepaid. Qualifications : Essential :
Candidate must either : (1) be graduate in Engineering of recog-
nised University or A M.I.E. (India) possess equivalent qualifications
OR (-1) poasesH B.A. or B. Sc. degree of recognised University with.
Phyrfics or Mathematics as one of the subjects. OR (3) hold the dip-
loma of tli3 Indian Institute of Science m Tele-Commurioationa or
po3?asa Bachelor's degreo with 'wireless' as apecial subiect or possess
qualifications in Radio or Tele-Communications equivalent to degree
•OR (4) hold or have held ' B 'Pilot's Licence withnot leas than 200
hours solo flying as pilot or have held Air Navigator's Licence and
have had not les-3 than 1000 hours air experience a* Navigator and
have passed the Intermediate Examination of recognised Uni-
versity or the Senior Cambridge Examination, 022 (5) hold or have
held Commissioned rank for not less than four years in the General
Duties Branch of the Indian Air Force. Qualifications re-
Iax4ble at Commission's descretion in case of candidates otherwise
woll.quahaflcJ, Closing data : 10th December, 1955 (24th Decem-
ber, 1»55 from the applicants abroad).

Advertisement   no.   50

3 are invited for the undermentioned posts from
and persons migrated from Pakistan with intention,
' settling in India or subjects of Nepal, Sifckim or

Pakiatim  and non-liberated  .ireaa  of Jammu and   Kashmir.   No
roldxation for others, save m exceptional cases and will m no ca<io ''
be relaxed boyond three years.    Particulars and application fnrnn
from Secretary, Union Public Service Commission, Post Box No
186, New Delhi.    Requests for formrfnuwt Kpecifyname uf post, and '
should be iirciimpamurl by scilf addressed unstamped wivclnpn for
each post <it least of flisio !)" ,' 4" indicating   thoroon   inuuo of pout
for which forms are required.    Closing date for receipt of •ipiihca-
tions with treasury receipt    or OoHHorl Indian Postal Orders   fop -
Kn.7-8  (Re. 1-14 for scheduled Castes and Tribes)  31st Deremhrr   '
1955, (14th January, 1956, for applicants from abroad.)    Conuni"
yaion may remit jjeriuinely mdigant and bonafide displaced pergons1
fee.    Separate application with separate fee required for each

,              o

former Ewnoh possessions in. India, Upper age
* year, for ehednled Castes, Tribal Jf abon-
and upto 45 years for displaced persons from


Candidates abroad may apply on plain paper if forma not available
and deposit fee with local Indian Embassy. If required cantlulatea
must appear for porHonal mtnrvjow.                                  m

1     Oflc ftii'perintrn<l<.nq   KHfiiitprr,  Hcnllh Rd'time.*,  Delhi, Sinir,
PoHl, pormanont but vufancy will >)0 filled on temporary baniu HTU!
selected c-tinrlidato will hold it in ottiniating rapacity aH long HH liort
nf last incumbent remmiis.    Ptty.    (ft) For officer of Indian Brnicr   '
of  JSnatnew.    (i)  Pay, Rs 1,750—100—2,150.    (11) Overseers    paij
I*1 13— 6— 8, if admissible     (m) Motor car allowance : ns.Kid per
month subject to such percentage cuts, if any, as may for time being
be in force m  the   allowance   of   Government   servants of   similar
rategones generally,    (iv) Allowance as Secretary-Engineer of Delhi    J
Joint Water and Sowage Board, payable by Board •  H.H.400   per    i
month Hubject to any cut that may be imposed from time to time.
(b) For n Provincial Service Officers or direct remittim-nts. (i) Pay.
-Rs.l,50U— 50 — 1,600 plus allowances mentioned in (a) (lii) and (iv)
above.    Higher initial pay to specially qualified and experienced
candidate,    Age.    Prefereably    below    CO    yearq.    Qualifications,   ''
Essential,    (i) Degree in Civil Engineering of recognised University
or  equivalent,    (ii) Post-graduate   degree   or     diploma  in  public
health engineering,    (lii) Adequate experience in  responsible    ca-
panity of designs and execution of Water Supply and Sewage and    '
Sludge Treatment Plants and of Electrical Pumping Machinery in    -
Public Health Engmnenng Department of Government, Corporation
or Major Local Body or m nny other Organisation of repute.    Qua-    ,
lifipations relaxalbe at Commission's discretion in CURD of oanrlidatpfl
otherwise   well-qualified.

2.    MarkttinQ   Office), Directorate: of Marketing and Inspection,    •
Ministry of Food and Agriculture.    Post temporary but likely to
continue.    lipiserved for scheduled    CaatoH/Schodulod    Tribes    can-
didates. if such suitable candidates available; otherwise to bo treat-
od as unreserved.    Pa)/.    Ra.275 — 25 — 500 — E.B. — 30 — 710.   Hi-
gher initial pay to specially qualified and experienced candidate.
Age.    Bolow 35 years. for Government   Servants.    Qua,
lificutions.    Essential,    (i) Degree   in   Agriculture   or   equivalent.     |
(ii) About throe years' exponence of agricultural marketing includ-
ing experience offwnting technical reports.    Qualifications relaxable

at Oommissiori'a discretion in case    of candidates    otherwise well     ,
qnaliflorl.                                                                                             ;

3.    Four Assistant Directors  (Civil)  Central Water and Power     (
Commission Water Wmg), Ministry of Irrigat^on  and Power.    Tern-     |
porary but likely to continue for indefinite period.    One poet re-     '
served for scheduled castes and one for scheduled tribes if such suit-     ;
able candidates available; otherwise treated as    unreserved.    Pay.
Hs.350— 350— 380— 380— 30— 590— E.B.— 30— 770— 40— 850.     Hi-
gher initial pay to specially qualified and experienced candidates.
Age.    Below 40 years.    Relaxable for  Oovernmcnt Servants.    Qua-
lifications.    Essential,    (i) Degree m  Civil Engineering  of recog-
nised University or equivalent.     (11) About 5 years' practical ex-
perience of design and construction of dams and irrigation works.
Qualifications relaxable at Commission's discretion in case of candi-
dates otherwise woll-qiialifiod.

4.    One Euecutwe Engineer (Electrical) in Central Light House
Department, Ministry of Transport.    Post temporary but likely to

be made permanent. Pay. Hs.600— 40— 1,000— 1,000— 1,050— ,
1,050— 1,100— 1,100— 1,150. Higher initial pay to specially quali-
fied and experienced candidate. Age. Preferably below 40 years.
Relaxable for Government Servants. Qualifications. Essential, (i) '
Degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent with post-graduate
training or diploma in Electrical communications from recognised
University /Institution, (ii) About 5 years' practical experience
in responsible position including experience in design, installation
and maintenance of radio transmitting and receiving stations
including aerial system, (in) Some experience of workshop, prac-
tice in relation to maintenance and manufacture of electrical equip-
ment. Qualifications relaxable at Commission's discretion in case
of candidates otherwise well-qualified.


Twfnty two Inspectors of Mines, in the Mines Department, Mim**
try of Labowr. Tn the Commission's advertisement no. 46 which
appeared on the Gth November, 1955, for the existing entry under
qualifications essential (ii) substitute "Degree of recognised Univer-
sity or recognised diploma in Mining," It is also notified that
posts are pensionable. Closing date of receipt of applications
extended to December 17, 1955. Other terms remain unehangs