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NO.70AUTUMN 03£1/$2 


for the destruction of CMMsadon 








More info: ALF Supporters Group, BM 1160, London WC1N 3XX; 
Arkangel, BCM 9280, London WC1N 3XX; North American ALF 
Supporters Group (NAALFSG), PO Box 428, Brighton, Ontario, 
Canada KOK 1HO; Earth First! Action Update c/o PO Box 2971, 
Brighton, East Sussex BN2 2TT; and Earth First! Journal, PO Box 
3023, Tucson, AZ 85702, USA. 


1 : CAPRALB A, ITALY - ALF free 

2,000 mink. 

58 trucks damaged by ALF at 
lobster wholesalers. $50,000 

break windows at chinchilla 
farmer's home. 

US military satellite dish 
trashed, - 1 1 nuclear missiles 
off-line for 24 hours. $500,000 

Phone mast torched, 'Free 
Marco' slogans left. 

Benetton shops bricked and slo- 

break more windows at chin- 
chilla breeder's home. 

19: AMELIA, ITALY - Phone mast 
torched. 'ALF', 'Free Marco' 
slogans left. 

19: ROME, ITALY - Attempted 
phone mast torching - 'Free 
Marco, Free Everyone' slogans 

DUBLIN, EIRE - US Navy war- 
plane trashed at Shannon airport. 
Five areests. 


5: LECCE, ITALY- Benerron 
shop damaged. 

7: TRENTO, ITALY - Four Esso 
garages sabbed. 

FORNIA, USA - Thousands of 
surveyors flags removed by 

Forest Defenders to prevent log- 

13: TURIN, ITALY - Duck freed 
from ornamental pond built for 
Olympic complex. 

'No War' slogan painted on roof 
of Opera House. 

20: BRISTOL, AVON - Two cop 
cars trashed and Labour offices 
sloganised: 'No War', 

20: ROME, ITALY - 8 Esso garages 

AVON - McDonalds bricked. 

urban sprawl under construction: 
$400,000 damase. 

22: MILAN, ITALY - Mollies 

thrown at McDonalds and Israeli 
tourist agency during peace 

22: TRIESTE, ITALY - 5 Esso 
garages sabbed. 

NIA, USA - Fur and Andrews- 
related windows catapulted. 

23: TURIN, ITALY - Two uni 
departments using Morini (HLS 
subsiduary breeder) animals 
daubed and sloganised. Peace 
flag substituted for 'No Peace 
for Killers' banner. 

24: BRISTOL, AVON - Starbucks 
trashed. 'Stop the War' slogan. 

24: AVIANO, ITALY - US military 
car torched. 


Cashpoint machine blown up at 
US-owned BankBoston. 

USA - Car and home of HLS 


The Earth Liberation Front (ELF) has 
accepted responsibility for a $50 mil- 
lion fire in San Diego, California, that 
destroyed an unfinished five-story 
condominium complex on August 1. 
No one was hurt in the blaze, which 
was credited to the ELF through a 
painted slogan: "If you build it, we 
will burn it. E.L.F." 

The Golden Triangle area, where the 
complex was located, is adjacent to 
Rose Canyon — home to bobcats, 
coyotes, ash-throated flycatchers, 
red- shouldered hawks, barn owls 
and orioles, as well as at least two 
rare and threatened plants. 

From 2,000 years ago until the last 
century, the Kumeyaay people inhab- 
ited a seasonal village in Rose 
Canyon, gathering acorns from the 
once abundant coastal live oaks, 
weaving baskets from the arroyo wil- 
low and hunting not far from where a 
seven-million-dollar crane was 
destroyed by the ELF fire. 

This particular project, La Jolla 
Crossroads, when completed would 
comprise 1,800 apartments with an 
average monthly rent of $1,340. The 
42-acre Nobel Research Center, 
which will house the biotechnology 
company IDEC Corporation, is 

planned to be built adjacent to the 
site. Following the fire, a small, hand- 
printed sign was taped to a traffic bar- 
rier near the construction site: 
"Thank-You E.L.F. Burn Baby 
Burn." Tad Simmons of Carlsbad 
said that as an environmentalist he 
had mixed feelings about the fire. 
"Part of me thinks it's kind of cool 
that somebody had the guts to stand 
for something like this-a cause, and 
that nobody ever gets hurt." 

No arrests have been made, but the 
FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force said 
several suspects were being tracked. 
On August 14, FBI agents raided the 
home of animal rights activists 
affiliated with the San Diego-based 
Compassion for Farm Animals 
(CFA). CFA organized a lecture with 
Rod Coronado on the day of the ELF 
fire. Agents seized phone lists, a com- 
puter, a video camera and videotape 
of the lecture, which was part of on- 
going Revolution Summer events in 
San Diego. 

Since the fire, CFA activists have 
been under constant surveillance and 
have had their home mysteriously 
broken into and vehicle stolen. 

Thanks to the Earth First Journal 
www. earthfirstj ournal . org 

representative daubed with red 
paint by ALF. 

Army personnel cars torched. 

27: ROME, ITALY - 12 cards at 
Ford dealership torched. Like 
attempt at Jaguar dealers. Anti- 
war protest. 

USA - ELF torch US Nany truck 
and sloganise five more: 'Stop 
the War', 'Leave Iraq'. 

30: MILAN, ITALY - Esso garages 

city council cars torched in anti- 
incinerator action. 

30: BOLOGNA, ITALY - Bomb 
found I front of IBM offices. 


ZEALAND - ALF brick two 
McDonalds, three butchers and 
another burger outlet. 



garage torched. 

MANY - 24 dogs freed from 
vivisection breeder. 

3: BRISTOL, AVON - BP petrol 
station trashed. 'No War', 'No 
Blood for Oil' slogans. 

ALF torch tiger meat store. 
$100,000 damage. 

4: TARRANO, ITALY - 11 tourist 
chalets torched. 

USA - ELF sloganise 65 SUVs 
and trucks: 'No War', 'SUVs 
Suck', 'No Blood for Oil'. 

free 8,000 mink from fur farm. 

10: LIVORNO, ITALY - Forest 
Service manager's house dyna- 

10: LIVORNO, ITALY - Phone 
mast torched. 

Natural Reserve boats torched in 
access dispute. 

11: FORLI, ITALY - Two fur shops, 
Benetton and Blockbusters 

16: TURIN, ITALY - Sumitomo 
(HLS customer) glued and slo- 

18: DUBLIN, EIRE - Peace protes- 
tors plant potatoes on Shannon 
airport runway. 


McDonalds bomb-damaged. 

Three Benetton shops trashed. 

27: TURIN, ITALY - University 
customer of Morini (HLS cus- 
tomer) glued. 

MAY "" 

3: LIVORNO, ITALY - Benetton 
bricked. 'Solidarity with 
Mapuche people' slogan. 

Office trailer of asphalt company 

9: PISA, ITALY - phone mast 

18: MODENA, ITALY - Forty quail 
liberated by ALF, two hunt ken- 
nels trashed. 

22: PISA, ITALY - Two Sisley 
(Benetton subsiduary) shops 

30: VENICE, ITALY - Satirical 
masked individuals shove shit in 
psychiatrist's face. 

Fires set amongst trucks and 
machinery at Sygenta site. 'No 
GMOs, No Sygenta, No 
Pesticides, Sab Biotech' slogan 

USA - Thirty SUVs at dealership 
trashed with etching fluid. 


On August 22, the Earth Liberation 
Front (ELF) simultaneously carried 
out acts of property destruction at 
several auto dealerships in 

Clippinger Chevrolet of West 
Covina, California, sustained more 
than one million dollars in damages 
after 20 SUVs-mostly H2 Hummers- 
were set on fire. Twenty additional 
vehicles were damaged by the fire, 
and a warehouse on the site was 

In Duarte, California, SUVs from 
Advantage Ford were spray-painted 
with messages such as "ELF," 

"Gross Polluter" and "We (Heart) 
Pollution." Across the street, thirty 
cars at Duarte Mitsubishi were also 
hit with graffiti that condemned SUV 

At Rusnak Mercedes Benz in 
Arcadia, California, 10 luxury SUVs 
were spray-painted with the words 
"terrorist," "killer" and "ELF." 
Rusnak estimated losses of up to 

According to the ELF Press Office, 
"ELF actions are a reminder to SUV 
owners of how their personal choices 
affect the society and environment in 
which they live." 



ELF opposing sprawl try torch- 
ing luxury home: "Civilization 
as a whole has provenm detri- 
mental to human and non-human 
animals. We won't settle for 
anything less than complete col- 

ELF torch two homes under con- 
struction. $700,000 damage. 

7: TREVISO, ITALY - 24 cashpoint 
machines for biotech-funding 
back sabbed. 

7: LECCO, ITALY - Two Esso 
garages damaged. 

14: SASSARI, ITALY - Phone mast 

14: DORGAZI, ITALY - Phone 
mast torched. 

18: ROME, ITALY - Transport 
company supporting Morini 
(HLS subsiduary breeder) super- 
glued and sloganised. 

19: ROME, ITALY - Two Morini- 
connected vivisectors' homes 

20: CAGUARI, ITALY - Shop 
owned by beach-polluting local 
politician torched. 

USA - ALF trash HLS 
unvestor's home. 

26: NUORO, ITALY - Tourist struc- 
ture bombed before opening. 
breeders) employee's car paint- 
strippered by ALF. 




(Tuscany regional agency) 
offices sent bullets and Green 
Core communique: "In these 
years you destroyed our land, 
now it's enough. Your peace is 
Proletarian Cores for 
Communism send bullet to 

senoir military officer to oppose 
waste dump construction. 

13: SURREY - Three HSS Hire 
shops (HLS-related) glued by 
ALF. Cancelled HLS contract. 

AUSTRALIA - Australian ALF 
destroy electrified fencing trap- 
ping thousands of kangaroos the 
night before a military cull. 

trash home of HLS lobbyist in 
solidarity with Lindsey Parme. 
'Abbott Kills' and 'ALF' slo- 

HAMPSHIRE - thousands of 
pheasants freed from fattening 
pens and sheds. 
STAFFORDSHIRE: Halls (vivi- 
section breeders) employee 
trapped in home by house- wrap- 
ping chains. 


ELF torch condo complex, $50 
million damage. 

Morini (HLS subsiduary breed- 
er) farm owner's car dramatical- 
ly destroyed. 

USA - Foie gras resturant 

15: PARMA, ITALY - Pioneer Hi- 
Brred production plant torcned, 
stopping production in peak-har- 
vest. 'Pioneer pollutes seeds. 
Fire to GMOs' slogan left. 



Unidentified assailants threw 
molotov cocktail bombs at a 
National Bank branch in 
Thessaloniki at around 3 a.m. 
before launching another two at 
a nearby branch of McDonald's. 
Minor damage to bank's ATM 
and a fire in the McDonald's 




These revolutionaries have been jailed for their beliefs so you can write 
them letters of support (nothing compromising!). Those not listed should- 
n't take it as a sleight they've been excluded - just send us your details 
and we'll put you on our free mailing list! Prisoner details change rapidly 
and may be out of date by the time you read GA. 

More information from: Earth Liberation Front Prisoners Newsletter, BM 
Box 2407, London WC1N 3XX and North American ELP, POB 11331, 
Eugene, OR 97440, USA. ELP-Poland PO Box 43, 15-662 Bialystok 26, 

On the web, see 


Dr. Yuri Bandazhevsky, Ul. 

Kalvarijskaya 36, PO Box 35K, 
Minsk 220600, Belarus. 

Serving 8 years for telling the world 
that the nuclear radiation around 
Chernobyl is worse than the Belarus 
Government has admitted. 

Jose Bove, N° d'ecrou 22377 Y, Bloc 
A 07, 34753 Villeneuve-les- 
Maguelone, France. 

Serving 10-months for trashing GM 

Jen Bradley, (CS# 057 454 68), 
Burnaby Correctional Centre for 
Women, 7900 Fraser Park Drive, 
Burnaby, BC V5J 5H1, Canada. 

On remand for forest defence activi- 

Marco Camenisch, Hornlistrasse 
55,8330 Pfaffikon/ZH Switzerland 

Serving 10-years for anti-nuclear 
eco-bombings. In 2002 he completed 
a 12-year sentence in Italy for similar 
actions. Charges relating to his 
escape from prison in the 80s are also 
expected. Marco reads French, 
German, Spanish & Italian. 

Ted Kaczynski (04475-046), US Pen 
- admin Max Facility, PO Box 8500, 
Florence Colorado 81226, USA. 

Is serving multiple life sentences for 
the infamous 'Unabomber' anti-tech- 
nology bombing campaign. 

Inaki Garcia Koch, Carcel de 
Pamplona, C/San Roque. Apdo. 250, 
31080 - Irunez - Pamplona, Navarra 
(Espana), Spain. 

Serving just under 5 years for sabo- 
taging a dam construction site. 

Betty Krawczyk, (CS# 037 939 24), 
Burnaby Correctional Centre for 
Women, 7900 Fraser Park Drive, 
Burnaby, BC V5J 5H1, Canada. 

On Remand for forest defence. 

Jeffrey Luers, #13797671, OSP , 

2605 State St. Salem, OR 97310, 

Serving 22 years & 8 months for 
arson on a car dealership & attempted 
arson of an oil truck. 

Craig Marshall, #13797662, SRCI, 
777 Stanton Blvd, Ontario, OR 97914 

Serving 5 years 5 months for conspir- 
acy to commit arson and possession 
of incendiary devices, having used 
the devices to destroy SUV's to raise 
attention to the environmentally 
destructive nature of these vehicles. 

Fran Thompson, 1090915, 
Chillicothe Correctional Center, 1500 
W. Third St, Chillicothe, MO 64601, 

An eco-activist serving Life for 
killing, in self-defence, a stalker who 
had broken into her home. 

Helen Woodson, 03231-045 FMC 
Carswell, POB 27137, Fort Worth, 
TX 76127, USA. 

Serving 27 years for: 

1) Robbing a federal bank of $26,000 
and burning the money whilst distrib- 
uting a statement denouncing materi- 
alism, wealth and power that caused 
environmental destruction. 

2) Mailing .38 calibre bullets with 
warning letters to various 
Government & corporate officials 
stating that their actions were like 
bullets fired into the heart of creation. 

3) Using a jackhammer, she carried 
out a Ploughshares direct disarma- 
ment against a Mintueman II missile 

Raul Zapatos, Dorm 6-C, Maximum 
security compound, Bureau of cor- 
rections, Muntinlupa City, Metro 
Manila, Philippines. 

Serving Life for shooting dead, in 
self-defence, armed men connected 
with illegal logging after they tried to 
attack him. 


Dave Blenkinsop EM7899, HMP 
Bullingdon, Oxfordshire OX6 0PZ 

Serving 10 years. 

1) Three years for a stave attack on 
the Managing Director of HLS. 

2) 18 months for rescuing 600 guinea 
pigs from a lab supplier. 

3) 5? years for planting incendiary 
devices under abattoir vehicles. 

Benjamin Persky, DIN: 03R3916, 
Lakeview Shock Incarceration Corr. 
Fac, PO Box T, Brocton, New York 
14716-0679 USA. 

SHAC activist serving 2-6 years for 
"Criminal Mischief. 


Kratoumeno SIMON CHAPMAN, 

Dikastikes Fylakes Diavaton, T.K. 
540 12, Thessaloniki, Greece 

(On Remand) 

Robert Thaxton #12112716, OSP, 
2605 State St, Salem, OR 97310, 



Carol Gilbert, PO Box 518, 
Georgetown, CO80444, USA. 

Jailed for 2 years 9 months for anti- 
nuke action. 

Tony Haughian, JM9774, HMP 

Pentonville, Caledonian Rd, London 
N7 8TT,England. 

On remand for alleged anti-war activ- 

Jackie Hudson, PO Box 518, 
Georgetown, CO80444, USA. 

Jailed for 2? years for anti-nuke 

Ardeth Platte, PO Box 518, 
Georgetown, CO80444, USA. 

Jailed for 3 years and 5 months for 
anti-nuke action. 

Ulla Roder, HMP Corton Vale, 
Stirling, FK9 5NY, Scotland. 

Jailed for disarming a Tornado war 


Leonard Peltier #89637-132, PO 

Box 1000, Leavenworth, KS 66048, 

Serving Life after being framed for 
murdering 2 FBI agents. 

Eric Wildcat Hall, #BL-5355, Unit 
I/A 10745 Route 18, Albion, PA 
16475-0002, USA. 

Serving 35-75 years for helping ship 
arms to Central American indigenous 

MOTE "" 

Debbie Simms Africa (006307), 
Janet Holloway Africa (006308) and 
Janine Philips Africa (006309) all at: 
SCI Cambridge Springs, 451 
Fullerton Ave, Cambridge Springs, 
PA 16403-1238, USA. 

Michael Davis Africa (AM4973) 

and Charles Simms Africa (AM4975) 
both at SCI Grateford, PO Box 244, 
Grateford, PA 19426-0244, USA. 

Edward Goodman Africa 

(AM4974), 301 Morea Rd, 
Frackville, PA 17932, USA. 

William Philips Africa (AM4984) 
and Delbert Orr Africa (AM4985) 
both at SCI Dallas Drawer K, Dallas, 
PA 18612, USA. 

Mumia Abu Jamal, (AM8335), SCI 

Greene, 175 Progress Drive, 
Waynesburg PA 15370, USA. 

In 1981 Mumia, was framed for the 
murder of a cop. Awaiting re- sentenc- 


Matthew Lamont T90251, A-5-248 
UP, Centinella State Prison, PO Box 
901, Imperial, CA 92251. USA. 
Serving 3 years for possessing an 
incendiary device, allegedly intended 
to be used to disrupt a neo-nazi gath- 

Tomasz Wiloszewski, Zaklad Karny, 
Orzechowa 5, 98-200 Sieradz, 

Serving 15 years for accidentally 
killing a neo-nazi whilst defending 


The latest news we have from our 
Barcelona comrades imprisoned in 
September say that they're all under 
FIES-3 Classification (FIES:Special 
Prisoners Survey File), which is 
applied to members of armed band or 

They were arrested on the morning of 
September 16th, being held without 
bail for a trial that could take years. 
They're being accused of sending a 
book-bomb, urban terrorism, plan- 
ning 2 assassinations, illegal posses- 
sion of firearms, arson attacks, 
belonging to a terrorist group, etc. 

Communications with the outer 
world are reduced to two letters in 
and two outside of prison every 
month. Their families say they are 
still healthy. 

We still have no news about the other 
ones being driven to other prisons, or 
if they're still held at Soto del Real 
Prison, where Roger and Igor were 
sharing a cell. We also don't know 
nothing about Joaquin, which isola- 
tion was kept even after declaring in 
Audiencia Nacional and who wasn't 

allowed to be assisted by the lawyer 
who travelled there from Barcelona. 
We have no clue if he was carried to 
the same prison or to another one, 
and also don't know about his health. 

the two whose location is known: 

Rafael Tomas y Gaspar, C.P. 

Madrid - 3. Ctra Pinto a San Martin 
de la Vega, Km 5, 28340 Valdemoro - 

Carolina Forne Roig, C.P. DE 

AVILA, Ctra. Vicolozano-Brieva, 
s/n. 05194 Brieva (Avila) 

Protests at Spanish embassy or other 
actions appreciated. Bail and legal 
fees needed. International bank 
account open.To make a donation 
you will need the following codes: 

IBAN: ES58 0182 7028 2102 0153 


This is an ongoing process against 
anarchist movement in Spain which 
started almost a year ago.with the 
arrest of 4 people in Valencia, and 
four more 10 months later. 


On 24. Sept, Italian police from the 
Carabinieri Special Operation Branch 
(ROS) conducted fifty house raids 
against suspected eco-activists. The 
ROS is investigating an alleged con- 
spiracy to create economic sabotage 
against environmentally destructive 
creations like skiing resorts, incinera- 
tors, mobile phone masts and televi- 
sion towers. 

This alleged conspiracy is meant to 
be led by Marco Camenisch, who is 
currently imprisoned for eco-bomb- 
ings against the Swiss nuclear power 
industry. Marco's cell in Pfaffikon 
prison was also raided. 

This is not the first time that Italian 
police have tried to link Marco with 
alleged conspiracies in a blatant 
attempt to try and break his spirit and 
destroy the solidarity Marco gets 
from his friends and supporters alike. 

Between thirteen & twenty activists 
are under investigation for this 

alleged conspiracy. All those who 
were raided are eco-activists/eco- 
anarchists who have actively support- 
ed Marco either by taking part in 
demonstrations outside Swiss 
Embassies or by creating websites 
and other information about Marco. 

This investigation appears to be con- 
centrating on a series of direct actions 
which occurred in solidarity with 
Marco when he was on hunger strike 
earlier this year. The actions being 
investigated include an arson attack 
on 18. January, against a nearly built 
chairlift at a ski resort which resulted 
in six million euros worth of dam- 
ages. A spray painted slogan at the 
scene of the arson read "Free Marco - 
Fire to destructors". The same slogan 
was found the same night near a 
phone mast torched and a television 
tower bombed elsewhere. More 
actions followed against phone 
masts, all claimed in solidarity with 


On September 12th Josh Connole, a 
known environmentalist and peace 
activist, was arrested by the FBI. Josh 
was accused by the FBI of involve- 
ment with the ELF-claimed fire and 
vandalism of SUV dealerships in 
West Covina, California on August 
22nd, which resulted in over a mil- 
lion dollars in damages. 

On September 15th, Connole was 
released without charges due to a 
lack of evidence to make the case 
against him. It is obvious that the FBI 
seriously blundered in this case, rush- 
ing to make an arrest in the middle of 
the night based on no physical evi- 
dence at all. 

Even during the lead-up to josh's 
release, no concrete evidence was put 
forward by the FBI to suggest that 
Josh Connole was in any way 
involved with the West Covina 
Hummer dealership action. They 
apparently based the raid on a like- 
ness comparison from blurry securi- 
ty-video footage and nothing else. 
While there no physical evidence to 
suggest that Josh was at the site, there 

*is* plenty of evidence that Josh was 
assisting a friend moving into their 
house on the night the Hummer 
action took place, and wasn't any- 
where near West Covina. 

The arrest is part of a pattern of 
harassment the FBI has been visiting 
on activists in Southern California 
since mid-August in a desperate 
attempt to claim "success" in their 
hunt for ELF members. Since 1997, 
very few ELF activists have been 
arrested which has led to a growing 
frustration in the FBI as evidenced by 
the recent raids against activists in 
the San Diego area and now this 
arrest on what appears to be non- 
existent grounds. 

The Earth Liberation Front Press 
Office would like to send a message 
of solidarity and support to those 
activists undergoing harassment by 
the FBI in Southern California and 
elsewhere. We encourage people who 
wish to support Earth Liberation pris- 
oners to contribute to the Earth 
Liberation Prisoners Support 




Going To War with Brian McCarvill 


I chose the term "Volunteers" because it is apropos to COMBAT. 
"Comrade" or "comrades" is another term that I like to use a lot in 
conjunction with COMBAT. I feel as though the two terms are gen- 
uinely applicable to Anarchists. I am an Anarchist. As an Anarchist I 
try to frame my thoughts, my mode of Life, my spirit, in terms of 
Anarchism. My Anarchism. My Anarchism is what I believe it to be, 
not what I am told it should be. Still, my Anarchism is fluid. I con- 
stantly thirst for, and seek out, Anarchist literature and comraderie, 
from anywhere and everywhere that I can. As a prisoner in the Oregon 
gulag, all contact with outside Anarchists was gradually being choked 
off. More on that in a moment. Let me close this opening paragraph by 
stating that "Volunteers" and "COMBAT" extend beyond the confines 
of Anarchism. "Volunteers" and "COMBAT" encompass the struggle 
to move the revolution forward. Given this very simple request, both 
"Volunteers" and "COMBAT" will tolerate and seek extra- Anarchist 

prison litigator and prison legal assis- 
tant. I knew that the courts were not 
friendly to prisoner litigation. 
Coupled with the bad press that 
Anarchists were getting in Oregon it 
seemed hopeless. Still, nothing ven- 
tured, nothing gained. We were 
already in a position of total repres- 
sion. We could only improve our sit- 
uation. However, a loss in court 
would only seal our fate in the form 
of our current dilemma. I filed suit, 
McCarvill v. DeHaan et al., United 
States District Court, District of 
Oregon, case no. 02-1167-KI, 
Portland, Oregon. 

Back to the situation within the 
Oregon prison system. 

In 2000 the Oregon Department of 
Corrections (ODOC) "documented" 1 
Anarchists as a security threat group 
(STG). 2 At first, this STG designation 
by ODOC definition earned 
Anarchists designation as a gang. 
Prior to this secretive documenting, 
interaction between myself and out- 
side Anarchists was relatively free 
and open. Rejection of Anarchist 
publications was rare. As far as I 
know, no Anarchist publication has 
ever caused an actual security prob- 
lem within an ODOC prison facility 
that I had the pleasure of being 
interned in. 3 Once the documentation 
occurred, almost all Anarchist litera- 
ture was intercepted and rejected by 
ODOC. The reasoning tendered for 
almost all of the rejections was the 
display of the circle-A or Anarchist 
Black Cross symbol. It is the rare 
Anarchist publication that does not 
contain either a circle-A symbol or an 
ABC symbol. ODOC was aware of 
this and they wrote a provision into 
their mail rule which declared the cir- 
cle-A, the ABC cross, and the black 
flag depictions within Anarchist pub- 
lications to be "gang / STG parapher- 
nalia". They followed up this declara- 
tion with a policy of "zero tolerance 
for any gang / STG-related activity". 
My interaction with outside 
Anarchists essentially ceased to exist. 
I was pissed. 

I was not the only one pissed off. 
Other Anarchist prisoners, comrades 
of mine and yours, were equally 
pissed off. We all attempted to chal- 
lenge the rejection problem by utilis- 
ing ODOC's administrative review 
process. While I was at EOCI 
(Eastern Oregon Correctional 
Institution), every once-in-a-while 
one of these administrative reviews 
would terminate in my favour. This 
did not last long before I was trans- 
ferred to OSP (Oregon State 
Penitentiary). At OSP, not one single 
administrative review for any anar- 
chist prisoner that I knew of terminat- 
ed in the Anarchists' favour. 4 

We were in a quandary as to what to 
do about this problem. It became 
obvious to me that only a court 
injunction was going to get us any 
relief. I was loathe to file such an 
action. Tried pleading our case with 
all of the ODOC brass who's sphere 
of influence touched upon the mail 
rule, or whom could influence the 
mail rule. It was totally fruitless. It 
appeared that the lawsuit avenue was 
to be our only chance of relief. It was 
a big chance. I was an experienced 

The combat had begun. I do not want 
to bore you with the ins-and-outs of 
litigating the suit. Anyone truly inter- 
ested in this aspect of the combat can 
access the court file and gain a pretty 
good idea of the massive effort 
required to prosecute such a suit from 
the perspective of a prisoner. 5 It was 
formidable, I can tell you. 

We won the suit. Notice that I said 
"we". I could not have accomplished 
this win alone. This is the point that I 
wish to make. Had I been alone in 
this effort I would have lost. 

There was all manner of support in 
this combat. This is Anarchism at 
work. This is revolution at work. In 
the matter at hand this was victory. Of 
course, not all Anarchists, particular- 
ly those who pose themselves as eth- 
ically pure Anarchists, or principled 
Anarchists, chose to participate. This 
is certainly OK. I support them in 
their principalities. They are often 
keepers of the flame, the ones that can 
be relied upon to perpetuate both the- 
ory and history, to pacify with knowl- 
edge and truth, noble, pertinent, and 
necessary tasks to be sure. But, be 
that as it may, there is a war in 
progress, the litigation that I started 
was a battle in that war, militarily 
speaking, an engagement. 

Once started, the litigation was, in 
fact, approached as a battle. It was all 
or nothing. This was no skirmish. As 
in any battle, militarily speaking, to 
win against a formidable enemy, a 
firmly entrenched enemy, an enemy 
with superior firepower that holds the 
high ground, the tactics would neces- 
sitate creating multiple fronts and 
out- flanking the enemy on all of those 
fronts. This required more than me as 
the litigator, much more. 

My cellmate at the time, and com- 
rade, Rob los Ricos, came up with a 
plan to mobilise outside forces. A 
second front was born. Rob, with 
myself in full agreement, organised a 
campaign wherein outside supporters 

were requested to protest ODOC's 
repression by sending both of us post- 
cards with a large circle-A symbol 
displayed over the words "This is not 
a gang symbol". Hundreds of post- 
cards flowed in. ODOC reacted by 
throwing both of us in the hole for 
120 days, convicting us of "unautho- 
rised organisation l". 6 

The hole time turned out to be a 
blessing in disguise as far as litigating 
the lawsuit was concerned. 
Approximately 90% of the written 
discovery efforts were conducted by 
me from the hole. Yes, I had to hand 
print it all on unlined paper with a 
miniature pen the size of a run-of-the- 
mill birthday cake candle, but I had 
plenty of time to accomplish it all. 
Had I been in general population, I 
would not have had the opportunity 
to perfect the tremendous amount of 
written discovery. This proved to be a 
key downfall in the enemy's defences 
on the central front. 

As I hammered at the enemy with the 
full frontal attack of the litigation, the 
outside support network kicked into 
full mobility. The Anarchist Prisoners 
Legal Aid Network, with us from the 
beginning, both raising and supplying 
monies that supported the litigation, 
went on line and otherwise organised 
massive publicity for the battle. 
APLAN also coordinated the contin- 
ued postcard campaign, as well as an 
effort to arrange declarations in sup- 
port of the litigation from interested 
Anarchists from all over the world. 7 
Break the Chains and Green Anarchy 
of Eugene, Oregon, mirrored 
APLAN's efforts, providing a posi- 
tion statement and kicking the bushes 
for declarations. John Connor and 
Green Anarchist of London, England, 
provided an in-depth position state- 
ment. Joanne Rankin and comrades 
of Dublin, Ireland, held a fundraising 
event and provided much appreciated 
moral support — thank you, Joanne. 
Ryan Foote and Mishap zine of 
Eugene, Oregon, provided an in- 
depth position statement and support 
that considerably freed-up ODOC 
restriction on zines. John Zerzan pro- 
vided much-needed declarations that 
substantially took the legal substance 
away from ODOC's position. 
Countless others from everywhere 
contributed declarations, postcards 
and, probably most important to me, 
moral support. 

It turns out that, had I approached the 
litigation on my own, the cause 
would have failed. Had ODOC been 
approached without the litigation, the 
cause would have failed. Because we 
approached the battle multilaterally, 
with full force and conviction, we 
won. Anarchist comraderie was the 
binding influence. In this age of 
information we are a power to be 
reckoned with. The isolation that 
accompanied Anarchist individual- 
ism in the past is no longer a detri- 
ment. Organisation, as a verb, not an 
entity, as in this instance, is a proven 
battle winner. 

Winning the war is next. It involves 
COMBAT Fuck Uncle Sam, the rev- 
olution needs you. 


Combat begets casualties. War is hell. 
How true. Revolution is not a dinner 
party, after all. 8 Casualties were suf- 
fered by us all around. Impact, both 

immediate and long-term, varied by 
degrees as to the participants. I am 
reminded of a conversation that I had 
with two of the defendants from the 
lawsuit, Greg Atkin, the OSP safety 
officer, and Jacy Duran, the then-cen- 
tral mail administrator. 9 Prior to my 
actual filing of the suit I had told 
Duran and Atkin (to his credit, Atkin 
had brought Duran to my cell door in 
an effort to solve the circle-A prob- 
lem) that the only avenue of relief 
that I had left was to actually file suit. 
I asked them both if there would be 
any hard feelings in the event that I 
did file suit and of course they both 
professed that there would not be any 

I am currently sitting in ODOC's 
showcase isolation unit prison, Two 
Rivers Correctional Institution 
(TRCI). How and why did I arrive 
here? If you have had enough where- 
withal to read this far, you obviously 
are able to rationalise the answer. I 
am getting ahead of myself here 
somewhat. Let me back up. 

The first casualties in the battle were 
absorbed by you, our supporters, and 
us prison rank and file, in the form of 
monetary cost. Court filing fees were 
$150.00. Legal copies and postage 
expenses quickly took off exponen- 
tially, costing multiple hundreds of 
dollars all total. You raised these 
funds for us. Your actions and support 
in doing so constituted a state 
defence. Although the state com- 
plains of costs, there is no impact 
upon its individuals, it simply 
squeezes its taxpayers a little harder. 
The costs to you and I are intended to 
deter. Capital at work controlling us. 

For me this has never been an obsta- 
cle. For you, well, I must say, thank- 
fully, that those of you who were not 
deterred, occurred, and hopefully will 
continue to occur, in adequate num- 
bers to move the revolution forward. 
To those of you who were deterred by 
either financial cost, time incurred, or 
simply by the necessary effort, I 
implore you to get the fuck out of the 
way, take your social-climbing non- 
committal arse elsewhere — there is 
no place in the revolution for you. 

I recognise that outside support for us 
prisoners, whether it be monetary, 
physical effort and/or moral support, 
takes away from other valuable life 
experience. I think I speak for more 
than myself when I say that we pris- 
oners deeply respect and appreciate 
your efforts. 

Economic impositions upon us, the 
prisoners involved (Rob los Ricos 
and I here) are, of course, amplified 
very quickly as we deal with very 
small amounts of money in our lives. 
We were immediately impacted when 
we lost our jobs and were thrown in 
the hole for the postcard campaign. 

As long-term prisoners, it was rather 
easy to take this in stride, particularly 
because of the outside support that 
we receive. Still, the state imposes 
the penalty as a deterrent, it's all that 
it knows. Personally, I lost 100 or so 
days of good-time as well as my 
prison job. In the long run, the loss of 
income will become a considerable 
hardship factor in my quality of life 
and my ability to interact with the 
outside. The hole time (120 days) and 
the loss of good-time are somewhat 
inconsequential deterrents. 

The greatest casualty suffered by me 
is my transfer to TRCI. The state 
knows this, it is why they did it. 
There was a clamour from the outside 
and from me to ODOC high-rankers 
to restore Rob and I as cellies and to 
our jobs. Even the attorney general's 
office recommended return of the 
jobs and no transfers. But authority 
must have its pound of flesh, gained 
in this case through the mental 
anguish inflicted upon me through the 
transfer to TRCI. Not only did they 
knowingly separate Rob and I, the 
worst thing the could do to me, they 
transferred me to the only prison in 
Oregon that has no means of ever sit- 
ting with back support. They did this 
with the full knowledge that I suffer 
from severe spinal trauma and 
wedged discs. So they know they are 
torturing me mentally and physically. 
Still, separating Rob and I was and is 
a tremendous blow to my good men- 
tal health. We pose absolutely no 
threat to ODOC of any kind. Filing of 
the lawsuit, your support, the engage- 
ment, was an affront to ODOC secu- 
rity's fascist ego, nothing more, noth- 
ing less. They simply cannot stomach 
that they were wrong, both morally 
and legally. Authority, like a trod- 
upon viper must bite and bite it has. 


I am currently in physical and mental 
agony as I write this piece. Perhaps 
by the time it is read conditions will 
have improved. I know that comrades 
at APLAN have put out a call for a 
write-in campaign to ODOC officials 
on my behalf. Asking that I be 
returned to OSP and be given ade- 
quate medical treatment via indy- 
media on the Net. Regardless, I'm a 
casualty of war, of COMBAT, a will- 
ing casualty. We must not be daunted 
by authority, by capital, or by combat. 
It has been said that history is written 
by the winner. My friends, we should 
have and maintain every intent to 
write that history. 


1. This is ODOC's terminology. Webster 
describes a document as: "A paper that fur- 
nishes information, proof, or support of 
something else". 

2. This according to a sworn statement by 
Benny Ward, ODOC's STG manager. 

3. Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution at 
Pendleton, Oregon, and the Oregon State 
Penitentiary at Salem, Oregon. My interac- 
tion with outside Anarchists earned me my 
transfer from EOCI to OSP for "administra- 
tive security concerns". 

4. At least not until the date this dispatch was 

5. The court file will show you documentation 
actually filed. It will not show you the 
tremendous amount of written discovery that 
took place in the form of Requests for 
Production and Requests for Admissions 
submitted to each of the ten separate defen- 
dants. This was a brutal, voluminous task, 
but proved to be exceptionally effective. The 
court file should be accessible online for 
anyone wishing to view the documents filed. 

6. Of course we first had a fair trial! 

7. Declarations are sworn statements on par 
with affidavits. Federal courts allow declara- 
tions. Declarations do not require the declar- 
ant to swear before a notary public. The 
court accepts the declarant's statement as 
true as a matter of independent honour. 

8. Please forgive my quoting of Mao but many 
of his observations are fairly astute on 
removal from the ideology. 

9. Duran proved to be extremely vindictive. 
She rose to her position of ODOC authority 
via a stint as a line officer and an Internal 
Affairs officer. Since the prosecution of this 
action, she has been supplanted as head 
Central Mail Administrator by Randy Geer. 
Duran' s vindictiveness was instrumental in 
the backlash against this author. 




That's the way to do it: John Zerzan on when the lights last went out. 

"Amid All the Camaraderie is Much Looting this Time." 

Seeing the City Disappear, Wall Street Journal headline, 15 July 1977 

The Journal went on to quote a cop on what he saw, as the great 
Bastille Day break-out unfolded: "People are going wild in the bor- 
ough of Brooklyn. They are looting stores by the carload." Another cop 
added later: "Stores were ripped open. Others have been leveled. After 
they looted, they burned." 

At about 9:00 p.m. on July 13 the 
power went out in New York for 24 
hours. During that period the com- 
plete impotence if the state in our 
most 'advanced' urban space could 
hardly have been made more trans- 

As soon as the lights went out, cheers 
and shouts and loud music announced 
the liberation of huge sections of the 
city. The looting and burning com- 
menced immediately, with whole 
families joining in the "carnival spir- 
it". In the University Heights section 
of the Bronx, a Pontiac dealer lost the 
50 new cars in his showroom. In 
many areas, tow trucks and other 
vehicles were used to tear away the 
metal gates from stores. Many multi- 
storey furniture businesses were com- 
pletely emptied by neighborhood res- 

Despite emergency alerts for the 
state troopers, FBI and National 
Guard, there was really nothing 
authority could do, and they knew it. 
A New York Times editorial of July 

16 somewhat angrily waved aside 
the protests of those who wondered 
why there was almost no interven- 
tion on the side of property. 'Are 
you kidding?" the Times snorted, 
pointing out that such provocation 
would only have meant that the 
entire city would still be engulfed in 
riots, adding that the National Guard 
is a "bunch of kids" who wouldn't 
have had a chance. 

The plundering was completely 
multi-racial, with white, black and 
Hispanic businesses cleaned out and 
destroyed throughout major parts of 
Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and 
the Bronx. Not a single "racial inci- 
dent" was reported during the upris- 
ing, while newspaper pictures and TV 
news bore witness to the variously- 
coloured faces emerging from the 
merchants' windows and celebrating 
in the streets. 

Similarly, looting, vandalism, and 
attacks in police were not confined to 
the City proper; Mount Vernon, 
Yonkers and White Plains were 

among suburbs in which the same 
things happened, albeit on a smaller 

Rioting broke out in the Bronx House 
of Detention where prisoners started 
fires, seized dormitories, and almost 
escaped by ramming through a wall 
with a steel bed. Concerning the pub- 
lic, the Bronx District Attorney 
fumed, "It's lawlessness. It's almost 

Officer Gary Parlefsky, of the 30th 
Precinct in Harlem, said that he and 
other cops came under fire from guns, 
bottles and rocks. He continued: 

We were scared to death.... but 
worse than that, a blue uniform 
didn't mean a thing. They could- 
n't understand why we were 
arresting them. 

At a large store at 110th Street and 
Eighth Avenue, the doors were 
smashed open and dozens of people 
carried off appliances. A woman in 
her middle- 50s walked into the store 
and said laughingly: "Shopping with 
no money required!" 

Attesting to the atmosphere of a "col- 
lective celebration", as one worried 
columnist put it, a distribution center 
was spontaneously organized at a 
Brooklyn intersection, with piles of 
looted goods on display for the tak- 
ing. This was shown briefly on an 
independent New York station, 

WPIX-TV, but not mentioned in the 
major newspapers. 

The transformation of commodities 
into free merchandise was only aided 
by the coming of daylight, as the fes- 
tivity and music continued. Mayor 
Beame, at a noon (July 15) press con- 
ference, spoke of the "night of ter- 
ror", only to be mocked heartily by 
the continuing liberation underway 
throughout New York as he spoke. 

Much, of course, was made of the 
huge contrast between the events of 
July 1977 and the relatively placid, 
law-abiding New York blackout of 
November 1965. One can only men- 
tion the obvious fact that the domi- 
nant values are now everywhere in 
shreds. The "social cohesion" of class 
society is evaporating. New York is 
no isolated example. 

Of course, there has been a progres- 
sive decay in recent times of 
restraint, hierarchy, and other 
enforced virtues; it hasn't happened 
all at once. Thus, in the 1960s, John 
Leggett (in his Class, Race and 
Labour) was surprised to learn upon 
examining the arrest records of those 
in the Detroit and Newark insurrec- 
tions, that a great many of the partic- 
ipants were fully employed. This 
time, of the 176 people indicted as of 
August 8 in Brooklyn (1,004 were 
arrested in the borough), 48% were 
regularly employed. (The same arti- 

cle in the August 9 San Francisco 
Chronicle where these figures 
appeared also pointed out that only 
"six grocery stores were looted while 
39 furniture stores, 20 drug stores 
and 17 jewelry stores and clothing 
stores were looted"). And there are 
other similarities to New York, natu- 
rally; Life magazine of 4 August 
1967 spoke of the "carnival-like 
revel of looting" in Detroit, and 
Professor Edward Banfield com- 
mented that 

Negroes and whites mingled in 
the streets [of Detroit] and looted 
amicably side by side. ..." 

The main difference is probably one 
of scale and scope - that in New York 
virtually all areas, even the suburbs, 
took the offensive and did so from the 
moment the lights went out. Over $1 
billion was lost in the thousands of 
stores looted and burned, while the 
cops were paralyzed. During the last 
New York rioting, the 'Martin Luther 
King' days of 1968, 32 cops were 
injured; in one day in July 1977, 418 
cops were injured. 

The Left — all of it — has spoken only 
of the high unemployment, the police 
brutality; has spoken of the people of 
New York only as objects, and pathet- 
ic ones at that! The gleaming 
achievements of the unmediated / un- 
ideologized have all the pigs scared 

Green Anarchy 
#13 out now! 

Issue #13 (Summer '03) features: 
"Youth Liberation: Burn the Schools 
and Destroy the Media", "The Rising 
of the Barbarians", "Between 
Analysis and Vision: Moving Beyond 
the Theory -Practice Dichotomy", " 
A Quest Among the Bewildered", 
"Thoughts On the City", "On the 

world, direct a 
(including a Br 
ters, and much, 

Sabotage of the Fine Arts", "Zero 
War - Total Liberation", 
"Decoding the Apocalypse of the 
Militant Left", "Green Amazon 
Economics 101", The Doctor is 
Sick: Schizophrenia, Anti- 
Psychiatry, and Anarchism", "News 
from the Balcony", re-prints from 
the finest of sources, updates 
from insurrections around the 
ction reports, state repression and prisoner info 
eak the Chains Conference Manifesto), reviews, let- 
much more! This one is 36-pages (our largest yet!) 

Print copies of issues #6-12 are available for $3 each U$A/CAN ($4 
world). Green Anarchy is free to prisoners. 
P.O. Box 11331, Eugene, OR 97440, USA. 




Ry Rob Rlack 

From the Associated Press (which did such a bang-up job on the 
Iraq war), dateline Boston, September 29, 2003: A 300-pound 
gorilla will be kept off display after it escaped from its zoo enclo- 
sure and roamed through the Franklin Park Zoo and along nearby 
streets for nearly two hours before it was sedated with tranquiller darts, 
according to Zoo New England CEO and President John Linehan. 

Even zoos, it turns out, have CEO's, him in bondage. Not a 12 foot moat, 
Undoubtedly so do circuses, and I not even an electrified fence stopped 

don't mean the one in Washington, 
and so does every other institution 
which once thrilled children with 
icons and images and visions of 
another life, a life of magic and mar- 
vel. Of course now they view images 
quite as exciting or more so when 
they go on-line. But a zoo or a circus 
(they are not too different), even in 
our flattened down era, puts on a 
show which, for all its phoniness, sur- 
passes anything virtual. 

18 year old Courtney Roberson 
worked at the zoo and was taking 2 
year old Nia Scott, her friend's little 
sister, for an outing when Little Joe 
escaped, according to family mem- 
bers. The gorilla grabbed the child, 
threw her to the ground and jumped 
on her, according to Dale McNeil, 
Scott's godmother. 

If so, there was remarkably little 
harm done: "Neither zoo officials nor 
Boston Police could provide any 
information on the injuries. But fam- 
ily members said Scott had a gash on 
her cheek and needed several stitch- 
es. Roberson [who was not thrown to 
the ground and jumped] was bitten on 
the back and scratched on the leg, 
said her mother, Shamika Woumnm." 
(I find her name even less likely than 
her story.) Clearly the family mem- 
bers saw their chance for a score and 
wasted no time creating evidence. 
The accusations against Little Joe are 
grave but, I suspect, self-serving. If a 
300 pound gorilla jumped on a two 
year old girl, I would expect her to 
incur serious injury, if not death, but 
probably not just a gash on the cheek 
For a rounded picture, we need to 
look at it from Little Joe's point of 
view. From the Associated Press we 
further learn: In August, the 5 foot, 
adolescent gorilla also escaped from 
its section of the Tropical Forest 
exhibit, which had a 12-foot- wide, 
12-foot-deep, moat. No one was hurt 
then, and zoo officials installed elec- 
trified wires to keep him from escap- 
ing again. 

The Associated Press story, aided by 
the family's litigation-oriented state- 
ments, is all too obviously scripted 
under the influence of the King Kong 
and Mighty Joe Young films, with 
adjustments for details. Little Nia 
Scott is Fay Wray. Mighty - er, Little 
Joe is framed, perhaps literally, by 
these evocative antecedents, which it 
is not necessary for the word-thrifty 
Associated Pressman to mention 
because they are deeply rooted in 
popular consciousness. Little Joe, at a 
first pass from the sensitive, anony- 
mous Associated Press reporter, is 
strikingly depicted as an African- 
American rapist: "The gorilla 
grabbed the child, threw her to the 
ground and jumped on her, according 
to Dale McNeil, Scott's godmother." 
Then, and only after that impression 
has sunk in, the AP journalist indi- 
cates that Little Joe is perhaps as 
much like Houdini as he is like King 
Kong. Little Joe has twice thwarted 
the best efforts of his captors to hold 

the 5 foot tall, 300 pound young pri- 

The movie the AP guy should have 
reviewed, at least in his mind, before 
writing his story was not King Kong 
or Mighty Joe Young but The Great 
Escape. Young male gorillas like 
Little Joe, who was born in captivity, 
pose problems because of their agili- 
ty and restlessness, according to 
Linehan. "They go through a stage 
where, physically and psychological- 
ly, they're growing much stronger, 
and become much more lean and 
long, and containment can be an 
increasing challenge at that age," he 

Other young male primates go 
through the same stage. Some of 
them formed the anarchist Black 
Blocs in Seattle, Genoa and else- 
where. Others disperse their "agility 
and restlessness" in frat parties, liber- 
al politics, music subcultures or even 
by joining the Army to meet cute 
dumb hillbillies like "Daisy Mae" 
Jessica Lynch. As that astute psychol- 
ogist/CEO Linehan explains, they go 
through a stage where they're becom- 
ing strong (which, ^^^^^^^^^^ 

interest. For it seems that Little Joe is 
not the only 300 pound adolescent pri- 
mate in the picture. "He was too 
strong for me, and I'm a big person," 
says teenage nanny and zoo employee 
Courtney Roberson. "I weigh close to 
300 pounds." In this, slightly more 
plausible version, Little Joe knocked 
Little Nia out of Roberson' s hands 
"and stomped on her before going 
after Roberson again." There is noth- 
ing about what happened to Roberson, 
or what happened at all, after Little 
Joe's "going after" her. Presumably he 
did nothing ungentlemanly. Since the 
incidents recounted could not have 
taken more than a minute, and Little 
Joe was on the loose for two hours, 
evidently once he got a good look at 
Roberson he betook himself else- 
where. Love hath no fury like a 
woman scorned. And did Little Joe 
"jump on" Little Nia (AP) or "stomp" 
on her (Daily News)? 

According to Nia's godmother, "When 
he snatched the baby, the gorilla took 
the baby and ran with it. And when he 
went to run, he turned around and he 
looked at Courtney and he dropped the 
baby and ran after Courtney" - contra- 
dicting her immediately previous 
statement that Little Joe stomped 
Little Nia. Dropping is not stomping. 
Or did he drop-kick her? By the time 
the case comes to trial, I wouldn't be 
surprised if he did. The Daily News, 
then, departs from the Hollywood par- 
adigm of the Associated Press - this is 
not a Fay Wray situation at all. Here 

after the indignities 

of childhood is a 1 1 The enslavement of Little Joe and so 

heady realization) 

and naturally they 
cast about for some- 
thing to test their 
strength against. For 
Little Joe, there was 
an only and obvious 
challenge: his cap- 

I used to live in the 
Boston area and 1^^^^^^^^^ 
knew exactly where Little Joe 
escaped from, and where he was 
recaptured. Needless to say, there was 
nowhere for him to live in Boston as 
the magnificent animal that he is. He 
would not survive the coming winter. 
And since he was born in captivity, he 
would not even survive in the rain 
forest where gorillas belong, were he 
released there. 

This the CEO obviously does not 
intend for his investment, since Little 
Joe is one of 6 of the exhibition goril- 
las he has acquired since 1998. 
Except that now Little Joe, after his 
recent adventure, is not on exhibit - 
he's locked down — which is perhaps 
a partial victory for Little Joe. I 
remember Charlton Heston, in 
Spartacus, howling in his cell, "I am 
not an animal!" Would it have made 
any difference if he were? 

Truth being, as Nietzsche taught us, 
multi-perspectival, we might set the 
measured, classical restraint of the 
Associated Press story beside the 
romantic exuberance of the version in 
the New York Daily News ("Teen Was 
Helpless Against Raging Ape," Sept. 
30, 2003). Much of the story is the 
same, as we might expect, since the 
writers are both American Journalists 
pledged to Objectivity, but the Daily 
News story focuses on the romantic 

many other animals reminiscent of 
ourselves indicates our failure to come 
to terms with our own nature, which is 
an animal nature. In domesticating ani- 
mals we have made ourselves the ulti- 
mate domesticated animal. 

the helpless, innocent human female, 
Little Nia, was a sort of bystander who 
got in the way. This was something 
between Little Joe and Big Courtney 
Roberson, who probably looked more 
like a young female gorilla in heat 
than any animal the born-in-captivity, 
hormonally charged up Little Joe had 
ever seen. She may have played on 

There's some monkey business here. 
After Little Joe's August breakout, 
"zoo officials installed electrified 
wires to keep him from escaping 
again," in addition to the 12 foot 
wide, 12 foot deep moat. How did he 
get past all of that? "There's a lot we 
have to find out, and we'll be review- 
ing what happened," as CEO Linehan 
is quoted in both stories as saying, so 
it must be true. 

I have a theory. It was an inside job. 
Little Joe got out just before closing 
time, i.e., just when many zoo 
employees were probably getting off 
work. I think Big Courtney Roberson 
was one of them. She claims to have 
been taking Little Nia "for an outing" 
- not at the zoo, which was closing - 
but apparently right outside, although 
the neighborhood has no other attrac- 
tions. I think Roberson, recalling the 
publicity around Little Joe's first 
escape, turned off the juice and let 

him out, and then planted herself, 
babe in hand, in his path. I wouldn't 
be surprised if she were the aggres- 
sor. I think what Courtney was court- 
ing was a juicy lawsuit, or a tryst, or 

If I am right, the "raging ape" was the 
victim here in a most immediate way. 
He was set up and he was exploited. 
But if I am wrong he is still a victim, 
but in that case not the only one. 
Incarceration in a zoo is a far more 
serious wrong than a bite on the back 
from a runaway gorilla. 

Now that we know that we share 
something like 98% of our DNA with 
Little Joe and his kind, we might 
rethink our relations with gorillas. 
About 15 years ago, a visiting 
Slovenian anarchist, Gregor Tome, 
joined me for a visit to the renowned 
Washington Zoo. An anti-Communist 
dissident, he was especially curious 
to see the pandas donated by the Red 
Chinese. (Nobody calls them the 
"Red Chinese" any more. Why not? 
They haven't changed.) The monkey 
house depressed him: "They're too 
human," he said. 

I know what he meant. I spent a 
minute alone before a gorilla in a 
cage. I looked him in the eye and he 
looked me in the eye. Anyone could 
see the intelligence and the pain - and 
it was in his eyes too. Tome was quite 
right but I would rephrase what he 
said. 'We're too animal" is more like 
it. The enslavement of Little Joe and 
^^^^^^^^^^so many other ani- 
mals eerily remi- 
niscent of our- 
selves really indi- 
cates our failure to 
come to terms with 
our own nature, 
which is an animal 
nature. In domesti- 
cating animals we 
have made our- 
selves the ultimate 
domesticated ani- 
^^^^^^HmaL For us to 
escape, on an individual basis, from 
civilization - from the state, the mar- 
ket, the class system, from religions 
and moralities - that is scarcely more 
realistic than for Little Joe to pass a 
quiet winter in Boston where he was 
recaptured, "near a football stadium." 

But we do differ in an important way 
from our fellow animals. We have 
language. Recent research establishes 
that this is not the qualitative break it 
was long thought to be. Gorillas 
appear to have a rudimentary vernac- 
ular language, and they can even be 
taught English sign language in con- 
trolled circumstances. Noam 
Chomsky does not believe this, not 
because it isn't true, but because it 
refutes his Cartesian linguistic theory. 
He is like those 16th century prelates 
who looked through Galileo's tele- 
scope and denied what they saw 
because it could not be true. 

In tribute to Chomsky's Scholastic 
obtuseness, the researchers who 
study Koko and her fellow gorillas 
have named their dumbest gorilla stu- 
dent "Nim Chimsky." Language - 
especially written language - has 
served as an instrument of domina- 
tion. Like most truths about the life 
we live, this one sounds extravagant 
or overstated or metaphorical, but 
that is only because it is so difficult to 


stand apart from that life, if only in 
thought, to see it as it is. It is a finding 
of sober archaeological fact that for 
the first one thousand years of writing 
(in ancient Sumer - now known as 
Iraq), it was devoted exclusively to 
government record-keeping and 
occasional chest-thumping by the 
Ozymandias- style autocrats who still 
rule in the Cradle of Civilization, 
only now they are American. Literacy 
was so restricted to bureaucrats that 
Hammurabi, for instance, probably 
could not read the Code of 
Hammurabi. Now history is not nec- 
essarily destiny, but it certainly 
should inform those who would be 
makers of destiny, if they know 
what's good for them. 

The question is whether there is any 
other way than through language to 
get out of what language has gotten 
us into. Even those who say "no" 
contradict what they say just by say- 
ing it. Language posits the only pos- 
sibility, if there is one, of the Great 
Escape. And it has to be a Great 
Escape, a collective adventure, 
because anything less than that is just 
like Little Joe busting out to - to 
where? to what? That's just it. Little 
Joe got out, but while he had a place 
to escape from, he had no place to 
escape to. I wonder what he thought 
of the streets of Boston which he 
wandered for two hours. He could 
hardly have found there what he was 
looking for, if he'd even thought that 
far ahead. I know I never did. 

I have given my reasons for doubting 
whether Little Joe went ape, but even 
if he did, going ape is something apes 
never do in the wild and in the socie- 
ty (for they have one) of other apes. 
Going human is really a better, if also 
an inadequate description of what he 
is accused of doing. Our prisons - our 
human zoos — are filled with humans 
who have gone ape, which really just 
means, stir-crazy They experience 
domestication literally with a 
vengeance. Elsewhere, in school or in 
the workplace, it's not usually so 
obvious. But your boss has made a 
monkey out of you all the same. 
Alexander Pope wrote a couplet - 
about a dog, not an ape, but he was 
saying the same thing I am (Kew was 
a royal palace): 

/ am his Highness' dog at Kew 

Pray tell me, sir, whose dog are you ? 

Free Little Joe and all other political 
prisoners ! A zoo and a circus - these 
words are not only effective 
metaphors for our civilized society, 
they really surpass metaphor by verg- 
ing on straight reportage, much like 
the Objective reportage of the 
Associated Press and the Daily News. 
It is no accident that we so often 
reach for one of these words to dis- 
parage some feature of the political or 
social scene. They fit the hand so 
well. It never required DNA evi- 
dence, not for anyone "with ears to 
see," as Ivan Stang once phrased it, 
to notice that the animals deserved- 
ly called the great apes are amazing- 
ly like ourselves. I have never 
understood how any creationist 
moron could visit a zoo and look at 
the primates and come away with 
his Bible bigotry intact. He is, I sup- 
pose, our own Nim Chimsky. 
Unfortunately, our Nim Chimsky 
has the right to vote. 




Ecological Revolution Flounders on Bougainville 

ith a population of only 160,000 Bougainville has managed to 
close and keep closed one of the biggest copper mines in the 
world. Despite having to fight the Australian- armed Papua 

New Guinea (PNG) army, they have held their ground for twelve years 

with home made guns made out of water piping and planks, scavenged 

mine trucks and petrol made from coconuts. 

In 1969 a RTZ pic copper mine was responded by sending in the military. 

forcibly established. From the begin- 
ning the people resisted. News 
footage of women fighting with riot 
cops over survey pegs received inter- 
national coverage. In Bougainville 
women are the traditional landhold- 
ers; land is passed from woman to 
woman. On this occasion it was clear 
their land was not being passed on in 
the traditional manner. 

The building of the mine made 800 
villagers landless and another 1,400 
without fishing rights as land was 
seized and the subsistence life of gar- 
dening and fishing was destroyed. 
220 hectares of rainforest was poi- 
soned, burned and bulldozed. 

After 20 years the mine had grown to 
a crater half a kilometre deep and 
nearly 7km in circumference. Over a 
billion tonnes of waste was dumped 
into the Jaba River valley creating a 
wall of waste hundreds of metres 
high, turning one of the islands 
biggest river systems bright blue. 

After ignored protests, petitions and 
legal claims the Bougainvilleans had 
had enough. A handful of islanders 
stole company explosives, destroying 
electricity pylons, buildings and 
machinery. By using guerrilla tactics 
they succeeded in closing the mine. 
Until the war broke out in 1988, the 
mine accounted for around 45% of 
PNG's total export earnings. Without 
these earnings PNG is going bust. 
PNG, with the assistance of Australia, 

State soldiers strafed villages from 
helicopters. The Bougainville 
Revolutionary Army (BRA) was 
formed to defend the land and people 
from further exploitation. Ten years 
of war followed. 

PNG herded people into 'care cen- 
tres' (concentration camps) and 
enforced a medical blockade on the 
island. 10,000 Bougainvilleans died 
in the conflict. Despite being heavily 
outgunned the BRA succeeded in 
keeping the mine closed. They 
pushed the state soldiers off most of 
their island and forced a peace. The 
land of the mine is slowly regenerat- 
ing. The people have returned to their 
age-old subsistence agriculture. 

Unfortunately the people who origi- 
nated the revolution — the people 
local to the destruction and with the 
most to lose — have now become iso- 
lated from the rest of 
Bougainvilleans. Most of the others 
seem to want to re-open the mine and 
instigate other developments, The 
locals are holed up in their mountain 

Francis Ona, the instigator of the 
original revolution, is vilified by the 
mainstream press and virtually all 
communication with the rest of the 
world is controlled by the pro- 
development lobby. Ona's group, 
the Me'ekamui Defence Force, 
(MDF) have about fifty armed peo- 
ple to defend the site of the mine, 

and the BRA now stand in 
opposition to them, with about a 

Recently the BRA tried to 
remove a MDF roadblock bar- 
ring foreigners passage to the 
mine, killing some of the defend- 
ers. All the NGOs who once sup- 
ported the struggle against colo- 
nialism now seem to see nothing 
wrong with what they call the 
'peace process' and are slagging 
off Ona and his people, who are 
ultimately the ones whose deci- 
sion about their land should be 
final. There are lessons to be 
learned here about both NGOs 
and 'nationalist' struggles (not to 
mention 'peace' processes), and 
the wisdom of co-operating with 
those who hold views antipathet- 
ic to our own. 

Very little news comes out at all 
from the MDF; the little that 
does is hopelessly mangled by 
corporate lackey journalists. 
Unsurprisingly, Ona doesn't trust 
outsiders, and particularly not 
journalists. He hasn't been inter- 
viewed in the 6 years since the 
BRA won the war, until recently. 
In that interview, after being 
accused of having no connection with 
the Bougainville peace process, he 

"I never have any no connection with 
the peace process on Bougainville. 
You know, peace on Bougainville is 
always here, yeah, but what they are 
trying to import on Bougainville is 
trying to... economise peace, you 
know, they want to put money into 
the process and then try to... I see it 
as a psychological warfare on 
Bougainville, yeah." 


The 1st Green Anarchist Gathering 
took place July 10-13, despite the 
FBI. The first site was a private 
campground at the intersection of the 
Appalachians and Alleghenies. The 
Feds thought it too close to one of the 
largest underground natural gas stor- 
age facilities in the US, a facility on 
the Homeland Security watch list, so 
we got a call from the campground 
owner: "Your event is being can- 
celed. We've had several visits from 
the FBI and other law enforcement. 
You lied to us. You didn't tell us you 
were terrorists." 

The FBI under Mike Hudak of the 
Scranton / Wilkes-Barre office had 
not only visited the campground but 
sent Pennsylvania state troopers to 
the township meeting to inform citi- 
zens of this redneck idyll of the 
vipers poised to descend on their 
community. "Just look at their web 
site," they urged, giving them the 
URL to the Black and Green pages. 
Helicopters and black sedans then 
showed up. With help from a State 
Park official, we were back on track 
within a week at a new location only 
60 miles away. 


There were 100+ pre-registered via 
the web site and we were hoping for 
even more, so I opted for communal 
catering, like the Anarchist Teapot at 
EF!UK Gatherings. It was a younger 
crowd; out of the 80 there, only 10 of 

us were over 30. Most were from 
eastern and southern states. The 
downside of larger workshops was 
that organizers spoke too much and 
newbies too little. 

A real highlight of the gathering was 
the two full days of primitive skill 
share with Tim, a 'professional' from 
the Teaching Drum School, who 
instructed the future primitives in 
tracking, shelter building, wild plant 
identification skills, and answered 
lots of questions in an informative 
and good-natured way. 

There was a conflict resolution work- 
shop where many of us found we 
faced the same issues with regards to 
finding alternative ways of dealing 
with conflict without making appeals 
to authorities. Many had been 
involved in conflicts with individuals 
who could be clinically categorised 
as 'mentally disturbed'. We discussed 
how we all are misfits, but those 
who'd really lost all grasp of reality 
are drawn to activist communities 
whose tolerance and openness to 
society's oppressed may be well 
known. Those with truly anti- social, 
if not violent, tendencies can cause 
real problems in terms of the emo- 
tional health of those around them. 

Ted Kaczynski's 'Hit 'Em Where It 
Hurts' article (Green Anarchy #8) led 
to lively and most interesting discus- 
sion, especially to Fed infiltrators. 
Some of us tried clarifying arguments 

for economic and infra- structural 

There was a civ and patriarchy ses- 
sion that I found boring, with men in 
attendance professing their genuine 
open-mindedness and unconditional 
support of women in general and the 
women bringing up anecdotal evi- 
dence to the contrary. 

I find this inevitably veers into the 
issue of rape, and then tends to be 
discussed in the same hypersensitive 
terms liberals use. As a woman and 
anarchist I find this discouraging. I 
can't help but feel that elevating that 
particular violation to the status of 
most heinous just an ideology of 
women's victimization beyond reme- 
dy. Too bad that the state has the 
monopoly on violence, our communi- 
ties could sort out that issue amongst 
ourselves with much more success. 

One goal of the Gathering was to 
exchange info, facilitated by the pres- 
ence of the A-Hole', the Coalition 
Against Civilization's tent full of 
Anarcho-primitivist scholarship and 
agit prop. The only security issue was 
potential confrontation with 'Young 
Marines' in the adjacent camping 
area, who's cries of "Yes Sir!" we had 
to endure each day, all day long, but 
nothing happened except their com- 
plaint that they saw someone from 
our group naked next to a car, chang- 
ing clothes. Hope to see you there 
next year! 

Papua New Guinea has most gra- 
ciously agreed to allow Bougainville 
a referendum on independence in ten 
years time, but Ona says there's no 
reason to wait. Bougainville can go it 
alone. "I don't know why ten 
years. . ." he says. "Right now we can 
have a referendum. Bougainvilleans 
through the last 14 years have proven 
that we can look after ourselves." 

Francis Ona has literally stuck to his 
guns. His men remain heavily armed, 
untouched by the 'disarmament 
process' (the BRA and foreign inter- 
feres still have guns...) which 
they've rejected. At the roadblock, 
the MDF exchanged fire with the 
BRA as recently as March this year. 
Ona says "It's really a violation of the 
peace process on Bougainville. . . I've 
got a paper here which proves that the 
UN and PNG has planned all this. 
You know, it's written here." He 
asked the fuck wit journalist to take 
the paper but was ignored. 

In spite of the situation, the MDF 
appear confident. "The outside input 
into Bougainville has destroyed our 
people's lives. We've gone through 
fourteen years without money and we 

still exist." As with all people who are 
truly resisting the onslaught of civili- 
sation, it's hard to know what we can 
do in the west in solidarity with them. 
It seems that anything we do to 
undermine civilisation here will be 
more useful than trying to get through 
the maze of disinformation put up by 
the 'human rights' and development 

There is an international spokesper- 
son for the MDF, Clive Porabou, 
working out of PNG. Typically, he 
has support only from a few individ- 
uals; the cowardly NGOs go along 
with the oppressors. 

To get news out and gather support 
for the struggle the MDF need to get 
their transmitter repaired. 

If you can help to fund new commu- 
nications equipment (even just a few 
quid will help), contact GA and we 
can put you in touch with them. See 
P. 14 for addresses 

The Panguna landowners' story 
shows that there is really no point in 
working with such organisations. 
These are the enemies of freedom as 
much as the more obvious ones are. 

Desire for freedom. 

-MDF Statement, 26 Sep 2003 

From the South to the Northern tip of 
Bougainville there is a growing "rest- 
lessness" for freedom and that free- 
dom is total Independence. In Central 
Bougainville No Go Zone where 
Inter-Government Relations Minister 
sir Peter Barter focus his attention, 
Francis Ona and his Me'ekamui 
National council and the Me'ekamui 
Defence force have no right to stop 
people from seeking medical assis- 
tance or joining the imported peace. 

Even in the peace areas there are 
Me'ekamui Hardliners with 
Me'ekamui basic aims and principal, 
Independence. Me'ekamui Defence 
Force are not the party to weapons 
disposal, those are BRA A company 
who joined the peace process the 

same people who signed the petition. 
The road block at Morgen junction 
will remain. Bougainvilleans go in 
and out of the No Go Zone areas 
freely but outsiders are not allow. 

No Go Zone does not prevents people 
from proper service, assistance and 
medical treatment but it is helping 
them to keep their birth right. 
Me'ekamui Goverment and its 
Millitary Arm [ MDF ] is not disrupt- 
ing the peace process, why blame the 
Me'ekamui Government? 

Bougainville peace is from time 
immemorable, long live peace on 

Clive Porabou, MDF Spokeperson 




Standing up on this hill, as the sun filters through the trees you 
occasionally catch the reflection of solar panels on the roofs of 
the houses beyond the wind farm. The gentle swishing of turbine 
blades is inaudible here, but the hum of a tractor is just perceptible as 
is sows next year's bio fuel crop in the fields below.... 

Though the reality of alternative tech- 
nology providing a "green" and sus- 
tainable life for us all in the 21st cen- 
tury may seem a long way off, may 
seem an almost impossible task of 
enormous proportions, it is becoming 
more widely accepted as a necessary 
step in the progress of our industrial 
society It is, however, rarely seen for 
the sham it is. 

cal determinism. Just because it's 
possible it doesn't follow that it's a 
good idea. 

Many have been fooled into thinking 
that this new product of consumer 
capitalism will further the goals of 
those seeking sustainability without 
questioning the use of electricity 
itself and the innately unsustainable 
nature of all 

tinker with the system (however you 
dress that up in anarcho-leftist rheto- 
ric), creating a green tinged society (a 
la Bookchinite 'Social Ecology') or 
whether your desire is to embark 
upon a project that seeks to dismantle 
all that curtails a more authentic exis- 
tence . Though there are apparently 
still some anarchists who believe that 
controlling the means of production 
would somehow allow the develop- 
ment of a libertarian society, it must 
be realised that the technological sys- 
tem is simply a part of the structure of 
domination that (one would think) 
anarchists strive to destroy. 


'IVJTO WlT U-iy TO <t q«i^ 

~ „ .J 

The dis 

cliched picture painted above is 
incomplete without a quick look 
behind the scenes. 

Though minute details of the industri- 
al processes employed are beyond the 
scope of this article, and frankly do 
not interest me, even a cursory exam- 
ination will show that the manufac- 
ture of photovoltaic panels, wind 
gennies and bio fuel production facil- 
ities is not a particularly green (or 
alternative) business. From mineral 
and metal ore extraction (think open 
cast, think indigenous land rights, 
think health and safety) to metal 
purification (think blast furnace, 
think slag heaps, think massive ener- 
gy consumption) to manufacturing 
(think conveyer belts, think toxic 
effluents, think wage slavery) to 
transport (think container ships, think 
road deaths, think more and more 
fucking airports) to mass consumer 
society (think, no don't think, con- 
sume), when western industrial socie- 
ty decides it wants something, 
regardless of the apparently benign 
nature of the product (or even it's 
intended use in excusing the excesses 
of our society), the product has a 
price attached to it, namely the "con- 
cealed drudgery of many and the 
despoliation of the natural world" 1 

There seem to be many people in the 
alternative green ghetto who have 
become engrossed in the provision of 
power through 'alternative' means, 
usually at festivals and free parties, 
and who even see this as a form of 
green activism. Embarrassingly this 
mostly takes the form of boys playing 
with their (hi-tech) toys. An unfortu- 
nate group caught out by technologi- 

t h e 
involved in its 

Although industrial produc- 
tion (of alt-tech gear or otherwise) 
is inherently unsustainable (surely 
with just a bit more technology...) 
some products are often justified if 
they, for instance, allow autonomy or 
independence to those in struggle, but 
then the same goes for making use of 
any of the tools of civilization in 
order to fight against it. But people 
tend to consume 'alt tech' as a lazy 
alternative to using more inventive 
methods, which are usually more in 
conflict with the system. 

The problem arises around so-called 
'ethical' consumption and the quasi- 
religious zeal that surrounds the cult 
that is alternative-technology Ethical 
consumption is steeped in petty 
moralism and guilt, but rarely chal- 
lenges consumption itself. 

As anarchists we shouldn't look to 
the marketplace to fulfil our needs - 
but rather seek to feed off the detritus 
of civilization whilst attacking the 
pillars that are its foundation. 

What are we doing with all this 
'alternative' electricity? Whether 
it's being fed into the grid or used 
where it's made (via lead- acid bat- 
teries), it is the use of electricity 
itself that must be questioned, not 
where it comes from. In the same 
way that the suggestion that our 
vehicles could be fuelled by veg- 
etable oil does not question car cul- 
ture, the cult of electricity is rarely 
examined. From computers to 
sound-systems, light-bulbs to 
fridge-freezers all of these things 
just add to the devastation of the 
natural world, and severely limit 
any chance of salvaging a genuine 
unmediated human existence. 

It would be foolish to forget that a 
green city is still a city. It comes 
down to whether you merely want to 

Technology is the 
sum of mediations 
between us and the 
natural world and 
the sum of those 
separations mediat- 
ing us from each other. 
It is all the drudgery 
and toxicity 

required to pro- 
duce and 
reproduce the 
stage of 

hyper- alienation 
we live in. 2 

It may have become apparent that I 
am using the terms technology and 
alternative technology interchange- 
ably, but it should be obvious by now 
that there can be no reasonable differ- 
entiation between them. The notion 
that technology is neutral and exists 
independently of social relationships 
has no basis. 

Technology is not a simple tool 
which can be used in any way 
we like. It is a form of social 
organization, a set of social rela- 
tions. It has its own laws. If we 
are to engage in its use, we must 
accept its authority. The enor- 
mous size, complex interconnec- 
tions and stratification of 
tasks which make up 
modern technological 
systems make - 

authoritarian com- 
mand necessary and 
independent, individ- 
ual decision-making 

(Fifth Estate Quoted from 
'The Primitivist Primer' 
by John Moore). At the 
heart of the technologi- 
cal system are the 
division of labour and 
specialisation. ResuUin^ 
from these are dependen- 
cy. We are held to 
ransom, dependent 
on others, childlike in 
the face of the complex 
organisation of technologi- 
cal society, alienated 
from the natural envi- 

Most anarchists 

recognise that the state, 
private property, the 
commodity system, the 
patriarchal family and 
organized religion are 
inherently dominating 
institutions and systems 
that need to be 
destroyed if we are to 
create a world in 
which we are all free 

to determine our lives as we see 
fit. Thus, it is strange that the 
same understanding is not 
applied to the industrial techno- 
logical system. 

It appears that what is needed is a 
seditious mutiny of the technological 
mindset that seems to be so pervasive 
even within so called 'alternative' 
green and radical circles. That 'alter- 
native' technology will fail to avert 
any of the pitfalls of conventional 
technological approaches is clear. 
Therefore its status among many as 
some form of tool of a future ecolog- 
ical society is grounded in shallow 
and ill thought out analysis of the cur- 
rent technological society we find 
ourselves in and the historical forces 
that brought this about. 

Never before have people been 
so infantalised, made so depend- 
ent on the machine for every- 

thing; as the earth rapidly 
approaches its extinction due to 
technology, our souls are shrunk 
and flattened by its pervasive 
rule. Any sense of wholeness and 
freedom can only return by the 
undoing of the massive division 
of labour at the heart of techno- 
logical progress. This is the liber- 
atory project in all its depth. 4 


1 . John Zerzan 'On the Transition; Postscript 
to Future Primitive' 

or on the web here 

2. John Zerzan 'Technology' Future Primitive 
CAL Press 

or on the web here 

3. from 'The Machinery of control: A Critical 
Look at Technology ', 

Wilful Disobedience Vol. 3, No. 2 

4. from 'Technology' by John Zerzan from 
Future Primitive CAL Press. 

Or on the web here 



Geothermal Plot 

The Shasta, Modoc and Pit River 
nations peoples have told Calpine 
corporation and CalEnergy General 
that they do not want development in 
the Medicine Lake region. 

Two 50 Megawatt plants are pro- 
posed. Sitting on the southern edge of 
the Cascade Mountains, the tree- 
shrouded Lake, the watershed of the 
Sacramento River, is critical to 
Indians. The mountains are consid- 
ered sacred. 

Around Telephone Flat, the areas are 
used for vision quests and for the 
gathering of healing herbs. And there 
are also women's mountains, where 
they go to get their power. Over 100 
years ago the same tribes were deci- 
mated by gold rush miners. 

The Death of Rivers 

If the James Bay project in Quebec is 
completed, it will embrace over 30 
major dams and 500 dikes. 
Completed in 1995 LG1 is churning 
out 1,368 megawatts of electricity. 
More is added all the time. 

The project threatens the way of life 
of the Cree and the Inuit. The James 
Bay wetlands and forests are habitat 
of lynx, black bears, waerfowl, and 
one of North America's largest cari- 
bou herds. 

The new complex would take a tum- 
bling, 225 -mile-long river and con- 
vert much of its length into a series of 
artificial slack- water lakes. These 
reservoirs would submerge more than 
a thousand miles of riverine lands 
and untamed forests. 




An antidote to the usual, incredible hype 

Alternative technology tends to be sold as small / human scale and 
so decentralisable and autonomous until such time as the 'pow- 
ers-that-be' actually take it seriously, at which point it becomes 
a mega-project under centralised expert control. Witness wind power 
spawning huge 100m high wind farms, with wave power next to get 
the same treatment - and it's typically those pushing such energy gen- 
eration as 'alternatives' that get to be the experts 'benevolently' impos- 
ing them as soon as the government money starts to come in. 

No one could pretend fusion is anything but hi-tech, highly centralised, 
highly expertise-dependant and demanding huge injections of funding 
and power, but some still believe it is somehow "clean" and can yield 
massive amounts of energy, like the old 'Atoms for Peace' / 'too cheap 
to meter' codswallop they used to sell us fission back in the 1950s. 
Needless to say, this is the opposite of the truth. 

First off, the isotopes of hydrogen 
smashed together at super-hot (plas- 
ma) temperatures are radioactive. 
Sure enough, deuterium only has a 
half-life of 12 years — one reason why 
its use as a 'doping agent' in US 
nuclear weapons has quietly rendered 
most of them obselete — but the free 
neutrons generated by this process 
often impact the torus 's cladding and 
not the hydrogen fuel, which really is 
a long-term waste disposal problem. 

Secondly, as well as being radioac- 
tive, tritium can cause cancer, birth 
defects and other such problems. 
Dealing with tritium emissions inci- 
dental to conventional fission reac- 
tors, the Conception Group discov- 
ered a Health & Welfare Canada 
(HWC) report admitting: 1 

a 'statistically significant' corre- 
lation of central nervous system 
(CNS) birth defects with large 
releases of tritium to air: five 
Pickering infants with CNS 
defects (anencephaly, micro- 
cephaly, spina bifida with hydro- 
cephalus, and two others whose 
defect code was not on record) 
were born in January- July 1978, 

following the airborne tritium 
releases of April-October 1977. 
Medical experts link CNS birth 
defects to radiation exposure, as 
found after the atomic bombing 
of Japan. 

Fusion researchers concede this is a 
problem, but claim they only need a 
small amount of tritium to initiate 
neutron emission from the deuterium. 
Engineers admit, however, that "a tri- 
tium inventory of 40 kg" as the mini- 
mum required to ensure viability. 

Thirdly, as hydrogen is such a small 
molecule, virtually anything is 
porous to it, making containment 
much, much more difficult than for 
fissionable materials. Hydrogen is 
highly explosive (witness the 
Hindenberg!) and will be used in 
combination with super-high temper- 
atures, making plant safety a big 
issue. One nuclear engineer frankly 
stated: 2 "I would be a lot more con- 
cerned about a Tritium fire twenty 
miles away than a meltdown at a 
fission plant". There are also likely to 
be day-to-day hazards caused by the 
intense electromagnetic forces used 
to keep the hydrogen plasma off the 

torus wall, likely affecting workers' 
reproductive and central nervous 
systems and potentially causing 
leukaemia, if typical of other non- 
ionizing radiation hazards. The same 
spectacle as occurred at Sellafield — 
where workers there were warned 
not to have children — is likely to 
occur at any future viable fusion 

Fourthly, as noted already, both tri- 
tium and deuterium are key compo- 
nents of nuclear weapons — indeed, it 
was Lawrence Livermore's Edward 
Teller (a.k.a. 'Doctor Strangelove') 
that first promoted them in the form 
of the hydrogen bomb, while he was 
still at Los Alamos — and so repre- 
sents a proliferation risk, with all the 
'security state' ramifications of that. 
So much for 'fusion for peace', not 
that anyone has ever pretended any- 
thing so patently stupid - and as Karl 
Jung argued against fission in his 
Nuclear State three decades ago, a 
nuclear state is inevitably ultimately 
also a totalitarian state. 

Fifthly, fusion is mega- science feed- 
ing a Promethian mega- science men- 
tality, with huge resources diverted 
into keeping such experts on the hi- 
tech gravy train. The CANDU torus 
(also known as ITEC) cost the 
Canadian government £14 billion 
when established in 1992. It is a pure 
research facility which will never 
generate a watt of electricity for non- 
research use and, typical of those that 
have had a living gifted to them, all 
objections by citizen groups such as 
Sierra Club Canada have so far arro- 
gantly been waved aside. 

Finally, despite the industry hype 
we'd all be on fusion power by 1980, 
not a watt of electricity has been gen- 
erated by fusion for research purpos- 

es as well as for non-research ones. 
Nuclear engineers admit: 3 

The biggest issue facing DT is 
the actual breeding of the tritium 
in the Lithium blanket. It is not a 
simple problem and may be the 
death of DT fusion if no practi- 
cal way of efficiently breeding 
the tritium and harvesting it 
quickly without having even 
minimal losses. This is the part 
that is the most pessimistic, in 
my opinion. 

In other words, that fusion has always 
been complete hype and that they 
may never get it working at all. In 
this, it certainly is fission+, where at 
least it was only the safe disposal of 
the waste they hadn't figured out 
before spinning stories to suck the 
public purse dry. 


1 Conception Research, Postal Station "B", 
Box One, Toronto Ontario, Canada M5T 

2 Personal e-communication 

3 ibid. 


Energy of the Future, or South Seas Bubble? 

by Mr. Blobby 

In a world facing wars for oil, we des- 
perately need an 'alternative' energy 
source for the future. Hydrogen fuel 
cells, as used in the Space Shuttle, are 
the energy source of the future, 
according to the hype surrounding 
fuel cell research. But research funds 
are worth lots of $$$; so how well 
founded in scientific reality is the cur- 
rent optimism in the face of problems 
which beset the hydrogen fuel cell 

Look at a working model of a hydro- 
gen fuel cell, and you see a wonder of 
science: Hydrogen 'burned' with no 
smoke, water the only exhaust. Look 
a little deeper into this miraculous 
technology, and you see that the 
heavy and cumbersome hydrogen 
fuel tank is only large enough to sup- 
ply fuel for barely a few minutes if it 
is fitted into a car used to give a 
flashy film promotion of fuel cell 

The car in a video to hype the fuel- 
cell technology stops moments after 
the 2 minute video stops. It's run out 
of fuel already. To get the number of 
miles between refills you'd expect 
from a petrol or diesel powered car, 

the super cold liquid hydrogen fuel 
tank would need to be bigger and 
heavier than the car could fit. Recent 
developments have brought smaller 
and lighter fuel tanks, but the prob- 
lem of fuel storage will not go away. 

Then there is the problem of how to 
make the hydrogen to use in the fuel 

Naturally, no non-nuclear means 
is known to make terrestrial 
hydrogen that does not consume 
considerably more energy than it 
delivers. Note that commercial 
hydrogen is nearly always pro- 
duced by the reformation of 
methane. But the methane really 
has to want to reform. 

Please also note that because of 
the staggering loss of energy, use 
of electrolysis for bulk hydrogen 
apps is a really, really dumb 
thing to do. 

It is the equivalent of exchang- 
ing two US dollars for one 
Mexican peso, 

w w w. tinaj a. com/h2gas0 1 . asp 

Harnessing energy from geothermal 
springs in Iceland, to make hydrogen, 
has led the fuel-cell hype industry to 

claim Iceland will become the 
"Kuwait of the North." In reality, it's 
a scenario similar to the bullshit 
claims made about vegetable oil bio- 
diesel fuel. It can never supply more 
than a tiny fraction of world energy 
needs, even when exploitation levels 
reach their natural boundaries. 

On Internet sites that contribute to the 
hydrogen fuel-cell hype, there is little 
or no mention of these insurmount- 
able problems: At the time of writing 
this, I did an Internet Google search 
for "hydrogen fuel cell" and got 
32,200 results. I didn't have many 
hours to click through hundreds of 
links looking to find a site not part of 
the bullshit hype... 

Hydrogen's potential use in fuel and 
energy applications includes power- 
ing vehicles, running turbines or fuel 
cells to produce electricity, and . 
generating heat and electricity for 
buildings. The current focus is on 
hydrogen's use in fuel cells. 

A fuel cell works like a battery but 
does not run down or need recharg- 
ing. It will produce electricity and 
heat as long as fuel (hydrogen) is sup- 
plied. A fuel cell consists of two elec- 
trodes — a negative electrode (or 

anode) and a positive electrode (or 
cathode) — sandwiched around an 
electrolyte. Hydrogen is fed to the 
anode, and oxygen is fed to the cath- 
ode. Activated by a catalyst, hydro- 
gen atoms separate into protons and 
electrons, which take different paths 
to the cathode. The electrons go 
through an external circuit, creating a 
flow of electricity. The protons 
migrate through the electrolyte to the 
cathode, where they reunite with oxy- 
gen and the electrons to produce 
water and heat. Fuel cells can 
be used to power vehicles or 
to provide electricity and 
heat to buildings. 

The hype industry gets 
off scot-free with out- 
rageous bullshit. One 
Stanley Meyer 

claimed to 

ic laws, energy conservation, 
Faraday's laws, the nature of Fourier 
Series, hydrogen overvoltage proper- 
ties, the concept of mathematical 
integration, the max power transfer 
theorem, and at least one fundamen- 
tal current standard. His little scam 
ripped off investors life savings, and 
eventually they complained. Judge 
Corzine of the Ohio court system 
found a "gross and egregious fraud", 
but imposed a fine of only $1. 




way of 


hydrogen which 

violated thermodynam 




The 'war on terror' is their fear of a wild planet. 

Despite 9/11, Americans are still more likely to be struck by light- 
ening than by terrorists, but only obsess about the latter. 1 They 
are thousands of times more likely to be shot by spouses, neigh- 
bours or workmates than terrorists, despite which they vigorously 
defend their 'right to bear arms'. The sociologist William Catton has 
done us all the favour of putting fears about terrorism in context: 2 

The annual death toll from influenza in the United States is almost 
ten times the seven or eight year global toll from terrorism, yet 
most people tend to think of flu as more of a nuisance than a dire 

US foreign policy is led by a 'war on terror' that has killed more peo- 
ple — typically as 'collateral damage' — than the 'terrorists' targeted by 
several orders of magnitude and blithely draws up lists of convenient- 
ly oil-rich 'terrorist states' to intimidate or invade when it is in fact 
only the US itself that has been judged terrorist by the International 
Court for Reagan's 1987 mining of Nicauragua's harbours. Claiming 
the 'war on terror' is in defence of Freedom (capital F used ironically 
to indicate the 'freedom' concerned is purely abstract rhetoric never to 
be applied in practice), administrative 'anti-terrorist' legislation has 
practically extinguished any freedoms of assembly, association and 
expression, reinitiated internment without trial and McCarthyism in 
America, and jailed Black people (called 'Portland Asians' as they 
were devout Moslems!) for exercising their supposed 'right to bear 
arms' for self-defence against transparently obvious state tyranny in 
the more hick, Islamophobic parts of the nation. 
The absurdities and hypocrisies of the Nicaraugua, those labeled 'terrorist' 

'war on terror' should be obvious to 
anybody not mummified by the Flag, 
but on that you can go and read any- 
thing by Noam Chomsky or the small 
industry of liberal publishing around 
him if you need to. The purpose of 
this essay is not to further elaborate 
on such detail, but to examine why 
'terrorism' has exercised such a firm 
grasp on the modern imagination. 
'Terrorism' has not just been sold 
through the spectacle of media 
manipulation or its logical flip side, 
public gullibility — those are but the 
techniques of power — but has actual- 
ly taken root. We must go a lot deep- 
er to understand the unique appeal of 
'terrorism' — why it is being sold, 
rather than some competing compli- 
ance brand. 


The term 'terrorism' has been so 
tainted by political expediency that it 
now has no agreed definition. As the 
Reagan administration showed over 

by others won't willingly accept their 
definitions, and even when someone 
takes the rare and strange decision to 
label themselves 'terrorist' — as FC 
(the Freedom Club) did in the 
Unabomber manifesto, Industrial 
Society and Its Future — others may 
refuse them this label because they 
feel it confers too much prestige ! 

Thus, having sold FC as a much- 
needed example of domestic terror- 
ism throughout the entire 1980s, the 
FBI relabeled Unabomber suspect 
Ted Kaczynski a "serial killer" when 
he came to trial in 1995 as they'd 
been so humiliated by their inability 
to catch him in almost two decades, 
undermining their credibility (and 
potential funding) as an effective 
counter-terrorist force (and, inciden- 
tally, FC's potential to inspire further 

At best, terrorism is defined as some 
sort of non- state-level indiscriminate 
targeting intended to bring about a 

crisis in the state unable to meet its 
Social Contract obligations to protect 
its own citizenry. At worst — and this 
is really the point, its utility as a 
mechanism for maintaining State 
power — terrorism's definition all too 
easily broadens out to mean 'any- 
thing opposed to us'. 

Again, you can check out concerned 
liberal scholarship for the more obvi- 
ous implications of this — such as 
how, by appealing to Social Contract 
theory, terrorists paradoxically affirm 
the State they're attacking and state- 
hood generally, although this should 
hardly come as a surprise concerning 
nationalist groups — but that is not my 
purpose here. What interests me is 
that the indiscriminate nature of ter- 
rorism is mirrored in the indiscrimi- 
nate nature of its definition. Lacking 
numbers or firepower to take on the 
armed forces of the state toe-to-toe, 
the terrorist adopts tactics of clandes- 
tinity and unpredictable, symbolic 
attacks. Consequently, the terrorist 
could be just about anyone and — 
more significantly — so could his or 
her target. 

Many advocates of armed struggle 
will huff and puff about this, insisting 
they are not terrorists because they 
are very careful in their selection of 
targets. Well, all the best to them, but 
the State is playing the equally 
inevitable opposite game of narrow- 
ing down who the terrorist is likely to 
be to as small a group as possible and 
presenting potential targets as as 
large a group as possible, as everyone 
else, to isolate and provoke discrimi- 
nation against the struggle's support- 
ers. It is standard militant rhetoric 
that unlike in conventional warfare, 
one successful action is the equiva- 
lent of a thousand additional symbol- 
ic ones, those that could have been hit 
and may be in future. This, in part, 
explains why reactions to terrorism in 
terms of overestimation of personal 
threat is so great - so useful both to 
terrorist and counter-terrorist. 
Clearly, the target's perception of 
their targetability is something large- 
ly out of the militants' control. Even 
if they have been strict about what is 
and is not an appropriate target to 
date, the very virtue of guerilla war- 
fare, its unpredictability, means that 
new targets will be sought in future. 
Also, aside from rare highly-disci- 
plined and typically compromised 
groups, militant groups are highly 
Protean, inclined to splits, break- 
aways and even government pseudo- 
gang activity, meaning splinter 
groups may well hit targets the parent 
group refuses. 

What, then, are we really looking at 
here, this perception of anonymous, 
random violence? We are looking at 
chaos. And how does this culture deal 
with chaos? What is its perception of 
that? As the celebrated anthropologist 
Mary Douglas writes in her seminal 
Purity and Danger: 3 

As we know it, dirt is essentially 
disorder. There is no such thing 
as absolute dirt: it exists in the 
eye of the beholder.... Dirt 
offends against order. 

Eliminating it is not a negative 
movement, but a positive effort 
to organise the environment. 

On a visceral cultural level, then, ter- 
rorists are not the worthy chaps with 

legitimate grievances and desperate 
but necessary measures they take 
themselves for, they are dirt, social 
pollution to be removed from State 
society like some deadly plague 
organism — typically by the State 
itself and its loyal subordinates, the 
better to magnify its own power. The 
Bush administration, for one, uses 
exactly this rhetoric — likely uncon- 
sciously appealing to society's 
instinctual revulsion against pollu- 
tion, given Dubya's proverbial lack 
of erudition — and it is no surprise 
that references to terrorists acquiring 
germ weapons and 'dirty bombs', all 
previously the exclusive property of 
governments, are now the typically 
baseless stock in trade of anti-terror- 
ist propaganda. 

From this, it should be obvious what 
the State gets out of terrorism — to the 
point of promoting and controlling 
terrorist groups, as the Italian govern- 
ment did during the 'years of lead' in 
the 1970s, on an 'eternal threat, eter- 
nal loyalty' principle 4 — but how do 
the terrorists benefit? Of course, 
being portrayed as monsters totally 
beyond social norms enhances the 
appeal and power of some, those that 
believe their revolution really will 
smash social norms, appealing to oth- 
ers thinking likewise and enhancing 
the symbolic intimidation of those 
that do not (the 'multiplier effect' dis- 
cussed above). 

However, there is more to it than this. 
As Douglas argues at great length, 
what is taboo is sacred as well as pol- 
luting. Those challenging the order of 
the universe define themselves not 
just as dirt, but also as godlike. 
Guerillas are often criticised for 
elitism precisely because their actions 
are seen as requiring a revolutionary 
courage, clear-sightedness and dedi- 
cation that is beyond the majority to 
emulate, that is effectively superhu- 

Similarly, in death — and such activi- 
ty surely invites death and torture, 
which is an attempt to kill the revolu- 
tionary 's spirit, what "a positive 
effort to organise the environment" 
means in this context — martyrs are 
revered in a quasi-religious manner, 
piously put 'above criticism' and 
iconised as propaganda tools much as 
were the saints of Medieval 
Christianity, as intercessors with the 
Divine (or the historic / material 
forces as the Left would have it...). 
To their great discredit, some gueril- 
las actively promote such personality 
cults precisely because they are eli- 
tist, promoting their own power at the 
expense of others' liberty. 


Because definitions of terrorism are 
so contested, so too is any prospect 
of identifying the first terrorists. 
Some say the 'White' royalists of 
Brittany opposing the French revo- 
lution, though this looks like a con- 
ventional national liberation struggle 
to me. Some would say the 
Assassins that wrecked dynastic 
havoc during the Middle Ages, but 
the Zealots preceded them by a mil- 
lennia and were the same, only less 
ambitious. No doubt some would 
say the first ape to ambush another 
along the trail was a 'terrorist'. 
Again, this pedantry does not inter- 
est me. What does is the origin of the 

chaotic, violent stereotype of terror- 
ism, with all its symbolic force. 

Who, then, was 'outside society' as 
the stereotypical taboo-busting ter- 
rorists now are? The answer, given in 
Aristotle's Politics, was "the 
Barbarians" or to contextualise it 
with the full quote: 5 

Humanity is divided unto two: 
the masters and the slaves; or, if 
one prefers it, the Greeks and the 
Barbarians, those who have the 
right to command; and those 
who were born to obey. 

Yes, the question of who was outside 
social norms was an important one in 
ancient Greek society because it 
determined who could make slaves 
and who could be made slaves. 
Implicitly also, it defined who could 
make laws, or else slaves would just 
make laws freeing themselves. 
Despite abundant evidence of other 
civilisations abounding in the ancient 
world — not least Egypt or the rival 
Persian empire — the great 

Philosopher so revered by Mediaeval 
scholarship preferred logic to com- 
mon sense and went on to argue that 
non-Greek societies had no laws 
(rather than that Greek law somehow 
overrode theirs) and that non-Greeks 
therefore lived in a state of Nature 
like animals, and that enslaving them 
was therefore probably even sort of 
doing them a favour introducing them 
to Greek civilisation.... This patently 
absurd, self-serving argument would 
be vastly elaborated as 'White man's 
burden' in centuries to come. 

Inspired by Aristotle and no doubt 
bored by their own, overcontrolled 
society, the Mediaevals fantasised 
about the pagan state of Nature, 
imagining wild, bearded Green men 
in the woods bedecked with leaves 
and antlers, living life without 
restraint much like the Greek 
Dionysus or Roman Pan. Whether 
this was a folk remembrance of the 
Neolithic (itself not wholly an oasis 
of human freedom thanks to religious 
and work impositions) or idealisation 
of the lives of greenwood outlaws, 
such ideas pervaded Medieval socie- 
ty to such an extent that representa- 
tions of Green men survive as ironic / 
talismanic church gargoyles, rural 
pub signs, springtime village 
Springtime customs and even in liter- 
ature, as in Gawain and the Green 

The late-Mediaeval Sir John 
Mandeville — who is neck and neck 
with Heroditus as 'father of lies', his- 
tory-wise — portrayed these wild men 
as "eat[ing] both flesh and fish all 
raw", alongside all those on nonexist- 
ent, distant islands with faces in their 
chests and feet big enough to function 
as sunshades. 

Amusing fantasy perhaps, even a sign 
of yearned-for natural freedom, but in 
practice such stereotypes were 
applied exactly as the Greeks did. On 
arrival on the Carib island he named 
Hispaniola in 1492, Columbus was 
quick to insist Mandeville 's fantasies 
were reality, reporting back to distant 
Spain: 6 

Men with one eye, and others 
with dog's noses, who ate men, 
and that when they took a man, 
they cut off his head and drank 
his blood and castrated him. 



Clearly, these Caribs were beyond the 
law and hardly human. In the 
enslavement of the Gaunches on the 
Canary Islands that had been going 
on simultaneous to Columbus's 
colonisation of the New World, 
Isabella of Castille had already had 
Aristotle's apologia for slavery 
rewritten, substituting the word 
'Spanish' for 'Greek' in de Coroba's 
infamous 1460 primer, Garden of 
Noble Maidens. 1 Because of the 
vagaries of Christian — as opposed to 
Greek — religiosity, Isabella went one 
step further than Aristotle in arguing 
not that "A slave is a property with a 
soul", but that they were essentially 
soulless, like animals, and therefore 
their labour could not be lost to the 
Church through manumission by con- 
version. Consequently, millions of 
Caribs perished mining in 
Columbus's silver mines in less than 
a decade, best illustrating who was 
'savage' and who best benefited from 
"the law of nations". 

This is a key point; as US retaliation 
for 'terrorism' is orders of magnitude 
greater than the initial terrorist act or 
even what they're capable of, so the 
'wild' or 'savage' is recast as a pro- 
jection of the Civiliser's own unre- 
strained violence, their true savagery 
alibied. In his mythopaeic Against 
History, Against Leviathan, Fredy 
Perlman points to the transformation 
of wilderness from being simply a 
place of Nature outside human con- 
trol to a place of subjective terror, of 
potential ambush, due to the intro- 
duction of Civilised warfare and its 
unreasoning fears to it: 8 

The world outside Ur is not the 
wilderness our word will desig- 
nate. Their wilderness clearly is 
not the forest or desert, the 
plants or animals, since the 
nature-loving temple residents 
have all these brought into the 

Could it be that their wilderness 
is the wilderness created by the 
Lugal [war leader] and his men; 
the battlefields surrounding all of 
Sumer's towns, the settings of 
raids and counter-raids, the 
scenes of torture, slaughter and 

If the wild was not itself 'savage', it 
might be a desirable alternative to 
Civilisation — indeed, to the survival- 
ist Right, its supposed Darwinian 
savagery is precisely why it is desir- 
able — and in any case, this paranoid 
perception where the Civilisers' vio- 

lence is attributed to what they desig- 
nate non-Civilised as it is beyond 
their control rationalises its destruc- 
tion in the name of 'self defence'. 

Forgive the stridency of the exam- 
ple — though it is easier to see what is 
typical when an example is falsely 
presented as exceptional — but Nazi 
imperialism and its inevitably atro- 
cious consequences were charac- 
terised by exactly such paranoid pro- 
jection, which presented the German 
people as surrounded by overwhelm- 
ing numbers of communists and other 
supposed untermenschen as well as a 
nonexistent 'world conspiracy' of 
Jews, with real genocide 'justified' as 
a response to this projected, imagi- 
nary threat. 

To make this threat 'real', the Nazis 
even faked incidents, burning the 
Reichstag (the German parliament) in 
1936 and then blaming their own 
handiwork on 'red savagery', the bet- 
ter to reinforce their own tyranny. 
Though such reasoning verged on the 
clinically insane, it perfectly suited 
the aggressive ideolgy and expan- 
sionist aims of a clinically insane 
state, not that the Nazis have been the 
only such state evident in modern 


The language used to describe mod- 
ern terrorists exactly matches that 
used to describe the Medieval wild 
men. John Pilger evokes the familiar 
Washington media's stereotype of 
"Flag-burning, embassy-storming, 
bearded, wild men of Islam" 9 [my 
emphasis] whilst Likud zealot 
Benjamin Netanyahu referred to 
hijackers as "wild beasts that prowl 
our airways and waterways" 1 ° and as 
GAL carried out their merciless cam- 
paign of cross-border assassination of 
Basque activists, the Madrid press 
wrote most tellingly of: 11 

The activists of ETA, who are 
not men, who are beasts... No 
human rights come into play 
when a tiger must be hunted. The 
tiger is searched after, is hound- 
ed, is captured, and if necessary 
is killed. 

The ETA fighters assassinated were, 
of course, human beings and not 
tigers - the point is they were equated 
with these animals symbolically, as 
peculiarly savage creatures of the 
wilderness, even though tigers, too, 
rarely pose a real threat to humans 
not encroaching on their own territo- 
ry and are really the ones dispropor- 

tionately threatened by such 

Uncivilised humans, animals and 
Nature itself are equated, united in 
being seen as soulless and chaotic, fit 
only to be ordered and controlled by 
law-making humans for their own 
benefit. This is the lesson of that other 
great Christian garden myth, that of 
God giving Adam mastery over 
Nature in Eden. How much this 
stereotype has been employed to 
characterise terrorists as chaotic 
forces of Nature in need of human 
mastery is illustrated by Malcolm 
Timbers' Jungian analysis of terror- 
ism as infantile and unconscious: 12 

By drawing on the works of Jung 
and Nietzsche, I am attempting 
to show that the terrorist is 
influenced by an archetypal ele- 
ment in Nature that is historical- 
ly represented by the god 
Dionysus in an extreme, distort- 
ed sense, while, in this game, the 
West represents an extreme and 
distorted Apollonian element as 
a civilization bent on dominating 
and exploiting Nature... I per- 
sonally knew a FLQ terrorist 13 
who also talked a lot about ecol- 
ogy and spoke of the Earth 
unconsciously, in an infantile 
manner, as a metaphor for the 
mother's body. That is, mentally 
he was in the Oedipal role of the 
hero- son saving the Earth / 
Mother from being ravished by 
the evil Father / Capitalism. 

It is a natural conclusion that if Man 
(and they mean 'Man') can regulate 
'soulless' Nature better than it can 
itself after billions of years evolving 
its own self-regulation, and if simple 
societies stable for millennia are bet- 
ter run by Civilisers than by their own 
people (who, though mature adults 
with social skills far in advance of the 
Civilisers, are conveniently "like 
children" in need of a patriarch), so 
terrorists are prey to unconscious 
destructive urges and too need to be 
ruled or crushed. 

There is no question of intrinsic value 
here, that in all humility the Civilisers 
might possibly be the ones that are in 
the wrong. Like Freud, Jung believed 
we had to suppress what is natural 
and spontaneous, instinctual, in us in 
order to cooperate and create 'shining 
cities', higher consciousness and 
higher Civilisation. In fact fantasies 
of omnipotence and of being at the 
centre of a universe made solely for 
oneself is more typically associated 

with infantile consciousness and 
more exactly typifies the mentality of 
the Civiliser, the conquerer, the engi- 
neer, bending the whole world to 
their own control. 

If these arguments are starting to ring 
bells with some readers, it's because 
they are very familiar. Dan Quinn 
concludes Ishmael by mythologically 
noting: 14 

The Takers' [Civilisers] story is, 
'The gods made the world for 
man, but they botched the job, so 
we had to take matters into own 
own, more competent hands.' 
The Leavers' story is, 'The gods 
made man for the world, the 
same way they made salmon and 
sparrows and rabbits for the 
world; this seems to have 
worked pretty well so far, so we 
can take it easy and leave the 
running of the world to the gods. 

This, then, is the unveiling: the 'war 
on terror' is a misnomer. The 
Civilisers' true motive is to exert 
absolute control over the entire 
world, over what is wild in human 
nature and beyond it — even at the 
expense of their own laws. Terrorism 
is selected only because it is a partic- 
ularly distasteful manifestation of 
natural resistance to their encroach- 
ments, an obstacle to the further 
accumulation of the monopoly of 
violence on behalf of the State. The 
'war on terror' is then actually a war 
on freedom and a war on Nature 
(including even human nature), an 
attempt to eliminate everything not 
under the control of a select few from 
the world. Terrorists are not the 
infantile, chaotic forces of Nature 
anti-terrorists pretend — in fact, typi- 
cally they are tainted by the same 
authoritarian drives as those they 
seek to 'liberate' the rest of us from 
third-hand — but in the realm of the 
symbolic, what is truly real has long 
been eclipsed by its representation. 
For the world-eating Civilisers, their 
projections of free humanity are 
monstrous, cannibalistic - but even 
these are preferable to those, like 
Terminators, that "can't be bought 
off, can't be stopped, that just keep 

In his Technological Society, ex- 
French Resistance fighter Jacques 
Ellul pointed out that for a security 
state to work effectively, everyone 
must be treated as a potential threat, 
the better to identify and neutralise 
actual threats. Unfortunately, the 
machine logic of Efficiency means 

any resistance to this, stemming from 
a desire for autonomy, even privacy, 
moves citizens into the 'threat' cate- 
gory and tightens the security state's 
intolerant definitions of 'terrorism' 
still further. 

As the supposed bearers of social dis- 
order, today's terrorists are called 
monsters. Tomorrow, inevitably, we 
will all be called terrorists. To truly 
live as free human beings, we are 
given no option but to challenge this 
man-made prison of a society and to 
fight. In fighting, however, we must 
never forget how to live, never allow 
them to reduce us to the level of sym- 
bolic cyphers. 


1 Joseba Zulaika and William A Douglass's 
Terror and Taboo: The Follies, Fables and 
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Moro kidnapping, though this aspect of 
Italian politics has always been a 'hall of 
mirrors' strangely reminscent of Orwell's 
highly realistic but satirical portrayal of 
inter-war Trotskyism ('Emmanuel 
Goldsteinism') in 1984. 

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Terrorism' series, Mysterium Journal of 
Suffering and Death, 
aquapontica/terrorism. I hasten to add that 
this is quoted not because I in any way 
endorse Jungianism — unlike Freud, Jung 
felt no good reason to flee the Nazis, to put 
it mildly — but rather because Timbers him- 
self unconsciously discloses Civilisation's 
own assumprions about terrorism. 

13 The FLQ were the Quebec Liberation 
Front, an early- 1970s clandestine Left- 
nationalist group seeking seperation of 
French speakers from Canada. Not given 
to indiscriminate violence, they could 
hardly be called 'terrorist' in terms of 
strict definitions. 

14 Daniel Quinn's Ishmael (Bantam, 1992), 


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A review of the hook by by Heinrich Kramer and Jacobus Sprenger as translated by Rev. Montague Summers 

itch-hunt: an investigation of or campaign against dissenters 
(as political opponents) conducted on the pretext of protecting 
the public welfare. 

Heretic: From the Greek, "able to choose", characterized by departure 
from accepted beliefs or standards 

It was the time when European men enslaved 11 to 15 million Africans 
and caused 70 million deaths of Indians in the so-called New World. 
The "Burning Times" here in Europe when millions of their own 
inhabitants were tortured and killed, and the last vestiges of our wild 
ancestry wiped out. A systematic persecution of all dissenters, political 
opponents to the church/state and deviators from the civilised norm. 
And Malleus Maleficarum was the Lorenzo de Medici and his daughter 

book on every Judge's bench. The 
handbook for every self-appointed 
Inquisitor, every sanctimonius chris- 
tian, every law-abiding citizen. An 
inspirer of fear and distrust, rational- 
ising the intrusion of christian 
civilised society into every corner of 
the earth. 

The book is divided into three parts. 
The first ponders such questions as: 
"If it be in Accordance with the 
Catholic Faith to maintain that in 
Order to bring about some Effect of 
Magic, the Devil must intimately co- 
operate with the Witch, or whether 
one without the other, that is to say, 
the Devil without the Witch, or con- 
versely, could produce such an 
effect." (That's just a sample so you 
can see how turgid these men were) 

The second describes all the virile 
member/bestial transformations kind 
of stuff and the third relates to the 
judicial proceedings in both the 
ecclesiastical and civil courts. This 
covers the way the arrest, imprison- 
ment, torture and sentencing should 
be carried out. One section deals 
specifically with "the Trial with red- 
hot irons" 

Everything by the book, by the letter 
of the law. 

It doesn't mention the sexual assault 
and rape carried out regularly by 
prison guards and interrogators, but 
you know that wouldn't have both- 
ered Frs. Kramer and Sprenger any- 
way. Their anti-women stance is 
extreme even by the church's stan- 
dards and they have the usual 
civilised obsession with sex. 

To conclude: All witchcraft 
comes from carnal lust, which is 
in women insatiable. See 
Proverbs 30: There are three 
things that are never satisfied, 
yea, a fourth thing which says 
not, It is enough; that is, the 
mouth of the womb. Wherefore 
for the sake of fulfilling their 
lusts they consort even with dev- 

The accused witch must be "often 
and frequently exposed to torture. If 
after being fittingly tortured she 
refuses to confess the truth, he [the 
inquisitor] should have other engines 
of torture brought before her, and tell 
her that she will have to endure these 
if she does not confess. If then she is 
not induced by terror to confess, the 
torture must be continued." If she 
remained obdurate, "she is not to be 
altogether released, but must be sent 
to the squalor of prison for a year, and 
be tortured, and be examined very 
often, especially on the more Holy 

All perfectly reasonable. 

The edition reviewed here has Pope 
'Innocent' VIII's Papal Bull endors- 
ing it. Pope Innocent VIII had two 
kids — his son married a daughter of 

married Gherardo Uso de Mare, a 
very wealthy Genoese merchant who 
was also Papal Treasurer. He feared 
anarchy like every wealthy business- 
man does and was obviously very 
concious of the ways to influence 
and brainwash people. To get them 
afraid and docile, more manageable 
to the Holy Empire, he and his 
cronies manufactured the witch- 
craze so they could subdue rebel- 
lions, destroy dissent and snatch as 
much land as they could. (All witch- 
es had their property confiscated by 
the church, none was ■ 
ever given back) 

Published in 1486, 
there were 13 edi- 
tions by 1520, 16 
more by 1669 and 
translations into 
German, French, 
Italian, and English. 
One of the most 
widely read books 
along with the Bible, 
it was pushed with all 
the ignorant fervour 
you now get with the 
"War on Terror", post 

Then, as now, there 
were many people 
unwilling to give up 
their ways and land. 
Many heretical 

movements sprung 
up, especially in 
German- speaking 
areas where the witch 
hunts were particu- 
larly concentrated. 

And there were fami- 
lies and individuals 
who were happy with 
their pagan ways, or 
non-religious ways, 
and didn't buckle 
easily to the christian 
plunderers. The 

church resorted to 
increasingly violent measures to whip 
these heretics back in line. 

The Inquisition itself was estab- 
lished by Pope Gregory IX in 1233 
to eliminate the Cathars 1 and other 
threats to church power. This mainly 
meant persecuting heretics labelled 
the "Free Spirit Movement", a con- 
venient banner for a highly diverse 
flourishing of animist or mystic 

One member of the Free Spirit move- 
ment was interviewed by German 
mystic Heinrich Suso in 1330: 

Whence have you come? I come 
from nowhere. Tell me what are 
you? I am not. What do you 
wish? I do not wish. Tell me 
what is your name? I am called 
Nameless Wildness. Where does 
your insight lead? Into untram- 
melled freedom. 

In the early thirteenth century, David 
of Dinant taught that "God and 
Matter and Mind are one substance." 
and Amalric of Bena held that "God 
was the formal principle of all things, 
and that every single person was as 
much God as was Christ." The works 
of both men were condemned as 
heretical and burned. A group of four- 
teen clerics, which included 
Amalric 's secretary, rubbished the 
notion of sin and began to preach "all 
things are One, because whatever is, 
is God." In 1210 they were burned at 
the stake. 2 

Things were beginning to intensify 
by the 13th and 14th centuries and the 
church compiled lists to be used as 
handbooks in the persecution of dis- 
senters which included the following 
"errors" of heretics: 

A man unified with God could 
rob from others, could lie or per- 
jure himself without sin, and, if a 
servant, could give away the 
property of his master without 
license. More than that, the per- 

fect could eat in secret as much 
and whatever they wished and 
could avoid work. ... There is no 
need for any mediation on the 
part of the clergy or any need to 
seek counsel from learned men." 
and "he could exceed the tradi- 
tional bounds of charity and 
arrive at a state beyondgood and 

The lists of course have the usual sex- 
ual stuff with most heresies encour- 
aging "the satisfaction of the desires 
of the flesh in every way" 3 

The Ad Nostrum (another list) men- 
tions more 'errors' propounded by 
heretics: "He need not honor his par- 
ents nor work with his hands, and he 
can receive alms, even if not in 
orders, or indeed steal, since all prop- 
erty is held in common." They also 
preached that man should follow his 
own interior instincts rather than the 

Gospels and those free in spirit can 
do whatever they wish with their bod- 
ies without sin. A perfect woman 
need not obey her husband and all 
should be released from servitude 
including those who had been previ- 
ously bound to a king or other lord. 

These animist anarchist ideas were 
the leftovers from our wild past. They 
continued to be spread and lived 
throughout Europe and many people 
were prepared to die rather than sur- 
render to civilised christian morality. 

It is wise to remember that when the 
word "God" is used, the heretics and 
witches do not mean it in the same 
sense as christians and other religious 
do. Although the American Indians 
had no concept of "God" their ideas 
of the Life-force or animating spirit 
were labelled "God" by modern 
anthropologists. Even by calling it 
Life-force I am not doing justice to 
the idea animists have of Life. 

It is worth bearing this difficulty in 
mind when reading heretical texts or 
christian versions of them. "God" is 
an easily under- 
stood and general- 
ly accepted way to 
talk about the Life- 
Force, but the 
heretical idea of 
"God" and the reli- 
gious one of it are 
utterly different. 

Most of the stuff I 
found on the web 
about heretics and 
witches is written 
by academics who 
don't have any 
idea what animism 
is about and the 
accounts we have 
of heretical 

thought or witch- 
craft come from 
hostile church 
sources, especially 
records. So we 
have to read a lot 
between the lines 
to figure out what 
might have been 
going on. 

"Grant to nature 
all that it desires 
without remorse of 

"Nothing is sin 
except what is thought of as sin." - 
Johann Hartmann 

"Whatever the eye sees and covets, 
let the hand grasp it. " - John of 

The only thing we can be certain of is 
that there was a huge diversity in 
heretical thought. While there are 
obvious similarities between groups 
and individuals, there was no set doc- 
trine, no fixed dogmas - only beliefs 
as individual and varied as you can 
imagine. 5 

According to a Franciscan chronicler, 
when three heretics were arrested and 
interrogated in Constance in 1339. 
"They confessed to more than thirty 
errors so vile that they made their 
audience sick.... One was that there 
was as much divinity or divine good- 
ness in a louse as in man or any other 
creature, another that communion 

bread should be served to pigs. They 
also supposedly maintained that if a 
man and a woman had sexual inter- 
course on an altar at the same time as 
the consecration of the host both acts 
would have the same worth. 6 

Another group called the Adamites 
wanted to live as Adam and Eve did 
before the Fall into civilisation. 

According to John of Viktring, 
men and women of various 
classes assembled at midnight in 
an underground hideaway which 
they named a temple. There 
Walter, 'a priest of the devil,' 
said mass and delivered a ser- 
mon. Then the assembly put out 
the lights, chose partners, and 
feasted, danced, and fornicated. 
This, they said, was the state of 
paradise in which Adam and Eve 
lived before the fall. 7 

Then there was the more normal 
beghards and beguines who believed 
a lot of christian stuff, but 
embarassed the church by actually 
living as christ supposedly had done. 
They abandoned all possessions, 
wandering around the country 
preaching about the corruption and 
wealth of the church. Individuals var- 
ied in how revolutionary their teach- 
ings were — some said that the church 
was a useless parasite that should be 
disbanded, others were more 
reformist and hoped the church 
would just punish its corrupt clergy. 

The degree to which other people 
described as "Free Spirits" were rev- 
olutionary or reformist is not clear. 
The texts that have survived — very 
few — were often watered down ver- 
sions of what was preached by non- 
literary heretics. It's impossible really 
to know how many revolutionary 
heretics were around in the Middle 
Ages or to know how much of their 
ideas that have survived have been 
altered or diluted. Also, taking into 
account only the standard "Free Spirit 
Movement" texts would be like a per- 
son in fifty years trying to analyse our 
'movement' (such as it is!) by look- 
ing only at Greenpeace press state- 

Many of the Free Spirits were anar- 
chic revolutionaries, advocating a life 
free of church/state interference. And 
then again many were christian 
and/or very wishy-washy — like mod- 
ern hippies — watering down their 
work to try to escape the noose or 
stake. But the church burnt them all 
anyway, not allowing any deviation 
from their civilised codes. 

These 'enemies of the church' were 
usually called heretics before Malleus 
Maleficarum and witches afterwards. 8 
For propaganda purposes it was per- 
haps easier to generate fear and sus- 
picion of witches - because of their 
'supernatural' powers they can kill 
cattle, shrivel up your willy, etc. The 
Malleus Maleficarum makes it clear 
that witches regularly destroy proper- 
ty, sicken livestock and generally 
behave maelevolently towards the 

With the publicattion of Malleus the 
witch-hunts intensified and some 
reckon up to four million were killed, 
though the true number will never be 
known. The death rate was highest in 
German- speaking places, and their 
immediate neighbors, especially 
Poland. Witch hunts were frequent in 
Scotland and England, but there were 
almost none in Ireland. (They didn't 



need an excuse there — the English 
just killed everyone who disagreed 
with them.) They were not wide- 
spread in Russia and rare in Iceland 
and Portugal, and while there were 
many investigations in Italy and 
Spain, few were executed. Although 
the witch hunts were at their height in 
Europe in the Middle Ages there were 
other notable campaigns of persecu- 
tion against witches. For example, in 
367 a crusade was launched in the 
East with many magicians, 'sooth- 
sayers' ('truth tellers') and others 
killed. Every major religion preached 
against witchcraft — even Manichism 
had Ten commandments, one of 
which forbade the practice of magic. 

Civilised people have always feared 
witches and magick as it can unleash 
unpredictable energies and has an 
anarchic, un-lawful nature. In early 
Constantinople a man named Sopater 
was executed for "binding the winds 
by magic" causing the cargo-bearing 
ships to crash. We will never know to 
what extent many of the later witches 
and heretics were causing trouble, 
sabotaging property, etc. If we never 
hear of the acts of the ELF in the 
national media now, then how would 
be know of acts carried out hundreds 
of years ago by uncompliant individ- 
uals and groups? 

With the obliteration of witches went 
knowledge of our herbs and healing 
methods — handy for the christian 
doctors then anxious to gain money 
and power. Birthing, abortion, infan- 
ticide and contraception were other 
skills either made illegal or appropri- 
ated by institutional professionalism. 
Women especially found any power 
they had as village midwife and heal- 
er taken off them. 9 Traditional com- 
munity bonds disintegrated and in 
Sweden, for example, in 1664, 
church ordinances increased the 
penalty for certain offenses from 
fines to corporal or even capital pun- 
ishment. These "crimes" included 
premarital sex, communal feasts and 
processions, public singing and danc- 
ing, may poles, and wedding proces- 
sions — long-held customary tradi- 

The distrust and suspicion generated 
by the witch-hunts severely eroded 
traditional ways of life. People were 
afraid to talk to anyone who might 
turn out to be a witch, as under torture 
many were made to inform on friends 
and neighbours. Civilised people, 
always herdish animals, became even 
more domesticated — paranoid, isolat- 
ed individuals, living in fear of the 
courts and clergy. The world they cre- 
ated was one of fear and isolation, 
where anyone outside the norm was 
shunned. It was a form of selective 
breeding as the trouble-makers, 
thinkers and healers were bred out 
and the conformist collaborators pop- 
ulated Europe. 

Diabolus means slander or enmity. 
Hence Satan is 'the slanderer', 'the 
enemy'. Now they call them "terror- 
ists" — the forest peoples still left on 
earth who fight to keep their forest 
home, the earth liberation front fight- 
ing to slow down the destruction in 
their home, the individuals fighting 
many battles to hold onto some of 
their freedom. 

It reaches ever more ridiculous pro- 
portions, as they tighten their grip 
over all life. They, like their 
Inquisitor fathers, can't afford to 
leave any people live as an example 
contrary to their doctrine. And of 
course they want the land — the tim- 
ber, oil, gas.... They dress it up in 
press releases as 'terrorism' to justify 
their plunder and murder, and with 

the mention of "terrorists" think 
they've a license to do anything to 
protect their interests, just like years 
ago they mentioned "witches" 10 

Washington- AP — The head of 
the international police agency 
Interpol wants a worldwide 
crackdown on music and soft- 
ware piracy. He says the illicit 
proceeds are helping fund terror- 
ist networks, including al-Qaida 
and Hezbollah. Interpol 
Secretary-General Ronald Noble 
is calling for stepped-up efforts 
to trace the proceeds of pirated 
CD's, DVD's, computer soft- 
ware, and counterfeit clothing 
and cigarettes. 

The language of hypocrites and liars. 
Pretending their money-making 
exploits are matters of national secu- 
rity. Pretending their plunder of oil 
and timber is for the good of 'unde- 
veloped' thirdworlders. Their war 
against Life, all life, goes on. Their 
propaganda attempting to excuse it 
gets ever more elaborate. 

Just as the majority of people kept 
their heads down and pointed the 
finger and hid behind rational excus- 
es, listening to the screams of their 
neighbours, watching the flames lick 
their freedoms to ashes, so now the 
majority go along with the persecu- 
tion of forest people, anarchists, and 
other heretics. They allow themselves 
to be hypnotised by television, cine- 
ma, newspapers, radio, billboards... 
as the propaganda machine reaches 
into every home, every mind. 

And they fear the non-normal reali- 
ties. They believe in devils and evil 
and all that rubbish. They shun the 
shadow worlds and paranormal 
ways. 11 They subdue their own wild 
natures and train themselves to see 
only their solid, measurable, mun- 
dane reality, persecuting anyone who 
doesn't agree with their civilisation 
dogma. They live lives completely 
devoid of freedom, of intuition of 
Life, of forest ways. Disconnected 
from all the rythms of nature, alienat- 
ed from their true wild selves, sepa- 
rate from all other life-forms. 

Religion perverted our animist expe- 
riences into rigid codes and strict 
laws. Spontaneous experiences of the 
wonder of Life became book-bound 
commandments. Wild outdoor gath- 
erings became litanys in stone 
churches. Sexual pleasures were 
dulled to marriage. 

Magick became a childish triviality — 
like Harry Potter and Sabrina the 
Witch, sanitising witchcraft beyond 
recognition. The idea of magick 
being a technique to focus on non- 
normal realities is completely absent 
in most modern people. The witch 
hunts largely succeeded in their sys- 
tematic attempt to wipe out any 
knowledge of that which is beyond 
words. That which we know intu- 
itively. 12 

Civilisation has always been afraid of 
those who 'know' ('Witch' comes 
from wit: 'to know'), those who seek 
the truth behind propaganda lies, 
those who know all imposed rules are 
bullshit, designed to rob us of our 

They said "Thou shalt not suffer a 
witch to live", but we do live on. In 
every digger trashed, every lab burnt 
down, every single act of defiance; in 
every experience of 'that which is 
beyond words', every sensing of 
Life's mystery and power, every 
blow struck against the chains of 

We live. We live. 


1 The Cathars didn't acknowledge the sacra- 
ments, the doctrines of hell or purgatory, or 
the resurrection of the body and developed 
their own church and ritual, rejecting the 
authority of the Church. They had lives of 
simplicity and penance in which salvation 
lay only in the Lord. Thousands were killed 
and many more tortured into accepting 
orthodox faith and by 1244 they had been 

2 "The Brethren of the Free Spirit - divine 
amorality".by Paul Harrison 

3 Those are from Nordlinger and Albert 
Magnus lists. "The decree of Vienne also 
listed eight errors of 'an abominable sect 
of malignant men known as beghards and 
faithless women known as beguines in the 
Kingdom of Germany' which are generally 
considered to be the essence of the Free- 
Spirit heresy. The first tenet was the cen- 
tral one. This stated that man can attain 
such a degree of perfection in lis earthly 
life that he is incapable of sin. In this state 
he can achieve no additional grace because 
such would give him a perfection superior 
to Christ. The second point followed that 
such a man need not fast or pray because 
in his state of perfection sensuality is so 
subordinated to reason that he can accord 
freely to his body all that pleases him. 
Similarly the third point was that such a 
man is not subject to human obedience or 
to any laws of the Church because 'where 
the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty' (2 
Corin. 3:17) 

- from "The Heresy of the Free Spirit in the 
Later Middle Ages", Robert E. Lerner, 
University of California Press, Berkeley, 
1972,. (extracts on web at: 

4 Around the end of the 13th century 
Marguerite Porete wrote "The Mirror of 
Simple Souls" which was condemned and 
burned by the Bishop of Cambrai. She 
refused to be shut up and eventually was 
arrested and tortured. Refusing to answer 
any Inquisitors questions even after a year 
in prison, the authourities eventually exe- 
cuted her by using extracts from her book 
as evidence. She was burned along with a 
converted Jew who "relapsed" and spat in 
hatred on an image of the Virgin. 

5 In 1307 at Aix-en-Othe the Bishop accused 
a man of having said that normal baked 
bread was as good as bread consecrated 
on the altar and that it was better to con- 
fess to a tree trunk than to a priest. How 
many individuals were accused on this 
kind of basis? How many we never hear 

6 The report finishes. . . "Finally, though this 
was not an error so much as an anecdote, 
when one of the heretics was asked by three 
women to teach them about the Trinity, he 
had them take off all of their clothes and lie 
on their backs. Then, after binding each by 
the leg to the other, he violated them all 
sexually "in the most scandalous manner," 
and, "casting his lecherous eye on their 
exposed shame," he said "here is the Holy 
Trinity." Afterwards he had intercourse with 
each of them separately." (from "The 
Heresy of the Free Spirit in the Later 
Middle Ages" - see note 3). 

7 Ibid. 

8 In 1486 a Papal Bull to the Bishop of 
Brescia and Inquistior of Lombardy, 
"emphasises the close connection, nay, the 
identity of witchcraft with heresy." 
(Introduction to the Malleus by Rev. 
Montague Summers) Summers holds that 
"In fact heresy was one huge revolutionary 
body, exploiting its forces through a hun- 
dred different channels and having as its 
object chaos and corruption. The question 
may be asked - What ws their ultimate aim 
in wishing to destroy civilisation? What did 
they hope to gain by it?" 

9 Although in places like Finland, Russia and 
Estonia more men than women were killed, 
overall about 85% of those killed were 
women. Women can be naturally more intu- 
itive, more in touch with 
Life/Power/Whatever you want to call it. 
Don Juan described women as having a 
direct relationship with the Nagual, whereas 
men had to work on it a bit more and many 
initiation rites in primitive tribes are con- 
cerned with trying to get the boys to open 
up. In a lot of places the girls are assumed 
to just know this stuff instinctively. I'm not 
suggesting that women here in civilisation 
have this gift - it's obvious that they don't - 
but in a culture where intuitive forms of 
knowledge are prized, women do seem to 
have a natural ability to tune into energies 
around them. Maybe by the time of the 
witch-hunts more men had lost this ability, 
while women were still a little 'tuned in' 
and therefore a much bigger threat to civili- 

10 It's interesting to see how this is repeated 
throughout history. Tacitus records 
"Therefore to scotch the rumour that the fire 
had taken place by his own order Nero sub- 

stituted as culprits and punished with the 
utmost refinements of cruelty, a class of 
men loathed for their vices, whom the 
crowd styled Christians." 

11 Paranormal means 'beyond normal'. It's 
worlds away from the christian idea of 
'supernatural' 'above nature'. Nothing can 
be above nature, nothing can be outside of 
Life. Paranormal also has some definitions 
as "beyond the range of scientifically 
known or recognizable phenomena". That is 
more what I mean than anything 'outside of 
nature' - a ludicrous idea. 

12 Old English wigle: 'divination', wiglian: 
'to divine'. Divine: to perceive, make out, 
or discover intuitively or through keenness 
of insight. (All in the Webster-Merriam 
dictionary, as are all definitions mentioned) 
This animist way of knowing is in com- 
plete contrast with civilised habits of pri- 
oritising reason above intuition. "Let a 
man obey the law of his intellect rather 
than that of nature..." the Malleus warns, 
yet no knowledge can come purely from 
the intellect. 



Of course, swimming in natural set- 
tings is our common human her- 
itage — and perhaps our origin — but 
now, inspired by Resurgence contrib- 
utor and Schumacher College lectur- 
er Roger Deakin's 1990 Waterlog 
(ISBN: 0099282550), a rising tide of 
Nature-lovers are taking to UK's 
ponds, rivers and lakes. Describing 
wild swimming's appeal, Deakin 

When you swim, you feel your 
body for what it mostly is: water. 
To swim is to experience how it 
was before you were born. Once 
in the water, you are immersed 
in an intensely private world as 
you were in the womb. The 
swimmer experiences the terror 
and bliss of being born. 

So swimming is a rite of passage, a 
crossing of boundaries; the line of the 
shore, the bank of the river, the edge 
of the pool, the surface itself. You are 
in nature, part and parcel of it, in a far 
more complete and intense way than 
on dry land and your sense of the 
present is overwhelming. 

Most of us live in a world where 
more and more places and things are 
sign-posted, labelled and officially 
'interpreted', turning the reality of 
things into virtual reality. It is the rea- 
son why walking, cycling and swim- 
ming will always be subversive activ- 
ities. They allow us to regain a sense 
of what is old and wild in these 
islands by getting off the beaten track 
and breaking free of the official ver- 
sions of things. 

Needless to say, officialdom is not 
happy about all this unprofitable, 
uncontrolled sensual pleasure — never 
mind "regaining]... what is old and 
wild" — and is doing its hopeless best 
to regulate or ban it. 

Absurdly arguing they'll be liable for 
the actions of wild swimmers who 
sneak over their fences on their own 
initiative, Buckinghamshire County 
Council have banned all unauthorised 
swimming on their property. Others 
have settled for the lesser measure if 
posting 'no swimming' signs at every 
particularly beloved watering places, 
a precaution heartily mocked by the 
Digger's annual 'most anal sign' 
award ('Digger' here being a pun, 
naming both members of the archae- 
ological labourers union and the com- 
mutarian followers of Gerard 
Winstanley centuries before). 

Thus, their website carries pics of 
signs sternly warning against "deep 
water" ("so good for diving in") with 
"submerged rocks" beneath it ("too 
deep to cause harm"). Another warns 
of the dangers of rat-borne Weils dis- 
ease ("as not recognised by the 
European Water Quality directive") 

because, of course, unmediated con- 
tact with Nature is contaminating and 
'dirty' as far as these body-hating, 
desk-bound bureaucrats are con- 
cerned. The Digger even posts trans- 
lated 'no swimming' signs encoun- 
tered whilst holidaying in the "social- 
ist republic" of Vietnam, a lesson in 

Knowing the natural world enough 
to interact with it on its own terms is 
part of the appeal of wild swimming, 
but wise, practical tips are included 
on the Digger site too: check for 
depth, current, temperature and 
glass. Watch out for potentially elec- 
trocuting exposed cables nearby 
and— a bigger risk on these densely- 
populated islands— your clothes in 
case some prankster runs off with 

Mercifully no-one is playing out their 
perverse organisational obsessions by 
establishing some chartered, rule- 
bound 'Wild Swimming Association' 
(witness the Ramblers for a depress- 
ing dry-land contrast). It's just people 
going out alone or with mates 'doing 
what comes naturally' and if at a 
banned spot, well, they can't watch 
us all and such defiance makes any 
prohibiting law or regulation a dead 
letter anyway... 



Regular readers should be familiar 
with Rob's writing already. He has 
been contributing to Green Anarchist 
as well as other anarchist zines, such 
as 'Anarchy — A Journal of Desire 
Armed' for some time. This is Rob's 
third zine since his incarceration 
some three years ago and in my view 
the best (the first two were 'Rob the 
Rich' and 'Fuck You Bearden') . 

The production quality and layout 
of 'Manufacturing Dissent' is great 
but more importantly it reads really 
well. Illustrated throughout are a 
whole host of articles by Rob that 
put together here in one collection 
read like they flow together well. 

There is some information on Rob's 
life-history in the introduction, 
some backround to the June 18th 
1999 riot in Eugene that led to 
Rob's subsequent imprisonment, 
articles on illegalism, chaos, direct 
action and even Rob Los Ricos Vs 

It's definitely worth going out and 
getting this whether you've read 
Rob's other zines or not as there is a 
lot of new stuff in here. 


Veg@narsi is a green anarchist zine 
from Turkey. It apparently includes 
green anarchist, primitivist and vega- 
narchist articles and has had four 
issues since the project was started in 

However I don't understand Turkish 
so you will have to be satisfied with 
the description of this zine as a fairly 
chunky cut and paste job jam packed 
full of graphics and articles. 

The author translates a lot of stuff 
from english language anti-civiliza- 
tion websites and distributes them 
through this zine. it certainly seems 
like a project worth supporting and 
maybe someone out there can even 
translate the odd article from turkish? 
Get in touch at the email address 

Many more reviews in next issue...! 





At this years Earth First! Gathering, at a well-attended meeting of ana- 
cho-primitvists from across Europe — including the hosts of this May's 
anti-civilisation conferance in Barcelona — GA was enthusuastically 
welcomed as an open AP forum. 

Of course we welcome such an initiative, though GA has served as a 
forum for free discussion of AP and direct action for the best part of a 
decade, initially sharing this responsibility with the Anarcho- 
Primitivist Network's Missing Link (founded by John Moore and 
Leigh Starcross out of Ian Bone's 1994 Anarchy In the UK festival) 
and certainly not seeking to be some sort of exclusive voice now. 

at others are typically also those most 
afraid of the plain truth about them- 

As the last three issues' editorials 
have shown, we are commited to free 
speech in a way those carrying such 
claims on their mastheads are not. 
Too many movement publications are 
commited to free speech for them- 
selves — even demanding it of other 
publications more principled than 
themselves — but will refuse a word's 
space to their critics, even in response 
to blatant defamations. 

In our experience,those keenest to 
shout "censor", "liar" or "sectarian" 

selves seeing print. Some even ele- 
vate this refusal to debate with those 
they can't refute into a political strat- 
egy, hoping readers aren't well-read 
enough to know the full picture and 
find such glaring omissions laughable 
indictments in themselves. 

More insiduous are those who are- 
maintaining that printing contrary 
opinions is 'divisive' or 'unrepresen- 
tative of the movement' — as they 

see it, of course — which means that 
only what is unchanging and unchal- 
lenging ever sees light of day, the 
very opposite of revolutionary 

Such arguments are often used in the 
most absurdly self-serving way — one 
north American eco-action journal so 
keen not to 'upset the apple cart' that 
they regularly rejected 'unrepresenta- 
tive' contributions (including a near- 
world exclusive) in favour of those 
from a banal local contributor who 
happened to generously give them 
access to her swimming pool! 

If there are 'divisions' in a move- 
ment, there is usually good reason 
for them, of otherwise unacknowl- 
edged power inequalities. If opinions 
are deemed 'unrepresentative', then 
'ware those claiming they 'represent' 
the movement! What is so irre- 
proachably attractive about cultivat- 
ing illusions of 'unity' at such costs 
anyway - except to wannabe politi- 
cians? As revolutionaries seeking to 
transcend all mediation, we should at 

least deal with realities, not their 

Our view is that we aren't wiser than 
the movement Green Anarchist is 
situated in, certainly not wise 
enough to decide what should and 
shouldn't be said, even if it appears 
inarticulate or stupid to us as indi- 

We're just here to provide space for it 
to speak for itself in all its diversity 
and for readers to decide for them- 
selves who is inarticulate, stupid or 
just plain wrong and contribute their 
own responses in turn. 

We are not Leninists, believing we 
can somehow nurture free thought 
and a free society under the heavy 
hand of 'provisional' / 'transitional' 
censorship, even if — the most typical 
but patronising rationalisation from 
such types — this makes for the best 

Green Anarchist 71 's deadline is 
around April 2004. We're very keen 
to open Green Anarchist out beyond 

the usual circle of editors and regular 
contributors, so it'd be good to get a 
meeting together before then to dis- 
cuss future input to the mag, as well 
as mutual cooperation on ideas, proj- 
ects and action. In addition to the 
paper, Green Anarchist now has a 
much-expanded website and on-line 
discussion forum for easier reader 
access and rapid reaction to events 
between issues and we'll shortly be 
launching our own newsgroup. Be in 
touch now! 


Come 2004, Green Anarchist will 
have been publishing for twenty 
years. It's certainly come a long way 
since the eclectic Greenzine that 
came out of Easter '84's Stop the City 
demo and subsequent Poison Girls' 

We'll be celebrating this with a retro- 
spective next issue, Green Anarchist 
71, and we're inviting reminiscences 
from early contributors now. Hear 
from you soon! 

THIS M*»hIU W«1L» 

by TO h i1 TQMQftflQW 

LATELY iWffiftflU 8L£— 

A* =»*:f ^i-raq flecfrfTL-f taJHT.ENraj, -TICJ- 

F 1 OK* iPfcfr A 
CrT THE. Kl£i: 

IF L oKLf JAb ^ 
E> Cft f J£ fcftfrES ! 

nF cmiRSe. mREP i! uLTjMhTtUr MB! 


It seems that we live in an ever more 
voyeuristic society. Surveillance is 
encroaching more and more on many 
parts of our daily lives. From chips in 
Gillette razors to chips in the clothes 
you buy. 

From 'reality' TV shows to the wide 
array of webcam websites. 
Everything from piss-cams to inter- 
nal-cams! It appears that pretty soon 
every part of modern life will be 
either on camera, on a database or on 
record somewhere. 

People seem unhappy just getting 
on with their daily existence, they 
need to be seen to be living. So 
instead of people getting on with 
living they're own lives in pursuit of 
their desires, they sit at home 
watching other people on television 
through big brother style pro- 
grammes getting on with theirs. 
Mostly, it seems, in the hope that 
someone will get naked or people 
will fall out and have a fight More 
and more people seem happy to settle 
for a simulation of a life with real 

experiences, happy with a mediated 
world of virtuality. It's not just a sim- 
ple case of state surveillance Big 
Brother style, but a case of 'self-sur- 

An increasingly alienated world of 
mirages engulfs us. From ID cards 
through RFID chip technology, store 
loyalty cards and GPS tracking sys- 
tems to mindlessly banal 'reality' TV 
shows, webcams and CCTV. We 
want your articles on the rise of this 
voyeur society 

■ re-pressed distribution 

145 Cardigan Road , 


ls6 llj, UK. 

- Online green Anarchy Archive 



■ Ecotopia - 
Spanish eco anarchist page. 

■ Coalition Against Civilization P.O. 
Box 835, 

Greensburg, PA 15601 
United States 


• Anarchy - a journal of desire 

C.A.L. Press 
PO Box 1446 
Columbia, MO 

• Untamed Distribution, 

Box 1 8,Greenleaf Bookshop, 

82 Colston Street, 



BS1 5BB 

• II Silvestre 
(Terra Salvaggia) 
Via del cuore 1 
56100 PISA, Italia 



The State spent £10m jailing 
GA's editors in an attempt to 
shut us up. We're still here... 


Civilisation is the exploitation of 
mass society. Specialisation, divi- 
sion of labour creates hierarchies 
to maintain the complex web of 
production and consumption that 
is our techno-industrial mass 

Exploitation divides mass socie- 
ty and the individual on the 
grounds of class, gender, ethnici- 
ty and sexual preference. Mass 
society can't be reformed. It must 
be replaced. 


In small communities each person 
is respected as an autonomous 
individual. Self-determination 
replaces hierarchy and so the city 
ends. Mass can't fight mass. The 
Left's living proof. 


All life derives from the land 

.Civilisation alienates us from 
the Earth using nationhood and 
property law. We must take back 
the land and living self- suffi- 

ciently, re-establishing our rela- 
tionship with the Earth. Those of 
us who are most exploited by 
Civilisation live in the South, 
the Third World, the fruits of our 
labour are exported to the rich 

We have nothing to lose in fight- 
ing for self-governing, self-suf- 
ficient small communities. Both 
North and South we need to 
expand our culture of resistance 
to free ourselves from alienation 
from our Earth.. 


Build an alternative green and 
black eco-nomy and enjoy your- 
selves in the smashing of banks, 
multinationals, military bases, 
labs, exploiters, bigots and 
developers. Organise under- 
ground in networks of 
autonomous small groups. 

Green Anarchist, 

BCM 1715, 



info @ 




U'wa Communique 

The U'wa people are tired of the pro- 
liferation of false promises that the 
Colombian government has made to 
us. We, the U'wa, are the guardians 
of this, our ancestral territory of thou- 
sands of years, and each day, the gov- 
ernment and corporations are violat- 
ing our sacred territory. 

According to the State, indigenous 
people are the minority, but we, the 
U'wa, say that we are only a minor- 
ity in the white society; in reality, we 
are the majority, because we know 
and live with Nature. Because of 
this, the father and mother of the 
sky, and all of the spirits of nature, 
care for and protect our struggle to 
defend the natural world, even if it 
means that we lay down our own 

It is for this reason that the U'wa 
have one Law only, unchanging and 
inviolable; the Law that was given to 
us by the creator, which is unwritten 
and yet woven into our cultural prac- 
tices: to protect Nature, to love her, 
to care for her, and to use her gifts 
well. But the government follows 
other laws, and the laws that they 
have made are changeable and 
breakable, so that frequently they 
will do away with those laws they do 
not favor. This is why Colombia is a 
country wherein so many laws fail; 
laws are violated, and written by a 
minority for everyone to follow, 
while the Law of the U'wa passes 
from one generation to the next, 

As the government has invented its 
Law, they therefore say that the rich- 
es of the ground and beneath the 
ground belong to the State; and now, 
we ask, "Who made the Earth and its 
riches, the water, the plants, moun- 
tains, the sun, the moon, the stars? 
Who made man himself? Where are 
the tools that they use to destroy 
nature taken from? This is to say, 
where do men get the materials that 
they use to age the world and bring 
destruction to it? Moreover, we want 
them to demonstrate for us that their 
laws and codes are capable of creat- 
ing anything like the earth that we 
live in; if they cannot, then they have 
no claim to ownership of the Earth 
and its riches. 

This is why we require that the 
Government and the industries 
respect the sacred ancestral territory. 
And not only should they give respect 
to our ancestral grounds and to those 
titles given to the U'wa under colo- 
nialism, they should see that the 
U'wa also constitute a State, with our 
own laws and codes to manage and 
protect nature. 

We will continue defending our 
ancestral territory, though we have 
already been victims of kidnapping, 
torture and death. We have lost a boy 

and three indigenous rights advocates 
from North America (Ingrid 
Washinawatok, Lahena'e Gay, and 
Terence Freitas) who came to support 
the U'wa cause. How long will it be 
until we are left in peace? Or will 
they drive to extinction the entire 
U'wa people, so that they can take all 
of the resources in our sacred ances- 
tral territory? 

If the company takes all of the 
resources of our Mother Earth, where 
are they going to get the materials 
they need to exploit the riches of the 
ground and the substrate? What will 
happen? And where are we going to 
live? Under the earth, in the air, in 
the sky? When nature and the creator 
of this world and those forces 
beyond it send their punishment for 
the disrespect of the natural world, 
their punishment will not be commu- 
nicated to anyone; no one will know 
the day and hour of the destruction of 
the Earth. 

If the government and the company 
think that money is God, as well as 
progress and development, then the 
god of money will save their lives 
while the U'wa will die in the defense 
of nature; therefore, the U'wa will 
not go to toil for industry. We are 
born to die or to live, and no single 
human being may save himself, or 
defy the rule of God, or of Nature. 
Perhaps if the company and the gov- 
ernment have faith in their Money 
God, and if he really exists, he will 
save them, making another world for 
them to destroy; if he does not, they 
will all die. 

Historically, the territory of 
Indigenous Peoples was ample, limit- 
less; we were free to go to any part of 
the indigenous territory in the 
Americas, from North America to 
Chile, and beyond. We did this with- 
out private interest; we traveled to 
exchange gifts, and to learn each 
other's customs. 

But when the Spanish invaders 
arrived, they changed all of this, and 
now we live on tiny, limited parcels 
of land. Currently, they are trying to 
put an end to our culture through their 
invasions: through the Church, indus- 
try, and the government, as well as 
those who compete to strip our sacred 
territory in order to get petroleum and 
the other resources above and 
beneath the ground. 

We the U'wa demand that the gov- 
ernment, oil companies, colonists, 
and armed groups respect our sacred 
territory, and that white society's 
abuse of our daughters, mothers, and 
wives is halted- we want no more of 
the Mestiziation which is the result of 
the Spanish invasion and the rape of 
our women. 

We ask you whites: are you not your- 
selves descended from indigenous 
ancestors? You are. Therefore help us 

to protect our culture and cease the 
abuse of this planet, which is home to 
us all. Before the arrival of the 
Spanish, white people did not exist 
on this continent; oceans separated 
this from the white world. Thanks to 
the Spanish, there are now white peo- 
ple here, and thanks to those indige- 
nous people you coupled with, there 
are Mestizos who you now refuse to 

Why won't you leave our Ancestral 
Territory and the lands that you occu- 
py — which is property of indigenous 
peoples — in PEACE? The whites 
who do not understand us abuse 
indigenous women more and more 
each day. Therefore we demand that 
the government punish whites that 
abuse indigenous people. This is why 
the government makes laws, and if 
this law isn't complied with, what 
good are laws? 

We want ECOPETROL to leave our 
territory, since its presence is a form 
of the violation of our culture. Oil is 
not development. Instead, it brings 
war, hunger, poverty, death and 
destruction. The government says 
that oil brings "progress and devel- 
opment", but we the U'wa do not 
want our territory to become anoth- 
er IRAQ, and we know that oil 
brings progress only to a few rich 
and established capitalists. We don't 
know where the money derived 
from our resources goes. It only 
benefits a few individuals and fami- 

If you do not listen to us, if you 
regard us only with rage, or hatred, or 
grudging, we the U'wa are prepared 
to lay down our lives when the day of 
invasion comes. We will die defend- 
ing our territory when you send your 
troops to kill all of the U'was, 
because we are tired of receiving, 
from the companies and the govern- 
ment, so many threats to destroy our 
territory, its resources, and our cul- 

We the U'wa have faith in God, faith 
in our Mother Earth, faith in the 
Gods of Nature, faith in the spirits of 
Nature, and thus we know that they 
will revenge the destruction of this 
world. We know which is the owner 
of this world, between you or God. 
And if the Earth really is the State's, 
then they should control the furies of 
Nature, because for God, nothing is 

If an U'wa disagrees with cultural 
principles, he is not U'wa, he isn't 


"Cultures with principles have no 
price " 


Dear Sir, 

I am writing to you because I believe 
that the Animal Rights Movement 
has been unjustly blamed for a very 
public crime staged by others. I am 
referring to a device taped on to a 
butcher's shop window (Taylers) in 
Moray Way, Rise Park, Romford 
back in February of this year. There is 
also an issue of the persecution of a 
long-term local environmentalist. 

I have phoned the anti-terrorist 
branch on four ocassions and been 
told every time that "animal activists 
are responsible" however we are 
now in September and there have 
been no arrests, no charges and 
nobody held for questioning. 
Howevr, the association with animal 
rghts activists has remained — 
encouraging the smearing of any 
green campaign in the area as "terror- 
ism" to a political aiudience 
whipped-up about crime by Andrew 
Rosindell MR 

I had distributed leaflets in Rise Park, 
before the device, advertising myself 
as a local journalist. I had also ben 
accepted as the Green Party candi- 
date in a council by-election for the 
ward of Rainham and Ennington. 
Around the same time, the build-up 
to a royal visit to Romford was taking 
place. About two weeks afer I had 
distributed leaflets the device was 
taped on the butcher's window. It was 
well known by local tories that I was 
both involved in Green politics and 
campaigns. It is my suspicion that the 
heightened security around the royal 
visit was used by Andrew Rosindell 
MP to try and smear the Green move- 
ment by an association with terror- 
ism. Rise Park is a tory area and they 
don't want green campaigners setting 
themselves up as local journalists and 
trying to reduce their majoriy - hence, 
I believe, the bomb. 

Also, the manager of the Romford 
Oxfam shop and long-term animal 

rights campaigner Tony Edwards 
was sacked after a complaint was 
made about him. I worked part-time 
in the Oxfam shop myself for a cou- 
ple of years. Tony Edwards was the 
managr for over twelvs years and 
refused to take a salary to help 
Oxfam' s aims even further. Tony 
Edwards is a pacifist, a vegan and a 
committed environmentalist. 

However, somebody had him 
expelled from his position. At no 
time before Andrew Rosindell 
became an MP had Tony Edwards 
come under attack in any way. At no 
time before Andrew Rosindell 
became an MP had a bomb been 
planted in my local butcher's shop — 
and all within the space of a few 
months — designed to coincide with 
the first ever official visit by the 
Queen to Romford. Andrew 
Rosindell MP is an ardent royalist 
who has ben accused many times of 
having links with extreme right-wing 
terrorist groups. 

For your general infomation, the 
device was reported to police on 
27th February 2003, and was given 
the reference number CAS 143 9. 
The crime report number is 

Yous faithfully, 

David Peacock, Director, Gooseberry 
Pie, Romford. 



sorry to disturb you. I am a green 
anarchist I want to find a tatto models 
about green- anarchy, anarchy, ani- 
mal-earth liberation, primitivism and 
vegetarianism that I can make I am 
searching tatto models, if you know a 
site can you direct me towards that 

and I am searching the graphichs of 
hammer and monkey wrenchs. 

please help me.... 

fourteeny ears @ 

Send your letters to Oxford Green Anarchists, BCM 1715, 
London WC1N 3XX, but remember: - 

• We print all letters received on a 'no censorship, no endorsement' basis. 
Your letters are your responsibility, not ours. We think readers are grown 
up enough to think for themselves, so won't usually comment on letters 
we print — even those we don't agree with — unless asked. The only 
exception to this are letters from fascists and other such bigots and piss- 
takers. These will be binned, though we will note their arrival. 

• We will ruthlessly edit all letters we think too long or boring. So keep 'em 
short so everyone can have their say too. Cut letters are marked with a [ 
] with the original number of words inside the bracket. 

• If you don't want your letter, your name or your address printed, let us 



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A key GM crop developer, Bayer, has 
decided to halt UK trials of genetically 
modified plants. The move is seen as a 
major blow to the industry. Bayer was the 
last company carrying out GM trials in the 
UK, though it said yesterday it hoped to 
start up again soon when conditions were 
'more favourable'. 

Until last week, Bayer CropScience, 
Bayer's crop subsidiary, believed it was 
close to a deal that would allow GM crop 

test sites — which are regularly destroyed by 
protesters — to be kept secret. The Advisory 
Committee on Releases to the Environment 
had said this was 'acceptable in terms of 
risk assessment', as one might expect of 
industry stooges, but at the last minute the 
Department of Environment, Food and 
Rural Affairs told Bayer it would not sup- 
port this change in regulations. 

Most GM crop trials carried out over the 
past few years have been sabotaged, not 
only those of Bayer. Other 
companies have pulled 
out. Now Bayer, the last to 
continue with them, has 
decided to call it a day. 
The current 'brain drain' 
of greedy british agricul- 
tural scientists to the US 
and Canada is now likely 
to intensify. Good rid- 
dance too. 

Although this is good 
news, it doesn't mean that 
5 Bayer have pulled out of 
GM completely, just that 
they're not going to do 
any more trials in the UK 
this season — they can still 
potentially produce the 9 
seeds that are due to be 
commercially grown. 

However, it shows they're 
on the retreat already and 
with continued pressure 

After many years of night-time crop trashings, and they -n abandon their plans 

hundreds of arrests and raids, with the withdrawal of for GM in the UK alto " 

Bayer all the companies doing trials of Genetically § ether - 

Engineered crops in the UK have pulled out. 


The African National Congress govern- 
ment is using colonial-era principles to jus- 
tify refusing to hand back a lucrative South 
African diamond mine to the tribes who 
originally lived on the land. 

In a case with huge constitutional and 
financial implications, the Nama communi- 
ty has accused the government of being as 
racist as the whites who created apartheid. 

The Nama once lived at Alexander Bay, on 
South Africa's north-western coast, but 
were evicted from the land after diamonds 
were discovered there in 1925. Since then 
the mine has produced millions of carats, 
and the tribe is demanding compensation 
which could run in to billions of pounds, as 
well as the return of their land. 

But lawyers representing the ANC in court 
cited an old, colonial-era principle, claim- 
ing that the Nama were so "uncivilised" 
that they could not enjoy any land rights. 
Citing the British principle of terra nullius, 
empty land, the lawyers argued that even 
though the Nama lived in the area they 
were so backward that they did not warrant 
ownership rights. 

ANC backers said the party remained com- 
mitted to land restitution but the case of the 
Nama people must be opposed because it 
threatened to "open the floodgates" for 
countless frivolous claims. 

Yet another outcome of yet another point- 
less nationalist struggle, supported and 
misrepresented here to us by lefties. 


If undelivered, return to: 
BCM 1715, London 

If the box is ticked, please renew your subscription [see p. 23] Q 

NO. 70 AUTUMN 03 




for lie destruction of Civilisation 



Our esteemed leaders are getting hot (and 
cold) under the collar as the anarchist 
Biotic Baking Brigade steps up its cam- 
paign of ridicule and disrespect. 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 28: U.S. 
Ambassador Peter Allgeier, co-president of 
the FTAA, was pied during a press confer- 
ence by Bakers Without Borders (pics 
above). The press release didn't say what 
the FTAA is but its sounds the same as the 
WTO so fair play to 'em! These people are 
so boring it probably stands for free trade 
agreement of amerika. 

Los Angeles, California, August 12: 
Former presidential candidate Ralph Nader 
got a pie in the face at an event with one of 
the people running for California governor. 
At the end of a news conference, a man ran 
into the room, shoved a pie in Nader's face, 
and ran out. Nader threw some of the pie at 
the unidentified man as he took off — but 
the police didn't catch him. 

Alberta, Canada, July 9: Monday morn- 
ing, in Calgary, Alberta's premier was busy 

flipping flapjacks and beef sausages 
(because he can't sell them to his friends in 
the USA anymore) when a team of dedicat- 
ed pie-throwers delivered him the long 
awaited dessert that he deserved: a succu- 
lent banana-cream pie. 

Ralph would not permit that in his 
province, even though the rest of Canada's 
governments will stop harassing gay citi- 
zens and let them marry. 

Is it surprising to see Ralph Klein opposing 
the Kyoto Accord for the right of big cor- 
porations to pollute, the same corporations 
that finance his campaigns? Talk about 
democracy in action! He even threatened to 
separate from Canada for his friends' right 
to pollute. 

And there's still a bolshevik party! The 

campaign to clean up electioneering by 
Russia's top electoral official, Alexander 
Veshnyakov, has got off to a bad start. As 
he closed a five-day conference involving 
27 political parties in Moscow, the mud- 
slinging, or rather the mayonnaise- sling- 

ing, began. A radical activist from the 
National Bolshevik Party squirted a packet 
of salad dressing at the Electoral 
Commission's chief. Veshnyako, his suit 
splattered with mayonnaise, retorted by 
calling the young activists "Scumbags". 
Taking part in the closing ceremony of the 
Elections-2003 forum were the Communist 
leader Gennady Zyuganov, the LDPR 
leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and secretary 
of the general council of United Russia 
among others 

The Biotic Baking Brigade coming 

soon to a pie-o-region near you. 

Look for "Let Slip the Pies of War: The 
BBB Cookbook," to be published by AK 
Press < > in early 2004. 

PLEASE NOTE: the BBB has a new email 
address and website. . . 

bbb bioticbak- 

Friends of the BBB: c/o POB 40130, San 
Francisco, CA 94140, Amerika