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VIE]                         " UTTAR PRADESH GAZETTE, DEuEUBER ul, 1955                                     3(T:}


revenue, imgal• '11 dues. tnlMin. CMC- luvu lie^i iiit^ivil^l iui,u
and more than .Is. 27 L-fores had 1u he i-allerted duriim the
under repjrL on aseuuut uf 1he deindml mi' Irind iwvuii>/,an«l i;un:il
dues only | En addition the sLift under the fcSoliem,- h-i-l' ii»|t"jhViM
more than/, crore^f rupees ut tiiktmi due* tuiv.irs ui uL'iiiiuI muuuu-
tax, central and State excise dues etc. The cast ot eolleuiioii ihrough
the Integrated Collection Scheme works nut -it 4-0 per uent uf the
demand as against 0-5 per acenb under the Land Riiveuue^Uul lection
Scheme It was, therefore, possible to^effeet. not unh MI bis t initial
economy under the Integrated Scheme but it also provided employ-
ment to the staff for all the year round.

14. Gross Demand—(A) L-tivl Rwuiw.—The gros- demand uf
laud revenue for the yeo,r under repjrt bjtli ttui- Za'iiinrUiri Abolition
and non-Zainuidai'L Abolition areas, w.w Li-, 20-7s c-roivs as again*!!
Rs. 39-18 crores of the previous year. Tne IV.-KUII-. tiv til'- mav-w,.'
in the gross demand of land /evenue wdiu litstly, kthe a^sa^inent of
land revenue 011 the erstwhile revenue tree holding , rieL-jiullv the
determination of land revenue in respect of areas in enclaves : south!
of the Kaimur Range, and erstwhile Banaras State, and thirdly merger
of local rate in land revenue,.

IQut of the total demand of Rs 2U-7S crores, R*. 20-:il crore* was
bheJjGross Demand in respect 4 of the Zamindari Abolition area anrl
Rs.^47-30 lakhs in respect of the non-Zamindari Abolition areas.
The* total collectionsjdurmg the year amounted to R,s. 1U -66 crores of
which Rs. 19 -26 crores was]towards the demand of Zamindan Aboli-
tion area and Rw. 39-89 lakhs towards the demand of non-Zamindari
Abolition area. After deducting froin^the total gross demand of
Rs. 20 -78 crores the nominal and irrecoverable dues, the net land
revenue demand for the year under report was 2U -27 croreo out of
which Rs. 19'6ti crores were collected. The percentage of collection
to demand thus works out at 97 as against 97-4*"hi the previous

The rental demand payable by Asauii,s to L4aon Saniajes in Zamin-
dari Abolition area for the year under report was 6-86 lakhs as against
6-24 lakhs hi the previous yeans. The total rental demand payable
by the tenants in the non-Zamindari Abolition area amounted to
Rs. 101-72 lakhs, i.e. equal to the demand in the preceding year.

With a view to enabling the collectors to charge aa many L. 31. C.'s
as are willing and fit to shoulder the responsibility of collecting land
revenue, Government have with effect from April, 1954, delegated to all
Collectors in the State to charge a 'L. 31. C. with the duty of collecting
and realising land revenue under sub-section (1) of section 276 of the
Uttar Pradesh Zamindari Abolition and Land Reform* Act, 1950. As
a result of this, 124 L. M. C.'s were authorized to make collections
in their respective areas in the State, during the years under report.
The demand expected to be collected by these L. M. C.'s was
Ra. 6,28,819 and the collections actually made by them amounted to
Rs. 4,'28,026. The Gaoii Sabhas -were entitled to a comniis&iou at the
rate of 6£ per cent of the total collections made by them.

Correction of mistakes—In all 1.73,448 mistakes were discovered
in Jamabandis during collections in the year ending September 30,
1954. Out of the said number of mistakes, 1,36,911 mistakes were
rectified during the year under report leaving a balance of 36,537
mistakes at the end of the year.

(5) Canal Dues—The current demand on account of occupiers,
rate including previous years arrears amounting to Rs. 5-11 laklu*
Increased from Rs. 581-U4 lakhs in the previous year to 762-16 lakhs.
The net demand recoverable after accounting for nominal and irre-
coverable balances stood at Rs. 757 -04 lakhs out of which Rs. 751-4(4
lakhs was collected leaving a balance of Rs. 5-20 lakhs only at tho
close of the year.

The demand on accountlof owners rate increased from Rs. 2,380
in the previous year to Rs. 12,155 in the year under note. Excluding
a tmrn of Rs. 1,699 as nominal, the net recoverable demand came fco
Rs 10 486 out of which a stun of Rs. 10,425 was collected leaving a,
sum of Rs. 61 nnoollectcd at the close of tho year.

(C) Tafaivir-A sum of Rs. 155'&7 lakhs was advanced as lakavi
.under both the Acts (Act XIX of 1883 and A«fc XII of 1884), as