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6.    Locust — Besides thf nlnnn cj,];imitie>'s .-dine   loss to thir ciops
•was also caused cm aocount of  locu-st  risitatir-ns which foitunatdy
•were not on a HUM .scale.    On account of the'timelj aitic.ii by   the
plant protection ami revenue p. tuff, howtner. ihf li.r-.-, tu tl <   -uuidfra
crops w<is to extent of ftss.3o.OUO only excluding the   I< s-n c. n^td to
trees   on   account   of   defoliation.

5. Relief on account oE deposit of sand — A &iim oi pkxs.;iuo wy&
sanctioned as remission in Land Beve-mie- on account of sand
during Kharif 13G1TT in Allahaljad District.

7.    Land Reforms — (a)   Areas to winch tfw Uitar Pratltt-Jt Zanreii-
dari Abolition and Land Reforms Act was ci^phxl taut unfac'd dumty
the. Revenue Year 1953-54 — During the yeui undei repot t the piov^juns
cf the Act with suitable, modifications "wi'iT- extended to the follnfunu
areas with effect from July  1,  1904;

(1)  Government estates in the enclaves ab&uived   in Uttar
Pradesh under the Absorption of Enclaves Older 1U3H,   in the
districts of Agia, Mathura, Jhan&i, Julaun, Bunda,   Hujaiipur,
and   Allahabad.

(2)  Government  estates in  the  erstwhile  Baunias J^tate.

(3)  Directly managed Goveinment estate> in the portiui' nf
district  Mirzapur lying  south  of the  Kamipur R,\rsp.

(4)  Estates in the erstwhile Eanipur >State excluding t-stales
owned by the State Government and the land allotted to Hi&
Highness  the-  Nawab   of   Rampnr   under  article   4  of the
agreement between the Governor General   and tht»- Xawab of
Karnpur.   But    further action under the Art was withheld
imder the orders of the High Court or Supieme <'oiirt pending
decision   of the   writ  application   filed   befrae   them by the

and   Thekcdui-s  of Rampnr.

2. The provisions of the Act have not been extended to the dis-
tricts of Almora, Garhwal and Tehri-Gsrhwal, the hill pattis uf Xaini
Tal the Terai and Bhabar Goveinment estnte.s the estates owned
by the Central Goveinment, Stpte Goveinnient or any local fiittLirht}.
the areas held or occupied lor any public purpose ur wuik of public
utility ; Government estate in distiict Eunipur and Purjjana JMii^ar
Bawar 'of district Dehra Dun.

8 Working of Land Management Committees—FciMuticn of
Cfaon SuMHtjes, Setting tip of Land JlanagtMOit Cojutnittfttt und Shp#
taker, fa their Raining—Qaoii Samajes and their executives., rfc.
the Land Management Committees had already been foinied in the
nrevious year and had started fnneticning. In ouler that thty should
become fully conversant with their functions and duties, intensive-
training of Land Management Committees was conducted through
the agency of Revenue Officers touring dm ing the cold weather of
1953 54 Each tnhsil was sub-divided into 3 piut.s und one part was
entrusted to each of the touring Officer, rr:. the Sub-Pivkiwml Officer.,
the Tahsildar and the Naib-Tahsildar. On ai> average, 15 centre*
were selected at each tahsil at which the mining **w imparted, and
5 of these were to be visited in the cuuise of the tour by each touring
-fficer Lekhpals were required to intimate the dates oi the training
to the Chairman of the L'-uid Management Committees. As a re.sult
of total of 3,580 centres were fixed for training, the training was
imparted at 3,549 centres and besides members, ^l,OJ)a Chairmen
were present at the training.

(b\ Integration of VW*gt*-** order to reduce the number of
PaonWales it was decided to intergi-ate villages in sut-h a way that
™T combination constituted a compact block, the maximum popu-
eacn oum ^ ^ ^ esx&a on the average, 1,OUO souls, and the
" ' "-" ~^eed ' ~'nii .....— T"'n-----


^^ Q                                        be mtegmted   ^lih

« * -r           wishes of the people \v ere duly taken into account.

wer, revived   irom most of the disuicts


'/^ vrenttmtion of Registers to be Maintain^ by Vain fr'atetfj^—The
f lafcSinue^obetheSevvetary of tl» LandMpingtmuit Cow-
e7 It was found thet unifoiinity in the maintenance of the roaster