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tt'ei'P 'received from the Azamgarh, iSaliarunpur (JnrnkL-
pnr, Dehra Dun and Lucknow districta. Stray attacks
of gwndJii bug on paddy, of pyrUla on sun arcane.
nf cotton leal' roller on cotton and of termites on
groundnut wore reported from several districts. Con-
trol measures against these tield rats anel jJests were
underUikon l>y the Plant Protection Service, U. P.

VI—A<j)-i,cultural Mark

The condition of the livestock was, on the whole,
Ratiafaotroy although catllo diseases have, as usual,
been reported from a- nmnher of districts. The figures
for the number of seizures, deaths and mortality from
infectious1 cattle diseases (hiring this and the preceding
mouths are presented m the table given below, which
has been prepared from the data furnished by the
Director of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, Utttar
Pradesh. Jt would appear from this table that, as
compared with the previous month, the total number
of seizures and deaths recorded a decline of 61-9
per cent, and (55 y per cent, respectively, resulting
in a slight fall in mortality from 27 to 24, As regards
Anthrax, there were increases of 93-3 per cent, and 93-1
per cent, respectively in the number of seizures and
deaths, in consequence of which the mortality remained
stationary at 07. As for FTaemorrhagic Septicaemia,
thera was a fall of 62 S par csnt. in the number of
seizures and of 72-7 per cent, in the number of deaths,
leading to a fall in mortality from 81 to 59. As
regards Black Quarter, there was a fall of 85-5 per
cent, in the number of seizures and a fah1 of SI 6
per cent, in the number of deaths, resulting in a rise
in mortality from 70 to 10U. In regard to Rinderpest,
there was a decline of 55-] per cent, and 05-6 per cent,
respectively in the number of seizures and deaths,
but mortality registered a nominal fall from 61 to GO.
As regards Foot-and-mouth disease, thje number of
seizures and deaths recorded decreases of 63-3 per
cent, and 75 0 per cent, respectively, which led to a
fall in mortality from 0-12 to O-OS. As for other
diseases, the number of seizures and deaths recorded
increases of 70-6 per cent, and 5-9 per cent, respec-
tively, but mortality fell from 100 to 62.
TABLE—Number of seizures, deaths and mratality from

Infectious Cattle.   Diseases   dvriwj   1lw   months of

September and October, 1955.

Seizin-pa                    Deaths                 Mortality

Sop-to TO -I)PT

Antlmix     ..              30             US             2fl             56             117             SIT

iiar-m. Snpt.         ansi       i,ioy      2,405         GSIJ          si          3<i

Black Quiirtur         282           41         223           41            71)          KW

Rin-dBipoHt             2,332        1,048        1,421          631             6}             fid

Paot-and-   ' '      9,1-155       3,G2l            .12              3        0-12        0- OS

Obhe°rUDiHPnH-            17             29            17             '8           100             02

If5,4t)7       6,905


y}f—Pasturage find Fodder

Pasturage and fodder were reported to be generally
adequate except in the flood-affected and water-logged
areas, where scarcity of both was felt.

Ylll—llt'itllh it m/ Liitmif,' ;,<  linfi1   ],, /.
The health <>f   the hiljnuiinjf   pu|ntl.Lti<in en-r.^i'il
in agriculture in tm-rtr-, \\-js    ivpnir^] tit be !»-Tu-
rally  satisfactory  except in   tUr> dMrioT- -iffo-red   hy
PXpprt.sivT ruins and thtocU.

S. Ti. >IXGH.

H'i:   OA|\[rss]u\
\r r«-. "[

L.'   iivi-"'m<ut,u,i:r.!  i.,,-:.
'^ w"


Af'l'Ui \IKIN-,uv   imili«<]   fin

lurliiui nh/j'iis .mil piT'-niis mr.fin1 r-il frnni l'.iLi->'l(ir1 wtii uUL'ai:i\n
of puriiMiir-iLtly -fithu^ -n Imh.i m- .siili|'it- nt NVj'.i!. fiikUm or
Pnitii(fiiLNp oi I^ornu-i1 Fn HL!I i)'j*>««->«ii'ris in Infii.. L"?i{jpr Ui,t'-
limit ipl.ix.iblf by "* \f?.n-. f'ii'>., Tin;l .TH-! AL-ri-
^in«il < iimmunities an<l ii]» to -41 vi-.iis f,->r ili-pl.irpil p-.-*, ni^ fr,nii
PLikist.m anil noii-librr.iti'.l ai'iM- ui' Jjininn , ,. I Xu
rehix.itiuii fur others, -.H-P m cxd'phiJii.i] (,ts-s ,-ri,l ^ill in rn* •, ,,-^t>
bp vr-l,ixp<l bfyiinil thru- yivr-. IVuti. uJ.ns atL-1 .s,i'jilir-«.tiim Stuns
from SL-I rettuy. Union J'nlili- Scnin I'DTPIHN-I.,!,. F,.,f H.i\ u,i"
ISO, New Delhi. Ruqup-ts ttir furms lan-T sj.,-.iiy iurm> ,,f }ir,-t

for each poit (it of sizt1 U ' ' 4 ' inil1! ifmj tni<;>Mt> n.i'ne nf }»n-,t
for wlui'h forms are reijuirwl. L'li.-,inii tl.- IP £i.r -vrpipr »jf «tjiji!iji-
lion1-! with trpdsuiy rei-eipt or ('iij-.«.r,l Post.i' UnliTh ioi-
Ki, 7-M (Rt». 1-14 fur Schedule-'! (\i-stc-s au«I TWii^-i 7rh .I.iuu.irv,
1H.TI (21st .TtinaAry. 1'J.lti FLT a|iphf<iuts irnn ,ibr<iiiil< L'omjnu-j'
•sinn may rrmit ^Piuiuirly uuhuciit anil r.n>«'Jhl>. tliiplifuil p-i^nn-t'
fpp ScparutP -.tpplu amm -with -qi.H.itt* fui iviiinn1-! tup f tr-h p.j-r.
CiintluLitp-i alirntul m.iy apply uu pliim paji»r Jf I'.irms I,I,T at, jl.iblc?
anil ilepo^it It-e with Inral liiihrin Knib.t^-y. li if^uufil L',«''-,
must .ippear fni pti'snnal mterv u w.

ra,ry hut liltply to contJtijiie Fourpo-t^ re-.i-ni d fur S-hfujJwl (.'n^ics
oaniditlutM, iJ sUrh I'.imhilntes ,i\iulali[o rthf r,\i-.'p nil povt^ may l*r>
treated a-^ uiirp-vprverl Pit if : r<if <)ui,'f <ft-"f,' «-• : R^.S^IJ—aJjo—

emij'Humi^ fluetrm»nit unj^i t,,,ir T.rA July imi. R>.4U!>—
30 — .1.->o_,iu 2 — hud— ."ill — "Mil— ,10 2— T:*'!- -.'11— 1,21111. Tuy of
persons alretnly in fjnvemmput MTMLV will In' iixecl un.W th.>
rulcT.. For cithers higher p,ty within tlif si-ak1 cf {^.3,111—
8.)0 to npeciiilly ijualitieil ^ind exppj «-nuj J'95>. Atii : ]^P!O\V
3r"» year.-.. rifla>'alitr far iitn'trin,i'iti ,-• fiiil^. (Jtnt!if>i"iti'riHt :
EiWEHt'ul — c'J 11. ta'i. . or L-qmv.ufnt li'tuniu-- de^rc" m (-Ir'irilpi'y nf
rec'oaniisetl Umvorsity nr diploma in lii-tJiuy of Indian SSi-honl of
lliiies and Applied "ilrulojy, Uhanljad. in] Ahnut 3 yeurw' ex*
prurience in any brruvb of Upnloyy, im-ludiny ^'olnt-iral nelil work.
Qu(ll^nu.ltlOIl^ rehixable «t Cumniissigirs di^t rc-tion in r-aie nf e/iiuli-

2- S'ew-H A#<,i*tfwtCn,ilMii.i'ruitmtleitft>,rJ)ri,Jr'l5. A^i&ftniT Cd-
Zz'cr,!/ Muiititjr ra hi CloMil, /-•j/flWwAr»/ CtittruHftrwe nf IwVnii l)tn-eru-
iwnt Conl riepttriwut. Aliiii\tf<i uf Prorftuilaii. Po-:t temporary hut
likely to continue indefinitely. Two piutt iv-prved for Schpduloji
Caste p.inrliiJatL-ii and nnf> foi Si-hi>rluled Tribe-, i aiuliilntfs it" suth
fciutablt! candidale" Av.nlablp. If ntlu-i-wne pnnts mtiy also b«
treated ,\>3 iinreseiveil Ptiii : i>| Z-W 'f'Vi/ wri/tt* : R-i.SjO —
35U— 3hO— 3SO— 3«l— DM0— E,B. -3d— T7» -4n ~S >i». I Initial biliary
Of Pis 3!Hl for holders of 1-t i-la>,s t'ollipry A[an.i^i-p\ ccrtiflcrtto}.
(t*J For }itritu)iM itt ioi>1>>,>niHi f-iuetr/nn'nl eirijilt><t •* litre l.Vft
Juhj, 1331 : IKWM — ,1U— li.'iH— tpi— TOIL HiHlit-r initial pny to
•ape-l'ialh* i|*ncd and pxpwh'iu-i'd L-imdidiitOs. Ay-' : ItPtiTPun.
23 unrf 3i> ycttM. J'e^i^nftt^ fttr (-rurtfiiinrii* it'i'jvin/t. Qwtliji-
fntirtnf- : EwfHtial — t('J DPUIIW nr di}>lonid in Mining J?mniKienupf
fiom ref.o|>nwe«l TTiiiveiMty or muthutinn. i>t} First <>!A<»K
ajui-ji'r's i'Prtiti»Mto nf i-oiup'-tfin-y niwlt-'r Indimi MIIU'H

3.    fine   jtefiniMrHt   Junto?   Jifwin'b   ([ffi'«>'r   \A*ii-fnm

). Fnreit Jtf>nirrh JniJitiilr «M? f'rtllr'tf-*, firttrn I)nu.
Pmj . Hir.2Tr»— 3."— rMKi-E.B,— 3»— iWil— E.B.— »i~«(iO. ffiiflni-
imtial pny to j-ppc-i.iUy qualified tmd p\p«.'«iru-ed ' nndidiit*1. Atff :
BP!OW *W VWrs- RtlnftAle fofffapernutFHt *-ff pinto, *ftutlj[ficutfoni :
Essential— (!) llastor'a or otniivalent Hnnour.s dfcrfe in Zoology
with Eiitamoloej' us oui? of tlio subjc-Pt-*. (ii) Knuwled^e
of field methods' ti> t-tmtrol insect i»cst^ of trtv* and cut timbw.
iiii) About three years' prartirul' research pxpprj>nt>i« inElntomoj'y.
Quabfications rpluxable at Ouinini^ion'.s di*TPtiou m f

4. Ttco Lrftitffm in Phf/iH-n. tfiirprMutcnf Htnnitlhi ('allege.
Bhopfll. Pnrfts temp-urary but IiMy to bi* ina/le pern
Other thinai Ij^inc e<mal, prffprciK-r- friv-?« tn St'hp«JuItnI
rundidates, Ptui : Rn.2(N»-I.V- 930— A»-4-W. IJiplier
iMiy to Hpwially i[ualifieii and c\in>rieru-pd fimflidntes. Age :
BetWfWi 2S and 4.1 VPIICH. Rrl'imltfi' fur tittrrrn went xfrvaut*,
Owthfir<tti»nx ; JSTwwi/irt/— (/) At Ustot >«M-mul MM** M^Se. in
Physics of rmiKolwil Uiuvprnilj-. (ti) Vlmut two ymtn1 tearhttig
experienet1 up to p(iRt-t?raduutP Htiunlanl. (Junlifii-ations relaxablo
at CuunnwHsion's* dtiwrt'tion in t'ata> uf i-andidrties otherwia» -woll-