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PAD* VHI]                         UTTAB PRADESH GAZETTE, DECEMBER :;1,1955


9. Progress m the preparation of Zamindari Abolition Compensa-
tion Statements and payment of Compensation—(u 1Vr»* wi-ir- i>.77 7«i.">
mnhnls (as against, iZJti.WU ww/wto irporU-d in thr- pi-i'vioim yf-av/rh.-
increase being cine mainly to the application of the ZainuuU'ri'A'iijlili.m
and Land Ee.'orma Act, 1030, to some more d,rcis) for which draft
compensation assessment rolls were to be prepared and re-leased for

(ii) Di-cift rolls numbering 17,40.332 in respect, of .'ii.SUii m,tJtn
were prepared and released for objection.s during Hie \var uuder ivuor
The progressive total of draft rolls released for objections and of tnnlnrl
to which they pertained was 07.45,627 and 2.70,774 respecthvly

(iii) The provisional compensation in respect of 17,40,3,1:2 rolls :U'OIT-
said was approximately Rs 12'083 crores which brings the prnnre,^:vo
total to Rs.68-43 crores.

(iv) During the year under report the work relating to finalization
of the draft rolls was commenced and out of the aforesaid draft rolls,
the number of the rolls finalized after hearing and deciding t-ho olyjVr-
lion was 44,87,181,

(v) Payment of compensation in cash,

(1)  Interim compensation—During the year under ippoi:—
(i) 1,37,624 applications were received.

(ii) 1,87,358 applications (including home pending applications
of the previous year) were disposed of : and

(iii) the amount paid was Rs.2,Hl,24,184.

The progressive totals in respect of the above three items come to
2,84,492 and 2,71,368 and Ra.4'39 crores approximately respecti-

(2)  Final compensation in cash, i.e   amounts of compensation
not covered by bonds-payment of i"nal compensation aw a result
of f.nalization of draft rolls was commenced from February I.
1954.   The amount of compensation paid in cash, as the same was
not covered by   bonds, during the   year   under   report   wa^

(vi) Issue Z A. C. Bonds by the Public Debt 0 Yice, Lucknow.
An important event of the year under report was the opening
of a Public Debt Office of the Reserve Bank of India :it Lucknow
on March 17, 1954. By the end of the year in question the
Public Debt Off ce issued 1,14,813 pieces of bonds of
different denominations worth Rs.4.37 47,351).

(vii) Distribution of bonds in the disfficti—Out of the bnnrU
aforesaid issued by the Public Debt Office SIU72 pieces of
bonds Rs.3,66,68,900 were received in the districts out of which
29,601 pieces worth Us. 1,68,33.100 were distributed to th(j

In the year under report the scale for the payment of interim annu-
ties was raised from 2/3rd of the net assets to 3/4th of the same in msppet
of Waqfs, trusts  and   endowments for religious and rharatable pur-
poses. Interim annuities were formerly paid in one instalment which
arrangement was found to be inconvenient.    It was, therefore, decided
to pay interim annuities in two instalments payable   on   the 1st of
January and 1st of July-   During the year   under report a sum of
Ra.27,96,786 wa« paid in cash as interim annuity.   The  total amount
of annuity paid up to the end of the year under report was Ka.36.71,8W>.

10 Consolidation of Holdings—The Scheme of Consolida1 ion wai
started in two tahsils—Kairana and Musafirkhana of district Muzaf-
farnagar and Sultanpur respectively with effect from April 1, 1034.
The total cultivated area of tahsil Kairana is 1,78,342 acres and that of
tahsil Musafirkhana 1,09, 301 acres. The total number of village under
consolidation operations in tahsil Kairaim is 223 and that m Muaafir-
khana 300. The Total number of plots in these two tahsils w 3,01,145
and 33 92,262 respectively.

The Scheme was hailed enthusiastically by the cultivators in
district. However, m Wri* Sultapur there waa