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APPLICATIONS arc invilud for the undermentioned poat&from
Indian citizens. and persons migrated from Pakistan -\\itli intcntjunof
permanently Botthiiy in India or mibjoctH uf XnpaU iSikkun or Por-
tuguese or former Fronch possesoioiis in Judia. Upper age-limit
u'laxablo by 5 years' for Scheduled Castes, Tubal and aboriginal
communitins and up to 45 years for displaced persons from Pakistan
and non-liberated areas of Jamimi and Kashmir. No relaxation
for others Rave in exceptional cases and will m no (JEHE? be relaxed
beyond thruu yeara. Particulars and application forms from Hep-
rotary, Union Public Service Commission, Posts Box no. 1st), NGW
Dolhi. .Requests for forms must specify name of post and should
bo accompanied by Hclf- addressed unstamped envelope for each

U.   Out MileoruJnti^i. Cru,lf II, ,'i, Italian Mti,n*blog;,ti/ TJ.J.,,
mtinr, Ministry of Cunutinniwitioiin.    Pnst tunj m.iri  I,u1 Jil;i iv f



(i) For direct
8l»— 770— 40— srii*

il<,; T{,. arid

i - ,'{0-   ri'M—El

_______r receipt            ___          ____  ______    ______   __    ______

fRe. 1-14 for Scheduled Castea and Tribes} 14th January, 1956 (2Sth
January. 1956, for applicants from abroad, Commission may remit
genuinely indigent and bana fide displaced persons fee. Separate
application with separate fee required for each post. Candidates
abroad may apply on plain paper if forms not available and deposit
fou with local Indian Embassy. If required candidates must ap-
pear for personal interview.

1. Twenty-two Assistant Drilling Engineers, Indian Bereau
of Mines, Ministry of Natural Resources and Scientific
Besearcli. Post temporary but likely to contimin. Pay; R,s.360—
350—380—380—30—590 E.B.—30—770—40—S50. Higher initial
pay to specially qualified and experienced candidates. Age :
J?B!OW 33 years Relnrrtble for government servants. Qualifica-
tions -. Essential ; (i) Degree or equivalent diploma in Meclunical
or Mining Engineering or degree in Scieuco from rccog-
nizod University/institution (ii) Training in 'different method*
of drilling ptu'tiruliirly in diamond drilling and in handling of
different types of drilling equipment and accessories -with about
a year's experience of drilling. OR About 3 years' experience in
drilling different formations with various types of drilling
machines and with different pore diameters or completion of
about 10,000 feet of drilling up-to-date-. Qualifications relaxablt?
nt Commihsion'ri discretion in case of candidates otherwise well-

-2 One Senior Scientific Officer (Signals), Ornrle I, in Joint
Coin-muMcation Electro?iics Committee, Ministry of Defence—
Post temporary bat likely to be mado permanent. Pay : P.s.600—40
1,000—1,000—1,050—1,050—1,100—1,100—1,150. Higher initial pay
to specially qualified and experienc'cd candidate. Age : Prefer-
ably above 33 yoars. Qualifications : E/n,ential : (i) .Hebearch degieu
or first alums Master'ri degree in Physics with specialisation in Radio
communication or at least second class degree in Eleftriual Commu-
nication or Radio Engineering, (ii) Practical training in department
installation or factory dealing in communication or Radio Engi-
neering with about 6 years' experience, of which, about 3 years' should
bo in research- Qualifications relaxablo at Commission's discre-
tion in case of candidates otherwise well-qualified.

3. One MicrophotograpJiist in Intelligence tiuteatt. Mini*l>itf>f
Home. Affairs. Post temporary but likely to be madu permanent
eventually. Other things being equal preference given to Jk-heduh'd
Castes/Triben candidate. Pay' Rs.350—23—000—680. Higher
initial pay to specially qualified and expenenced candidate. Age:
lielow 30 years. Relaxable for government servant*. Qutilifti'tition^ :
Essential • (i) Degree in Science preferably witli Physics, Chemistry
anil Mathematics of recognized University, (ii) Knowledge of general
photography and microfilming on 33 mm. and lt> mm. films mid of
indexing and filming of micro copius< (m) About 3 years}' practical
expsrience in handling of high speed microfilming cameras, print era
and processing equipment of different types. Qualificatons relaxable
at Commission's discretion in CLIHC of candidates otherwise well-quah-

4 Ten Controllers in Import and Export Trade Control Urgnni-
ziition, or Ministry of Commerce and Infatstry. ost Ptemporary but
hkely to continue. One post reserved for Schedule Caste/Tribes
candidates if such suitable candidates available, otherwise all posts
troated M unreserved. Pu>j \ Ks.650—30— 770—E.B.—40—830
(subject to rovMon). Higher initial pay to specially qualified and
experienced candidates. Age: Below 45 years. fieliKCdbte for govern-
ment servant. Qualifications: Essential: (i) Degree of recognized Uni-
versity or equivalent, (ii) About 7 years' experience in responsible
supervisory capacity in Government service or business cone-em.
Qualifications relaxable at Commission's discretion in case uf can-
didates otherwise well-qualified.

5. Thirty-ono Assistant Controllers in Import and Export Trafa
Onntrol Organisation, Ministry of Omnrnfrw and Industry. Post
temporarv but likely to continue, Four posts reserved for Scheduled
Caster Tribes oandrdates provided suitable candidates forthcoming
otherwise all posts treated as unreserved. Pay: Rs.330—330—380—
380—30—650 (subject to revision). Higher initial pay 10 specially
qualified and experienced candidates. Age-. Below 35 years. Mdaxatte
for government servants. Qualifications : Essential: (i) Degree of
recognized university or equivalent, (ii) About 6 years' exper.
ion.ce Jn rowpannble supervisory capacity in Clovornmonl hwrvicu or
bnamofls concern, Qualifications relaxable- at CoiuTn!irvinn'la tUncrc*
How in case of candidates otherwise well, qualified,

830—EB.—30—Ijioii—|,OU\»—30—1.230. Hiiclicr '.IIIK.I! p^' ru
bpec'ially qudlifled and t-xprricnoed iuudnltLt>.. .-!'/• • Uf.'t'v.'i-ji ill
and 32 years. JlrlfrsnUe for 'f'jCfnti,iL,>l «r,*tinn-. (J i.tlifii,it>,.,.<.;
Essential : (i) Fir^t clu-iS Musti'iV nr e<-|iin alrnt Hnnoiiis d'""'j'«'t' r r
hifc-hrr degree in Pliysi.s or .XpplipJ Math-matu „ >,r Aj.pln d l'Ii\ -
sir--, or Meteorology. (ii) Knowli'dL''' of Elu-rnmi' -. .ulr.iru'ail ^Fitiu
^va\-p tian^mi-hion and aud tin JF jIT.ILt>iMl applfcaiit'i.
to ^reteorulufiy. Qualiticanon-* lulaxobk1 UT (Jumini-s"'iu - fbv n -
tion In Pa^p of <>anilnliitr?s otlicnvi^j wi'll-qu.ilifjtM).

Ministry of X-ciurtil Acvittu*;"* find & n iitijir It* amn I, FVs-;s tcnuju-
rury but likely to ••oiitnun-. Eighteen po->ti r,-,orvi-,l for iS'-ln-rluIi',!
Castes und six poots for .SfhiMlulodTribt", famJnliin-.. it -..n I- suit,il<3,
candidutt^ uvdiliible ; otiiHrwixc all po-t- ni.u In- trrafijiii i:nic-
flprved. Pay 11.9.273—21- .VIM—E. 1!.- .'}n ii-'in. Bi<j:ln r HU:M|
pay to specially qualified ami u\y_'riijiii >'il .'..sndidaii*-:. ,-lr/. •
Below 27 years. Reliable for Goret,t,nrnt *treni<t*. QurtJi/>i'!tn,u-:
Efaential : (i) Mastnrri or oqinvali'iit lionnur^ dei'rce in Gt-cluj
of rt!cogniziid University or diijlimm in Geolojjy from Indi«iii
School of Mines and Applied Geo]D^r\, Dhnnliad, *

S. Three Amijlunt Eifucfiliunn? .Wi'wer* (CftKenil 3Isitiflr>i
of Education. Post tPmpurary but likely tc> continue. One po-t
ru^en-ed for (Scheduled L'tt^te^ candiilal >_• fuilinu; wJnt?h po^t will }>i>
treated as n?0erved for .Scheduled Tribt-. u<unliilkites. Jf no suit-
able candidate forth'-uimntj from eichwr uf (.omiimintics. all pi^N
may be treated at> 'wireservivl; Vaj J{s>Hn—30—-I.15U. Hiahc*
initial iiay tu spet'mlU tiuulil'iud 'and i-xperi)-ni>ud roudirlat«.
Age : Below 4li yenrfl. Jlrta xrillc fur $urefrii,n:hc 6irw«'s, Qutilt-

recoymzed> ur equhaU-nt ijiittlifii-ariuns. {iii^Mj'Jiit
7 years" experienro nf t^ai-hiny: and/or i-tim atinruil uiluiinistratiuii.
Qualifications r«'laxablf at C*ommi-sion'=. di^'n-tmn in i-.w <>f I'liftdi-
dat(.Jrf othiTwi^t' well-qiialifit'd.

J). ftnc Elth.'attun hffwtf (Tit t»<>'>->t1\, Mi-n^ri/ ,,f £V'i..r/;/.<t.
Puat temporary but likely to pni«tinne. Il"sr.'r\ i^l for Sfhcdulfd
Castes candidate failing whieh for Schcdiili-rl TM!K."» i-tinilidati-.
If no •siiitahle I'liniiulate fmm either of i'umiuuiuti<^ furthi-rjinint;
pofat will be treated HI? unieaurvcd. P<iy :li-,.UOn— 4H~ t*(Hj. Hjghw
initial pay to specially qualified and L-spwn-m-ed r annulate. Afi\. :
Below 3."» yenro. Rtliwitfr for goremaicut iK:r<aHt. tfnnli/f ntmi,*, :
JS&tfiit'nl i (\) At li»ti«>t wcond rhisff* d^rct- in ISniriiu-'innir or Tc'di-
nolog\ or tit li?a<3t at't-cmd i-lasa M. »Sc. degrt1*' of r»*i'ouuixi d UIUTLT-
sity. ' lii^ About 3 yearr*' uxpprifiii-e in *wi» ur mini1 uf foUuiiinfi
fields, (a) Teai'hun;. 16) Educational Admini.slration, (r> Jndubtry
(d\ Research. Qualification^ relaxable at ('<anniir<siuiiV tli-<'tc-
tion in ca&e of candidates otherwNp Wfll-qujlifit'rl.

10. Onr SuinrinhtidfHt tfuttOam Ihtfl'nmi Slatiui. of
Saiionul D<ilr>t Research Institute, Bui,i/riJurr, Mini^rij i,f Fowl
and Agriculture. Foot permanent but vacancy at present
temporary likely tu be made permanent. Reined fur Writ.
duled Ca-stesiTribe* uamlidatu if hiit-h suitable candiddto avatlnblu
otliurwif-epusl treated as unre^ervi'd. Ptty : Rs. 273—23 — SOI> —
E. B.— 30— C50— E.B.— 30— SOU. Higher initial 1'oy to npi-elally
rjuiihfied and exptsriencfd vandidatt-. AW; Mrlow 35 yearr.
lielujfallf fo) G'H-crnMu't frrnnlt,. Qualification' K**eiili'i7 ; (i»
Dcgrer ur diploma m A^iiculturv ur Vett.Tmi.ury ur Ddir.x SI-JWHM- wf
repogmz'.'d I'niveroityor equivali-nt. (lil Aljonl 3 yeum1 uxpcrjciipc-
or running large uattle-cuin-ddiry furin. QnalifieiUiuiiri jvlnxubli- ill
'^'ietion in L-ase ofcondidatL--, otliL-rw i.-u TifH-nnalificd

APPLICATIONS are invited for the uudennrntiuued posts froni
Indian citizens and persons migrated fiom Pakistan with intenticn
of permanently settling in India, or subjects of Kepal, Riklcixu or
Portuguicap or Fonncr 1'renrli pusst'oaions in India. Upper agulinntf?
relaxable by 3 years for S«iednl«'d Tastes, Tribal and aboriginal coin.
munities and Tip to 45 years for diVplaml porsoa? from Pakistan
and non-liberated areas of Jammu and Kashmir. Xo relaxation for
others, save in exceptional eose^ anrl will in un oasp be relaxed Lp-
yond three years. Perlifnlarw and application foiiws from ffccrv"
tary, Union' PubhV Service Cumniission, Post Bux no. 18lf» 2s'ew
Delhi. "Requoats for forms inunt specify nomo of post and eliould be
accompanied by yelf addTt'Sbed unstamped envelope fur eafli post ut
least of size 9* :r 4* indicating thereon nauif uf podt fop trlitch foin»
are required. Closing date for receipt of applications with Iwa^mS"
receipt or Crowd Indian Postal Onli-re ior ll«.7-S fKe.l-M for
Scheduled Cartes and Tri)>cif) il^i January, 10.18 (4th Fu1ru«y»
19.16, for applii'anta from abroad). Oominissiun may ninit genuinely
indigent and lona fida diaplawrd pt-won-s' fee. Wtparate appli-
cation with fiepamte feu requii-ed fov each i>u»t. Utuididatt'S abnwcl
may a-PP^y OJ1 lllaH1 PftP*>r i* form not available and dppoait fee with
local Indian Embassy. If required t'andiiUvtee must appear ftir
petson&l intervic-nr.

I.    Two MKJ*taaf 6'/&n> ft/firm* Jwlitin Jltwnii «J Jtf*»i<*,
ViuiM/tf tif Jfalurnt Jtt*mn+* ami tbifntifl* Jit March.
1 cnipiTary i.irt likrly It. vuulinnc.   Pa /; : Ut^7r».:M-. r,»Hi—
HijjbiT inuial pny tu ^M-mlly ininlificil will rsjx-r