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,OU             '                                   UTTAE PEADESH GAZETTE, DECEMBER :il, 1955                        [PART

of probity of G»M n Sfiim ji s LIM! not bmi ol'mvrd, It WHS, there-
fore der-iricd to pjuvuii r n-^lk-iH (tbe roflt of-which would be horned
by Land Mumifci-iiK-nt '(vinrnitlrB) foi entry of particular of their
property as well a.s (Jinngi-r1. if any.

(<Z) Vesting of Haf* Bnzttrs* Melas, Tanl-s and Ponds, etc.—Hats,
bazars and ?/iefr/.9 having ,in minual income ol Es.2,000 or more find,
which were not held ofteuer tJitm twice & year were handed over to
districts BowrdR for niHiingtffltrirf. On the oiclei hand Ihe hats,
bazars and melas having an animal income below Es.2,000 or Es.2,000
or more but -which were held mou thin twice a, year were vested in
the Graon Snmajes for inaiiogempiil. During the year under ropoit,
"hats, bazars &v\d. melas in 21 mmr districts of the SUte were vested in
Gaon fianicijes and tlie flint ript- Bonrils

(a) Trees and Abadi /?z/r*—Both trees as well as Abadi sites had
already vested in Gaon iS;imajrs ncrtom the commciicement of tlio

(/) Progress in tli^ demarcation of waste lands and forests—0\\i of
a total area of 10,37,871 acres of fore,st,s and acres of waste
land vested in the Forest Department G.273,r)IO acrrs -weie demarcated
in 24 districts during the yeai under icpoit.

(</) Vesting of Roatls and Pal7iway£—Under notincaticn no. 21/
j_A—1421-52, dated Jau.ualy 9, TD54, fill pathways (mcJudiu^ Ki<chclia
roads) helow o miles in length \\ere vested, in the Gaon Samajes -wilh the
exception of a few which Were not vested and -were proposed to be
handed over to the Local Bodies for maintenance.

(h) Vesting of Wells, Ta-nfts, Fisheries and Wnltr Channels—Vesting
of these had, taken phce in the previous year- Dining the year uncle?1
leport no tanl^ were handed ovei to tlie Fisheucs or the Ammo] Hus-
bandry Department foi maintenance and management.

(t) Vesting of Private Ferries—All private ferriea yielding an annual
income of less than Es.2,0(10 except those which have been'marle over
to the Forest Department, were vested in the Gaon Samajes. Private
ferries yielding an annual income of Es.2,000 or over were made over
to the District Boards for management.

0) Voting in the Urban Local Authorities—Government, by the issue
of a notification under section 117-A of the U. P. Zamindari Abolition
and Land Eeforms Act, 1950, vested in the Municipal Boards, Town
Areas and Notified Areas, For the purpose of management and settle-
ment, the land and other properties of tho erstwhile zamindara, falling
in villages lying wholly or pwrtJy within the limits of these urban local

(fc) Planned Utilization of Land—With a view not to deprive the
village communities of the natural benefits they are entitled to receive
from the common property in the village, it was decided that in villages
in which the uncultivated area was 10 per cent or less of the total
area of the village, thef entire_ uncultivated area should be reserved for
planned use, i.e. for fuel plantation, fruit orchards pastures, compost-
pits, etc. and the Land Management Committee should in no circums-
tances let out the same. Where, however, the uncultivated land in a
village exceeds 10 per cent of the total area of the village only that
much of the uncultivated land which is in excess of the 10 per cent of
the total area of village and is cultivable or capable of cultivation can
be let out by the Lancl Management Committee and the rest was to be
utilized for common purposes. No limitation about the planned use
of land was, however, imposed in those parts of the Jhansi Division and
the portion of Mirzapur District, south of Kaimur Eange, where Har-
Tareta System of cultivation is in force.

Demarcation of land for planned use was, until the end of the year,
completed in a total of 59,149 villages in the State. The total unculti-
vated area of these villages was 85,77,025 acres. Out of this 6,86,305
acres were included in abadi 1,77,142 in cremation or burial grounds,
55,978 in threshing floors, 3385,757 in roads and pathways and
13,41,976 in ponds and tanks. The uncultivated areas available for
planned use and lettings was thus 59,29,867 acres. Out of this
27,15,040 acres have been reserved for planned use and the area now
left for etting ia 132,14,827 a ores.