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5.08                                        trrtAH.PRADESH GAZETTE, DECEMBER 31,1955

"."   ' "      " rate of interest was reduced in 6 cases, 1 case was rejected under section
6 and the remaining 139 were diposed of otherwise.

(iii) Ti" U P. Agriculturists Relief Act, 1934—At the beginning
of the yjar 420 (revised figures) cases were pending foi disposal. 174
umeu involving an amount of Rs.'65 lakhs were filed dm nig the year,
raising the totalfor disoposal to 600 involving an amount of Rs.17-91)
lakhs during the year under repoitas against 2,039 cases involving an
amount of Rs.26-61 lakhs last year. Out of these 460 cases involving
an amount of Rs.2 71 lakhs were disposed of as against J,(514 cases
cohering a debt of Rs.9-o9 Jakhs Jast year. The balance at the rlosc
of the year under icpoit was J-10 oases involving an amount of Rs. 15.27
lakhs. Out of 400 cases decided during the year under report 9 caaea
related to fixation of instalments anel 22 cases, to suits lor accounts.

(iv) The U. P. U&bt Rtdwiphon Act, 1940—This is the 13th year
of the working of this Act. A total number of 159 cases involving an
amount of Rs. 1-68 Lakhs were filed under this Act during the yeai under
report as again,st 239 cases involving an amount of Rs.2'06 lakhs last
year., Adding 806 cases involving an amount of Rs.15.31 lakhs pending
from the last year the totalfor disposal stood at 965 involving an amount
of Rs.17-00 lakhs during the year under report. 208 oases involving
an amoung of Ra.2 oo lakhs were disposed of during the year, leaving
A balance of 757 cases involving an amount of Rs. 14-44 lakhs pending at
the close of the year under report. Out cf 29 cases instituted under
section 7 of the Act of redemption of mortgage or for accounts none
mis disposed of dm ing the year. 11 cases were filed for amendment of
decree under section 8 and 18 such cases (including he cases filed last
year were disposed of. 97 decrees involving an amount of Rs.1'01
lakhy were received from Civil Courts for execution against land under
section 16 of the Act out of which 37 decrees involving an amount of
R=!.0-22 lakhs \\ere executed as shown belo-w :

(a)  Thirty five decrees by sale of laud at the request of the agri-

(b)  Two decrees by grant of self-liquidating moitgagea oipio-
- tected land.

Out of the 22 applications filed under section 17 before the Collectors
f or redemption oi mortgages, redemptions weie glinted in, 24 applica-
tions (including those pending ficmthe last year) and 106 applica.tie.ns
were either rejected or elisposed of otherwise.

(v) ?*he U. P. Regulation o/ Agricultural Credit 4cf—T
seven hundred and seventy nine applications were filed under the Act
during th.e year and adding 2itf applications pending from the last year,
the totalfor disposal stood at 3,027 during the year under report. OuL
of these 2,924 cases were disposed of leaving a balance of 103 casefa
pendmg at the close of theyear- Out of the disposed of cases 2/J23
were filed under section 24 and the remaining one under section 14 (&)
of the Act,

(vi) Dudhi-Itoberttiyanj (district jMinapur~Ayricult-iiriata Debt
Relief Act—The provisions Of this Act were given wide publicity
under the instructions of the U. P. Board of Revenue. No
case was, however, filed under the Act during the year under report,
The provisions of the Uttar Pradesh Zamindari Abolition and Land
Reforms Act have now been enforced in these areas.

(vii) General—-The Debt Acts continued to reduce the burden
of Agriculturists and their exploitation by money lenders has prac-
tically vanished. In short, the Debt Acts have served the purpose
for which they were enacted- Rural Credit has, however, been res-
tricted considerably.

22.   Revenue Buildings—The condition of Revenue Buildings in
the Pradesh during the year under report was on the whole as satis-
factory as could be expected under the circumstances.   Much has to
be done to improve,their condition.   Many buildings require altera-
tions and many others additions in order to meet the requirements of
argely enlarged staff working these days.   There are some which
ernure renovation to make them safe and " ejuite a few require com-
plete replacement.   The Kuohoha and Irreparable buildings of the
merged' and   integrated States were demolished and the rest were
repaired- to make them habitable.   '