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UTTAR PRADESH GAZETTE, DECEMBER 3, 1955                     [pABT VIIi

[N THE COURT OF THE CIVIL JUDGE, BUDATTX                                                              LOST

Pi,- Ml : SRI K   (.'   SHAIOLA,    Insolvent, Jirfgn                             Tirn CimL-uuneiit   L'runiihHui.v  N-.ii', mi   A.'EDMUB7,j/77   uf tin.

Insolvency Petition no-  5  of 1955           ,                        ,{, per 'LBnt   of [J.r   Eurnmberprl Eilatp- Act Bonds tor Rs.lOU eacli

onpmally utmidum in Hie minis of M-:*. Uh-uidco Devi Qncl last BmloM-

l it tki. iiititli'i 01—                                                                                   ed Vj Kanti Trasarl  th3   iu-opriotoi(s), b7 whom   they wero navoc

Ham C'hiirnu Ldl. huii  ot Uaiilut  Ham, re*uleutnt                           PUdorHerl to any other   pcisem,   hiviiig has i lost, natic^ ig hareby

-            -.im0iii'   rliHti'ict Bii-                                                                                                 '

iirnu     d. huii  o                           ,                                             PUdorHerl to any oter   pcisem,      iiiig        i        ,                g    arey

e hiithdiili, I-.l,«im05iii', rliHti'ict Bii-                           „..«, that the payment of the abave notn  (H) a'i 1 tha mtaraat thare-

auu                            -          -.              r-lfcrt   Tl'   IB^uf   the     SJ^bis been rtjppsa ftt the Piihl.o  D?bb Ol&ai. K3*Pva Bank of

PmHi'AKT t» a petition dated the  16th July, l».io, ut    the       V             ^          an(l tUftt np UtAtion. „ abailt to La made for the

Him ementione.l    api.linml. and on reading and adducing «^>Jpnie                 iluphcate fs) tot- payment   of tin discharge value m favour   hedi-ing thu ,-amc at  ih oidered that the fbtw be  and the                lu.0prietor.    Tha    public  aiv  cmtionarl   agamat pur

,,iul ilohtor" is heicby adjudgrd mf-olvent on the 12th Not embei          othr.f, dealmij with  the   above   mentioned Security.

1!I3.1.    On-   yc-ir'*)  Time been nJlowcd for lua discharge.             ^              JVrtWc «/ Idwrtwei- -KAXTI   PRASAD.
Uiited  thip,   tbe   20th   day   of November, 195,i

By order,                                      Reiidetve—'JIo Ajxulbya   Pr.w.i-l    Praanrl,

A.KHTAR  -VLI                                    Sarrof, Bazar SJTOOI'.I. N.ilmiMnijur.

P8TJP-3B Qati, (E)-1B55J

by the Soprifttffwta*. Pnnn=P ^4 S^tionery, Tj. p.