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(Notice lo creditors ojtltc tittle, of hfarimj  of an Tnwh-rncy Prtitioii)


Present • PHI S, In AD AT,/,    Tuftolrcncy. JitrJyr.

Insolvency 12 of 1955

(N'jficc, imdcr stition 1#)
lit the miattcr of —

Ram Kisnan, son of Poaroylal. Vaish Agarwala,
resident of Gul.inl In , pargana Agnta, District Buland-

e abovenamed applicant has applied lo tins Conn,
by a petition, dated the Slnt November, 1955, to be declared an 111-
jolvnnt tinder the Provincial Insolvency Act V of 1020, and your
mmo FiippeailFui the list of creditors filed by the aforaaid dobtoj,
•his is to give you notice that the Court has fixed the 2Sth (twenty-
eight.) day of January, 1956, for the hearing of the aforesaid petitiooii
•nd the examination oftho debtor. If you desire to bo represented
11 the master, you ahould attend in person or by instructed pleader.
Ihe particulars of the debt alleged in tho petition to be due to you
ire as follows g

Names and addresses of the creditors

civen after uud/i'^tnnijitjg the work, p],iijb. V'' ifir^iir.iii runl oil ,•-'
spocial condition*, if any, which r.-inbrin^pctn <lat UK und- i^Lnn',%
office, on auy working dny. The tender mu<.r shoir clearly tho lump-
sum tendered far the whole work and in addition thf tc*duvr
must stain, in iho form of a ]jrrrtntj^f> aliov or bplo^v T. W. D.
Tiili'-! tli^ rales at whi"h lw is willing " lo oci-"pt payment for arldi-
tiims to and deductions frjr omi^ious from the work fur whic-li hr
hj.<? tpnrlui'-rl thr- lump-sum amount. Earn, tender must be accom-
inuipcl by a Trnt-sni-y Clull-in. P. 0 Saving B.-nk Pa-- Bool: r.:-
C'all Deposit Rnceipt' Bank of India'in Mippnrl uf p dcpn->r
of earnest money of Rs.4fin m each P;I?P. Tnndtis vlii* It G.rt» not
acrompanipd l>y earnest monnv will nor bo considered. The Gcvcxii-
mc?nt do not bind thrnwrlrri to ar-trpt iho lowe^' ur any tender or
TO give reasons for non-irL-mtanrn. The pprnfu -rtIto-«- tpn'lr-r i-
acepplnr] finally shall hn\( to romplfto Iho noiU in evirv le^occ'
hy tlie 13th MaTL-h,l!l.l«.


for fj. -,ifin) Mnnrrj?. :
P.    G,t~'-r,t<nrl-i   Rovfaujc.

(1) AriSBQ Swwnop }son  of Raghubir Saran,   Caste
faish, resident of Hapur, Railway Road..                ..            2

{2) Smt   Parshandi,  wife  of Lakluni  Chand,  casts
faish, resident of Hapur, Kothi gate        ..              ..             31

(3) B-ibu Rjm, son of Misnlal, enate Vaish, resident
)f village Dasiohi near Hapur                  ..              ..            3

(i)-Budhssin,   son of Ksnhaiyaial, caste Vaishj reai-
lenb c.f Gulaothi                      ..               ..              ..            7,

(5) Benorsidas, son of Sukhnmal, caste Vai-sh Agar-
ivala, resident of Gulaothi, Shop Pansars.                  ..            2

mjjffJIisnlal, aon of Banmhidhar, caste Vaiah Agarwala,
'esidentTof village Dasfcohi, near Hapur      ..              ..            C

By order,



PUBLIC notice is hereby given that the partnership styled Messrs.
|nvaj Prasad Kapoor subsisting between   Bishamhcr Nath (under-
iignod) and Chhotey Lai atNehiii Road, Parmkhabail, ia disfiolvrrt
is from the 22nd day of June, 19,15.
baled this, tho 17th December, JOBS.



IOTOKMATION is hereby given that in notice published regarding
Ii59oiution of   Firm   HarnaTain ,Moti   Lai, Gorakhpur, the date
(3lst July, 1955" be read as "31st July, 1934" end "August 1, 1935;1
bread   as   "August   1,   1954".
!                                 MOTI LAL TBKBIWAL,

1                            Ex.Pnrtncr of Firm Harnarain J\Ioli X,aJ,



NOTICE is hereby given for the information of general public that
J,ia Ram Gopal Mahajan, son of Lair Lalta Prashad7 resident of
latra Chand Khen, Old City Bareilly, who was partner in the firm
f Messrs. Wali Shafat Khan'Mukhtiyar Ahmad Khan, Shiamgonj,
fareilly, haa left the partnership business since 13th November, 1953,
fid this partnership business has been discontinued. LaU Ram
*>pal has got no connection at all with the firm of Messrs, Wall
hafat Khan Muktiyar Ahmad Khan, Shiamganj, Bareilly.
'          For Wali Shafat Khan Mukhtiyar Abmad Khan.


M12.-5.J.                                                    Parltitr.


)   MEROBIBI, re

BEAXED- tended are invited for the following works from the
bproved contractors of this department and of P. W, D. B and R)
fpartment ao as to reach the undersigned's off K-B not later than
'p.m. on 9th January, 19B6:

1.   Conetruotion of Bus  Station at   Saharwrpur.

12»   Construction of Shops and   R^stfturant at Sahwanput.
Tenders must Toe wrwten on the prescribed forms (separately
oaoh work) availabla from the undersigned's office on any work-
day on cash payment of fte.l per form.   Tenders should be


THE undernoted 3} per rent L' P. Encumb^ied
E&taiea Act Bonds onginally standing in the aame of
Musammat Indrani, Musammat Brijrani, Musammat Hero
Bibi and Musammat Mero Bibi. tho proprietors by whom
they were never Piidor^ed to .iuy other persim, havina b&»n lost,
notice i? hereby given that tho payment*of thn unrleriiored, bonds
nnd the interest thereupon hsu been stopped at 1he Public; Debt
Office, Reserve Bank of Inaia, Delhi, and that application is about to
be made for the issue of duplicates m favour of the proprietors. The "
public are cautioned a^iinst pnrrha-uitr or othpr\v:sp dealing with
the nrulTnoted bond? : f

Number                                                Amount


A/EB 039047/49 3£ por cent U.P.E.E  AM. Bomte  .,        100   each.
B;EBOOG1S2                        ditto                        ,.        ^00   each.

(J/EB OOS437/3S                    ditto                        ..      1.000    r-ncL.

iJid.)    INDRAXI   BIBI, resident qf
K'jtli, Ealiji Ckawk, Lucfcnoa\
'Sd.|   HERO BIBI, resident of Goj>i

[17-24 & 31-12-'53.]


THE Government Promi*3ory nota no. DHO l'2'23& of the 3
per cent loan of 1970—7,i for Rs.oOO originally standing in the nama
of Eeser\-e Bank of India and lost endorsed to Hathi Prasad, the
Proprietor by whom it was nerer endorsed to any other person, hav-
ing been stolen, notice is hereby given that the payment of the above
note and the interest thereupon has been stopped at tho Public
Debt Office, Reserve Bank of India, Delhi, and thnt applica-
tion is about to he'miidfl for tuo issue of duplicate fa favour of the
Proprietor.* The public are cautioned against purchasing or other-
wise dealing with the abovementionej security,

Nanie of advertiacf— HATHI PRASAD.

Sestfcnce—Villa-re Hata4 P. O, Lar, district Daoria.

[17, 24 & ai-l


THC Bond^ nos. LK00057944 of Rfc'.lUI) and LKOOU579W of
FLP.2t)U, of the 2\ p^r cent U. P. Zaraindari Abolition Oompeu-
hation Bonds originnlly standing in the name of Safir Ullah Khan
by whom they were never endorsed to any other person* having
been lost or stolen, notice is hereby given that the payment of above
Bonds and the interest thereupon has been stopped at the Public
Debt Office, Reserve Bank of India, Lucfcnow, end that application
is about to be made for tho issue of duplicate and in favour of the
Proprietor. The public HPJ cautioned against purchasing; or other-
wise dealing with tho ahoyernentioned securities.

Name of advertiser— SAHR VLLAH

P. 0." Khakhreroo, F&tehpur.

[17, 24 &