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PAST Vltt}                         UTTAR PRADESH GAZETTE, DECEMBER 31, 1955

Construction of new ina]or ami minor workt, were again co
ably curtailed due to paucity of funds. The Colleclurate bui
at Deoria, Sub-Divisional Magistrate Court' building, Uttir K«.shl.
Chaprasi lines at Ultar Kfishi and new room for the double lock at
LaiiKdowne District Garhwal were however completed. Tim t-Wtrih-
cation of collector-ate buildings nt Jaunpur, Deoriti. Umidu. Guiulri
Eta wall, Kheri, and Etah has also been approved and tht- works art-
in progress. A sum of Px,s.],53,UUU was spent on ungnhuil works in-
cluding reconstructions uncl extensions and an amount nf Rs. 4,44.000
on repairs.

IV dearth of residential and office aocoinodatioa due tu iiiureu-e
m offices and staff both in districts and tnhsils continued as before.
While little could be done by Government to remove the shortage ol'
residential accommodation due to paucity of funds, some work ITU*
done towards the construction Of residential quarters in certain dis-
tricts by the Local Bodies and private enterprise. Some building
were hired and extensions in the existing buildings wen- made at
some places to relieve congestion in the office*. A Scheme for exten-
sions to remove the congestion in tehsils and Collectorate buildings
in the State has been approved by Government. Lt i-i to be spread
over a period of 8 to 10 years in respect of Collecturute building*
and over 3 to 4 years in respect of teshil buildings. The Scheme for
extension of leliail buildings ib already in hand and the work of
extensions in the Collectorate buildings will be taken up from tlv
financial year J 055-56.

Htopi* were also taken to improve the condition of roads hi the1
(lourii compounds of the District and Sub-Divisional Officer and tu
provide Hawalats in some Districts. A visitors shed and a Hawaii)I
have been constructed at Banaras and at Lucknow respectively-

23. Survey settlement and Record operations—(f) Xo settlement
or revisions operations were carried out in any part of ?Kc State during
tho year under report.

(6) 8"MW6y arid record operations—These operations. v\ere either
in pi-ogre^ or were declared closed during the year under report in the
districts noted below and the progress made in each district was a&

(i) District Tehri+Garhwal—Tho winding up of record opera*
tions in this district continued during the year under report.
The total expenditure for the year was Rs. 84.833-5-3 and 938
eaaea oi' disputes and 1,962 mutation cages were disposed of-

(ii) District Naini $al—Survey and record operations in the
liolon'ifcation area of this District remained in progress dur-
ing the year under report. 24 more village of disforested area
Were also notified under section 48 of the U. P. Land
.Revenue Act to be .under survey and Record operation. Ke-
survey of an area of 72,337 acres was completed during the year
under report. 636 cases were instituted out of which 322 were
disposed of. Two appeals were also filed but were not decided
--till the end of the year. The total expenditure incurred during
.the year amounted to Ra- 70,658.-

i(iii) District Basti—Eighty alluvial villages or tehsil Basti,
Tihalilabad and Harraiya of this District were placed under
survey and record operations during the year under review. Re-
survey was carried out in 24 villages comprising an area of 15,3Gl
aui'DS and map correction was done in 15 villages with an area
"of 23228 acres. The total expenditure during the year wa.3

During the course of partal and attestation of Khatauni
jslips 2,510 disputes were registered of which 2,493 were dispeosd
of leav- ing a balance of 17 cases at the close of the year.

(iv) District-Kheri—Qiib of 402 villages of Tahsil Nighasan
of this District 121 villages were placed under survey and record
operations. Regarding the remaining villages of this Tahsil,
it was decided that map correction'followed lay special partal
should be carried out. Later on during the course of record
operations, it was found that regular survey operations were
necessary in 18 more villages. These villages were therefore,
A!BO placed under survey and record operation* during the year