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502                                     OTTAR PRADESH GAZETTE, DECEMBER Jl, 1955                    [PABB VIIJ

slight opposition in the beniiiii'mg hut Inter on'tho (MiHivatorsVxtonded
their full ro-opi»rni.ion. "hi thn pi-nod of nix mnntlw (out of^vvhich four
wore monsoon months) available during tho year under* reporljtho
hulk of the mistakes in the land records were removed.

11.    Holdings Area—On account of the non-preparation of Kha-
]iaunis for 1361 JVZi, the position relating to the Holdings Statistics

remained the same as last year.

12.    Land Records—Consequent on  mass resignation   of Patwaris
and appointment of substitutes in their place the percentage of quali-
fied Lekhpals fell considerably    As trained candidates came out of the
Lekhpal  Schools,  there was slight improvement and the percentage
of qnalif ed hands rose from 37-4 in the preceding year to 40*9 in the
year under report.    The percentage  of resident Lekhpals rose from
21 R in the preceding year to 34 -G during the year under report.    The
percentage of non-resident Lekhpals fell from 77-3 to  04-1   while
the percentage of Lekhpals exempted from the obligation of residence
was 1 -3 as against 0 -9 in the preceding year.

2. There were 10 Lekhpal Schools in the State during the year under
report. The number of regular candidates who appeared at the Final
Lekhpal School Examination held in 3054 MTas 427 as against 877 in
the preceding year and the percentage of passed candidates this year
was 62-7 as against 86-2 in the preceding year. Tho number of failed
candidates who applied for i e-cxamination of answer-books was 31.
Answer books were scrutinized by the Assistant Director of Land
Records but no candidate passed as a result of the re-examination.
The reasons for low admissions to the Lekhpal Schools is in the main
attributable to the appointment of a number of persons as Lekhpals
in the emergency created by the mass resignations of Patwaris who
would otherwise have joined the schools.

3.    There was an acute shortage of trained Supervisor Kanungos,
on account of large number of deputation.    To meet this shortage, 42
outside candidates were selected by means of a competitive examination
conducted   by  the   Public Service ComniissioM and -10 Lekbpals were-
admitted to the Kanungo Training School, HEardoi.    Out of these, 41
outsiders and 39 Lekhpals passed the final examination.    One outside
candidate failed while one Lekhpal candidate could not  take  up the
examination on account of an accident.

4.    The village maps can at best be said to he generally in a satis-
factory condition except in the   permanently settled tracts and areas
subjected to numerous! changes on account of various Planning Schemes,
gifts of land under the "Bhoodan Yagana Act, and new land having been
brought under cultivation. Action for the replacement of unserviceable
maps, where necessary, was taken

5.    The  land   records   work   which   has   been   deteriorating   in
the  past   years   on   account  of continued  attendance of Patwaris
at   tahsil   headquarters   in   connection   with   the    preparation    of
Zunindari Abolition Compensation statements and the employment
of untrained   and   inexperienced   Lekhpals   in the vacancy   caused
by   the   resign tion of Patwaris    can   show   improvement   only   if
Lekhpals   and   Supervisor   Kanungos   are   not   saddled   with   extra
duties for a series of years.    For the first time the work was    done
according to the programme in the year under report.    A State-wide
Correction Drive was launched as a result of which a very large num-
ber of errors and ommissions and disputed entries were corrected.   The
number of mistakes detected was 29 lakhs (round) and those corrected
within the year were 8 lakhs (round).    Tn furtherance of this object,
a concerted drive for the verification of khataunis was again launched
along with the Kharif partal of  1362 F. This drive   proved effective
in improving the records.

6.    The rules in Parts III to X of the Land  Records Manual have
been sanctioned and sent to the press for printing and distribution. The
service rules of the Land Records Staff are under consideration and will
be sanctioned shortly.

7.    The Assistant Director of Land Records toured extensively and
made useful suggestions.

13.    Machinery for the collection of Government Dues—The Sea-
sonal Land Revenue Scheme was replaced by the Scheme of Integ-
rated Collections with effect from Kharif r36lF.   Under the Integrat-
ed Collection Scheme all the different agencies for collection of land.