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A Quarterly Journal of 
Anti-Civilization Thought 

and Strategy 

$2 USA, $3 CAN, $4 WORLD 

Free to Prisoners! 

ISSUE 10- Halloween 2002 

$3 U$A, $4 CAN, $5 World 
Always Free to Prisoners! 


P.O. Box 11331, Eugene, OR 97440 

ML membership woywev 

Federated Anarchy. Inc 

by Jack Wylde 

organization: act of organizing; the manner in which the 
branches of a service, etc. are arranged; individuals 
systematically united for some work; a society. 

Peering out a jetliner window over the coast of Los Angeles, 
California, my thoughts drift into disgust by what afograces 
my vision. Sustaining this burgeoning parking lot with all of 
its sewage, industrial waste and State-dependent citizenry is 
that which cannot be reconciled by even the most far-reaching 
pipe-dreams of liberal reform. Orchestrated squares glow sad 
and gray in artificial light. Black veins of asphalt flow with the 
diseased blood of civilization. It is Earth's very plasma that 
brings alive this lack-of-concentration 
camp, if decaying cement and blank 
stares can be called life. 

Myriad boxes of all sizes upon the 
squares completes the picture as we 
descend. Massive amounts of razor 
wire contain and maintain this giant 
factory of which prison is a 
microcosm. L.A. is the future of 
everywhere slated for development. 
Cities and prisons are the logical 
endpoint of progress. Civilization's 
integral deception, Progress, the 
ultimate excuse for covering over 
wildness with order — organization. 

Just when hip-hop has transcended 
the false dichotomy of east coast vs. 
west, a new and equally false one has 
arisen. This time it's not Tupac and 
Biggie; instead-much too publicly 
known anarchists are fabricating the 
illusion of polarized scenes. These scenes are the same as other 
subcultures, except that police surveillance and repression 
create added pressures on our ability to relate well with one 
another and everyone else. Seasoned civil disobedience activists 
tell newcomers repeatedly that they must learn to work with 
people they do not agree with politically and sometimes do 
not like at all. "After all," they say, "we all have the same goals." 
This lie is the same one perpetuated in offices, factories and 
schools. Involuntary cooperation between people in order to 
serve some righteous cause cannot be considered liberating. 

In my own process of discovery, I fell into what I call 
Organized Revolt. Any liberating idea for action must first be 
run through a consensus process. Ideally, this is a 
wonderful and non-hierarchical form of decision 
making. In the hands of fundamental pacifists or any 
reformist group claiming to have the one-path-to- 
liberation, it becomes a counter-revolutionary tool 
used to crush dissenting opinion. This leads to severe 
burnout, and in my case, getting extremely fed up. 

Fed up with meetings where militants are seen as 
obstructions to consensus. Fed up with feeling obliged 
to work with uninspiring and draining cling-ons to 
the movement who have nothing to offer but argument 
and strife where strategy and action are required. Fed 
up with feeling too tired and overwhelmed by 
moderation and violence vs. nonviolence arguments 
to even express my "extremist" views. Fed up with 
sacrificing my passion for the destruction of this 
civilization just to not offend people or violate demonstration 
permits that were forced down my throat to begin with. I spent 
hours trying to relate to people I would never voluntarily hang 
out or live with. This got me nowhere but pissed off and 
unmotivated to do anything. 

In response to this despair, I found a way out. This involved 
considering everyone else's opinions and ideas of liberation 
and, after careful deliberation, working and playing with only 
those people whom I feel solidarity with in any given situation. 
I create my Utopia every day, because every day is all I've got 
to work with. Be open to other's subjective Utopias; discover 
whose dreams you would like to find yourself in, and in doing 
so, find out who the players will be in your own. It is a voluntary 
collective effort at imagination and creation of our daily lives 
and interactions that will deliver us away from sub-cultural 
scenes and ever closer to our visions of liberation. 


Every individual is capable of contributing to the great 
anthology of freedom. Each of our essays can flow together 
into volumes of liberating experience until a mutually agreeable 
collective existence emerges. To rescue these concepts from 

abstract oblivion, I will illustrate them with an example. A 
group of people from all different backgrounds came together 
for a weekend to prepare an action against a large biotechnology 
corporation. People were invited only by word of mouth and 
no flyers or press advisories were sent out ahead of time. This 
gave us the jump on the company and the cops. 

The preparation weekend was one of exquisite cooperation. 
Meetings were kept to a minimum and work was done by 
almost everyone. Political affiliations of the crowd ranged from 
solid pacifism to militant insurrection and everything in- 
between. The connecting factors were a mutual disgust for the 
company in question and an understanding that asking them 
to change their ways would get us 
nowhere. It was decided early on that 
everyone attending the action/ 
demonstration would wear identical 
clothing and masks to provide solidarity 
among the group and cause confusion 
for the police. 

The idea was raised that some 
members of the group may choose to 
engage in property destruction. A well 
known pacifist among the group made 
the comment that while s/he chooses 
not to take such action, s/he does not 
have a problem with others choosing 
to do so. Other pacifists and activists 
echoed this sentiment and the 
underlying feeling was one of 
camaraderie and goodwill. It was 
understood and accepted that we had 
diverse plans for the day, and in order 
to enact them, we all had to have each 
other's backs. 

On the morning of deployment, a group of over 50 people 
split into affinity groups and the action was on. Some folks ran 
straight for the buildings and began spray -painting slogans and 
symbols everywhere. One group was on the roof dropping a 
banner. Others hung banners from highway overpasses, causing 
rush hour traffic to halt to a standstill as commuters pondered 
the demonstration. Still another group held up large signs while 
more people dug up the lawn to plant organic seeds in the 
middle of a mock biohazard zone that had been set up by yet 
another affinity group. The police did not arrive until everyone 
had completed their part of the action and everyone was 

together underneath the giant signs. 

Three people were arrested, and as the pigs grabbed each 
person, unarrest attempts were made. A few folks were pepper 
sprayed and roughed up a bit, but the cops knew that there 
would be no easy mass-arrest and they let the rest of us go. No 
one was ever charged with the damage that occurred. Local 
newspapers and citizens were sympathetic toward the activists 
and there was very little anger over the destruction of property. 
From beginning to end, every participant knew what they 
wanted to do and they did it. Since there was no hostility over 
different choices for action, a true autonomous zone was created 
where all forms of expression became possible. This action, 
however small, was the epitome of functional anarchy. 
Individuals made individual choices and acted collectively to 
make each other's visions come to life. 

The method of planning outlined above involved no creation 
of institutions or dependence on anything but each other and 
ourselves. All involved chose voluntarily to participate and 
since it was word of mouth, we for once had the jump on the 
pigs. Once activists and anarchists become tired of constantly 
defending their positions and arguing over tactical 
disagreements, the real struggle can begin. 

P U 5 L I C 

Revolt has nothing to do with the creation of alternative 
institutions or making civilization more friendly through 
reform. We can still directly aid those who suffer worse than 
ourselves. Instead of just serving food to the homeless, teach 
ways of sustaining oneself. Instead of just petitioning the fascist 
government for welfare reform, teach your neighbors to grow 
their own food, forage for food and medicine, hunt for non- 
endangered animals, collect and process roadkill and countless 
other skills that help extinguish our dependence on the state 
and our need for jobs and money. All illusions of benevolence 
within the corporate/state power structure must be negated. 

The psyche is the final frontier of neo-colonization. We must 
stop believing in the necessity of electricity, petroleum 
products, money, work and industry. When any of these 
phenomena attempt to infringe upon or dominate our lives, we 
must force back their influence, for it is a colonizing one. Create 
and demonstrate methods for people to remove themselves from 
the system. The creation of our lives outside of the strict 
boundaries set for us is consistently usurped by the emergence 
of dogmatic ideological scenes. We must stop being activists 
and start acting on our ambitions for new ways of life. 

Those readers who have the luxury of not ever being involved 
with a public scene or getting arrested are in an especially good 
position to create anarchy and spread the fires of dissent. Don't 
bother getting bogged down into trying to work with people 
who don 't respect your views of liberation. Talk to your friends 
and families. Start living your life in the ways you feel are 
freeing and desirable. The obstacles that prevent you from living 
freely are the challenges to be overcome; TVs to be smashed, 
computers to be hacked, roads to be ripped up, powerlines and 
billboards to be knocked down, clearcuts reseeded with native 
seeds, farms let go fallow on their path back to wildness, 
schools to be eliminated, factories and mines to be closed 
forever, technology to be exposed and destroyed for the monster 
it is. ..start making your own list, but make it with care and 
with love for every child and every living being. Whether you 
want to dig up some concrete and plant food or destroy the 
institutions that prevent us from living, do so in a way that 
releases you and everyone around you from the ties that bind 
us to any institutions and ideas that are not of our own creation. 


Organic revolt arises out of enthusiasm. Most 
organizations I have experienced left me feeling 
anything but excited towards their various structures. 
Once a certain level of bureaucracy is reached, (i.e. 
membership applications, party platforms, rules of 
order, long and tedious hand-raising meetings, etc. 
ad infinitum) rigid ideology and subsequent boredom 
drive out any creative newcomers who don't toe the 
party line. Serious study and skill-building do not 
require organization, only time and patience. Detailed 
plans for revolt can be worked out -perhaps more 
easily- without any overarching administrative 
trappings. In fact, organization is what usually leaves paper 
trails (electron trails vis-a-vis computers) that get direct action 
practitioners caught. Phone lists and address books have 
brought pigs many more leads than they would have if 
persons-in-revolt shunned formal organization in favor of 
voluntary associations. These associations must be based on 
a collective passionate zeal for the project at hand (which in 
our case means both mentally and physically unmaking 

It has been said that action is the antidote for despair. 
Extrapolating beyond this dictum, it makes sense that the 
action referred to would be full of passion, bringing 
deliverance as far from despair and as near to true subjective 
freedom (outside the bounds of oppression) as possible. 
Earnestly discussing our versions of freedom with close 
comrades, new friends or friendly strangers (not pigs!) is a 
liberating experience unto itself. Sharing methods of day to 
day survival, trading ideas for scamming capitalism and 
strategizing and preparing for insurrection all build the 
affinity we must have when the walls of civilization begin 
to crumble. It is out of necessity that we learn the guttural 
truths of mutual aid. 


(§®[E[EM ^M$€OT §T}(® 

Repression of the November 17 th Movement Begins 

An Update From Greece by Jimmy Awol 

Athens July 8, 02 

Following 27 years of existence, countless 
actions and no arrests (nor any serious leads), 
17 of November (N17) made their first serious 
mistake, leading to the unmasking of the elusive 
organization! At 10:25 Saturday night on July 
29 a loud explosion disrupts the Port of Pireaus! 
It is to become the triggering of the N17 

An explosive mechanism went off in the 
hands of Savas Xiros as he was planting it at 
the Flying Dolphin agency (possibly an act of 
solidarity with the striking naval workers). His 
fellow cell members abandoned him and 
escaped, leaving behind crucial evidence. 
Among this evidence, and besides Savas Xiros 
himself, was found a duffle bag containing: A 
38 pistol, 2 hand grenades and a bunch of keys. 
Xiros was seriously injured with chest and 
abdomen burns, eye damage and injury to his 
lower right arm. He was soon arrested and taken 
to the hospital. 

Two hours later things really heat up when 
the .38's identity is discovered. It is the weapon 
of murdered cop Christos Mattis, who was shot 
by N17 during a bank robbery (group funding) 
on Christmas Eve '84 in Petralona, Athens. This 
weapon was later used in a shoot out with police 
in '85, a robbery in July '88, an attack against 
District Attorney's Androulak and Tarsoulea in 
January '89, a shoot out with police in Sepolia 
November '91 and in the murder of millionaire 
Peratikou in May '97! For the first time, police 
have in their hands a N17 member. 

On Monday afternoon Xiros' picture and 

oinv KapDid inq 

CIA pig Richard Welch, assassinated by N17 
in March 1975. 

name were given to the press. His home in 
Palini was raided along with his workshop and 
apartment in the same area. Fingerprints, tools, 
explosives, wires and weapons were found. On 
Wednesday afternoon, police got a lead about 
an apartment in the Pattisea central area of 
Athens that Xiros was maintaining. What police 
found during the raid exceeded their wildest 
expectations. The apartment turned out to be 
the groups "giafka". Weapons, seals, the 
infamous typewriter, a computer, explosives, 
wigs, files and records of the groups actions as 
well as their flag and N17 logos were found. 

The group gathered their arsenal periodically. 
The main sources being the expropriations from 
the military base of Larrissa, the military 
museum (taken from the guards), a Coast Guard 
office in Rafina, a police station in Virona 
(which was raided with the officers tied up and 
their weapons removed) and hand grenades 
which the group stated they had since the 
founding of the group in 1975. The majority of 
these weapons were found in the Patmou 
"giafka" (safehouse). 

35 of the 65 rockets N17 possesses have 
already been used. A few hand grenades have 
been used as well in the Sepolia shoot out and 
against a riot police vehicle in Excharia. Now 

the police have hundreds of leads when they 
were once hoping for even a single one. Before 
the Xiros accident, the only leads the State had 
were a few strands of hair found in a helmet 
after the '83 George Tsantes assassination, and 
DNA from blood found in a stolen get away car 
during the rocket launching at the German 
Diplomat's home in '99. 

Who Is Saras Xiros? 

Xiros is 40 years old and the son of an 
orthodox priest. He himself is said to have spent 
time living in the Agios Oros monastery and 
works as a Christian iconist. It is said that his 
first contact with anti-authoritarian groups was 
in Thesaloniki during his college years. In '83 
he met his now ex-wife and had a son. In '84 he 
became involved with N17 and took part in his 
first action, the bank robbery where police 
officer Mattis is killed, and his infamous 38 
removed. He is also believed to have taken part 
in the Sepolia '91 shoot-out as well as the 
assassination of Petraikou in '97. 

On Christmas Eve '84 at 8:05 am four men 
entered a bank with the intention of robbing it. 
One of them wore a police officers uniform and 
he approached bank cop Mattis holding a box 
of pastries which he offered to him saying, 
"Chrystos, these are for your birthday". Officer 
Mattis realized something was wrong, since he 
didn't recognize the men, and stepped back and 
attempted to pull out his automatic. At that 
moment the N17 member kneed him in the 
stomach and took his weapon. As the cop then 
tried to pull out his .38 a second N17 activist 
walked up and shot him in the head. The group 
then took 7.5 million drachmas and escaped. 
The .38 pistol of the murdered cop was found 
18 years later, next to an injured Saras Xiros. 

On November 20, 1991, four men were 
stealingl a white van (to be used in future 
actions) when a squad car pulled up to the 
scene. The police officers attempted to 
apprehend the men when one of them opened 
fire. A second police vehicle pulled up and a 
wild shoot-out ensued. The N17 activists threw 
a hand grenade between the two vehicles and 
attempted to escape on foot. A chase followed 
between them and the few non-injured cops. 
The activists stopped a passing cab, pulled out 
the driver and passenger and took the vehicle. 
Anew chase ensued, a few more hand grenades 
were thrown at the police and the cell escaped. 
Xiros is being linked to this shoot-out as well 
as to the murder of millionaire Kosta Peratikou 
in May of '97. He is believed to be one of the 
three men who walked up to Peratikou, shot 
him, calmly exchanged fire with police officers, 
stopped an oncoming car and drove off (as they 
had done in Sepolia)! 

Who Is 17 Of November? 

Their name comes from the date the Hounda 
(a U.S. -backed right wing dictatorship) stormed 
the Polytechnic University and trampled over 
the gate and an estimated 23 demonstrators. 
The group took their name in revenge of the 
murdered activists, and as a response against 
U.S. imperialism. N17 has its roots in a 1968 
Trotskyist group and also in the later-formed 
ELA (Revolutionary Solidarity Front), which 
gave birth to N17. The first revolutionary act of 
violence was taken by the ELA in March of 
'75, followed by the December 23 murder of 
Athens CIA chief (and U.S. government 
employee) Richard Welch. Ayear later the group 
assassinated police officer Malio. Three years 
went by before they were heard of again with 
the January 1980 murders of police officers 
Petrou and Stamilou! Three more years of non- 
action followed until they struck again in 
November, blowing up a police riot bus and 

killing a cop named Georgiakopoulos. 

Between 1980-1983 it is said that the group 
underwent structural changes. New blood was 
recruited. It is significant to note that after ' 83 
the targets began to include wealthy 
businessmen. This caused a lot of questions in 
the movement. At this point that the attacks 
increased and there is one every year up to '87 
when three actions took place. In '88 the 
attacks reach five, just as in '89, with the last 
and most significant being the assassination 
of New Democracy congressman Bakogianni. 

Solidarity Actions Follow: 

On Saturday July 6 (a week after the Xiros 
capture), an Aspis bank in Athens was 
firebombed in retaliation for the increased state 
oppression following the Xiros incident. 

At this time police are looking for a second 
man involved with N17, the one who was renting 
the second "giafka" in Pagrati.They believe him 
to be in his 40's and married to Angelici 
Sotiropoulo, Xiros's ex-wife. At present no 
further arrests have been made or warrants 

A sample of the captured N17 arsenal found at the Patmou "giafka", specifically: Brauning 
pistols, m11 rifles, anti-tank launchers and mk2 USA hand grenades. 

In 1989 there were major changes in the 
foundation of the group. It is said that of the 
3-4 founders, 3 pulled out due to ideological 
differences and only one "organizer" remains 
who is believed to be a man in his sixties who 
studied in Paris in 1968. The Xiros generation 
seems to have taken control after the 
Bakogianni assassination. This is evident in 
the attacks that took place in the '90's. During 
1991, fifteen actions occurred, all with 
economic objectives, and a callous face with 
no moral or ideological restraints emerged. All 
of this led up to the assassination of British 
military leader, Brigadier Stephen Sanders, 
which played a major role in the capture of 
the group. After the Sanders murder the 
investigation took on an international 
character. In my opinion, this fact along with 
the group's ongoing internal dispute and 
friction led to their capture. The founders 
"grandfathers" believe that what started out as 
ideological, political resistance was drifting 
towards nothing more than a bank-robbing 
group of murderers. 

issued. The police want to finish the gathering 
of fingerprints, then start the ballistic 
investigation of the weapons found in the two 
"giafkas" to determine which ones were used 
in what actions. They want to determine if the 
three .45 's found were part of the 32 stolen from 
the Kavala army base. Five of those guns were 
found in 1986 in a Sepolia "giafka" that was 
discovered by chance when the "giafka" flooded 
shortly after the Chrystos Tsoutsouvis murder. 
Tsoutsouvis was killed during a shoot-out with 
police, after wasting three pigs himself. He is 
now considered a hero in anti-state circles. 

Sotiropoulo is now suspected of being the 
woman who emerged in some of the groups 
actions: She was being questioned a second time 
as this article was being written. The "anti- 
terrorist" police are now pursuing their 
investigation on three fronts. 

The first has to do with the capture of the 
second member and the one who rented the 
second "giafka" in Pagrati. He is the present 
husband of Sotiropoulo who is now in hiding. 
He is believed to have been a member of the 
group since 1987. He has been on the police 
most-wanted list for years now but cannot be 


found because he is underground with changing 
I.D.'s and residences. The second facet of the 
investigation has to do with the surveillance of 
unsuspecting N17 members. Past members, 
withdrawn or burntout members, or 
unsuspecting but still-active members, all of 
whom the police hope will make a mistake. The 
third main thrust of the investigation focuses 
on the ballistic evidence and gathering of prints. 
In the next 10-20 days the police have stated 
that there will be numerous arrests. 

But militant solidarity actions continue in 
spite of the intense repression in Greece. The 
new group N.E.L.A. ( the New Revolutionary 
Social Struggle) has formed and has hit two 
targets in the last five days. The first action was 
on July 7 with the bombing of the Military and 
Police Veterans Cemetery. The second action 
was at midnight on July 9 with the bombing of 
the Flying Dolphin office, the same office Xiro 
attempted ftrtombf^There he was caught 
injured. The explosive device usBat thisai 
was 3 sticks oWynamite and a lusefche ac 1 
was done in or™r to finish utf XiiB" 
unfinished business and to send aHessagflo 
the State that revolution cami : '■ MpntairMl. 
Oppression will only lead to more Bons. Bie 
fact that the new group has*pul!^J off H 
successful actions during the present "diffic 
times and has stated more will^^pw o 
makes the point clearer that as long aWthe on' 
true terrorist, the State, exists — RE ACTION 
to it is imminent! 

— Jimmy Awol, Jul 

Athens CIA station chief, Richard Welch, in the 
action that first brought N17 to the public's 

attention. Yiotopoulos w£ 

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to leave by hydrofoil i 
Greek investiga\ 

material seized fron 

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international tan 

their activities |M 

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extracts from 

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Green Anarchy editorial ni 

There have been many more developments n, 
the ongoing saga of N 17 since this articl^mom 
Greece was submitted. On July 22, Hmiicles 
Kostaris and Constaninc KarntsoliMwerc 
arrested by police in Athens and chargAd with 
involvement in a string of attacks sinU 1975, 
including the assassinations of US0irman 
Ronald Stewart and Britain's military envoy 
Brigadier Stephen Saunders. On July 25, Greek 
investigators announced the arrest of two more 
suspected members of the small but persistent 
N17 group, who have killed at least 23 people 
in Athens in a sporadic anti-American, anti- 
imperialist campaign waged over three decades. 
One of the suspects, Pavlos Serifis, is a hospital 
telephone operator believed to be the 
organization's second-in-command. The other 
suspect, Constanine Tellios, has reportedly 
confessed to involvement in two assassinations 
and an equal number of armed robberies 
carried out between 1989 and 1992. Presently, 
at least 15 suspects are under arrest, including 
the individual the Greek State is portraying as 
the group's ideological leader, Alexandros 
Yiotopoulos, 58, a French-born mathematician 
and philosopher who is believed to have led a 
group of Greek dissidents to Cuba in 1971 to 
get arms and explosives training. Mr. 
Yiotopoulos's father, Dimitris, was a close 
associate of Leon Trotsky until they clashed in 
1934, and Dimitris later fought in the Spanish 
Civil War before taking refuge in France. It was 
Alexandros Yiotopoulos who reportedly pulled 
the trigger on December 23, 1975, killing the 

ut let- 

Turkish co§ 
the targeti 
The com£ 
keep in 

government employ 

second largest city, i { 

in itsJwMJmj; which 1% 

199M Mthe intj 

he^mi: Umndft 

cciiifnti^recor ' 

been t^partng^ 

sin Ma the h 






vith ruthless p^mcMiionulisWtfndprecrWki: i On 

\he night they lU ( 74 i^Kiichard WelU. all 

sJj^iJiski^k 'his lic>W^vereknoc^mo.ii 

^eiicy call lured the \ 

away from th^Mnise). 

A 20-^tfr statute M- limitations^ieans 

it specWnN 7/ 7 ag^aniwsrK^mLhe charged^ : th 

mWdering WWtch or anyot^^lsf who was 

^assassinated before 1982. Maria Bossi, a former 

member of Greece's anti-terrorist commission, 

^^^tnconvinced that these busts will stop* 

Wind is puzzled by how quickly those arrest 

informed on each other. "Revolutionaries don't 

confess and they don 't give up their colleagues, " 

she said. She speculates that Nl 7 decided to give 

up a cell and try to convince the government 

that there was nothing more to find. Ms. Bossi 

sees the reality of those so far arrested as too 

far from the standard prof He of an ideologically 

committed guerrilla group, like France's Action 

Directe: she's skeptical of the government spin 

that the group had long ago lost its ideological 

center and had become a gang of small-time 

criminals, acting on the orders of a single Mr. 


Many Greeks say that what has been seen so 
far must be an incomplete picture of the group. 
"I don't believe that a case that has been in the 
shadows for 30 years can in 10 days be brought 
out in the open and solved," said Yannis 
Michaloudakis , a restaurant manager. Pressing 
questions about N17's political orientation and 
long-term goals have also remained unanswered 
by these recent arrests. Over the years, 
November 17 took pains to cultivate a kind of 
Robin Hood image, releasing stridently Marxist 
proclamations defending its deeds as 
revolutionary violence aimed at oppressors of 
the people. With an intense loathing for the West 

and capitalism, the group has, at various times, 
denounced the United States, NATO, the 
European Union, all major Greek political 
parties, the nation's business elite and a host 
of other oppressive political and economic 
forces. "Does it bother them so much to admit 
that we are simple fighters for the people, that 
our motives are political?" , N 17 asked in their 
most recent communique, which denied ties to 
Mideast movements . Greek terrorist "experts" 
have continued to promote their theory that N17 
was trying to launch an anti-capitalist popular 
uprising against the Greek middle and upper 
classes and that their ambitions were to become 
a genuine communist revolutionary movement. 
But none of the group's actions give any 
indication that their goal was ever the seizure 
of State power; if anything, N17 seemed to be 
primarily concerned with carrying out 
wmtaliatory acts^ff revenge and retribution 
against the Greek and American States, which 
something that many of us on the Green 
,rchy ^| ptf/ve can sympathize 

broad attacks and its targets didn't leave the 
general public feeling threatened. In fact, the 
group's early strikes were widely seen as 
justified payback for the 1967-74 military 
dictatorship. Anti-U.S. sentiment is extremely 
high in Greece ( Greeks strongly oppose the 
American military campaign in Afghanistan and 
have organized by far the largest demonstrations 
against it of any country in the European Union 
or NATO) and a recent national poll showed that 
31 percent of Greeks agreed with the political 
goals of November 17 , with 64 .5 percent willing 
to classify them as a "terrorist group " .N17 also 
appears to have some degree of support among 
anarchists in Greece, as evidenced by the two 
anarchist solidarity actions that have occurred 
since the beginning of the N17 crackdown. 

sccM m!7's long life seems to be the 
1 ' thatmM" recently, vreck authorities felt 
domestic pressure to react. Unlike Italy's 
fBrigadis and the Red Army Faction in West 
ermany, Mtoember 17 has never engaged in 

N17 And The Greek Anarchist Movement 

Last June, one explosion of a small bomb at the hands of a 17N member led to the arrest of 

about the whole group. 

17N has never expressed anti-authoritarian ideas. Politically they belonged to the milieu of 
the left. Few Greek people paid attention to their ideological base. Even today 19% of the 
Greek people regard 17N as revolutionary and not as a terrorist group. It must be noted that 
many smaller groups made and continue to make similar actions. There was a group called 
ELA ( Revolutionary Popular Struggle) with many members, which was focused more on 

bombings than 17N and had more anti-authoritarian oriented ideas. ELA never killed 
anyone except a cop when they bombed a cops bus. It stopped its actions in 1995. Chrystos 
Kassimis was murdered in 1985 by cops ( before that he killed three of them). He was a 
member of the group "Anti-Statist Struggle", which had executed a prosecutor. Many 
comrades have been accused, at different times, that were members of the above groups, 
and of other anarchist ones much smaller. No one has been accused of being a member of 
17N. The arrestees of 17N are not anarchists. That's for sure. They are leftists. Most of 
them now disapprove of armed struggle and say that they were wrong. Things are very fluid 
and we don't know what we have to expect. The cops try to connect all the above groups to 
prove that they have a common origin. If this is done we're afraid that they will try to mass 
up many anarchists too. Even though 17N was a closed, leftist group and their communi- 
ques were reformist, we regard them as strugglers. Nobody supports them from the leftists. 
Anarchists are the only ones who have not dissaproved of their actions and don't see them 
as terrorists. For us the state is the only terrorist. The normal people who tend to like 17N 
are not heard. The police try to produce a climate of panic and fear. The mass media try to 

make 17N members seem ridiculous and like common criminals by saying a lot of 

lies.IThey spread terror and fear and try to connect many other people with 17N. For this 

reason leftists don't dare to talk even about the violation of the human rights of the arrested 

17N members because of the control that the CIA, FBI and Scotland Yard have over the 

Greek police. 

I forgot to say that some soccer fans of an Athens team shouted a slogan at a game asking 

17N members who are not arrested to burn Athens! ! Some young men have made henna 

tattoos of the 17N symbol. There are also people wearing t-shirts with the ironic message, 

"I'm NOT a member of 17N." 

Until now, there hasn't been much activism in support of arrested 17N members. Various 

small anarchist and leftist groups have done actions like burning banks but they haven't 

stated solidarity with the arrestees. These actions are against the State and the police. But 

those actions are nothing more than the normal case for the Greek anarchist scene. 

It's difficult to say that we are in solidarity with the arrestees. Most of them co-operate with 

the police to insure a light penalty. No one has expressed ideological thinking. No one talks 

in favor of their own actions. There are some people who haven't said anything. Their trials 

will begin at the end of 2003. Furthermore, it's difficult for the time being to say what is 

true and what is a lie. 

17N can be described by words like: far-left, workerist, left urban guerrillas. 

They are not Stalinists. They disliked the Russian "Communist" State. They hoped for a 
true communist society. They also favored self-management. They are not anarchists. 

Their actions were anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist. They seem to have operated in a 
hierarchical way. It seems that lately there hasn't been good communication between them. 

When cops killed a young anarchist at the Polytechnic riots in 1985, 17N rocketed a police 
bus in solidarity with the anarchists. A cop was killed. 

The above text contains our assessments. 

Panos and Thanos 
Athens, Greece 


(§®[E[EM ^M$€OT §T}(® 

y\ Sleeper ;Awakens;And The 
Great Buildings Tremble... 

Dear GA, 

Thankyoufor not being a clone. Thankyoufor maintaining 
integrity. The books you sent me have helped clear many 
things that were blurred, helping to define terms that were 
very confusing in my ignorance of the genre/ culture/ non- 
movement regarding the big A. You see, I have just recently 
begun asking WHY. I have never read any literature like this 
before because I am young, nihilistic, stupid, uncaring. But 
this has now matured or at least changes. And guess what? 

Suddenly I am asking why. And how. And I am starving for 
answers, desperately trying to figure it out for myself. As I 
mentioned, I am unread, unlearned, untainted. All of my 
newfound "politics " (I hate that word) are purely organic, 
rather than taught, and these cravings to question everything 
are coming from somewhere beyond thought, beyond senses 
or feelings or observations. I do not know where this change 
in me has come from or why it has come. I only know that it 
has begun and the more I feed it with thoughts or writings or 
discussions, the more it grows, the more I want to feed it and 
see it grow!!! 

Does this make sense to you? Am I making any sense? 

It's hard to explain. Anarchy is not my religion, not my 
classification, not my designated sub-culture in society. It is 
not how I meet chicks or piss off my parents. It is not a sign 
I hold up for the world topercieve me with. It is not a "stage " 
of rebellion that I will grow out of. (No longer a tourist!) 

It is something that has occured naturally. It is, simply put, 
the deepest yearning I've known. John, I have wanted to write 
to you for a couple of years now, I have wanted to ask you an 
unreasonable ammount of questions, but I am glad that I 
waited, that I tried to figure it out for myself, that I then read 
two of your books before I wrote this letter, because now my 
ignorance is more defined. 

And, of course, sitting on my bunk, in my cell, listening to 
Pantera at maximum volume, my mind is a blank. Or rather, 
it is a swirling mass of confusion, a thousand unanswered 
questions written over one another as to be indiscernable. 

Let me think... 

Let me think... 

I guess the most important question that I have trouble 
figuring out for myself is: How? I mean, how do you change 
the world, stop the machine, return to an integral existance 
of first-hand experience and non-knowledge? !?! I read about 
everyone "hoping" this thing breaks down, but hope equals 
bullshit; and besides, waiting to be saved is really no different 
from the christians! If I were in a twelve step recovery 
program for western civilization, which step would be action 
and what action could possibly bring about the most 
incredible change ever? 

And even more important to me personally, is how you think 
it might change if electricity were not allowed to exist, if it 
were to be made globally extinct upon waking one morning? 

I'm sorry I waited so long to communicate. Ihopeyou might 
be too. I don 't know how to thank you for what you have 
already given me. Part of my smile is your doing. I'd like to 
pickyour mind. I wish we could sit together and talk all night. 
I'm hoping you will help me. 

I'm twenty-nine years old. My name is Casey. 
PS. Murder. Life without parole. 
PPS. Ask any 
questions you want. 
Answers are free. 

Casey Maddox 
J.59489 (A80-217) 
PO Box 7500 
Crescent City, 
CA 95531 

What Ails Us 

By John Zerzan 

On the level of personal affliction or dis-ease, matters are 
steadily worsening. This situation corresponds to the 
deepening crisis at every level. At the same time, according 
to Michelle Mary Helvica, "we live in a society that seems 
increasingly numb to the causes and effects of human 
suffering." In this sphere as with every other, the promises/ 
protections of technological civilization are failing on a grand 

Tuberculosis and malaria have grown resistant to modern 
antibiotics and other standard medicines. E-coli and West Nile 
virus outbreaks are now common in the U.S. Infectious 
diseases of all kinds, once declared conquered, are on the 
rise. They accompany the major degenerative illnesses that 
are a staple of civilized life. Rift Valley fever, mad cow disease, 
hanta virus, Ebola, cholera, etc. "At least 20 major maladies 
have reemerged in novel, more deadly, or drug-resistant forms 
in the past 25 years," pronounced the February 2002 National 
Geographies "War on Disease" survey. 

It is hardly surprising that industrialized medicine is unable 
to remedy the toll that is inherent in industrialized, 
estranged daily 
life. In fact, 
updating a point 
made by Ivan 
Illich decades 
ago, Michael J. 
B e r e n s ' 
have revealed the 
extremely high 
levels of life-threatening infections produced by hospital 
environments and other aspects of the health care industry 
(3-part Chicago Tribune series, July 2002). Recent studies have 
shown that artificial light causes breast cancer, by superseding 
the natural light cycle. Food now contains only a small fraction 
of its former nutritional content, as packaging and appearance 
considerations dictate that nutrients be bred out of fruits and 
vegetables. Nonetheless, health-threatening obesity, epidemic 
in the U.S., has become a global problem because of the 
increase in junk food and processed food. 

More than 20 million Americans - mostly women - 
suffer from often devastating auto-immune 
disorders, such as lupus, Crohn's disease, 
multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. 
Many afflictions attack women almost 
exclusively, notably anorexia and bulimia. 
Hilde Bruch finds that anorexia is typically 
about a young woman's "struggle for control, 
for a sense of identity, competence and J 
effectiveness." A struggle within a patriarchal, | 
male-defined culture that actively excludes 
her from all of those fundamental human dimensions. 
Michelle Mary Hebiica's Starving for Salvation (1999) focuses 
on eating disorders as a yearning for meaning and wholeness 
in the context of how very much is missing, especially for 
women. J.A. Sours' Starving to Death in a Sea of Objects 
testifies, from its title onward, to the underlying deprivation 
or emptiness at the base of these life-threatening conditions. 

Margaret Talbot observed that physical incapacitation has 
been one of the few ways in which women could effectively 
absent themselves from their assigned duties and roles. 
Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are among the 
illnesses, suffered by millions, that must be seen in light of 
women's basically unimproved condition in society. 

Countless forms of suffering, from AIDS to cancer to 
depression, are experienced within the increasingly unhealthy 
regime of technology and capital. There can be no "cure" so 
long as we all must strive to endure the bludgeoning conditions 
of daily life. Rural America now resembles a constellation of 
meth labs and Oxycontin supply networks, while epidemic 

drug use varies only in terms of which narcotic is most popular 
in a given season. What kind of society is it in which the teen 
suicide rate has been climbing for decades and self -mutilation 
is commonplace? Male sexual function will become dependent 
on pharmaceuticals like Viagra, a development far less 
grotesque than the growing number of toddlers on anti- 
depressants. The techno-world serves up increasingly bizarre 
"solutions" to the problems it continues to create, not 
forgetting the rising levels of both climatic temperatures and 
environmental toxins. Pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer 
proclaims, "Life is our life's work," as if anyone needed a 
reminder of the genetic engineering and human cloning in 
our future to which cyber-leftists like Donna Haraway have 
no objections. 

An increasingly overworked populace labors in a more and 
more anxiety-prone, destabilized consumer void. The need 
to be diverted from a glaringly impoverished present and 
future is addressed in books like Neal Gabler's Life the Movie: 
How Entertainment Conquers Reality (1998), a point explored 
in greater depth by writers such as Adorno and Debord, but 
accurate and timely all the same. And in just four years (New 
York Times, 8/4/02), Gabler says, this situation has become 
qualitatively much worse. We now get only short-hand, 
truncated versions of escape that he terms the illusion of 
entertainment. Ersatz or otherwise, entertainment is now 
quite possibly the primary value of modern life, precisely 
because reality has become unbearable. 

But of course it is only "chemical imbalances" that are said 
to account for this massive immiseration. This reactionary 
and desperate claim responds to phenomena such as the fact 
I that 2.8 million kids had what is euphemistically called a 
"runaway experience" in 1999, by diagnosing most of them 
with a pseudo -medical condition called "conduct disorder." 
A mid-2002 survey conducted by the National Sleep 
Foundation showed that 69% of Americans experienced some 
insomnia after September 11. (Glaxco Wellcome, by the way, 
spent $16.5 million promoting Paxil in October 2001.) Even 
more noteworthy is their finding that 51% of the population 
were already insomniac during the previous year! What will 
new polls on sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, etc. reveal in 
light of more systemic bad news: revelations that corporations, 
science, the Red Cross, et al. are routinely fraudulent, that 
90% of students cheat, that male athletes begin steroid use in 
adolescence, and so on and on. 

David Barlow's Anxiety and its Disorders (2002) discusses 

the high prevalence and 
chronicity of a range of 
such conditions, like 
panic attacks, obsessive- 
compulsive disorders, 
and various phobias. He 
concludes that the 
aggregate toll on social 
life "dwarfs even the 
most pessimistic 

estimates." Many have 
charted a steady rise of more serious mental illnesses that 
began with and correspond to the industrialization of society, 
as documented for example in The Invisible Plague: the Rise 
of Mental Illness from 1750 to the Present, byTorrey and Miller 
(2001). The answer to this scourge is obviously 
deindustrialization, the undoing of the root cause of all this 
and other crises in physical and mental health. 

Society is a racket, and its everyday practices are no longer 
hidden from us. Nonetheless, as everyday life becomes 
steadily more impoverished, cheapened, surveilled, 
standardized, and otherwise debased, the official version (in 
many more aspects than mentioned in this article) prevails, 
with its stark omissions and lies. As Derrick Jensen has it, it 
is truly a "culture of make believe." 

Marx inaccurately predicted that growing material poverty 
would bring revolution. A more plausible forecast today is 
that growing psychic or emotional suffering may inform a 
widespread refusal of this no-future reality. 

Dear Editors: 

In GA No. 8 you published as an article something I had written to John Zerzan. In a note immediately following it 
you accused me of " fairly overt homophobia," citing my use of what you called " the queer-identified term 'pink'." 

If the term "pink" is identified with homosexuality, I didn't know it. Maybe I have failed to keep up with the twists and 
turns of political correctness. I was using the term in a much older and well-established sense derived from the fact that pink 
is a watered-down form of red: "Pink" people are those who dabble in leftism but don't have the guts to be real revolutionaries. 

You claim you've seen homophobia in previous articles of mine, but you mention only one, namely, "Ship of Fools." Of all 
the people who have commented on "Ship of Fools," you are the only ones, that I know of, who have seen homophobia in it. 
As a matter of fact, "Ship of Fools" was reprinted in the San Francisco gay periodical Magnus. 

In the interest of complete honesty and disclosure I will state two facts: (1) During my early teens I had a few homosexual 
experiences with another kid my age. (2) I mildly dislike homosexuality. This is a matter of personal taste. My emotional 
involvement in it is slight, and it has no effect on my "political" viewpoint. In other words, I basically just don't care. What 
people do in the bed is their own business and not mine. 

My contempt (as expressed, e.g., in "Ship of Fools") is not for gay people, women, ethnic minorities, or sweatshop work- 
ers, but for activists who think that the special problems of these groups are more important than the disaster with which the 
technoindustrial system threatens the world. 

-Ted Kaczynski 

Going from city to woods to camp on weekends as a child, I 
always suspected something was wrong. My parents returned 
to work on Mondays and I wondered, "why aren't we in the 
woods all the time?" In this light, Ted Kaczynski occupies a 
special place in the wildness of my being. Years of living among 
and being manipulated by technology in its endlessly prolific 
forms crushed my will to survive. There were no words to 
describe the endless anxiety of city existence. Into the deep 
well of my despair, Industrial Society and its Future fell like a 
lifeline. The much-needed critique of technology as a 
mangling force on physical and mental planes displayed 
the origins of my severe mental anguish. A primitivist 
critique was lodged in the collective consciousness. No 
longer could technology be shrouded in neutrality, much 
to the disdain of its leftist defenders. I don't always agree 
with Ted on personal levels, but I don't always agree 
with anyone, even close friends. What is important is a 
disdain for civilization, a love of wildness and chaos, 
and a respect for everyone's personal autonomy. To me, 
Ted upholds these ideals. 

(M/F/fM ^^AtR(QWW $dd) 



In 1948 a collaboration among a group of 
Jewish imperialists (Zionists), Britain and 
America created the State of Israel. Not 
surprisingly, the Zionist State is very similar 
to Britain and America's other imperialist 
missions throughout the world. 

Israel's creation expelled over three million 
Palestinians from their homeland. Those who 
have remained live under a brutal apartheid 
state, as non-Jews within a system created 
entirely for Jews. It is not uncommon to hear 
the Zionists describe the Palestinians as 
"cockroaches" and "filthy 

Palestinians are treated 
like the American Negro 
after the civil war, shoved 
around, spat on, 
ghettoized, ruthlessly 
exploited, and frequently 
brutally assaulted. 

Meanwhile, any Jew from ' 
anywhere in the world is 
vigorously encouraged to 
settle in Palestine, and 
crowd the people out even 

Understandably, when 
Israel declared itself a nation in 1948, every 
surrounding Arab nation declared war against 
them. The Arabs lost the war and even more 

included boycotts of Israeli goods, mass 
demonstrations, tax strikes, workers' strikes, 
rock throwing, agricultural, medical, 
educational, housing and consumer 
cooperatives to cripple the Israeli occupation 
and to create a new and independent 
Palestinian nation. 

Though united under the central leadership 
of the Marxist-Leaning Palestinian Liberation 
Organization (PLO), the intifada was carried 
out by an intricate system of dozens of local 
"uprising committees" that could remain 
functioning even when many of their leaders 
were jailed. 

Some of the most highly 
respected freedom fighters are 
the shebab (literally "the 
boys"): the masked 
Palestinian youth (some as 
young as seven or eight) that 
produce intifada graffiti, 
throw rocks to defend 
communities, and kill 
Palestinians who collaborate 
with Israel. 

Women also played a 
critical role in the intifada, 
« participating on every level of 
the resistance, while still 
carrying out their full load of 
tasks required by the sexist conditions of their 
society. To some extent, the need for unity in 
the fight against Israel allowed for a good deal 

with Indigenous leaders for "as long as the 
grass grows and the sun shines. .." (cloaking 
the extermination of more than 95% of the 
Native population - over ten million people) 
the Oslo Accords were simply another one of 
the colonizer's weapons. 

Essentially, the Palestinian Authority was 
given the power to police some small portions 
of still-occupied Palestine, as long as they 
remained loyal to the Zionist's goals. The 
settlements would continue, construction of 
bypass roads would continue, the USA would 
continue to arm Israel, and a handful of elite 
Palestinians would get to police their own 


The gross failure of the "peace process" to 
bring any genuine improvement to the lives of 
everyday Palestinians, combined with the 
rampant corruption of the Palestinian 
Authority (PA) and the rise to power of the 
fascist butcher Ariel Sharon in Israel, sparked 
the second intifada. It is known as the "Al- 
Aqsa" intifada, because on September 28, 
2000, as an intentional provocation, Sharon 
visited the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, 
unleashing the wave of anger that is the rebirth 
of the Palestinian intifada. 

This time around, the Palestinian uprising 
is fiercely and vehemently resisting the 
imperialist bastards. Suicide bombings within 
Israeli cities and Zionist settlements increase 

Palestinian refugees in one giant, rotting pile. 
And, 1,800 more were reported as "missing." 
These men were herded into a giant stadium 
and never returned to see their mothers, 
daughters and sisters. 

It must have reminded at least a few semi- 
conscious folks of National Socialism in 
Germany, 1933. That was when, well, you 


The colonizer must be executed. 

It has been the 
colonizer against 
us all, and he has 
turned us against 
ourselves so that 
even when you 
can't see him, 
he is with you, 
killing you 
slowly. We 
must kill him 
quickly, before 
we have been 

The day that the colonizer is sent to his grave 
will be the birthday of a free humanity. 

You're invited to participate in his 
assassination. In fact, your participation is his 

I N T E R N A T I O N A L I N T I F A 1) A 

An Urgent Call To Participate In The Colonizer's Execution 

of Palestine. Again, in 1 967, the Arab Nations 
fought a war against the Zionists, and again 
they lost. At the end of the war, Israel had 
stationed its military on the west bank of the 
Jordan River, and in the Gaza strip on the 
coast of the Mediterranean Sea. 

The military occupation continues, and 
increases its vicious domination of the 
Palestinians. Hundreds of new, all-Israeli 
suburban developments are steadily being 
built, and thousands of Jewish settlers (who 
choose to be Israelis) are arriving to steal 
larger and larger chunks of Palestine. The 
settlers view their presence in the west bank 
and Gaza as a missionary project to support 
the "holy" land of Israel. They are frequently 
armed, and often show their "support" in 
Klan-style terror campaigns against 

The settlements are connected by militarily 
patrolled "bypass" roads for Israelis only, so 
that the Israelis can totally "bypass" the 
people whose land they are stealing. 
Palestinian land is rapidly being seized 
through imperial laws which condone theft. 
The Israeli military uproots thousands of olive 
trees to cripple the Palestinian economy. 
Palestinian homes are frequently bulldozed 
as punishment for resisting the occupation. 

The occupied territories are riddled with 
military checkpoints, where millions of 
Palestinians are subjected daily to degrading 
scrutiny by the Israeli military. The 
Palestinian population is forced to pay a whole 
series of taxes to fund their own subjugation. 

All of this fits within the British model in 
Ireland, the Dutch model in South Africa, the 
American model in Turtle Island, the Spanish 
model on Aztec land, and so forth. And 
America explicitly and rigorously supports 
Israeli policies with guns, money, helicopters, 
propaganda, tanks, and political 
manipulation to the tune of several billion 
dollars per year. 


The Arabic word "intifada" is roughly 
translated as "uprising" or "shaking off." It is 
the word that the Palestinians have chosen to 
name their popular struggle against Israel. 

The original intifada was a massive 
campaign of noncompliance with the Zionist 
State spanning from 1987 until 1992. The 
intifada had the support of almost one hundred 

percent of the Palestinian population and 

of "shaking off" of patriarchal standards and 
expectations of women. 

The intifada was carried out while Israel 
imposed harsh (and sometimes 24-hour "shoot 
on sight") curfews in dozens of Palestinian 
towns and villages, sometimes for weeks on 
end. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) arrested 
thousands of Palestinians at every level of 
society for resisting occupation. The IDF also 
frequently murdered Palestinians they 
"suspected" of being "terrorists" (the shebab 
mostly). The Israelis blew up Palestinians 
using small explosives disguised to look like 
chocolate bars so that young children would 
explode upon impact with the "candy." 

But the spirit of the intifada was such that 
when homes were demolished or olive crops 
destroyed by the Israelis, villages came 
together to plant and 
build again. And, 
when workers were 
trapped in their 
homes by Israeli 
curfews, the 

uprising committees 
would ensure 

workers full wages 
for their time out of 
popped up as if out 
of nowhere and 
faded away within 
fifteen minutes; the 
shebab disappeared 
into the rest of the 

The intifada was 
everywhere, and it 
was nowhere. 


In 1992, the PLO signed a "peace treaty," 
known as the Oslo Accords. The USA and 
Israel carefully manufactured the accords to 
ensure Palestinians would have enough of an 
illusion of autonomy to stop fighting, but 
nothing substantial enough to threaten Zionist- 
American imperialism or gain any true 

Similar to the agreement reached in 1947 

to partition India (which resulted in over two 
million slaughtered) and US Army treaties 

in frequency and strength. Many mass 
demonstrations include folks with guns who 
will shoot back at the Israeli military and a 
number of large-scale riots have erupted in the 
occupied territories. 

This new intifada is a raging tumult against 
both the US-Zionist occupiers and the 
traditional Palestinian leadership. The PLO 
and PA-having accepted rampant wealth and 
the role of suppressing popular uprisings-are 
now being exposed for what they are: enemies 
of Palestinian freedom. Militant Islamic 
organizations, notably Hamas, are now playing 
social service roles in the Palestinian 
community and are at the forefront of the 
attack against Israel. 

Israel responds in true colonizer fashion: 

never flinching to increase its systematic 

decimation of 

Palestinian people, 

homes, and dignity. 

Currently, Israel 
is the most overtly 
brutal colonial system 
in the world. Militarily 
backed by the 
American empire to an 
unfathomable degree, 
Israel continues to 
carry out one of the 
most lethal programs 
of imperialist 

aggression the world 
has ever seen. Since 
the beginning of the 
intifada, nearly 200 
Palestinians have been 
murdered and over 
5,000 wounded by the 
Israelis. Recently, in 
response to a 
Palestinian attempt to 
blockade a tank attempting to invade their 
community, Israel murdered seventeen people, 
and jailed approximately 2,000 men between 
the age of 18 and 45. The men were rounded 
up wholesale, many of them given an ID# in 
ink on their forearms, and imprisoned simply 
for being Palestinian men. 

It must have reminded Palestinians of the 
Sabra and Chatilya massacres of 1982. Then, 
in southern Lebanon, Christian 

fundamentalists, backed by and in 
collaboration with the Israelis, murdered 600 

[piKVjS ^ 


Ever since you were born, you have been 
dying - so that the colonizer might live. It is 
time to start living -so that the colonizer might 
die. From now on, you can discard your desire 
to make peace with, or reform, the colonizer. 

There is nothing more to ask of him. 

We asked him kindly not to take our land, 
and, after seizing it, he raped the women 
among us, poisoned our water, destroyed our 
crops, and built churches, temples, mosques, 
memorials and museums on our bloodied soil. 

We demanded to be included in his 
government, ballot boxes, schools, and armies; 
he has let us in, exactly to the extent to which 
we agree to remain degraded, docile, invisible, 
and inferior in his presence. 

We have written a million letters, cast a 
million votes, signed a million petitions, and 
marched a million times with a million signs - 
all asking him to please, please, please not start 
another vicious, greedy war. And billions of 
us have - on dozens of occasions - been sent 
all across the globe to butcher each other 
ruthlessly and to stuff his filthy pockets and 
fatten his gluttonous stomach. 

We have pleaded with him to simply go 
away, to be done, to leave us alone. Sometimes 
he leaves, but only after ensuring that we are 
too poor, too tired, too conditioned, too 
addicted, or too busy killing each other to 
actually live free on our own. And, you can be 
sure, less than a day after he has left my house, 
he has shown up at yours - telling you, "You're 
in the way." 

It is best just to shoot the fucker. 


No amount of killing of Americans, Brits 
and Israelis will free us from colonial 
domination. This is not to say that these 
folks won't be (or "shouldn't be") killed in 
the process of de-colonization. What is being 
said is that there is nothing inherent, or 
genetically significant, about settler 
populations (whites, Spaniards, Frenchman, 
Israelis, etc.) that could be done away with 
through simple slaughter. 

The American as the American must die. 
The human being raised to believe in, defend 
and perpetuate American imperialism, may 
live free exactly when they are no longer 
willing to defend Americanism. 

...continued on next page 

(& 18 IE (EM &M&®€WW §V® 

International Intifada 

...continued from last page 

All of us in America have been forced to 
understand ourselves on the colonizer's terms. We 
were offered only demeaning definitions of 

Both subtly and brutally, the messaging was 
Dlaced inside us that we are American. In a nation 
Duilt on stolen land, slave labor and genocide, we 
are a people with an untold and untenable history. 

The American is a great, and deadly, lie. We 
Duy fantasy images of ourselves as free people, 
and we simultaneously continue to create a way 
Df life where people are forced to sell themselves 
nto a life of endless misery and boredom, simply 
to survive. 

Those of us raised to think of ourselves as "white" 
lave been particularly bludgeoned since birth to 
Dassively accept and reinforce colonization. We 
lave been bought off with petty privileges, and a 
slightly less harsh (but never far away) whip. The 
missions of the colonizer have been so deeply 
mbedded inside us that we find ourselves struggling 
against an alien oppressive force inside our 
learts and minds whenever we try and have peer 
■elationships with non-white people. 

No, it is worse. The colonizer has invaded so 
thoroughly we have such difficulty distinguishing 
Durselves from him, that we can no longer truly 
lave peer relationships with anyone. 

In all-too-subtle ways we have come to embody 
the aggression, arrogance, thievery and 
jismissive-ness of the colonial project. The 
colonizer dominates even our most intimate 
spaces, so that notions of submission and 
domination viciously taint our attempts at love. Our 
attempts to be helpful all too often replicate the 
Did values of the Christian crusades. 

By shaping a white identity for certain human 
Deings of European descent, the colonizer has 
started a war within millions of human beingsThe 
'white" person's heart and mind are occupied 

The settler within us seeks to stay alive at all 
;ost. And, even if we are fighting him at every turn, 
Dur humanity shows itself only in the briefest 

The settler and the human cannot occupy the 
same space. One of them must die. 

This is what is meant by saying that thecolonizer 
must be executed. 


The most essential murder is the murder of the 
system of colonization, so that the system can no 
longer execute its murderous schemes. 

Settler-colonialism is a created system. It goes back 
at least one thousand years and pretty consistently 
looks something like the 17th century British system 
of the Ulster plantation in Northern Ireland. The British 
government gave away Irish land to British and 
Scottish settlers, and made them sign an agreement 
that they would build an armed fortress on "their" land, 
and that they would remain forever loyal to the 
English crown. 

The settlers 
were to take the 
best land, and 
then collect 
taxes from the 
natives for the 
'right' to remain 
on the settler's 
property. Laws 
were written by 
the British to 
ensure that, no 
matter howsimilar 
the settlers 
might be with the 
native, they 
could never know one another as peers. 

A ferocious sense of superiority is encouraged 
in the settler: their religion, language, culture, and 
physical features must all be established as 
undeniably superior to the natives. The native must 
either be brutally excluded from these activities, 
or brutally forced into accepting them as their own. 

If both settlers and natives must go to schools, 
the native schools must be inferior, and encourage 
stupidity and docility. If the natives are to be allowed 
jobs, it is only to 'break them' of their uncivilized 
ways, and only under the worst conditions, for the 
worst pay. If anything in the native culture is allowed 
to survive, it is only because it can turn a profit for, 
and sufficiently entertain the settler. If the native is 
to live amongst the settler, it is only because she is 
his servant -and still, in her own community, there 
will never be enough to truly live. 

And, of course, if the natives ever step out line, it 
is the settler's responsibility to shove them back 
down again. 

All of this is a creation. It exists to serve the 
interests of the imperial mother country, and it remains 
because of the guns, courts, jails, asylums, 

theologies and schools of the colonial government. 
The whole system is founded on slaughter of all 
kinds, at all levels, and to all living things. 

No one has anything like real autonomy or dignity. 
The native is forced to submit to the settler, the settler 
is a mere thug for the elite, and the elite have all sense 
of humanity leached from them in the interests of 
profiting the system. It is the system that lives, and 
we a//die for its survival. 


It is time for the international intifada. It is time to 
globalize the "shaking off" of colonization. 

2,000 years of 
suffering the 
mission of 
imperialism, we 
can unleash a 
full-on program 
of de- 

and de- 


u r 
goal will be 
both simple and 
profound and 
everyone is invited to participate. 

Our goal is nothing more than the total and 
uncompromising destruction of the colonial 

We will ally with each and every struggle 
against colonial rule. 

We will reject no tactic that legitimately seeks 
to do away with colonialism, and we will rigorously 
challenge every attempt by the colonized to 
placate, make peace with, or seek a moderate 
reform with the colonizer. 

We will unconditionally reject every viewpoint 
that argues that there can be any conditions put 
on self-determination for colonized peoples. 

We will systematically learn and teach history 
which radically undermines the system. Because 
the colonizer has robbed us all of our past, and 
dominates our present, simply demanding to know 
history will be a weapon against the system. We 
will build our own future by studying where our previous 
attempts to destroy colonialism have fallen short, 
and refusing to fall for the same murderous tricks. 
We will begin to de-civilize society. The civilizing 
motion of colonial society leads us ever deeper into 

the pit of stronger, more vicious, more centralized 
and more multi-faceted systems of colonial 

And all along, the mission of civilization has 
been a brutal extermination of indigenous, pagan 
and animist spiritual cultures, shrouded in the 
guise of "well-intended" efforts towards progress. 
This slaughter brought about by the monotheists is 
not a side issue. Colonialism would be nowhere 
without the forceful subjugation of simple, 
self-sufficient, earth-loving folk. 

So, instead of seeking to out-modernize the im- 
perial powers, and instead of iconisizing African 
kingdoms and such, we will struggle in defense of 
the indigenous and uncivilized anti-colonial warriors. 

We will actively and completely strive to become 
neither colonizers nor colonized peoples. We will 
consistently and constantly commit treason against 
colonial values and mentalities. We will shake off 
all of the conditioning that was forced on us by the 
colonial society, all the way down to the most subtle 
and hidden colonial attributes. 

We will fight to win. 

We will expose colonialism as an inhuman system 
of oppression, and we will wholly and unceasingly 
struggle for the recreation of our own humanity 
and the assassination of colonization. 

The rebellion against colonization has been 
never-ending and spanned the entire globe. 
Numerous colonial governments have beep ousted 
from native land, and so-called revolutionary 
governments have been set up in the new nation- 
state. But nowhere, at any time, has colonization been 

And, everywhere the colonizer has fought 
against us, he has been full of an overflowing 
arrogance that he will surely win. He has created 
entire industries, running full-time, that are focused 
on studying new and more effective ways of 
maintaining the system at all cost. 

We will fight, not with a defeatist sense that we 
are "doing the best we can," but with a dignified 
sense that we are doing everything possible, and 
we should surely win. 

That's it. 

That's our final offer. 

Everyone is invited to participate. 

...and no one who wants to remain passive is 

Harold and Maude 

An elderly anarchist woman shows a suicidal 
young man a way out of his tiresome daily 
existence. Very uplifting and amazing. 

The Neverending Story 

A roadmap out of the unimaginative and boring 
school/work/death existence. Disguised as a 
kids' movie, this one should be in schools and 
in homes with children, but anarchists can 

Desaparecidos-Read J\Ai\s\c, Speak Spanish 

Desaparecidos refers to the "disappeared" 
Argentinian Rebels from days past sets the 
tone for this amazing anti-civ album. Topics 
covered in good underground emo-rock include: 
the neuroses of domesticated relationships, ur- 
ban sprawl, gated communities, war and Ameri- 
can "freedom," capitalism, art and selling-out. 
Get a copy at: 

Paradigm Shattering Perspectives: 

Just a few selections from the worlds of 
movies and music to keep our minds more 
blown than simple escapist entertainment 
is capable of. 

benefit from every scene. Our hero is a young 
hunter-gatherer who can save Fantasia only 
by fighting against the nothing and encouraging 
everyone to embrace dreams and imagination. 
The effects are DIY and pretty cool. There's 
even a giant nihilist turtle. Hard to beat this 
one for pulling ourselves out of the swamps 
of sadness and back into action against the 
death march we call civilization. 



(This is only a Partial List of the 
Literature we carry: For A Complete 

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Anti-Mass: Methods Of Organization For Collectives $1 

Arguments against mass organization and in favor of more 

autonomous activism. 

Colonization Is Always War Zig Zag $ 1 

Modern resistance to the oppressive forces of colonialism. 

Control Unit Prisons Frank J. Atwood and some ABC groups $3 

Essays about torture, isolation, and slavery in modern prisons. 

Disgust Of Daily Life Kevin Tucker $2 

A creative piece furthering the critique of civilization and its 


Industrial Domestication: Industry As The Origins Of 
Modern Domination Leopold Roc $1 

Since the beginning of industrialism, it has only been able to 
thrive by breaking the spirits of the proletariat for the sake of 
productive efficiency. This essay shows why the struggle for 
workers' autonomy must be a struggle to destroy industrialism. 
Industrial Society & It's Future: The Unabomber's Mani- 
festo Unambomber $1.50 
A manifesto of against industrialism. 

Non- Violence & Its Violent Consequences William Meyers $2 
Pacifist absurdity debunked. 

On The Road Again: Direct Action Underground $1 
All you need to know about the nature of underground and 
clandestine resistance. 

Our Enemy, Civilization $1 

Essays against civilization, industrialism, and modernity. A 

must read. 

Revolutionary Solidarity Pierre Porlecu $1 

A phenomenal essay about the concept of revolutionary 

solidarity by an Italian insurrectionary anarchist. Back by 

popular demand! 

Some Notes On Insurrectionary Anarchism Killing King 

Abacus $1 

An introduction to insurrectionary anarchist thought. 


Black Clad Messenger. Current and back issues available (#1- 
30). $3 each. $35 for complete set of back issues. 
Now defunct journal of anti-industrial anarchism. 
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Against Civilization Edited by John Zerzan $15 

A substantial collection of essays and articles against 

civilization. With writings by Kirkpatrick Sale, Chellis 

Glendinning, Barbara Mor, Marshall Sahlins, and many 


Running On Emptiness John Zerzan $15 

John's new book is finally here. Essays include "Time & 

Its Discontents," "Whose Unabomber ?," "Abstract 

Expressionism," John's memoir "So, How Did You 

Become An Anarchist" and many other great essays. 

Ipaq^s (b 




May 9, Lebanon: Bomb Blasts Rattles US Fast-Food Franchises 

Tripoli: A bomb exploded outside two American-based fast- 
food restaurants, leaving extensive damage but injuring no one. 
The authorities claim that 3.3 pounds of TNT were used in the 
blast which occurred at 4 am outside the Kentucky Fried Chicken 
and Hardees restaurants on the southside of this Lebanese port 
city. In a phone call to a Tripoli newspaper, an anonymous group 
took responsibility for the action, saying that it was carried out 
"in protest of American cultural imperialism and against the 
US-led war in Afghanistan." 

May 1 3, Pennsylvania: US Foreign Policy Reaps Explosive Consequences 
Philadelphia: A suspicious package found inside a US Postal 
Service mail drop exploded as it was being diffused by a police 
bomb squad. The blast sprayed shrapnel for 100 feet, but no one 
was injured. A mail carrier discovered the package inside the 
mail box and became alarmed by a note on its exterior which 
said "Free Palestine". 

May 17-19, Spain: Over 100,000 Protest Globalization 

Madrid: Some 100,000 anti-globalization demonstrators 
marched through the city center, chanting against capitalism 
and war and dancing to the beating of drums. Organizers said 
nearly 200,000 protesters marched behind banners that read 
"Against the exploitation of Latin America" and "Against war 
and capitalism." It was the last and the biggest of three 
demonstrations that were held over the weekend in the Spanish 
capital to protest the European-Latin American summit, which 
gathered some 50 government leaders from the European 
Union, Central and South America and the Caribbean. Recent 
massive peaceful protests against imperialism/capitalism/ 
globalization have received little press coverage (if any at 
all) - which is further indication that only by destroying 
property and using militant methods can your voice be heard 
on a national or international level. 

May 21-23, Chile: Hundreds Detained After Mass Protests 
Valparaiso: Agents of Chile's militarized Carabineros police 
used tear gas, water cannons and nightsticks to disperse 
between 5,000 and 10,000 demonstrators who marched to the 
national legislature in the city as part of a day of broad protest 
against government policies. The march was called by the 
Confederation of Students of Chile and the Unitary Workers 
Federation (CUT); participants included unemployed people, 
indigenous Mapuches protesting for land rights, and activists 
fighting corporate globalization. The protests were timed to 
coincide with President Ricardo Lagos' annual "state of the 
union" address to Congress. Lagos, a member of Chile's Socialist 
Party, expressed satisfaction with the May 17 signing of a free trade 
accord with the European Union, announced a plan to ease poverty 
and unemployment, and urged the protesters to be peaceful and 
not to cover their faces. However, many protesters were hooded, 
including one group who trashed a McDonald's. The next day, 
some 50 Mapuche activists protested at the gates of the 
Congress; four of them chained themselves to the bars and 
submerged their hands in cans of cement to prevent them from 
being easily removed from the site. The protest was sparked 
by the government's recent naming of a commission to 
appraise lands claimed by the multinational corporation 
Endesa, paving the way for completion of the Ralco dam, which 
will flood Mapuche communities. 

May 28, Russia: Anti-America Activists Clash With Authorities 

Moscow: Police wielding batons clashed with dozens of 
protesters in the capital at a demonstration against the Kremlin's 
rapprochement with the West on the eve of a Russia-European 
Union summit. Officers dragged away protesters and wrestled 
others to the ground, hitting them with batons. The protest 
against Russia's warming ties with the West came as Russian 
President Vladimir Putin was in Italy taking his place as a 
junior partner in NATO, the military alliance created more than 
a half century ago to contain Moscow. The NATO-Russia 
Council formalized a new partnership between Russia and the 
West that has been quickly developing since Putin reached out 
to the USA after the Sept. 1 1 attacks. "We have to protest because 
authorities who live at our expense want to decide everything 
for us," said one protestor. The protesters represented a wide 
variety of organizations, including environmentalists, anarchists, 
and anti-globalization activists. Anti-American and anti-West 
views are widespread in Russia, but the country rarely sees the 
large-scale protests common in western Europe. Protest 
organizers attribute the small turnouts to a lack of tradition of 
free speech. 

May 29, Argentina: Duhalde Faced With Massive Protests Over 
Economic Policies 

Buenos Aires: The economic policies of President Eduardo 
Duhalde and his government came under fire again (as they do 

regularly) in a day of strikes within the public and schools 
sector, as protesters blocked more than a thousand roads. The 
nation's largest labor union, the Argentine Workers' Congress 
(CTA), called the strike. Several hundred people including 
jobless and protesting workers took control of major access 
roads to the Argentine capital, blocking bridges and key 
boulevards with barricades, severely disrupting traffic. Top 
officials spent the day in intense negotiations to encourage 
Senators to move forward in abolishing the economic subversion 
law, a key demand of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) 
to renew credit to the crisis-stricken nation. Argentina has been 
in recession for just short of four years, with unemployment at 
a record 25 percent and 50 percent of the population now living 

in poverty. Three groups of pickets in the working class town 
of La Matanza west of the capital interrupted traffic on the 
major Route Three, which joins the federal capital with southern 
Argentina. Highway blockades around La Plata, the 
provincial capital, virtually paralyzed traffic. Other strikers 
set up barricades in the "Once" commercial district, where 
numerous important roads meet, and also blocked off traffic 
to Buenos Aires city hall, situated some 100 meters from 
government headquarters. In the central provinces of Cordoba 
and Entre Rios and in Neuquen in the south, protesters attacked 
a bank, and government and local party offices. Some context: 
Last December, the people of Argentina rose up in fury against 
the economic disaster wrought on them by "their" government, 
hand in hand with big business. The world watched transfixed 
as pictures on TV of supermarkets and food shops being looted 
showed a "modernized" country at a breaking point. Since then, 
Argentina has been through an astonishing time. TV news has 
become a surreal portrait of a country turned upside down — 
On an almost daily basis banks and ATM machines are being 
attacked ( on January 15th alone, in three cities in Argentina's 
interior, hundreds of anti-government protesters stormed banks, 
ripping out computers and smashing window fronts, while also 
setting fire to ATM machines belonging to Citibank and 
BankBoston outlets: damage was in the millions), politicians 
are spit on when they appear in the streets and the electoral 
system of "choosing your masters" has collapsed due to 
widespread non-participation ( In the recent general elections, 
more than 40% of the (compulsory) votes were blank or cast 
to a cartoon character, Clemente the cat politician, who has no 
hands so that he cannot steal!). From the first night of the 
uprising last December, the Argentinean people have shown 
utter contempt for politicians, summed up in the popular 
slogan "Que se vayan todos"- They ALL Have To Go\ Others 
around the world have taken up the slogan "Todos Somos 
Argentina" — because people know that what is happening now 
in Argentina will be happening in a country near you soon if 
the IMF and their ruling class business partners continue 
destroying the planet in their never ending search for profit. 

June 14, Canada: Liberal Politician & Cops Are Humiliated By 
Raging Demonstrators 

Vancouver: Gordon Campbell - the Canadian Premeir - was 
set to speak at the opening of "Carr, O'Keefe, Kahlo: Places 
of Their Own" at the Vancouver Art Gallery, but didn't dare 
show his face. A crowd of about 400 people gathered there to 
demonstrate against Campbell's Liberal government, to 
disrupt his speech, and to bring attention to the rise of 
corporate fascism in BO His choice of venue, an opening of 
feminist and revolutionary women artists, was an obvious 
insult to everyone living under his policies. Campbell has 
recently cut all funding to women's centers; another attack in 
a long line of cuts to social programs in BO Police had erected 
a fence on the south side of the art gallery, where Campbell 
was to make his public speech outside. As guests arrived they 
had to walk through two rows of armed police guards lining 
the pathway to the door. As more guests arrived police showed 
a more aggressive presence and shoved, grabbed, and threatened 
to arrest people standing around in the entranceway. Many 
protesters decided to enter the showing and disrupt Campbell 
from inside. The Anti-Poverty Committee made a few speeches 
while the crowd continued screaming and chanting anti- 
Liberal and anti-capitalist sentiments. "Campbell's Cuts Are 
Class War" and "Off With His Head" were popular. People 
banged fists on the fence and then started to shake it. Some 
tried to dismantle it. The crowd grew more agitated and the 
police got more aggressive. The crowd started to spit on the 

police and jeer at them, eventually forcing them to leave the 
area drenched and humiliated. The person the police attempted 
to arrest got away. Pepper sprayed people then returned to the 
fence to demonstrate their defiance and contempt of the police 
and the police state. A statement released by the Insurrectionary 
Anarchists of the Coast Salish Territories read: In our analysis, 
the militants who attacked the fence in open rebellion, and 
regardless of official activists plans and speeches, were the 
ones who contributed the most to the disruption of the event, 
the canceling of Campbell's speech, and to strengthening the 
social movement of the exploited in BC as a whole. The fence 
was a physical barrier between classes, rich and poor, that 
needed to be torn down. The rich cannot be allowed to mingle 
and sip wine while the poor are starved and beaten. The fence 
was attacked by a diverse group of people, including, men and 
women young and old, parents, Euro-Canadians, native people 

- all people who are deeply, and adversely, affected by the cuts 
Campbell's government is making, here and now, and also by 
the policies of capitalist globalization. We are tired of this false 
democracy. When the police try to move us back by telling we 
are endangering Campbell, or that we' re only going to get 
hurt (by the police attacking us) we know that what the Liberals 
are doing here, and what capitalists are doing around the world, 
hurts more. Pepper spray is agony for half an hour, state 
terrorism and murder last forever. Against capital and the state 

- Insurrectionary Anarchists of the Coast Salish Territories 
(Vancouver and Victoria). 

June 15, Peru: Privatization Smashed By Insurrection 

Lima: Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo declared a state 
of emergency for the southern province of Arequipa, authorizing 
the country's military to use force to maintain civil order 
following three days of anti-government rioting. Toledo 
decided to issue the decree, which suspends constitutional 
guarantees for 30 days throughout the department, after a 
lengthy meeting with his cabinet. Vice President Diez Canseco 
said the rioting, which has resulted in nearly 100 wounded, 
threatens to "destabilize the democratic order." Area residents 
are angry over the government's auction of two state-owned 
utility companies, arguing instead for regional ownership. The 
capital of Arequipa, which carries the same name, is Peru's 
second most important city. Diez Canseco said protest 
organizers - including Arequipa Mayor Juan Manuel Guillen, 
a former top Toledo supporter - had lost control of their followers, 
and groups which he declined to identify were causing serious 
damage to private property. The protesters pulled up paving 
stones to block streets leading to the city center and burned 
tires around the Plaza de Armas. Others blocked an airport 
runway until removed by riot police. Several government 
buildings, companies linked to multinational capital and the 
airport were practically destroyed when the population broke 
into the streets in protest against the privatization of state 
companies and against the whole neoliberal model: At the 
airport landing lights were smashed and equipment was stolen. 
The protests stem from the planned sale on June 14 of Egasa 
and Egesur, two public utilities based in Arequipa which is 
just south of Lima. The Belgian firm Tractebel, the only firm 
bidding in the sale, offered 167 million dollars for the two 
utilities. The rioting continued on up until the 20th, when the 
Tractebel company announced that they would not be buying 
the public utilities. 

June 19-21, Spain: General Strike Halts Country, European 
Union Met With Opposition 

Spain was paralyzed by a three-day general strike beginning 
on June 19. Pickets clashed with police, many shops closed 
and hundreds of flights were canceled as workers staged Spain's 



first general strike in eight years. The country's main union 
federations reported that more than 80% of the work force 
walked out. Hundreds of thousands of workers demonstrated 
across the country. More than 100,000 people marched in 
Seville - where a European Union summit meeting was due to 
take place on June 21 - while 50,000 protested in Granada and 
30,000 in Malaga. Both the general strike and the anti- 
globalization protests had significant participation from anarchists. 

...continued on next page 

Burn money.. .and it becomes ash. ..burn clocks and 
time disappears... burn civilization and life emerges... 

Anti-capitalist etc. News 

continued from last page... 

The general strike and the anti-EU protests were 
mostly peaceful, though the Basque national 
liberation army ETA set off three car bombs 
outside two Mediterranean resorts on June 
21st: one of the bombs detonated in the center 
of Marbella, a playground for the rich and 
famous, burning nearby cars but causing no 
injuries. The following day - amid extremely 
tight security - the ETA jolted Spain as two 
more explosions targeted government offices 
throughout the country, significantly contributing 
to the chaos that swept the nation. Spanish 
kops said that they received advance warnings 
that ETA planned to attack tourist targets 
during the EU summit in Seville, which was 
surrounded by police roadblocks and army and 
air force units on high alert. The struggle of 
the Basque people has intensified in recent 
months as the Spanish government has put a 
ban on Basque political groups that support 
clandestine resistance. 

June 26, Argentina: Two Shot Dead in Anti- 
Government Riots 

Buenos Aires: Two Argentines were shot 
dead as hundreds of anti-government 
demonstrators fought pitched battles with 
police in the largest riots since an elected 
government was toppled in December. 
Argentina's President Eduardo Duhalde, at 
the bottom in the polls and fighting for his 
political future, had vowed a get-tough approach 
on protests as he struggled to convince a 
skeptical International Monetary Fund to 
grant an aid pact vital to stem a spiraling 
social crisis and four-year recession. The riots 
came just as Economy Minister Roberto 
Lavagna journeyed to the United States to 
meet senior IMF officials in a bid to get 
negotiations on the pact rolling. Riot police 
fired rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse 
unemployed protesters, some wearing ski 
masks and holding sling-shots, who tried to 
block highways into the city. The violence 
erupted just before midday as police confronted 
the demonstrators near the Pueyrredon 
bridge, a key highway artery connecting the 
capital's north and south districts. Masked 
demonstrators responded to the volleys of 
police tear gas and rubber bullets with a hail 
of rocks. The protesters also used homemade 
clubs to shatter shop windows and smash cars; 
one bus was also set on fire. The riots were 
the latest chapter of violence and protests this 
year against Latin American governments 
as they grapple with mounting economic 
problems in a region affected by 
capitalism's' virtual collapse in Argentina 
and financial jitters in Brazil. Peru has 
also been hit by major riots this summer 
against privatization plans, Venezuela 
was rocked by a failed coup and 
neighboring Uruguayans have gone on 
strike against IMF austerity policies. In 
these recent Argentina riots, tear gas 
mingled with smoke from burning tires 
laid on the road by demonstrators, providing 
cover to hundreds of protesters scattered 
through the streets, falling over each other 
as they ran through a gritty industrial 
suburb after the clashes. Some 
demonstrators threw Molotov cocktails; 
others shattered car windows. Television 
showed one protester beating a policeman 
over the head outside a hospital where 
injured had been taken. Some Context: 
Argentina's popular social rebellion began 
in earnest on December 19 of last year 
when years of recession, unemployment 
and austerity brought the "social explosion" 
that critics of neoliberal policies had 
long predicted. Organized looting of 
supermarkets and other stores intensified 
in the Buenos Aires suburbs the following 
morning ( in Mendoza a group of 40 
women and men overpowered guards at a 
Atomo Avellaneda chain store and carried 
away cartloads of rice, flour, pasta and mate). 
Twenty-seven people died in December amid 
these food riots and looting festivals that 

forced the resignation of President Fernando 

de la Rua, ushering in the political upheaval 
that finally saw Duhalde named as interim 
leader after four other presidents were dethroned 
in just two weeks! 

July 3, Guyana: Police Kill Two Demonstrators 
In Anti-Government Demonstrations 

Georgetown: Guyanese police agents fired 
into a group of anti-government demonstrators 
in the presidential compound, killing two 
people and wounding six. The violence came 
while thousands of people marched in a protest 
called by leftist groups to coincide with the 

bombing - but representatives of the current 
Afghan puppet government have suggested 
that this may have been celebratory gunfire at 
a wedding ceremony. In Kabul, the demonstrators 
- half of them wimmin -gathered outside the 
United Nations office to voice their anger. "The 
Afghans, who have had enough of war and 
bloodshed in the past 23 years, will react 
seriously if this is repeated," said one demonstrator. 
"We consider the Americans our liberators, but 
after this, they may soon become occupiers," 
said a Kabul grocer who took part in the protests. 

start of the annual three-day summit of Caribbean 
Community (CARICOM) leaders. Police 
officials said the agents shot at a small group 
of protesters who broke away from the march 
and forced open a metal gate to enter the 
yard of the presidential compound. Other 
demonstrators reacted to the police shooting by 
overturning and torching at least three cars 
and setting two commercial buildings ablaze. 

July 4, Afghanistan: Anti-US Protest In Kabul 
Kabul: Up to 200 Afghans demonstrated 
against a US bombing raid that is believed to 
have killed more than 40 civilians. It's the first 
time people in Afghanistan have protested 
against the Amerikan military presence in their 
homeland since the fall of the Taliban last year. 

The demonstration came as US and Afghan 
military overseers claim to be investigating the 
bombing that occurred in Uruzgan Province. 
US forces in Afghanistan say their planes had 
come under anti-aircraft attack before the 

July 30-August 2, Uruguay: Looting Hits 

Montevideo: Chanting, "There is hunger," 
hundreds of Uruguayans looted or attempted 
to loot nearly 30 supermarkets on August 1, 
mostly in poorer neighborhoods on the 
outskirts of the capital. Crowds that included 
youths with their faces covered and women 
with children succeeded in looting at least 13 
supermarkets. Police agents used tear gas and 
rubber bullets to keep the crowds out of the 
other supermarkets. Some 300 people 
participated in an attack on a supermarket at 
Ricardo Mackinnon and Isidro de Ayala, while 
about 200 all but destroyed a supermarket at 
Veracierto and Spencer. In some cases, looters 
and neighborhood residents threw stones at 
Police agents and at reporters covering the 
incidents. A heavy police presence prevented 
most attempts at looting on August 2. 
Interior Minister Guillermo Stirling insisted 
that the looting, unprecedented in Uruguay, 
was organized and coordinated by groups 
from the "extreme left" and anarchists. The 
August 1 looting came the same day as a 
general strike called by Uruguay's only 
labor federation, the Inter-Union Workers 
Plenary-National Workers Convention 
(PIT-CNT), to protest government economic 
policies. Only health and education workers 
and some bank employees failed to observe 
the morning strike. Uruguay is now in its 
fourth year of recession, in large part because 
of the ongoing recession in neighboring 
Argentina. Both Argentines and Uruguayans 
note that in Argentina a wave of supermarket 
lootings followed the government's decision 
to freeze bank accounts there last November. 
Ironically, experts from the U.S. and the 
International Monetary Fund (IMF) insisted 
last December that their policies had 
"contained" the economic crisis in Argentina 
and had kept "contagion" from spreading to 
neighboring countries. 

July 3 1 , Greece: November 1 7th Movement 
Releases Statement 

Athens: Crippled but defiant after a police 
onslaught, Greece's most-wanted and slippery 
urban guerrilla group mocked reports of its 
demise and warned it could open a new front: 
grabbing hostages to exchange for captured 
suspects. "We are still alive," said a declaration 

attributed to the November 17 cell that has 
waged a 27-year anti-American/anti- 
imperialist campaign against capitalism, 
NATO and the Greek state. The blunt 
proclamation, published in the newspaper 
Eleftherotypia, reopened questions about the 
size and resilience of the group after an 
unprecedented police counter-strike. 

August 2, Greece: Arms Heist Baffles Army 
And Police 

Dozens of pistols, machine guns and rifles 
from an army camp on the island of Kos were 
stolen recently in another suspected N17 
action. Intruders entered the armory by 
tunneling through the wall of an adjacent 
building where tents and uniforms were stored, 
having broken the lock of that building, which, 
unlike the armory, was not fitted with a burglar 
alarm. The thieves cut the perimeter fence of 
the camp in the northern half of the 
Dodecanesian island, at a point where there 
were no sentries. Three light machine guns, 
three standard army rifles and 17 .45 caliber 
handguns - all weapons traditionally favored 
by the coldly efficient N17 movement - were 
taken, and in a call made to State -run NET 
television from a mobile phone, an anonymous 
male caller claimed that N17 had organized 
the heist. Greek authorities are loathe to admit 
that the beleaguered N17 group would have 
dared carry out such a heist at this point, 
particularly on an island which would be 
difficult to leave undetected and as police 
continue a major sweep against the group amid 
fears of retaliatory action from members still 
at large (Greek police have seized large 
weapons consignments allegedly belonging to 
N17 and have uncovered attack plans, 
including a strike against a convoy of NATO 
"peacekeepers" traveling through northern 
Greece en route to Balkan missions. The 
assault was never carried out but it suggested 
that the group had the resources and depth to 
contemplate major operations and conduct 
detailed reconnaissance. The group reportedly 
used an array of code-words to refer to targets, 
such as "uglies" for police and "no misters" 
for american soldiers). 

August 4, Greece: Explosives Found Near 
Historic Olympic Stadium, November 17th 
Movement Suspected 

Athens: Greek police found a cache of 
explosives buried near the site of the first 
modern Olympics. The 19th century stadium 
is scheduled to be used for the 2004 Olympic 
Games in Athens. Media reports coming out 
of Athens say that based on evidence recovered 
in recent raids, police now believe that 
November 17 had compiled a list of potential 
future targets, including NATO 
"peacekeepers" and the U.S. consulate in 
Thessaloniki: This has led them to speculate 
that the explosives found at the Olympic 
stadium may have been planted by N17 in 
preparation for a future action, though they 
haven't ruled out the possible involvement of 
other urban guerrilla units active in Greece, 
like the Revolutionary Cells and the ELA. 

August 22, Oregon: Bush Gets Greeted 
"Beiruit"-Style During A Fund-Raising Visit 
To Portland 

The following news item was compiled from 
uncensored video footage taken by anarchists 
who were in Portland for the Bush protests, 
and also from direct interviews: The Pacific 
Northwest once again sent a clear message to 
our would-be masters that the peasantry are 
polishing their guillotines and mobilizing for 
the Final Confrontation, as thousands took to 
the streets of Portland calling for the 
resignation — and in some cases, the death — 
of George W. Bush, who was in town trying 
to raise funds for the re-election campaign of 
Timber Industry lapdog Gordon Smith. The 
corporate media is attempting to downplay the 
size of this demonstration ( and hatred of Bush 
in general) by claiming that only 500 people 
were in attendance, but eyewitness reports put 
the numbers closer to 1,500-2,500 and the 
video footage we've seen confirms this. At one 
point in the afternoon, on the corner of 5th 

lp&(§a ® 

Ganden of Peculiarities, Part 5: Colonization 

by Jesus Sepulveda 

A few things are certain, or at least, nearly 
irrefutable. One of these is that life flowers 
around trees. Another, that trees cannot live 
without water. On the contrary, they dry up. 
Clearcutting and the damming of rivers do not 
only imply the human and corporate human 

dominion over nature, but also the destruction 
of every fountain from which life emanates. 
The defense of the planet, by every possible 
means, is not only a question of self-defense, 
but also of survival. 

The instinct of self-preservation of the human 
species has brought about dominion over nature. 
But this very dominion threatens our self- 
preservation. It is a vicious circle that sooner or 
later will break down. And any breakdown will 
be a total breakdown, a rupture both mental and 
material because it necessarily involves our 
ways of perceiving and interacting with nature. 
The dominion over the environment and 
creatures that inhabit it does not bring about 
preservation but colonization. Its effect is 
concrete: the conquest of the planet, of animals, 
of plants, of insects and, of course, humans. 
Real people, those who still have not been 
alienated from their own natures— by luck or 
resistance— still feel a strong connection with 
the earth and maintain a strong connection with 
their ancestors. Native peoples have a sense of 
wellbeing not seen in civilized cultures. 
Primitive populations still preserve an atavistic 
wisdom. In their eyes, the understanding that 
we are nothing but nature is an act of simple 

This radical revelation deconstructs all 

taxonomies— and epistomologicalclassifications- 
-that tend to justify the objectification of 
people in reifying categories: kingdoms, 
classes, races or orders of any type. Human 
beings are nothing but nature. Every creature 
is singular and unrepeatable. Colonizing 
cloning and the notion of a monolithic identity - 
-as a subjective identity 
identical to every 
other identity, and 
thereby petrified-negates 
the peculiarity of 
every being. Civilization- 
-and by extension its 
sublime expression, 
the city—embodies 
1 this negation. Its 
tendency is toward 
expansion, and it 
^carries along with it 
• colonialism and the 
holy war. Christian, 
Muslim, Inca, Aztec, 
Japanese, Ottoman, 
Greco-Latin and 
hinese civiliations, 
mong others, have 
hown their proclivity 
oward invasion and 
onquest. Civilization, 
een as second nature, 
as legimitated the 
destruction ot anything other than its own 
civilized order. The negation of the truly 
natural is the base of the civilized order, 
which expands like a conqueror and 
manifests its bloodthirsty ways in the 
extermination of indigenous communities 
and aboriginal cultures. 

For civilization, every act of destruction of 
its icons is an iconoclastic or terroristic act. 
When civilization destroys a way of life or 
culture different from its civilized order, this 
becomes civilizing action. This is the logic of 
colonialization. The extermination of 
colonized communities is not just brought 
about by the cracking of the whip or the shot 
of the cannon, but also by the clearcutting of 
forests and the construction of dams. 

Note: This is part five, out of forty-seven 
sections, from the book "The Garden Of 
Peculiarities" , recently published in one of 
the planets most explosive hot-spots, Buenos 
Aires, Argentina. The bookis being translated 
by Daniel Montero and is edited by Janine 
and Jesus Sepulveda. We're reprinting these 
segments in no particular order and will 
probably continue to serialize it in future 
issues of "Green Anarchy" in a non-regimented, 
organic fashion . 

A Call To Action!! 

For A Convergence Of Total Liberation Against Colonialism; Against The 
Celebration Of Genocide; Against Columbus Day in Denver, Colorado 2002 

COMRADES, the world is inflames! 

And there is an entity — with many names, 
responsible. Some call it a machine with no 
engines. Some call it a demon — infecting 
the weak. Some call it leviathan — devouring 
worlds. Some call it a god — at war with the 
goddess. It's names are endless, but there is 
one thing for sure. It will stop at nothing in 
the annihilation of all things of truth. 
The current manifestation of global 
capitalism is just one of 
it's many faces. A new 
battle — in an old war. 
But it grows weak, and 
as any empire expands, 
it reaches it's limit — the 
industrious rebels find its 
cracks, and exploit them 
for all they are worth. 
— One thing is certain — 
the empire is on the brink of 
Where We Go From Here 
Lies Within Our Hands 
Through Seattle, to Prague, to 
Quebec, to Genoa — We have resisted this 
menace. And now for one last stretch of 
glory — to go down in a blaze, the emperor 
declares war on "terrorism" — a war on all of 
us; and begins the death of all kind. 
Comrades, time is running out, and the 
powers that be know it. Now is the time to 
become subjects and not merely objects of 
Christopher Columbus has again come 
back to haunt us; as the emperor speaks in 

twisted logic of the war of "western 

civilization with the savages". The cowboys 

indeed plan to ride again. And their targets 

of conquest are endless. It all looks so bleak. 

History again, repeating itself, a new name 

for the old war. Genocide and Ecocide, a 

hatred of wimmin, the enslavement of 

people with darker skin, the exploitation of 

class, power-over, indeed the "wrath 
of god" and his civilization. 
We Plead With You Comrades, now is the 
time — not to beg but demand and create a 
new world! 
Please make plans to join us in Denver, 
Colorado for a convergence unlike any "anti- 
capitalist" convergence before. The birth place 

of this celebration of genocide and the 
systematic annihilation of all things wild will 
now host its death. 
and we've been on our 
knees for far too long. 
We demand more! 
We will initiate a week- 
long convergence that will 
attack and confront 
colonialism and our 
internalized supremacy and 
patriarchy. We hope for this 
convergence to initiate a new 
direction within the anarchist 
movement, to create a movement 
anarchy! We will stand as participants and 
allies with comrades in struggle against not 

only Columbus Day, but the very System 

that perpetuates colonialism and domination. 

We will humble ourselves if asked by our 

allies, and we will strike with fury and 

passion when needed. We will make our 

lives truly reflect our visions for a society 

without domination! 





— The Beltane Collective 

To endorse this action or to participate, 

Back Issues of Green 
Anarchy Available! 

Back issues of Green Anarchy are 
still available for $3.00 each, or 
$20.00 for the complete set. We are 
rapidly running out of copies of 
issues # 1, 2, and 3, so if you'd like 
to have a complete set for your 
archives, we suggest you order 
soon. Green Anarchy is also looking 
for submissions from other like- 

minded anarchists around the 
world, as we would like to see this 
publication utilized as a movement- 
building tool. Send action reports, 
articles, graphics, drawings, poems, 
fiction, essays, rants and ideas for 

The submission deadline for our 
next issue is November 17th. 
Thanks! — Green Anarchy PO Box 
11331, Eugene, OR 97440 

were threatened with lead pipes if the dumpster hit the street 

Wouldn't you know it, when the kkkops came with a snatch 
squad, they came, again unhindered, to the spot where 
minutes before activists wanted to place dumpsters. 

The lives of millions upon millions of people are run by a 
tiny handful of ruling elites who possess most of the wealth 
almost all the land, and all of the power. We are expected to be 
grateful to them for the privilege of having them rule our lives 
We are expected to be grateful to them for the privilege of 
paying for the roof over our heads. We are expected to be 
grateful to them for the privilege of being their slaves in their 
factories and offices, and for the privilege of accepting the 
miserable wages that they pay. They grow richer at our 
expense, but we are expected to be grateful for the privilege of 
paying them huge taxes so that they can finance their 
oppression of us, the people. Finally, we are expected to be 
grateful for the privilege offightingfor them in their wars and 
killing other people like ourselves, or to be killed by other 
people like ourselves. We are expected to love, honor and obey 
these international wife-beaters 'till death, quite probably 
premature and certainly ours, do us part. 

Written by: 


Dead Pennies fvom Heaven. 
Deceased .^Materialist 

...conclusion of anti-capitalist news 

and Taylor, 3 pigmobiles tried to disperse a crowd but were 
auickly surrounded by 4-500 people who spat on their cars 
and attacked them with placards and other random objects like 
water bottles. The pigs responded in typical pig fashion by 
unleashing their usual arsenal of rubber bullets, bean bag 
bullets, teargas and pepper spray. Another melee erupted after 
the Portland pigs ordered about 500 protesters to move from a 
barricaded area. Protesters then pushed down a barricade along 
with the kop standing behind it, breaking her wrist. The Portland 
police are admitting that at least two patrol cars were damaged 
by protesters, and anarchists on the scene report that numerous 
un-arrests were performed throughout the day. Evidently, there 
wasn't too much damage done to corporate property, but a 
significant amount of tagging took place around the city ( "Kill 
Bush", "Kill Republicans") and many protesters came fully 
prepared for battle with padded armor and homemade shields. 
Bush doesn't seem to be a very popular guy anywhere these 
days: On May 21 in Germany, over 10,000 anti-Bush protesters 
took to the streets to express their disgust with the war in 
Afghanistan and on May 27, several thousand people marched 
through central Paris to protest Bush's two-day visit to France. 
Reprinted below is a flyer that was distributed in Portland 
during Bush's visit that captures pretty accurately the mood of 
the day: 

Against The Peace Movement 
(only class war will bring us peace) 
Communique No. 1. : 

Of course the end of war, oppression and imperialist con- 
quest is a goal of all truly liberatory popular movements. Peace 
is something we need to fight for! Having said that, we must 
point out the obvious fact that WE ARE AT WAR, or more spe- 
cifically, that the empire is at war with us and has been as long 
as it has existed. Our hopes for liberation are hinged upon our 
ability to effectively fight back in such a way that results in the 
working class winning the class war and destroying the appa- 
ratus of colonization. 

We must not beg or petition: 100,000 marched in D.C.; 
bombs fell on Afghanistan the next day! Government uses the 
force of arms to prop up its existence against the will of the 
oppressed. Government will continue to exist so long as we 
let it. Perhaps if they had left D.C. with the White House in 
flames, the ruling class would be having second thoughts about 
the "war on terrorism" . There is no authority other than yourself! 

While in Seattle on April 20th, a few things were noticed 
that we feel should be addressed on how the complacent Utne 
Reader activists are keeping us from making any real change. 
As in letting the kkkops unhindered cut through our ranks in a 
power trip play to protect windows. If we were in Palestine 
would we let the enemy do this? To do so would mean death. 
Another instance of complacency getting in the way of real 
change came during Reclaim The Streets. We marched until 
we got to a tripod that had been erected. The scouts told us 
where the kkkops were massing and that if they were to attack 
they would do so from this one side. As an affinity group, who 
for all we know had been planning for weeks, tried to move 
dumpsters into the streets to hinder the kkkop advance, they 


(BUilUE^ ^M$€OT §11 (D 


.May 9/ Columbia: Victory On Campaign .Against Oil Company 
Auraca: A spokesperson for Occidental Petroleum 
announced that their evil company would halt all exploration 
in the Sirri region of Colombia's Arauca department. The 
region is home to the U'wa indigenous people and an 
internationally organized campaign had joined with the tribe 
to protest the oil company's plans. It is also believed that the 
growing strength of rebel groups in the region influenced 
Occidental's decision to halt the project that would have 
destroyed the local environment and devastated the tribe. 
According to Ebaristo Tegria, a spokesman for the U'wa 
people, "We have been waiting for this news for a long time. 
It is the result of the hard work that the U'wa and our friends 
all over the world have put into the campaign." A major 
campaign had been formed to work with the tribe and this 
network had organized many protests against Occidental in 
Europe, the US and, in r. 
particular, Los Angeles I 

- home to the company, i 
Army repression against 
those involved in the 

campaign in Colombia was severe and the struggle was not 
without its distressing moments. According to Patrick 
Reinsborough of the San Francisco-based U'wa Defence 
Group, "The resistance of the U'wa against the project suffered 
various types of violent repression over the years, including 
the dreadful time in 2000 when the army 
attacked a protest leaving three indigenous 
children dead". Despite the victory the danger 
to the U'wa has not entirely disappeared as 
another multinational oil corporation has 
recently expressed an interest in prospecting 
for oil in the Capachos region - another part of 
the U'wa reserve. 

June 8, Pakistan: PeasantWomen 
Lead Land Struggle 

Punjab: In the latest attack on a growing 
struggle by peasants for land rights, police raided 
seven villages in the Khanewal district. Eight 
people were arrested. Many more would have 
been detained had it not been for the militant 
defense offered by hundreds of peasant women, 
who held a senior police officer captive for 
hours. The authorities' attacks increased after a 
June 2 gathering of 6000 peasants defied a 
government crackdown that has resulted in three 
deaths and hundreds of arrests. A similar 
gathering in November attracted 10,000 participants with an 
impressive representation of more than 1000 women. Women 
are playing a leading role in the struggle, aggressively repelling 
police with wooden sticks traditionally used by women to clean 
clothes at river or canal banks. At issue is the government's 
move to replace peasants' tenancy rights with an inferior 
"modern" contract. These contracts pay little regard to the 
peasants' families' long cultivation of the land, which began 
under British rule when the land involved was part of "military 
farms". Around 500,000 peasants are being organized by the 
Punjab Tenants Association. They are demanding ownership 
of 27,500 hectares. Some of the members of this organization 
seek political power, while others simply want land to live on. 

June 25-27/ Columbia: CTndigenous Block 

Roads, FARC TK^eaten Politicians 

Cauca: Early on June 25 some 3,000 Paez indigenous people 

- residents of the Caldono Municipality in the southwestern 
Colombian province of Cauca - set up a blockade on the 
PanAmerican highway in the area of the La Maria indigenous 
reservation in Piendamu, shutting down transit between the 
cities of Popayan and Cali. The protesters are demanding the 
resignation of Caldono mayor Gerardo Ivan Sandoval, accusing 
him of corruption and of instigating conflicts among indigenous 
communities. They also want Caldono designated as an 
autonomous reservation, since 80 percent of its 32,500 residents 
are indigenous (Sandoval says the municipality is 60 percent 
indigenous). The conflict first heated up on May 23 when 
residents of the six Paez communities of Caldono seized the 
mayoral offices to demand Sandoval's resignation. As of June 
25 they were still occupying the offices. The highway blockade 
was suspended 14 hours after it began; an agreement was 
reached under which the indigenous community set a deadline 
of three days for the issue to be resolved by the Constitutional 
Court. On June 27 the Jacobo Arenas Front of the Revolutionary 
Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) issued a communique 
demanding the resignation of eleven mayors in Cauca Province, 
including Sandoval, as well as the provincial assembly deputies. 
The FARC's Camilo Arturo Medina Front had previously 
ordered the resignation of five other Cauca municipalities. 
Similar FARC threats were repeated around the country. In a 
communique read by commander "Byron" of the FARC's 
Eastern Bloc and reported in the press on June 26, the FARC 
ordered all mayors and local officials around the country to 
step down or risk kidnapping or execution. At least 73 mayors 
had resigned as of June 28. President Andreas Pastrana 

responded on June 27 by promising better security for 
threatened officials and offering a reward for the capture of 
FARC leaders. 

July 3, Columbia:Thousands Of CTndigenous People J\Aarc\\ 
AgainstTeiTonsm Vromthe "Right &Tlte Left 

Cali: Some 5,000 indigenous Colombians marched from their 
reservations in Valle del Cauca Province to the provincial 
capital, Cali, to protest continuing murders of their community 
members by rightwing paramilitaries and leftist rebels. "We 
demand respect for our indigenous territories," shouted the 
demonstrators. Indigenous leader Luis Angel Perdomo told the 
press that the armed groups constantly violate the human rights 
of indigenous people "in a war that isn't ours." "The guerrillas 
and the paramilitary groups have intruded in our territory and 
have killed our companions, that's why we want to reject that 

■ situation with this 
| march," explained 
I indigenous leader 

I Anibal Bustos. At 

least seven indigenous people and five campesinos were 
murdered a month ago by right-wing paramilitaries in four 
municipalities of southern and western Colombia, according 
to the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC). 

July 25- August 3, Pent: Rice Producers Win Demands 

San Martin Province: On July 25, Peruvian campesino rice 
producers went on strike in the Huallaga valley area to press 
13 demands toward resolving a farm crisis caused by 

overproduction of aaaaa#aaa#aaavssaasaaaasaaasaaasaaaaaaasas# creating 

a number 

with the campesinos. The same day a group of 200 people 
seized the local airport in Tarapoto. Police responded by 
dropping tear gas on the crowd from helicopters, a tactic they 
used repeatedly against protesters throughout the day. The 
gases hit near several maternity hospitals, affecting newborn 
patients and their mothers. A plainclothes police officer who 
had infiltrated the protests was discovered and beaten by the 
campesinos. Some 3,000 campesinos then seized the airport 
in the city of Juanju. Provincial mayors and other officials 
from San marten Province signed a letter expressing solidarity 
with the rice growers and threatening to start a hunger strike 
on August 3 if the protest demands were not met. More clashes 
between protesters and police took place in Tarapoto on 
August 1, with police continuing to drop tear gas from 
helicopters. Campesino leaders insisted that all 92 arrested 
protesters be released before negotiations could with the 
government could begin. After the two sides agreed to form a 
commission to seek the detainees' release, the talks began. 
The government agreed to have PRONAA buy 5,000 tons of 
rice in August and September, in addition to the 6,500 tons 
that the agency had previously pledged to buy, and promised 
to help the campesinos export an additional 15,000 tons of 
rice to Venezuela and 30,000 tons to the Dominican Republic. 

July-August 2002: M^cKetes Undeccwt 
Plans T-ot" /Mexico's international A'Vpoet 

The grassroots movement to block the new 
international airport in the Valley of Mexico has 
been building a head of steam since it began 
last Oct. 22, when Mexican President Vincente 
Fox declared the expropriation of 15,000 acres 
for the $2.5 billion project. Infuriated by the 
threat of the government stealing their ancestral 
land, a few hundred Nahua Indian farmers 
picked up their machetes and called for the 
formation of a peoples front to defend the land, 
instigating a struggle that eventually achieved 
the astonishing and unexpected result of the 
Mexican State canceling their airport plans this 
August. Leading the dissidence was the People's 
Front for the Defense of the Land, based in the 
community of San Salvador Anteco, which is 
located on the mostly dried-up lake beds east of 
the nation's capital. The residents of Atenco 
stood to lose 80% of their corn-growing and salt- 
harvesting properties if the airport expansion 
went through and began their resistance by 
(simply enough) digging huge trenches in the 
new runways. In the months to follow, the campesinos of 
Atenco, who insist that their machetes are work tools and not 
weapons, have become the shock troops of protest marches 
from Mexico City to Monterey, earning the distinction of 



rice and lack of # 

available markets. 

The campesinos* 

were demanding* 

that the National a 

Program of Food* •••••••••••••••••••« 

Assistance (PRONAA) and other government agencies buy 

some 20,000 tons of excess rice; protesting a 10 percent tax 

on production that the government requires them to pay in 

advance; and demanding relief for campesinos who have 

agricultural debts with private banks. The campesinos began 

by blocking roads in the province of Bellavista on July 25; 

police responded by arresting a protest leader. Thousands of 

campesinos then 

burned down the 


prosecutor's office 

and freed the prisoner. 

On July 27, the 

campesinos began 

arriving in the 

regional hub city of 

Tarapoto in order to 

step up their protests. 

The campesinos tried 

to shut down the 

airport and burn down 

the prosecutor's 

office, and then 

clashed with police; 15 

campesinos were 

arrested. By July 29, 

some 3,000 campesinos from the provinces of Altomayo, 

Rioja, Moyobamba and Bellavista had taken over the city, 

blocking all its access roads and bridges with pickets. By July 

30, the striking rice producers in Tarapoto had been joined 

by delegations of campesinos from the coffee, corn and cacao 

sectors, as well as from indigenous communities, seeking 

solutions to their respective demands. On July 3 1, women from 

Tarapoto 's grassroots organizations led a peaceful cacerolazo, 

a march in which they banged on pots and pans, in solidarity 

• social conflict 
occurring under 

• the Fox 

• administration. 
• •••••••••••••••••••a Crashing their 

broad knives 
together like swords or scraping them along sidewalks to create 
the most exasperating sound in town, the macheteros became 
the focal point of countless demonstrations. In April, the 
struggle entered a deadly serious phase when campesinos took 
six local police hostage, stripping them of their revolvers and 
R-15 automatic weapons (see Green Anarchy #9 for more 
details). In June, a team of 
topographers mapping ejido lands 
was captured and paraded at 
machete-point to the Supreme 
Court of Mexico, which had 
barred all preparatory work on the 
airport until it could determine the 
legality of Fox's expropriation 
order. At another demonstration in 
early July in front of the U.S. 
Embassy, the furious farmers 
chopped up the Stars and Stripes 
with their famous machetes, 
accusing U.S. dictator George W. 
Bush of encouraging the 
expropriation. On July 2, they 
burst into Mexico City's still- 
operating airport, waving their 
broad blades and frightening 
passengers already intimidated by 
the prospect of flying while Amerikkka's "War On Terrorism" 
rages on. Then on July 11, the macheteros of San Salvador 
Atenco held yet another demonstration to impress their resolute 
opposition upon Mexico state Governor Arturo Montiel, an 
airport champion. This time, a police riot squad waded into 
the crowd, swinging truncheons and firing off tear gas canisters. 

continued on top of next page... 

Ip^^nV ® 

Indigenous Resistance 

...continued from last page 

Thirty-three people were sent to the hospital, 
three of whom hovered between life and death 
for days. Word of the clash spread through the 
ejido like wildfire, and the farmers, their 
community network honed by months of 
struggle, quickly responded. Thirteen 
liostages, including half a dozen cops, were 
locked up in the municipal auditorium. Taking 
advantage of Atenco's strategic location at the 
side of an industrial 
highway, the ejidatarios 
set up roadblocks that 
stalled interstate traffic 
for days, seizing trailer 
trucks and converting 
them into barricades. 
Two Coca-Cola 

transports were 

relieved of their cargo, 
and the pop bottles 
were emptied out and 
refilled with gasoline 
to stockpile hundreds 
af molotov cocktails. A 
pair of police cars were 
set on fire and the 
angry campesinos 
threatened to roast 
their hostages alive if 
the ejido was attacked. For Mexico's two- 
lieaded TV monopoly, the specter of violence 
filled a news hole between such "important" 
events like the World Cup and the imminent 
arrival of Pope John Paul II. BothTVAzteca 
and Televisa rushed in crews for extended 
prime-time coverage, helping transform a 
local flare-up into national and international 
[leadlines. Front-page photos of the machete- 
wielding farmers circled the globe. Against 
sensational images of flaming police cars and 
angry peasants, theTVgiants sounded a shrill 
sail to Fox to intervene and restore "law and 
srder". But listeners polls during the two 
nights of rioting showed that the general 
public favored the farmers and their cause. 
As an offshoot, farming and fishing 
communities in the far-flung states of 
Yucatan, Hidalgo, and Chihuahua took up the 
machete as the symbol of their ire, waving 
them around at solidarity demonstrations. By 
luly 13, tensions over Atenco were taut as 
piano wire. Helicopters chop-chopped 
through the sky above the ejido, and the 

Direct Action Against 
Capitalism In Uruguay 

The following is a communique from 
anarchist comrades in Uruguay that has been 
edited down for size: 

The so-called neo-liberal model has unfolded 
without limits in these last two decades. It has 
globalized its content throughout most of the 
world. It has carried on producing more and 
more grief for the peoples. A penetrating and 
merciless grief and poverty. Its transnational 
companies have brazenly sown death with a 
cold scythe that destroys bodies and dreams. 
They are financial capital, medical industries, 
patent holders and weapons manufacturers 
among others. A coherent articulation 
operating with a single intention: 
accumulating more wealth and power in the 
hands of a few, sowing everywhere a sullen 
and gloomy distress perhaps never seen before . 
Our people are sinking into misery. There are 
no jobs, there is no food. Hunger pangs in our 
guts and stings our sensibility. Our children 
ask for bread that does not exist. Leftovers 
from the rubbish are beginning to be a resource 
against the imperiously painful grumble of our 
bodies. And the speeches come and go, each 
with a different theory, all speaking of 
difficulties, of saving the financial system, that 
it is necessary to design a policy that attends 
the problems of the country. All of this done 
under the timespan of wealthy people who eat 
well every day. And suddenly reality arrives 
shouting. The people break into the 
supermarkets. They take the merchandise from 
sixteen of them and try to without being able 
to in fourteen others. An explosion of hunger 
that will not wait. The official answer is that 

farmers responded by firing off ornamental 
cannons utilized in annual Cinco de Mayo 
celebrations. Boys on bicycles circled the 
Atenco perimeter to ward off infiltrators, and 
two State officials masquerading as reporters 
were captured. A spokesperson for the 
Peoples Front For Defense of the Land pulled 
out a knife and threatened to cut off reporters 
ears. Finally, in the wee hours of July 14 — 
with confrontation looming — Fox decided 
that going down the road of repression would 
put a curse on his airport that would be hard 
to shake, and he called off 
his troops. "We're prepared 
to fight to the death to keep 
our homes. This has been 
our land for 500 years. It's 
how we earn our living. It's 
not a question of money 
anymore," said 

spokesperson David 
Pajaro, making it clear that 
no negotiations with the 
Mexican government were 
possible until 15 fellow 
protesters arrested during a 
previous confrontation 
were released. Tensions 
eventually eased enough to 
result in the release of the 
State-held ejidatarios , as 
the uprising began to attract 
some formidable ultra-left sympathizers, like 
the Popular Revolutionary Army-Democratic 
Tendency, who pledged that their armed 
militants would defend the ejido against 
government attack. Finally, on August 16, Fox 
backed down and canceled entirely his plans 
for the airport! The clash between earth-based 
communities and Industrial "Progress" is one 
of the most explosive social issues facing 
Mexico and other resource-rich countries 
today. China, for example, faces similar 
protests from poor farmers forced to move by 
the Three Gorges Dam project. "We cannot 
do business this way. A handful of 
subversives cannot be allowed to stand in 
the way of progress," bemoaned Jorge 
Espina, president of COPARMEX, 
Mexico's most elite business confederation. 
But a handful of "subversives" did stand 
in the way of Progress, and in this instance, 
won, demonstrating to the entire world the 
power that we all have when we begin to 
take back our lives. Congratulations on 
your victory, Comrades! 

of always: repression. A major deployment of 
police, shooting bullets, brandishing clubs against 
young kids and women who run off with a package 
of flour, noodles or rice. There are prisoners, 
wounded and a fifteen-year old in a serious 
medical state due to the blows inflicted by police. 
A new world is emerging outside of classical 
structures. It knows what does not work and 
seeks what does work. It will collide against 
certain imaginary socio-political structures 
of those who consider themselves to be its 
representatives or vanguard. Political, 
theoretical and classical blows and sticks will 
appear, leaving bruised and battered heads. 
It is a reality, this misery is destroying the 
bodies and hopes of entire generations, 
already at this time murdering our children. 
And this is not rhetoric but cruel, inhuman, 
palpable daily events. CARAJO! ( in this context, 
a "violent rejection of something" ) THEY 
will say it again, that lacerating cloak of 
misery is murdering our children , and the poor 
in general. Hungry children in rags are found 
throughout the country. Begging for a coin, 
cleaning windscreens, stealing someone's 
wallet, fainting from hunger, eating rubbish, 
forming bands to steal from other poor, 
pushing carts full of nothing, with their blood 
contaminated by lead, looking for edible 
scraps in rubbish piles. Looking at the world 
with hatred and despair, without child's play 
or happiness, seeing the aggressive and hostile 
opulence of a few. Thus are living a great part 
of our children. And in a similar way, a great 
part of our people . As always, the people seek 
ways out and fighting is their tool. They will 
thus go on processing a true strategy for urgent 
immediate achievements and future dreams. 

Mujeres Creando Activists 
Arrested in Bolivia! 

On August 15, 2002, a video crew working on 
a television series on sexuality was assaulted 
by cops in La Paz, Bolivia. Actresses, actors 
and activists involved in the project were 
beaten and kicked. The police used tear gas 
against passerby who had assembled to watch 
the series being shot. Twelve crew members 
were arrested and were subjected to further 
(unsurprisingly) cruel treatment while they 
were in detention. The television series in 
question — created by the Bolivian anarcha- 
feminist and lesbian organization, Mujeres 
Creando — deals with issues of sexuality and 
violence, in a framework of women's liberation 
and with an educational purpose. All detainees 
are now facing charges of "obscene acts" and 
"obscene performances." For more information 
on Mujeres Creando, see Green Anarchy it's 6 
and 9. 

"The turning of the world upside down 
is effected by the shortest distance 
between one delight and another." 

We Never Sleep Is Back! 

After several months hiatus, We Never Sleep 
is being published again. We Never Sleep is 
the newsletter of the Anarchist Prisoners' Legal 
Aid Network (APLAN), featuring prisoner- 
written updates, resources for prisoners, and 
news on anti-state repression efforts by anarchists. 
A new issue of the newsletter if available upon 
request for prisoners, and for a donation from 
those on the outside. You can contact APLAN 
at: 818 SW 3rd Ave., PMB 354, Portland, 
Oregon 97204. APLAN is also collaborating 
with Break The Chains on a new prisoner 
pen-pal program. Write for details! 

l Disorderly Conduct 
j #6 Out Soon! 

■Due to o ve v-co mmitment witn otKek* 
jmportant insu^r'ec+ionai^y gi*een-anarckist 
*cmd anti-autnonta^ian projects (as well as 
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■Society nas Waa to delay tke release or 
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like "£3 urning the 13 ridges fa the /Vex" 
Millennium", /r VI\e T^ise and ' F^all of the £^ugen\ 
^Anarchists'', 'y\loi JVly C7dea af LiberationM 
Thoughts an (Drganizationy T^edefationsu 
TPIatfofmism, and jAnafcho-CZommunism , an<_ 
much move). Xhe da**k, wet, ana cola seasoncr 
issue should be out in late y\)ovembet* of ean^ 
Decembe^.you can still get all back issues rol 
$3 each, of all "five rov $13 Ti'om the ut*eet| 
. ,, ^,. . ^ — ^-. ■ — . — y . ^- y , , ■ ,,^ | ■ w... „ ,. ,„ , .,„,^, ^. . ^. JKnarcXvy Pis - h^ibivH on Center ! ■ 

awareness is not just intellectual. It can't be or 
civilization will just turn into another academic 
theory. We are feeling it. We have heard the love- 
songs of rivers and mountains and have seen 
the dances of trees. We no longer want to use 
them as dead things, since they are very much 
alive. We want to be their lovers, to join in their 
beautiful, erotic dance. It scares us. The death- 
dance of civilization freezes every cell, every 
muscle within us. We know we will be clumsy 
dancers and clumsy lovers. We will be fools. But 
our freedom lies in our foolishness. If we can 
be fools, we have begun to break civilizations 
chains, we have begun to lose our need to achieve. 
With no need to achieve, we have time to learn the 
dance of life; we have time to become lovers of 
trees and rocks and rivers. Or, more accurately, time 
cease to exist for us; the dance becomes our lives 
as we learn to love all that lives. And unless we 
learn to dance the dance of life, all our resistance to 
civilization will be useless. Since it will still govern 
within us, we will just re-create it. 

So let's dance the dance of life. Let's dance 
clumsily without shame, for which of us civilized 
people isn't clumsy? Let's make love to rivers, to 
trees, to mountains with our eyes, our toes, our 
hands, our ears. Let every part of our bodies awaken 
to the erotic ecstasy of life's dance. We'll fly. We'll 
dance. We'll heal. We'll find that our 
imaginations are strong , that they are part of 


Chaos is a dance, a flowing dance of life, and 
this dance is erotic. Civilization hates chaos and, 
therefore, also hates Eros. Even in supposedly 
sexually free times, civilization represses the 
erotic. It teaches that orgasms are events that 
happen only in a few small parts of our bodies 
and only through the correct manipulation of 
those parts. It squeezes Eros into the armor of 
Mars, making sex into a competitive, 
achievement-centered job rather than joyful, 
innocent play. 

\fet even in the midst of such repression, Eros 
refuses to accept this mold. His joyful, dancing 
form breaks through Mars' armor here and 
there. As blinded as we are by our civilized 
existence, the dance of life keeps seeping into 
our awareness in little ways. We look at a sunset, 
stand in the midst of the forest, climb on a 
mountain, hear a bird song, walk barefoot on a 
beach, and we start to feel a certain elation, a 
sense of awe and joy. It is the beginning of an 
orgasm of the entire body, one not limited to 
civilization's so-called "erogenous zones", but 
civilization never lets the feeling fulfill itself. 
Otherwise, we'd realize that everything that is 

not a product of civilization is alive and joyfully 

But a few of us are slowly awakening from 
the anesthesia of civilization. We are becoming 
aware that every stone, every tree, every river, 
every animal, every being in the universe is not 
only just as alive, but at present is more alive 
than we who are civilized beings. This 

[p^^sl] U 

the erotic dance that can create the world we 


The essay you just read was reprinted from the 

pamphlet, "Rants, Essays and Polemics of Feral 

Faun," available for two dollars through the 

Green Anarchy Distro PO Box 11331 , Eugene, 

OR 97440 

In 1982, five Canadian anti- 
authoritarian activists, variously known 
as Direct Action, the Wimmin's Fire 
Brigade, and the Vancouver Five, 
conducted a highly visible series of 
guerrilla actions against patriarchal, 
industrial civilization. When the five 
anarchists— two wimmin and three men- 
-who comprised these cells were finally 
captured by the Canadian state in 1983, 
they were charged with a host of 
clandestine attacks on industries 
that represented some of the 
most notorious war criminals, 
environmental despoilers, and 
exploiters of wimmin and children. The 
most serious charges that these 
anarchists faced when they were 
captured related to three bombing 
operations, all conducted in support of 
massive public campaigns of protest: one 
against the Litton Systems plant near 
Toronto, where parts for Cruise missies 
were made; another against the 
environmentally destructive Cheekeye- 
Dunsmuir power project of British 
Columbia on Vancouver Island; and also 
a smattering against retail stores of the 
Red Hot Video chain in Vancouver, where 
videotapes glorifying rape and other 
forms of savagery toward wimmin and 
children were sold. 

Ann Hansen was a member of both 
those groups and has recently published 
a book titled, "Direct Action : Memoirs Of 
An Urban Guerrilla". This exclusive 
interview was conducted in the summer 

Marxism was outdated and lacked the 
depth of critique needed to address 
modern society's alienation from nature 
and lack of respect for other cultures and 
life forms. 

When I returned to Canada, my 
involvement in the prison abolition, 
anarchist, environmental, native and 
feminist movements, rounded out my 
political experience. Through working in 
these different movements, I came to 

American CIA continually schemed 
through the contras to defeat them. In El 
Salvador, the CIA backed death squads 
who massacred villagers, religious 
leaders, women and children. 

I was not the only political activist in 
Canada who supported the FLQ, the Viet 
Cong, Sandinistas and the FSLN. 
However I was one of the few who did 
not leave my support for armed struggle 
south of the Rio Grande. Most activists at 

Armed Resistance 

realize that what was needed was a 
unique revolutionary movement that 
could launch a more offensive campaign 
against the root causes of these "issues." 
Unique; because it would not be based on 
a static political ideology, but would 
evolve and describe our modern day 
experience. I also felt that we needed to 
reject pacifism as an ideology because 
historically it has only contributed to our 
pacification. In other words we needed a 
militant revolutionary movement that 
would also embrace the diversity of 

GA: One thing we are curious about, and 
something we think all those who want 
to challenge the system on any significant 
level can learn from, are the events in your 
life and the political context which led to 
your transformation from a political 
activist to an urban guerrilla? 

the time, and unfortunately still today, 
support guerrilla groups in so-called third 
world countries, but conveniently analyze 
that the same tactics are not effective here 
in North America or Europe. To put it 
simply, this privileged exemption of white 
European and American radicals from the 
perils of death and prison smacks of 
imperialism and racism. Seeing this 
hypocrisy for what it was, we reasoned 
that militant actions are most important 
in the heart of imperialism. We believed 
that militant actions could play a role in 
the development of a revolutionary 
movement and had to start somewhere 
someday, why not now? 

GA-What mistakes did you make when 
taking actions that we can learn from today? 
AH: I think the most obvious mistake was 
depending on the security guards and 
police to clear the Litton plant before the 

individuals are replaceable in today's 
economy, is the fact that corporations just 
don't give a damn about life unless it costs 
them money. Think about all the 
controversial corporate policies we hear 
about today. The Glaxco drug company 
challenging the legality of the South 
African government distributing 
affordable generic drugs to AIDS victims 
in Africa. Shell Oils legacy of allowing 
high levels of sour gas emissions, 
polluting and killing whole villages 
in Nigeria. The NAFTA tribunal's 
decision to allow the company 
Metalclad to dump toxic wastes in 
a Mexican village, polluting their drinking 
water, over-ruling municipal bylaws 
outlawing this practice. 

Let's face it, corporations may put on a 
sad face when human lives are lost at 
either their hands or someone else's, but 
the real pain they feel, is when their profit 
margins narrow, their stocks fall, when 
capital is affected adversely. This is the 
area where the corporate state is 
vulnerable and sensitive. This is the area 
that activists should be targeting. 

Besides relying on security guards and 
police to prevent major injuries during the 
Litton bombing, I would 
also question our entire 
model of a small high tech 
underground guerrilla cell. 
I wouldn't go so far as to say that in all 
situations both now and in the future, that 
underground guerrilla cells are wrong, 
but I think there are other models that are 


Interview with Ann Hansen of Direct Action 

of 2002, and we are honored to make it 
available to our readers. 

GA: Thank you for taking the time out 
of your busy schedule to do this 
interview. We've been very excited 
about the new interest in Direct Action 
and your writings, they've been 
incredibly inspiring to many of us in the 
green anarchist I anarcho-primitivist 
movement. Could you start by giving us 
a brief overview of your political 

AH: It will be difficult to keep these 
answers brief but I will try. When I look 
back I can see the seeds of my present day 
political views taking shape in my dreams 
and games as a young child. I was always 
pretending to be an Indian, Eskimo or 
wild horse because I loved the wilderness 
and the natural way of life of tribal people. 
At the same time I became increasingly 
disturbed at the industrial development 
going on around my home on the 
outskirts of Toronto. By the time I was a 
teenager, my first overtly political essay 
supported the FLQ, a French Canadian 
urban guerrilla group, active in the late 
60's. Since I had no developed political 
ideology at that young age, I believe that 
I had a natural empathy for both the 
oppressed and those who were willing to 
fight for justice. 

My first encounter with a radical 
political ideology was Marxism which I 
studied for several years in university. 
However, after working with some 
Marxist-Leninists on the university paper 
and reading about the implementation of 
Marxism in the USSR, I became 
disillusioned with the authoritarian 
nature of Marxist parties. At the same 
time, I traveled to Europe during the late 
70's and became active in a support 
network for the Marxist urban guerrillas, 
the Red Army Faction and Red Brigades. 
Exposure to these groups refined my 
critique of Marxism. I realized that there 
was so much more wrong with western 
civilization than an unequal distribution 
of wealth and power as epitomized in the 
concept of class struggle. In fact I felt that 

(SEE (EM &M&®€WW §1]® 

AH: I grew up during the 60' s when the 
FLQ, one of the first North American 
urban guerrilla groups, was active in 
Quebec, Canada. I read Pierre Valliere's 
book, White Niggers of America, and 
agreed that the English corporate elite 
would never let Quebec secede peacefully 
from Canada. I also was of age in 1973 
when the CIA backed Pinochet's military 
coup of the democratically elected 
government of Salvadore Allende in 
Chile. And of course, my childhood and 
teenage years were filled with the news 
of the US governments campaign to crush 
the Viet 
Cong in Viet 
Nam. I was 
those years, 
but I did 
that the US 
to wage war 
against the 
Viet Cong 
despite the 
protests by 
t h e 

students at home. Even then it dawned 
on me that the only reason the American 
government eventually pulled out of Viet 
Nam was because they simply could not 
win against the Viet Cong guerrilla tactics 
and the support of the Vietnamese people. 
I didn't have to go to university to study 
politics to come to the conclusion that 
corporations and governments were using 
the military to protect their interests 
against the people. I simply had to read 
the daily newspaper and watch the 
evening news. News report after news 
report during the late 70's continued to 
reinforce this fact. The Sandinista 
guerrillas in Nicaragua enjoyed the 
popular support of the people, yet the 

bomb was set to go off. It is a real mistake 
to depend on the guardians of the state to 
act flawlessly, particularly if the safety of 
your action depends on it. This mistake 
led to a number of injuries. 

Militant actions should avoid injuries to 
both human and animal life if at all 
possible for both moral as well as reasons 
of effectiveness. Once we embark on a 
path of targeting individuals, where do 
we draw the line? In today's global 
economy, we are all both responsible yet 
innocent. We can not control whether we 
are born on a gray blanket in an Afghan 
refugee camp or a 
mansion with a 
silver spoon in our 
mouths. Of course 
as we grow older, 
we become more 
and more 

responsible for 
both our 

individual social 
responsibilities as 
well as those of the 
society into which 
we were born. As 
a result, those born 
into wealth and 
power are more 
responsible for the 
oppression of 
their society, but 
even the poor 
have a responsibility to right the injustices 
of their society. 

Besides being immoral, militant actions 
that target individuals, are generally 
ineffective because even the most 
responsible and reprehensible individuals 
are replaceable in this global economy 
driven by multinational corporations. For 
example, if a CEO of a large oil company 
were to advocate signing the Kyoto 
Accords and using primarily renewable 
energy, the shareholders and other 
executives would soon have him fired or 
demoted. Unless a CEO can keep the price 
of stocks and shares high, he will soon be 
replaced by someone who can. 

But more importantly than the fact that 

more effective for today's conditions. 

We modeled our group after the urban 
guerrillas in West Germany, Italy and the 
United States in the 70's. These groups, in 
turn, were modeled after Palestinian and 
South American guerrilla groups which 
operated under very repressive conditions 
in countries where they enjoyed popular 
support. The social conditions of the 
Palestinians and South Americans are 
very different than those of the western 
industrial nations. They operate in 
countries where there is no legal 
opportunity to organize or resist. And 
they could count on significant numbers 
of people to either join or support the 
guerrilla forces. 

These guerrillas lived completely 
underground to avoid capture from the 
police. This entailed acquiring false 
identification, using weapons and 
carrying out robberies or kidnappings for 
money. Most of their political actions 
involved bombings, highjacking and 

This high tech, socially isolated lifestyle 
is the model we chose to follow although 
we did not believe in killing or injuring 
people. In a short time the stress and social 
isolation of living in such a small cell 
began to take it's toll. We were personally 
unhappy and were becoming alienated 
from our community. 

I would be naive to think that conditions 
in North America have improved since the 
early 80's. There is still a small proportion 
of the population who identify as 
revolutionaries and who would support 
"armed struggle." As a result a group 
similar to ours would more than likely 
become alienated from the community, 
begin to show poor judgment and 
eventually be arrested with no continuity. 

During the early 80's, the Wimmin's 
Fire Brigade(WFB) enjoyed the widest 
popular support and was the most 
successful in achieving it's goals of 
stopping the spread of a particularly 
violent pornography chain, Red Hot 
Video. The WFB was made up of wimmin 
in the community who carried out the 
firebombings and then immediately 


melded back into the community. They 
did not have to go underground, get false 
identification, guns, dynamite or carry out 
robberies. I think this model is still the 
most effective for today's conditions. 
Probably the closest thing to the 
Wimmin's Fire Brigade is the ELF and 

GA- We often get frustrated with the lack 
of support (both vocally for their actions 
and ideas, and physically for political 
prisoners) for underground groups who 
have similar ideas and orientation as 
aboveground groups or individuals. It 
seems that for any meaningful resistance 
there needs to be a connection on some 
level between underground cells and larger 
social movements. What are your feelings 
on this? 

AH-Of course it is very important that 
there is support between the 
"aboveground" and "underground." The 
usual divisions arise over the questions 
of "violence" versus "non-violence", and 
over identifying as revolutionaries or 

I think it is important that those of us 
who identify as revolutionaries and who 
understand that direct actions aimed at 
economic sabotage are not "violence" 
should speak out. There are lots of people 
who have chosen not to join the 
"underground" but they can be just as 
important by refusing to be silent or 
marginalized. The more vocal and in your 
face we are, the more likely it is that people 
will hear our ideas and understand them. 
There are many people out there who 
silently support the "underground" but 
are afraid to vocalize their support 
because they feel isolated and alone. 

Maybe the anarchists who are not 
"underground" should start our own 
environmental, prison abolition, animal 
liberation, feminist groups that are based 
on anti-authoritarian, militant politics. So 
many radicals join groups such as 
the Sierra Legal Defense Fund, 
Greenpeace, Humane Societies 
because they want to be 
"legitimate" and accepted by society. 
Unfortunately in their desperation, they 
end up being co-opted and reformist. 

The more of us who stand up and say 
who and what we are, without 
compromise or begging for acceptance, 
the more likely it is that the silent majority 
will hear and join us. 

GA-We feel it is important for groups to 
maintain autonomy within the larger 
context of political struggle, and to 
promote an anti-mass method of 
organizing. Do you feel that the cell or 
affinity group structure is an effective 
method of organization, and how can this 
fit into a larger struggle? 
AH-I think the cell or affinity gr 
structure is effective as long as there are 
basic principles that they follow. This is 
the model that the Black Bloc and ELF and 
ALF follow. The reason fpy-^basj 
principles is to avoif^* 
cases of either* v 
naive rebels^* 
or police ^* 
rto *♦ 


out *+ 
horrific ♦ . 
actions in the *+ 
name of the group 
and thus discreditinl 
discrediting the grou 
recognized as somethi 
try to do, a lot of peopL 
that many well-intentio 
have the political sophi: 
their actions against 
Without basic political p] 
actions, it is possible fo: 
react spontaneously 

shopkeepers, individuals, old cars, etc etc. 
Some basic principles that can 
guide the actions of autonomous affinity 
groups are: 1) actions should avoid 
injuries to people and animals as much as 
humanly possible 2) that actions target 
major corporate and government 
structures 3) that actions be accompanied 

The Vancouver Five: 
armed struggle in Canada 

by Jim Campbell 

Solidarity * 
April 2001 

with communiques that reflect the politics 
of the group. 

The strength of the cell or affinity group 
structure is that individuals can work 
closely together, getting to know each 
other which also prevents police 
infiltration. Yet they can also be part of a 
larger movement without sacrificing the 
personal element that an affinity group 

GA-Often, as people working towards 
social transformation, we get trapped by 
political ideology. Some of us are trying 
to transcend politics and connect with 
people on more basic levels, like the 
alienation in our lives, how we are going 
to feed ourselves, the unhealthy and 

reproduction and perpetuation of the 
patriarchal system. What are your current 
views on industrial civilization and 
patriarchy? What do you feel radicals 
today can be doing to help dismantle these 
systems of domination? 
AH-My current views on industrial 
civilization and patriarchy are not much 
different than they were 25 years ago. I 
still believe that industrial civilization and 
patriarchy are founded on a materialistic 
value system that worships greed and 
power. Our entire capitalist economic 
system is founded on this value system 
and reinforces it to the degree that at this 
point it is difficult to say which determines 
which- does the economic system 
determine the value system of society or 
visa versa? It hardly matters. 

Economists, in general, overemphasize 
the importance of economic relations in 
people's lives. Although humans are 
much more complex than simply 
materialistic beings with materialistic 
needs, I would agree that the way a person 
makes a living and therefore spends a 
large portion of their lives, is going to be 
a prime determinant of their values and 
how they live. This being the case, those 
of us living in capitalist societies are 
constantly being conditioned to value 
everything for it's economic value; trees 
as lumber, mountains as mineral 
resources, people as consumers, animals 
as meat and pets. 

Not all societies have placed such a high 
priority on economics or materialism. In 
particular, there were many tribal societies 
which placed a much greater value on 
"the spirit world" and nature. 

Unfortunately, I suspect that some tribal 
societies have also been plagued by 
patriarchy. I don't think that industrial 
civilization is it's only domain. Humans 
are imperfect creatures and no matter 
what kind of societies we live in, there will 
never come a day when we won't have to 


toxified world we live in, and ou 
spiritual emptiness. Do you see this as c 
positive approach to connecting witl 
people in a ™tp- authoritarian and non 
ideological wa 
AH-I think that ^Myvay a person relates 
to other people on a W^ic day-to-day leve 

pes not transcend pcjttics because 
pclKtics. Politics is a wo^fcoMescribe 
soc^JBrelations that a^^Biety 
developqAin order fo 
whole. Tho^j*elatiqas ca 
by a strict ideol 
or, in a healthy 
individuals wfi3 
own ethical sta 

— a belief sj 
develops an identit 
define the 
ban JpSBn^r actions;. 

be alert and prepared to struggle against 
patriarchy, greed and power. 

If we are to create better societies, we 
have to work on manWaifferent levels. 
Our personal livesjiould reflect our 
political ideology^Ps such we should 
consider what w*Rat, where we shop, 
low we relateJH) others and where we 
rork. Artie s|fte time, I think we do have 
| to develc^fci offensive movement agajj 

!e because if waj^Fror 
it to srl^BTO it'£ own, jjj^^my find 
this planet, j 
I don't thinl 
between living ( 
together as a i 
ixisting societl 

sry^UlH 1 living thing on 
fwn with the ship. So 

lis a contradiction 
W s qplitics and working 

tent to replace the 

p begin to 
logy rather 
6sl say, not 
*^*as I 

modern dayV* > 
asingly *♦ 
surviveoutside of the artificial 
environment that v^have created 

v-Where d^JmJR^iings heading,* 


tenjfears? Do you feel optimistic or 

I disc^faged about our ability to build a 

bement that really c^9llenges the 

patriarchal-industrial system in its 

totality, or do you feel that we have 

already run out of time? 

for ourselves; braim 
that the way we are 

is the 

AH-Over th*| 

■ * vears, if the 
corporate elite remain 

next ten 

against small 


thy, ui ill ivno 
targeting institutions integral to the 

As these corporations grow, they will 

[p&^sT] 3 

continue to intrude more and more into 
every aspect of our lives, until very soon, 
there will be little space that corporate 
culture has not possessed. A huge western 
corporate monoculture will exist, 
spectacular in it's superficiality, yet 
destructive beyond reason. People on this 
planet will become so domesticated and 
institutionalized that they will soon 
become as free-thinking and independent 
as a factory farm chicken. 

I think the biggest threat to people in 
the western industrialized world building 
a movement isn't the police or state but 
rather our own wealth, privilege and 
social conditioning. More and more like 
the modern day chicken, we become 
increasingly unable to survive outside of 
the artificial environment that we have 
created for ourselves; brainwashed to 
believe that the way we are living now is 
the only way to live. 

Sometimes I fear that we may have run 
out of time, but those of us who have not 
lost our spirit to the corporate world have 
no choice but "to rage against the dying 
of the light", as Dylan Thomas so aptly 
put it. We have no choice but to be free, 
passionate, wild, and creative and would 
rather go down fighting than go down 
dead before we even get there. 

I don't think any of us are 
revolutionaries because we believe that 
we will "win" or "succeed" in our 
ultimate goal. I don't think we have a 
choice to be anything other than what we 
are : to compromise is to die a spiritual, 
emotional and intellectual death. We are 
living alternatively because we believe it 
is right, not because we will "win." 

GA-What is your current legal status? 
AH-I am on parole for the rest of my 
natural life which means that I have to 
report my whereabouts to a parole officer 
as well as follow whatever conditions the 
parole board stipulates or I can be put 
back in prison. At this point it's 
kind of like being on a long leash. 

GA-What projects are you 
currently working on? 
AH-I am currently working around prison 
abolition. We are concentrating on prison 
"issues" within a revolutionary context. I 
think the key when working around 
prison "issues" is to work within a 
coalition that has a revolutionary analysis 
to avoid becoming reformist and short- 

I am also doing some individual animal 
rescue work and beginning work on 
another book which will loosely revolve 
around what life in prison does to a 
person, and the role prison plays in 
society. In the long-term I would like to 
see a coalition of different groups working 
loosely together based on common 
rinciples; sharing a non-authoritarian 
revolutionary analysis; supporting the 
iversity of tactics including direct action; 
referring all life and the different cultures 
thatelB^ on this planet. 
Recommended Reading: 
Writings Of The Vancouver Five 
Available from the Green Anarchy Distro 
for $2 at PO Box 11331, Eugene, OR 97440 
Disorderly Conduct #5/ Spring 2002 
Contains an excellent article on Direct 
Action and the Wimmins Fire Brigade 
■Available for $3 from Green Anarchy PO 
3ox 11331, Eugene OR 97440 
\narchy: A Journal Of Desire Armed, #53/ 
tSpring- Summer 2002 A third of this issue 
lof Anarchy is devoted to honoring and 
ldiscussing Direct Action. Contains "Legend 
mish Five" by Jonathan Slyk, 
ue To Memoirs Of An Urban 
y Ann Hansen Reprints the 
e's that Direct Action released 
jeekeye-Dunsmuir and Litton 

t Memoirs Of An Urban Guerrilla 

oy Ann nahsen (Available through AK 
Press catalog or at anarchist bookstores.) 

i IB (BUM &M^®€WW §U® 


Liberation begins at home. In our personal lives, we find 
disdain for the rampant and absurd destruction of all life and 
all manifestations of wildness. What is not destroyed is 
assimilated, imprisoned or otherwise mutilated. There are no 
solutions to be found pandering to officials and their goons, 
this point is obvious. The prolific increase of actions in defense 
of life after September 1 1 , in this time of a heightened security 
and police state, demonstrate the frustration and dispossession 
that accompany the way of life we have been dealt. Be careful, 
study hard, learn to be secure, don't get caught, and most of 
all, carry on comrades. 

May 20-23, Australia: Protests Against Development 

Wollongong: Around 150 people broke through the fence at 
the Sandon Point development site. The contractors and their 
equipment withdrew to a fenced inner compound. Some people 
then marched up to the inner compound and proceeded to pull 
down the fence around it. When it was completely demolished 
attention turned to the perimeter fence around the whole site. 
Groups of people pulled down the entire fence and destroyed 
as many of the posts as possible. Eventually about 40-50 police 
arrived. Protesters fled the area. Seven people were arrested. 
Two days later the developers attempted to begin their work, 
but the fence was again breached by protesters. One picketer 
chained herself to a digger and others joined her in support. 
About 30-40 police were on hand to arrest people. Altogether 
16 people were arrested. The arrestees were charged with a 
range of offenses including "assaulting police". A woman was 
also arrested for throwing a rock at a contractor. Most protesters 
refused to accept their bail conditions of "staying further than 
200 meters from the Stocklans site." So, they were transferred 
to the Wollongong court cells and put before a magistrate. The 
campaign to stop the development is being fought on many 
fronts and it's intensifying rapidly. Background on the situation: 
Sandon Point has long been an open community area and part 
of it is also sacred ground of the traditional indigenous owners 
of the land. The protests against construction have received 
popular support from the local communities, and the protests 
have been organized in a non-hierarchical way. For more info, 


Hwm WMmm 

"Save the Earth or Await Destruction" 

June 12-13, Holland: ELF Attacks Genetic Engineering 
Research Laboratory As Part Of A Month Of Ecological 

Utrecht: The Earth Liberation Front (ELF) disinfected a 
genetically altered field trial with "elvenwine". The trial, 
situated in the Botanical Gardens of the Utrecht University, 
has supposedly been destroyed. "The genetically modified 
bacteria have deceased because of us spilling our distilled 
elvenwine," says the ELF in a statement delivered to the Dutch 
environmentalist magazine Ravage. The ELF also states: "We 
had a bit of a party a week or so before midsummer, and those 
gardens are the only thing that's a bit nice in the concrete 
apocalypse of De Uithof [the main campus of the Utrecht 
University] . It went down all right and it turned out to work. 
Maybe we'll try it a again for midsummer! So girls and boys, 
have a new moon party on those weird mutant fields, oh and 

there was the eco insurgence month that we agree upon." The 
group apparently refers to the "month of ecological 
insurrection" called for by GroenFront! (the Dutch version of 
Earth First!). The group ends their statement with words that 
characterize the ELF: 'Wo Compromise in Defense of Mother 
Earth!" The Earth Liberation Front is an international radical 
environmental movement with the purpose of committing 
ecologically inspired sabotage, to economically damage 
polluters and earth-rapers. 

July 8, Kentucky: ELF Action Against Wal-Mart 

Louisville: From the communique: In the darkness of night 
July 8th, the Earth Liberation Front traveled through the dense 
forest behind the recently built Fern Creek Wal-Mart Super- 
center in Louisville, Kentucky. Liberators climbed up a hillside 
and proceeded to slash the tires of a construction equipment 



trailer. Messages such as "Stop Sprawl" and "Respect" were 
painted on the wall of the Wal-Mart and a construction trailer 
in the parking lot. The locks on the main construction trailer 
were glued and four windows were smashed out. This action is 
a protest against the sprawl which seeks to expand its 
treacherous grip beyond the Gene Snyder Freeway and into 
the outer limits of Louisville - seeking a never-ending expansion 
of strip shopping centers. In the process, beautiful areas of 
forest and streams are paved over to make way for another 
multinational chain that profits from the destruction of the 
earth, animals, and workers. The ELF is only beginning in the 
Kentuckiana region. As more wilderness and farmland areas 
are paved under and precious pieces of earth sold for the profit 
of a few, more actions are being planned. We will not stop until 
the developers and oligarchs do. With love and hope, ELF. 

July 1 0, Washington: Animal Rights Activists Smoke- 
Bomb Downtown Buildings 

Seattle: Smoke grenades were set off in two downtown 
Seattle buildings. One smoke device went off on the 23rd floor 
of the 28 floor Financial Center at 1215 Fourth Ave. A few 
minutes earlier, a similar smoke device was set off on the 20th 
floor of the One Convention Place building at Seventh Avenue 
and Pike Street. Marsh Inc., an insurance underwriter for HLS 
(Huntingdon Life Sciences) has offices in both buildings. One 
anonymous poster to the news wire stated: "Marsh and Guy 
Carpenter got 'smoked out of their holes'." The poster added 
"As George W Bush stated, we need to smoke these terrorists 
out of their holes! Insuring the murder of 500 animals every 
day is not acceptable." Quoted from the SHAC (Stop 
Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) Website: "As reported by some 
media outlets, SHAC is not affiliated with the attack. Although 
we do support direct action, as long as it does not hurt any 
animal, human or non human, we do not engage in, organize 
or fund such activities. However we do applaud those brave 
enough to do so." SHAC and many animal rights advocates 
have an ongoing campaign to close down HLS Labs. HLS Labs 
tortures and kills 180,000 animals a year. That is 500 animals 
a day! 

July 1 9: Arizona Construction Site Attacked 

Tuscon: An arson at an unidentified construction site causes 
$1,500 in damage. Sewer pipes are found arranged into the 
letters "ELF." We have no further information on this action at 
this time. 

August 9, Oregon: Pryor Timber Sale Spiked 

From the communique: In order to defend the delicate 
ecosystems of the Salmon Creek and Salt Creek watersheds, a 
small autonomous group of individuals took action at the Pryor 
timber sale. Dozens of trees in each of the sale units were spiked 
with both 50-penny and 60-penny nails. In several instances, 
scattered throughout the units, non-metallic spikes were used 
in order to elude metal detectors. All spikes were placed at a 
variety of heights on the tree, high and low. This action took 
place several months ago, after the contract for Pryor was 
officially awarded to Roseburg Forest Products/ Scott Timber. 
We choose to delay the announcement of this action until 
logging was imminent. The safety of all workers now rests in 
the hands of Roseburg Forest Products and their partner in 
crime, the U.S. forest service. This 250 acre timber sale is 
located along the Eugene to Pacific Crest Trail, Aubrey 
Mountain, and a roadless area near Heckletooth Mountain, in 
what is known as the Willamette National Forest. Pryor is also 
adjacent to the Bunchgrass Ridge roadless area and the 
infamous Warner Burn. Much of the Pryor area has been 

naturally regenerated by fire in the past 200 years. Some trees 
survived the fires and are now 400+ years old. All but one of 
the sale units is previously unharvested native forest. We will 
make sure it remains that way. Wildlife that would be effected 
by logging activity here include the northern spotted owl, 
peregrine falcon, red legged frog, and the elusive wolverine. 
Species including bull trout and Chinook salmon historically 
existed here and one day we hope that they will thrive again. 
Companies such as Roseburg Forest Products are destroying 
our planet for prof it . We will no longer be passive observers. 
We will stand in the way of greed at every step. We will not rest 
until the greedy machines of destruction cease to exist. We are 

August 1 1 , Pennsylvania: ELF Torches United States 
Forest Service Northeast Research Station 

Irvine: The ELF Press Office received the following 
communique on September 1, 2002: The Earth Liberation 
Front is claiming responsibility for the 8111102 arson attack 
on the United States Forest Service Northeast Research Station 
in Irvine, Pennsylvania. The laboratory was set ablaze during 
the early morning hours, causing over $700,000 damage, and 
destroying part of 70 years worth of research. This lesson in 
"prescribed fire" was a natural, necessary response to the 
threats posed to life in the Allegheny Forest by proposed timber 
sales, oil drilling, and greed driven manipulation of Nature. 
This facility was strategically targeted, and if rebuilt, will be 
targeted again for complete destruction. Furthermore, all other 
U.S. Forest Service administration and research facilities, as 
well as all DCNR buildings nationwide should now be 
considered likely targets. These agencies continue to ignore 
and mislead the public, at the bidding of their corporate 
masters, leaving us with no alternative to underground direct 
action. Their blatant disregard for the sanctity of life and its 
perfect Natural balance, indifference to strong public 
opposition, and the irrevocable acts of extreme violence they 
perpetrate against the Earth daily are all inexcusable, and will 
not be tolerated. If they persist in their crimes against life, 
they will be met with maximum retaliation. In pursuance of 
justice, freedom, and equal consideration for all innocent life 
across the board, segments of this global "non-violent" 
ideology. While innocent life will never be harmed in any action 
we undertake, where it is necessary, we will no longer hesitate 
to pick up the gun to implement justice , and provide the needed 
protectionfor our planet that decades of legal battles, pleading, 
protest, and economic' sabotage have failed 'so drastically to 

achieve. The diverse efforts of this revolutionary force cannot 
be contained, and will only continue to intensify as we are 
brought face to face with the oppressor in inevitable, violent 
confrontation. We will stand up and fight for our lives against 
this iniquitous civilization until its reign of terror is forced to 
an end-by any means necessary. In defense of all life, 
-Pacific E.L.F. 

August 18, Iowa: Group Breaks Into Farm To Release 1,200 
Mink; Half Recaptured 

Waverly : Members of an animal-rights group cut fences and broke 
open pens at a mink farm, releasing hundreds of the cat-sized animals 
prized for their fur. Becky Demuth, who owns the farm with her 
husband, said about 1,200 mink escaped and half were recovered 
the following day. She said others had been run over by vehicles or 
killed by dogs. "Those that are recovered are in high stress. They're 
not used to running free," Demuth said. "We're talking thousands 
of dollars in damage. Our family farm has truly been hit in its heart." 
The mink were scheduled to be killed in October, Demuth said. 
Animal Liberation Front spokesman David Barbarash said he 
received an anonymous email in which members of the group 
claimed responsibility for the attack at the Misty Moonlight Mink 
Ranch. He said members target mink farms to give the animals "a 
chance of freedom." "A percentage will die, there's no doubt 
about that," said Barbarash. "But all of them would die at the 
hands of the mink farmer if they weren't released. Outside 
their cages, they do have a fighting chance of survival." This 
farm is 20 miles south of another farm where the group 
claimed responsibility for releasing over 14,000 mink in 2000. 



June 1, Greece: Arson Attack On The 
Headquarters OfTheRulingSocialist Party 

Athens: A gasoline bomb started a small fire 
outside the headquarters of the governing 
Socialist Party in central Athens. No one was 
injured and the fire caused minor damage. Police 
have a long-standing rivalry with anarchists in 
the area, and the street where the attack took 
place is guarded around the clock. Anarchist 
arsonists carry out dozens of attacks in the capital 
each year, typically targeting the vehicles and 
property of large companies, government 
departments and embassies. 

June 8, Australia: Italian Football 
Fans and Anarchists Battle Police 

Sydney: In the community of Leichardt (a 
suburb with a large Italian population), people 
gathered on Norton St. to watch the Italy vs 
Croatia World Cup match. Shortly after the 
game began, police were forced to close 
Norton St. because they couldn't control the 
thousands of people who came out to enjoy 
this event. Italy lost 1-2 but the mood was still 
festive. There was a beautiful pyrotechnics 
display sponsored by the youth of Leichardt. 
When police tried to stop this and move people 
along in an aggressive manner the crowd 
responded by shouting insults, chanting anti- 
cop slogans, and spitting at the cops. The 
situation quickly escalated. Football fans and 
anarchists ran onto the streets blocking traffic 

and reclaiming several roads. Police moved in 
shortly after and dispersed the crowd. Cops 
were attacked with bottles, fireworks and 
eggs. Several of the pigs were injured, unfortu- 
nately no fatalities. The cops had fear in their 
eyes and obviously 
could not deal with the 
situation. This is because 
people were highly orga- 
nized, using mobile 
phones to communicate 
police movements, and 
were structured into affinity 
groups. This display of 
working class resistance 
demonstrates that some 
will not accept pigs 
meddling in community 

July 2-3, Italy: 
Anarchists Attack 
Antenna And 
Transmitter Installation 

Bergamo: During the night on the peak of a 
mountain where antenna and transmitter 
installations important to the entire Lombard 
region are located, an incendiary attack took 
place, slightly damaging some transmitters. At 
the site of the fire a circled A was found. Cell- 
phone and television transmission towers- 
which are known to produce electro -magnetic 
pollution that leads to high cancer and leukemia 
rates in the areas they are located, and which 
have also become one of the main linchpins 
of the technological system - have been targeted 
with relentless regularity in recent years by 
anarchists in Italy (see this issues State 

Repression News section for more details). 

July 6-8: Anarchist Solidarity Actions With 
The November 17 Movement In Greece 

On July 6, Greek police, assisted by 
American and British 
agents, raided an apartment 
and found dozens of anti- 
tank rockets they believe 
ere the same stolen from 
he army in the late 1980s 
by the elusive November 
17 group. Police now 
believe that they have 
sized most, if not all, of the 
group's known arsenal, 
owever, November 17's 
hadowy members, sought 
or nearly three decades, 
ontinue to elude arrest, 
olice estimate that the 
group has less than a few 
dozen members. Anarchist 
groups reacted to the raids with two firebomb 
attacks in Athens. One slightly damaged a building 
at a cemetery where Commonwealth soldiers 
who died during World War II are buried. The 
other slightly damaged an Athens bank. 
ed. note: direct action taken by individuals in 
order to breakdown domination and control 
is utterly important. Times are grave but we at 
GA feel that by creating anarchy there is a 
chance to re balance this abused planet. With 
severe risk to themselves people continue to 
strike out at authority hoping to one day break 
the stranglehold it has over our whole planet. 
We at GA salute all who do such. We will 
publicize every action we can. 

GA collective note; Green Anarchy would like 
to set the record straight. We had nothing to 
do with the "Green Anarchy Tour of 2002" , 
other than advertising for it in issue #9. This 
article does not represent the views of the col- 
lective, it is a submission by an individual 
regarding their experience with the tour. 

Addtionally, not every member of the edito- 
rial collective favored publishing this article 
as we consider other situations in the world 
to be of more pressing importance. 

Green Apathy Tour 2002: 
A Critique Of Slactivism 
by Chuck A. Rock 

I joined forces with the GA tour of 2002 in 

Long Beach, Calif., on the 24th of July. I had 
just got back into the country from Europe 
and was really excited that the tour was going 
to be in the belly of the beast (L.A.) at the 
same time as me. I had first heard about it 
via word of mouth, and later checked out the 
web page. The web page looked really good 
and hyped the tour as a filmfest, with 
speakers, action workshops, spoken word, and 
music. It professed that it was "destroying 
civilization on this stolen land." Aside from 
the large number of dates in the short time 
span it seemed like my kind of gig. I thought 
I could add something to the tour. 

When I met up with the tour in Long Beach 
California I was Xtremely disappointed. In 
fact there are few words I can use to describe 
how let-down I was. I had expected things that 
did not even exist. The tour was HYPE! There 
were no speeches, no workshops, no poetry, 
and the filmfest was videos on a little-assTV. 
And as far as music there wasn't much.Worse 
yet, there were 14 folks touring and I could 
hardly figure out why. Half of them had no 
obvious role. But for some reason (maybe 
masochism) I still decided to contribute my 
efforts to the tour. 

The dynamics of the tour were like this: 
the band is the #1 focus. There was an invisible 
centralized decision-making body, that 
disguised itself with a consensus process. 
Finances for the tour were a mess and alcohol 
was abundant. From Long Beach there was 
an LA show that had no film, no workshops 
and the only speaker was myself. The next 
day there was supposed to be a San Diego 

show that never happened. After that the Hype 
traveled to Las Vegas where an excited group 
of six watched the videos. 

The music venue canceled so the show was 
in the desert for about eight drunk people. 
After a long beautiful drive through the 
Arizona desert we arrived late to the Phoenix 
show. The community in Phoenix was 
beautiful and passionately serious. I felt 
embarrassed to show up with the eleven other 
folks who were still on the tour. We had 
nothing really to offer them. After the videos 
were shown I got together a GA discussion, 
since there were no workshops. The people 
were intelligent and an energetic discussion 
occurred with more than twenty folks. I felt 
a highlight of the tour was seeing communities 
like Phoenix who had their shit together. 

After crashing the Tribe Infoshop in a 

Friends don't let friends do Green Anarchy Tours 

drunken stupor, we left for Texas through more 
desert. A group of us watched the Sun rise 
over the New Mexico desert, hanging out with 
Raven, desert flowers in bloom and amazing 
sky. It was green anarchy in the physical. My 
tears absorbed into the desert sand, as the 
world got more polluted. Sad enough the best 
thing we could offer to stop this shit and turn 
it around was a pathetic tour guzzling gas 
across the country. 

We arrived at the El Paso gig early (for a 

change), but the whole crew was burnt out. 
We set up a table with merchandise, literature 
and videos, but nobody was competent 
enough to stay with it all day. Although we 
arrived early, we still slacked and let El Paso 
down. No workshops, only another 

We left El Paso before the last band played, 
but it was still physically impossible to arrive 
on time to the next venue. I drove 85mph for 
five hundred miles and was still three and a 
half hours late to Austin. Here is where I give 
props to the super competent organizer of this 
tour who forgot to factor in such real things 
as sleep and time zone changes. We showed 
up in Austin to a group of disappointed 
anarchists. "There were a bunch of people 
here earlier, but they all left. Maybe they'll 
be back later?" An Austin kid said. The folks 
in Austin were very conscious, and it seemed 
like we didn't really need to be there 'cause 
we had nothing new to offer them. We were 
even more burnt out than the last show. The 
finances were in shambles, and we barely had 
enough cash to make it on to Houston. All of 
the drivers were heavily taxed, myself 
especially included. 

Next was Houston, where we arrived 8 or 9 
hours late. No filmfest, no workshops, only a 
disappointing music group playing to 
disappointed kids. By this time I was sick and 
tired of this tour. Sick and 
tired of the let-down looks on 
the faces of the folks we met. 
I can only commend the 
organizers' good intentions, 
because the logistics of the 
tour were so poorly 
organized that I could puke. 



If we are to ever again live 
as earth-based humans in 
face-to-face communities, 
then we would have to take 
responsibility for our every 
action. If the highest form of 
government was the self, 
then eating, shitting, 
sleeping and especially 
face-to-face interactions would be solely our 
own responsibility. In western civilization we 
form only a tiny part of a big industrial 
machine that we can take no responsibility 

September 4: Statement From The 
Earth Liberation Front Press Office 

Over the past several months, it has come 
to our attention that people are unclear about 
whether the Earth Liberation Front Press 
Office (ELFPO) is still being attended to, 
and what support the ELFPO is continuing 
to give in the absence of an identifiable 

Although there is no single person who 
communicates for the Earth Liberation Front 
(ELF), there are still people distributing press 
releases, communiques, and other information 
to further the goals of ELF activists. We remain 
steadfastly committed to disseminating 
information as it becomes avaiable, and 
updating the ELFPO website. We recognize 
that over the past few months communications 
and website updates have been inconsistent 
and this will be corrected in the upcoming 

We will only conduct interviews via email 
at the current time as those who are working 
on the ELFPO wish to remain anonymous to 
the media and the general public. Please for- 
ward requests for media interviews to 

The ELFPO is a legal, above-ground news 
service dedicated to exposing the political and 
social motives behind the covert direct actions 
of the underground ELF. The ELFPO receives 
anonymous communiques from the 
underground ELF and distributes the message 
to the media and public nation-wide. 

For more info, visit the ELFPO website: 

for. We are taught this, to be a tiny cog, easily 
replaceable, the machine will function with 
or without you. No responsibility, not for food, 
shelter, personal accountability, etc... We sell 
our responses to the government machine. 

I feel many anarchists misunderstand 
anarchy to mean total lack of responsibility. I 
argue that anarchy is the natural ability to 
respond to the motion of the world. Apathy 
about the state of the world is understandable, 
but it is not anarchy. Anarchy is a place. It is 
every place wild, where the universe is not 
confined by human dominance. 

As far as the tour is concerned there was 
nothing that resembled anarchy, or resembled 
a shade of green. Good ideas don't mean shit. 
We all know the Machine is threatening the 
biosphere's capacity to sustain humanity. 
What will-if anything-threaten its course of 
action? Certainly not Apathy, even if it is 
'green'. I feel our chance to alter its toxic 
course lies in creating the places of Anarchy. 
So be apathetic if you will, but please don't 
call it anarchy. 

I left the tour two days after one of the gas- 
guzzling vans broke down in the bayous of 
Louisiana. I felt that I did a lot to change the 
attitude of the tour, but not enough. The 
decision-making body seemed not to listen 
to my critique or suggestions. I don't know if 
the tour ever crawled out of the swamps. I 
hope it did and hopefully it 
left indifference behind. 

To all the folks who were 
hoping to experience this 
tour I apologize for any let- 
down, though maybe you are 
better off. And to all the 
folks who showed up in the 
places it did go through, I 
apologize for the HYPE and 
let-down. To all involved 
with the tour, lets get moving 
onto real revolutionary 
projects, those that will help 
break shackles of government 
and techno-dominion. We 

Ip&qtsl] ^ 

don't need better luck 

Excessive alcohol consumption has been a nex t time we need 

feature of western civilization for centuries better planning and 

execution. Let's respond the best our warped 

minds will let us to the current ecological 


"a dead pig is a dead pig, even if they're killed by a 
leftist, a leftist is a leftist, even if they kill a pig..." 

the plow has probably 
done more harm - in 
the long run - than 
the sword... 

As with some of your readers, I too have 
become seduced with the hope of 
civilization's collapse. John Zerzan and 
others have clearly provided a powerful 
critique of our present situation. Of the 
many paths toward our hopes of a better 
world, this article speaks of a revolution 
in our everyday lives. 

After working in agriculture for a good 
portion of my life, I agree with Zerzan's 
critique of it (at least I get to be outside!). It 
is inherently unsustainable. Don't believe the 
hype, sustainable agriculture rarely ever 
exists. It is practically impossible to remove 
a large amount of biomass (food) from a space 
year after year without replenishing the soil. 
Conventional forms don't worry about soil 
health and feed the plants chemically. This 
destroys the soil and fosters further chemical 
dependence. Organic farms replenish the soil 
and feed their plants by applying organic 
material. Their products are usually superior 
in quality. But the question remains as to 
where the organic material used to replenish 
comes from. More often than not, factory 
farm or trawler left-overs are used on certified 
organic farms (sorry vegans). Factory farm 
animals are usually fed chemically grown 
grain because there just isn't enough animal 
products to go around. Most organic farms 
are unsustainable in the long term because 
they import their nutrients/biomass from 
elsewhere. They are just one link in the 
funneling of our soil resources down the toilet. 
Not to mention all the fuel spent doing it. 

Although it is hard to grow demanding 
crops without chemical or heavy animal 
fertilizers, there are sustainable examples to 
be had. Gardening or small scale farming can 
use home made composts and composted 
humanure. The Chinese developed a 
sustainable civilization by integrating human 
waste back into the system. Masanobu 
Fukuoka claims to achieve higher than 
average yields without outside inputs. 

But even if all the world was growing food 
in this idyllic manner, it would totally fail to 
meet my criteria of being ecologically sound, 
among other things. How many salmon can 
swim though an exposed stream next to a 
carrot patch? How many eagles live in a 
strawberry field? Seen any bobcats in the 

collards recently (besides eating chickens)? 
You cannot purchase a solution to this. 
Basically, if you're buying conventional food 
(organic or not), you are directly supporting 
the eradication and suppression of the wild. I 
should remind the reader that if he or she must 
consume domesticated food, a vegetable 
based diet is less destructive than a meat based 


Towards A 

by Mountain Goat 


a dumpster based diet beats all. 

A hunter-gatherer food system, on the other 
hand, is completely compatible with the 
environment and can, in some 
areas, provide an abundance of 
food. For this to be an option in a 
native ecosystem, property lines 
cannot exist, as travel between 
vastly different regions is 
necessary. Another drawback is the 
amount of people it could support. 
I highly doubt that the current 
population (built on future 
resources) could return to this 

I've wondered if there was a way 
to produce as much food per 
square foot as conventional I 
agriculture and yet meet the 
ecological criteria of a hunter- 
gatherer food system. I looked for 
nexus points between the two 

For the purposes of this article, 
I will call it the modified gatherer 
food system. Aspects of it are 
found in agroforestry and 
permaculture. Agroforestry, while 
solving many of the ecological 
problems of agriculture, still exists 
in a surplus/capitalist world. 
Permaculture integrates the system theories 
into its larger all-encompassing lifestylism. 

One principle of it is its reliance on wild 
plants. I believe that humanity has failed in 
its attempts to improve on nature through 
breeding. Breeding has usually been for 
increased size (water content), transportation 
issues (shelf life), and better taste (sugar 
content). What we have lost in exchange for 
these things is nutrition. Recent studies have 

shown anti-oxidant activity to be far higher 
in wild fruits and a couple of dandelion leaves 
can beat a head of lettuce nutritionally. So it 
is important to also realize that producing 
more calories out of a given space is not the 
only criteria for a food system's superiority. 
Feral plants and reseeding annuals can 
reproduce by themselves, completely 
eliminating the labor of saving seeds. They 
can hold their own alongside natives (not 
always a good thing). Once established, 
perennial trees and shrubs require little 
care. Once gathered or purchased, they 
intersect very little with capital. The 
knowledge of edible weeds and native 
plants allow the landless a free food source. 
A knowledge of edible landscape plants can 
turn even an urban area into a forager's 
delight. Wild plants require less specialization 
to grow and can be a challenge to a highly 
cultured pallet. They therefore are highly 
resistant to commodification (i.e., it is hard 

to make a living growing them). 

Another principle of the modified gatherer 
food system is multi-story production. This 
involves mimicking a forest by using plants 
of all different sizes (trees, shrubs, perennials, 
and bulbs). Since private property limits 
movement, one should draw from the wide 
variety of edible/useful plants available for 
their zone. There are literally thousands of 
edible species of plants in the world. One 

potential of having so many bred cultivars 
available (in civilization) is the ability to 
obtain genetic diversity and then learn which 
plants work best with your site, helping you 
to exit civilization. All this diversity in size 
and type of plants should produce what will 
appear to the layman as a chaotic jumble. 
Organized instructions and calendars will be 
of little use now. Some books will reveal 
detailed processing info, but most of what you 
now learn pertains specifically to your space 
and therefore remains uncharted. With the 
sophisticated knowledge needed to fully 
utilize everything and the lack of straight 
lines, this system is also highly resistant to 
slave labor and mechanization. 

These are very shortened principles of a 

system designed to be resistant to the worst 

ravages of capitalism (although some aspects 

of it can be recuperated). This system is also 

compatible with the environment and 

virtually everyone can participate in it to 

some degree. A main barrier to its 

implementation is its incompatibility 

with industrial capitalism, but the habits 

of our everyday lives and our cultural 

programming reproduce the present. 

Food produced in it is unlike the 

domesticated fare we're used to. Plus, 

let's face it, hunter/gatherers were 

opportunists and our culture of excess 

produces many opportunities to be a 

bottom feeder with little effort. 

For those interested in pursuing 
these ideas and more, books or classes 
on wild edibles, native plants, 
permaculture, and edible landscaping 
can provide much. Recognizing the 
many useful plants can seem 
, overwhelming at first, but our minds are 
i designed for it. Brand recognition in 
the grocery and drug store is this ability, 
but mutated. Lastly, this article is not 
meant to discourage anyone involved in 
the plant community. Annual gardening 
on a small scale is more efficient than 
centralized production. Organic 
farming is superior to chemical 
agriculture in many ways. Farming is a 
thankless job that pays little but allows 
for mental freedom and a daily relationship 
with the earth. Please send critiques and 
correspondence to Feral Farm, P.O. Box 92, 
Rockport.WA 98283. 

As a plant person, I'd like to express 
solidarity with those involved in direct action, 
including but not limited to property 
destruction, and thank them for providing me 
with entertainment as well as my day to day 


When "farmers" look like astronauts whose feet have never 
touched the Earth, when pesticide pushers and hydroponic lab 
technicians attempt to manipulate and reconstruct our food 
into their dysfunctional techno-model, when genetically-modified 
food organisms biologically pollute the natural world — 
introducing a tremendous new hazard on scale with nuclear 
power — it's time to start fighting for our lives! Here are just a 
few of the actions people all over the world are taking to 
challenge the Agribusiness Juggernaut, as it seeks to control, 
simplify and homogenize everything in its path. 

March 28, India: Genetically Modified BT Cotton 
Seeds Burnt On Holika Eve By Farmers 

Sadalpur: On the eve of the ancient Holika festival several 
tons of hazardous BT cotton seeds were burnt by village farmers 
of the Hisar Harayna district. Children, aged villagers and farm- 
ers were present during this ritual. One of the farmers tied 
traditional cotton thread on the wrists of farmers present at the 
occasion, who in turn promised that they would protect farms, 
villages and the natural world from anti-nature seeds like that 
of BT cotton. They also swore to boycott BT cotton and any 
person buying, selling, and growing BT coton. 
{Editors note: This action is fairly old at this point, 
but it was only recently sent to us by anti-genetix 
campaigners in India, and since we haven't seen it 
mentioned anywhere else in the North American 
underground press, we've decided to include it in 
this issue of GA.) 

April 25, England: Notorious Anti-Roads Activist 
Resurfaces To Fight GM Crops 

Weymouth: In the early morning hours of April 25, a 
diverse group of determined individuals erected and moved 
into a giant pink castle located at the entrance to one of the 
fields in which the British government hopes to plant 
genetically modified (GM) maize this year. Equipped with 
an arsenal of "lock-down" gadgetry - and with the full support 
of local residents - the GE protesters plan to maintain their 
occupation long enough to prevent the planting. The pink castle 
is located next to the Littlemoor Estate near Weymouth, and 
has won mass support from residents of a nearby estate in 
Dorset. "They use this area to walk their dogs and for 

and they don't 

crops planted 

said Liz 

want GM 



Snake, \ A / /\ tTJ i one of the 

occupiers. \l \l /\ 1^. 1 "There were 
attempts to " ■ ' ».!>.* grow GM 

maize here last year and the locals destroyed around 70% of the 
crop." "Swampy", the eco-warrior who rose briefly to fame in 
a series of anti-roads protests six years ago, emerged from 
obscurity in early May to assist the Pink Castle occupiers in 
their battle against GM crops. Shortly after "Swampy" joined 
the campaign, protestors fought with police and farmworkers 
as the latter used seven tractors to plant the field with GM 
maize. The crop is designed to resist Glufosinate - a broad 

spectrum herbicide - and would allow farmers to apply the 
chemical in greater quantities than before. The 25 protestors 
were supported by more than a dozen families from the 
adjacent Littlemoor estate who joined in as the protestors 
chained themselves to the tractors and battled with police. 
"Swampy" became a media celebrity for his protests against 
the Newbury bypass and a new runway at Manchester airport 
six years ago. The Newbury bypass cut a nine-mile swathe 
through pristine countryside and was opposed by hundreds of 
local residents. The protests cost the government 26 million 
pounds and forced them to rethink their road-building policy. 

April 27-28, Scotland: Multiple Attacks On GM Crop Site 

Black Isle: Five people were arrested after a field of 
genetically modified oilseed rape was damaged for the 
second time in a week at Roskill Farm. The same field of GM 
oilseed rape was also attacked the previous weekend (see GA 
#9 for more details). About five acres of the crop were 
damaged on that occasion and police investigations are still 
continuing. At this time, the total amount of damage to the 
crop trial site is still being assessed. Less than twenty four 
hours later, that same field of GM crops was damaged by 
protestors for the third time in a week. Campaigners say that 
more than half of the GM oilseed rape crop at Roskill Farm 
has now been destroyed. 

May 18, Canada: Organic Farmer Unveils Location 
Of Secret Genetically Modified Wheat Plots 

Regina: A Sasketchewan farmer has gone public with the location 
of two secret sites where researchers are growing and testing GM 
wheat for the bio tech company Monsanto. Marc Loiselle says 
there are test plots of GM wheat at Agriculture Canada's Scott 
Research Farm, located in west-central Sasketchewan, and at Ag- 
Quest, a private company located just outside of Saskatoon. 

AlNTi'GENETix AdioN 

...continued from previous page 

Loiselle, an organic farmer from Vonda, 
learned the locations from an agronomic 
:ommittee that he sits on. He believes the 
aublic has the right to know where the test 
ites are and has presented the information in 
peeches, in a newsletter regarding organic 
sroduction and to the media. Monsanto 
confirmed that Agriculture Canada and Ag- 
Quest are conducting research trials on its GM 
wheat. Before Loiselle's revelation, the exact 
location of Monsanto 's many GM wheat plots 
was a closely guarded secret in Canada. Even 
the Sasketchewan government didn't know 
sxactly where the plots were located in the 
Drovince. Officials with the Scott Research 
Firm have expressed concern about the 
ecurity of the research trails, referring to 
the destruction of GM research plots that 
Is so rampant in Europe these days. There 
ire 33 Western Canadian sites where 
Monsanto is testing GM wheat this year. 

June 7, Thailand: Nestle Office 
Raided By Greenpeace Activists 

Bangkok: Activists of the Greenpeace 
Southeast Asia raided a Nestle's office, 
iumping products containing genetically 
nodified ingredients on the floor. According 
to the report, ten activists stormed the 
Mestle's office and dumped boxes of Nestle 
3M products including Cerelac, a baby 
food, and the Starfish brand of snacks. 
They tied themselves to a counter at the 
Consumer Information Center while a 
3reenpeace activist presented a protest 
letter to Nestle executive Nophadol 
Siwabutr, in which they criticized the Nestle 

ompany for preparing to supply GM food 
sroducts to Thai consumers while the 1 
sroducts sold in Europe were GM-free. A 

imilar protest also took place simultaneously 
in Manila, Hong Kong and Switzerland. The 
iction was to kick off a campaign urging 
:onsumers to return products containing GMO 
^genetically modified organisms). 

June 8, Scotland: Demonstrators 
Trample Genetically Modified Crops 

Fife: An estimated 250 people from across 
Scotland met at Wester Friarton Farm in Newport 
for a "Tea in the Field" protest. 70 anti-GM crop 
demonstrators trampled crops in the field 
in full view of the cops. Four people were 
arrested during the trashing. 

June 8, Italy: 40,000 March Against 
Genetically Modified Food 

Rome: Under tight security, an estimated 
4-0,000 people marched through the streets of 
Rome to air grievances over genetically 
nodified food and other agricultural issues 
wo days before the start of a U.N, summit in 

the Italian capital. With memories of the anti- 
capitalist/ anti-globalization riots that tore up 
the city of Genoa last summer ( and left 23- 
year old anarchist Carlo Giulliani dead), the 
Italian State spared no expense and arranged 
heavy security for the march. But the sheer 
number of people who showed up anyway — 
rivaling the ammount of people in Seattle on 
N30 — is a clear indication that the 
international ruling class is going to have an 
increasingly hard time shoving GM food down 
the throats of their subjects, who are resisting 
everywhere it's being introduced. 

June 18, England: The Pink Castle Is 
Gone - Long Live The Pink Castle! 

Weymouth: After seven weeks of occupying 
a GM field in Dorset, the perky pink symbol 
of defiance is gone - as has the entire GM 
maize crop! From the 25th of April the pink 
fortification stood guard over a field where the 
mutant remains of the previous years GM 
maize crop could still be found. The castle 
residents hoped to obstruct the farmer 

from planting again and prevent further 
GM contamination. In May, three weeks into 
the field occupation, the multinational- 
collaborating farmer Charles Foot, with 
seven tractors and massive police backing, 
entered the field and succeeded in planting the 
Aventis GM maize. Only two thirds of the field 
was planted so the pink castle camp remained 
to defend the rest. Naturally, there was plenty 
to do after the maize went in and loads of 
people visited the encampment to insure that 
the job was done. By early June, the entire crop 
of GM maize had been pulled up by visitors 
to the pink castle and the farmer and his 
corporate sponsers' Aventis wrote off the trial, 
acknowledging that they had been defeated by 
a grassroots, local movement they couldn't 
infiltrate or control. On June 15th, following 
the victory, a celebration was held that included 
a large communal feast of organically-grown, 
non-GM vegetables. Last year, Littlemoor 

residents decontaminated a massive 70% of 
the GM maize planted in the same feild and 
all five Dorset GM trials were destroyed or 
damaged. Within hours of the seeds being 
sown, at least twenty locals were seen digging 
them from the ground. 

July 8, Belgium: "Red Devils" 
Destroy Genetically Modified Crops 

Flanders: A group called "Red Devils" 
destroyed a field of GM sugar beets thai 
belonged to the company Advanta. Despite the 
fact that the British/Dutch company had 
earlier announced to have quit producing 
GM crops, a field of GM sugar beets was 
discovered by activists in the area of 
Verrebroek. The "Red Devils" claim this 
action is part of the world wide campaign of 
resistance to genetic engineering. 

July 15, India: Bt Cotton Seeds Set Aflame 
By Farmers And Environmentalists 

Farmers and environmentalists attacked a 
shop selling Bt cotton seeds and set fire to 
the seeds stored inside. The activists said 
they had already warned the government 
that if Bt cotton seeds were sold, they would 
be immediately destroyed. Opposition to 
genetic engineering is widespread in 
India, and the opposition is becoming 
increasingly militant. 

August 1, England: Anti-GM 
Protestors Damage Crops 

Essex: Protesters against genetically 
modified crops damaged part of a field of 
maize. Members of the Colchester GM 
Campaign arrived at the field in Wivenhoe 
in the early hours and trampled the crop. A 
campaign spokesperson said 12 protesters 
had taken part, some remaining at the scene 
for six hours. The campaign spokesperson 
also said that a third of the crop had been 

August 6, India: Environmentalists 
Destroy Bt Cotton 

Davangere: Environmentalists destroyed Bt 
cotton cultivated in an area of two acres at 
Rudranakatte. The activists convinced the 
farmers that it would be a good idea before 
destroying the crops. Security was tightened 
in the village to prevent any untoward incident 
However, the police could not take any steps 
against the activists as they destroyed the crops 
after convincing the farmers. Two farmers of 
the village had cultivated Bt cotton. The 
environmentalists told them that the crop 
would have to be destroyed since it affected 
the environment. Earlier, while addressing the 
villagers, an environmentalist professor stated 
that the crop, though disease-resistant, would 
destroy farmer-friendly insects and affect the 
environment ...FUCK BIOTECH! 

Celebrating The One-Year Anniverssary Of A Tornado Attack On 
An Agricultural Research Site In Washington, D.C. 

On September 23, 2001, a tornado struck suburban Washington, D.C, causing as much as 
$41 million dollars in damage to the government's largest agricultural research facility, and 
disrupting studies on everything from soybean genetics to exotic citrus diseases. The 
research centers' greenhouses, which covered 100,000 square feet, recieved varying degrees 
of damage, and a third of them were destroyed. Fifteen buildings that housed laboratories 
and offices were also damaged. In one of the labs that was damaged, USDA scientists had 
been mapping the genetic code of soybean plants, so hopefully, their research was knocked 
back considerably. Damage to the greenhouses and buildings was estimated at $38 million. 
There was another $3 million in damages to vehicles, equipment and supplies. "Science" 
has been unable to determine what made this tornado suddenly change course and unleash 
it's full fury on this benign, humanitarian, State-funded research facility. Maybe there's 
something to the Gaia hypothesis after all... 

"Anarchy describes a particular type of 
situation, one in which authority does not 
exist or its power to control is negated. Such 
a situation guarantees nothing - not even the 
continued existence of that situation, but it 
does open up the possibility for each of us to 
start creating our lives for ourselves in terms 
of our own desires and passions rather than 
in terms of social roles and the demands of 

social order. Anarchy is not the goal of 
revolution.itis the situation which makes the 
only type of revolution that interests me 
possible - an uprising of individuals to create 
their lives for themselves and destroy what 
stands in their way. It is a situation free of 
any moral implications.presenting to each of 
us the amoral challenge to live our dues 
without constraints." -Feral Faun 

-He kas an arm, an iron arm 

?\na tkougk v\e. \\as but one — 

TTkeres a magic in \\\a\ single arm 
TTkat cruskes millions down. 

Kaczynski's Analogy Still 
"Hits Where It Hurts" 

I very much appreciate Green Anarchy 

running the article by Ted Kackzynski. As long 
as the Green Anarchy collective continues to 
publish information of this caliber they will 
continue to have my support. 

I think the GA collective's response to Ted's 
article missed his essential message on a core 
point. Ted was speaking to STRATEGY, not 
CRITIQUE, and was attempting to search out 
strategic points of vulnerability — this is very 
different from dismissing valid points of 
critique. "Civilization" is the word used to 
identify the totality of the enemy we are faced 
with and is an important concept to use when 
speaking to the essential inter-relatedness of 
all the evils we face. Along the same lines, if 
I were in a fight with another person I might 
say I was fighting " John doe". This identifies 
the collectivity of the enemy and includes his 
whole body and spirit — fists, face, mind, head 
and feet. However, to say that my STRATEGY 
for defeating "John doe" should be to attack 
all aspects of him is not very helpful — just as 
saying that our strategy for defeating 
civilization should be to attack all aspects of 
civilization is also a waste of essential energy. 

I agree with the GA collective's position on 
civilization and patriarchy, however, I also 
agree with Ted that the STRATEGIC VALUE 
of attacking issues like racism, homophobia, 
sexism, etc., is marginal due to the adaptability 
of the system and its ability to co-opt such 
struggles for its own purposes. To continue the 
metaphor of two people engaged in a fight — 
if you tell John Doe he can't use his left foot 
to kick you, he might agree while he proceeds 
to hit you in the face with his right fist. This 
has been a theme repeated down through the 
history of radical struggle with empire — 
radicals say "stop hitting us with (fill in the 
blank)" and empire turns around and hits them 
with something else that is just as bad or worse. 
This is an essentially reactive posture on our 
part and has gotten us nowhere so far. Perhaps 
we need to stop complaining so much about 
what IT should or shouldn't hit us with and 
start concentrating on what WE are going to 
hit it with — and where and how WE should 

One bit of my own perspective that I would 
like to add to Ted's article is that bio-tech is 
nothing new. Bio-tech is as old as civilization 
itself and the common word for it is simply 
"agriculture". Think about it. 

— Godless Savage 





Destroy King Steam, tke JV\o\oc.i\ wild/ 

you toiling tkousands all! 
Bind kim kis kand, or else our land 

Will over nigkt down fall. 

— anonymous Luddite 

[p^^nTJ 1/ 

(ummm &M&m<gmv §n® 

January 22, India: Buffalo Pays Visit To EC 

Alor Star: Crowds at the Federal Building 
in Alor Star, where the Election Commissions 
office is located, were shocked to see a water 
buffalo storm the buildings compound. The 
buffalo sent workers, mainly from the EC 
office and the "Anti-Corruption Agency", 
helterskelter when it chased them in front of 
their offices. Veterinary Department officers 
fired four shots of tranquilizer at the 175kg 
buffalo, but to no avail. The buffaloe's rampage 
against "representative democracy" continued 
until the Chief gardener of Sekolah Menengah 
Stadium — Omar Mahmud — succeeded in 
calming the buffalo by reciting a prayer. 
January 23, India: Rubber Tapper Gored By 
Wild Water Buffalo 

Dungun: A rubber tapper was seriously 
injured when he was gored by a wild water 
buffalo while on his way to extract rubber in 
water buffalo habitat. Local cops said that 
Rosmadi Semur, 20, had ventured near a river 
when he suddenly encountered a herd of water 
buffaloes. "One of the buffaloes charged 
Rosmadi and gored him causing serious 
injuries to his stomach and body", the cops 
said. Rosmadi was taken to an intensive care 
unit with tears to his liver and excessive 
internal bleeding. He's expected to recover but 
hopefully he's learned that he 
shares this planet with other 

February 11, India: Wild 
Elephants Kill Three, Injure Ten 

Cox Bazar: Rampaging 
elephants trampled to death three 
Bangladeshis and injured 10 in theifi 
country's southeastern forest^' 
region, according to local human 
"officials". "Two of the victims 
died on the day of the attack and| 
the other the following day when 
herds of elephants stormed two 
farming villages near a forest at 
Ukhia, 450 km ( 281 miles) from 
Dhaka," said the deputy 
commissioner of the Cox Bazar district. The 
elephants destroyed nearly 15 straw and 
bamboo-made houses, leaving some 100 
people homeless. Elephants, a protected 
wildlife species in Bangladesh, often make 
forays into villages, mostly at night, to look 
for food. They also damage crops, police said, 
indicating a hostility to the displacement 
caused by agriculture and the permanent 
settlements of domesticated humans. Forest 
"officials" said they believed the elephants 
strayed out of the forest when disturbed by 
illegal loggers. 

March 6, Austria: Caged Jaguars Stage 

Vienna: While visitors watched, three 
jaguars at the Schoenbrunn Zoo attacked and 
killed an employee as she was preparing their 
food and injured the zoo's director when he 
tried to rescue the zookeeper. 
March 6, India: Scared Residents Let Monkeys 
Run Riot 

Hungry monkeys have gone on the rampage 
in an Indian temple town and no-one will 
complain because of myths surrounding the 
animals. The town of Noida in Uttar Pradesh 
is under siege from monkeys who raid fridges, 
uproot gardens and attack hospitals, pets and 
people. The monkeys have also been 
plundering shops selling fruit and vegetables 
in Ayodhya. The newspaper Aaj Kal reports 
that a policeman who tried to drive away the 
marauding monkeys had one of his ears bitten 
off. In another incident, the monkeys pulled a 
heavy lid off a water tank and dropped it on a 
car below, severely damaging the vehicle. 
Some people are said to feed the monkeys just 
to help keep them at bay, reports the Times of 





claim the 

monkeys even send out scouts to check out 

possible raids and once they locate one, they 

return with several other monkeys. The 

religious and anthropomorphic projections of 

the human race seem to be protecting the 

riotous monkeys, who are associated with the 

Hindu monkey god Hanuman, and who are 

being granted a type of "diplomatic immunity" 

as they seek to reclaim stolen territory. 

March 12, England: Captive Elephant Sets Out 

To Kill Jailkeeper 

London: A four-ton Burmese elephant held 
down a zookeeper at London Zoo and 
deliberately crushed his skull with her foot, 
according to an official zoo inquest. In front 
of dozens of shocked visitors, the 20-year-old 
female elephant pushed over zookeeper James 
Robson, then wrapped her trunk around his 
legs to hold him down before stamping him 
on his head. 

March 26, India: Liquor-Loving Elephants 
Wean Villagers Off The Hard Stuff 

Bengal: Illicit liquor manufacturers 
(bootleggers) in eastern India complain that 
they are being put out of business by rogue 

elephants with a fondness for booze. Elephants 
in West Bengal's Midnapore district have gone 
on the rampage destroying thousands of barrels 
of alcohol. The bootleggers say the animals 
are attracted by the smell of liquor being 
produced at the distilleries and have now 
appealed to the police for protection against 
wild elephants, though it's unlikely that more 
bribes will solve their financial problems. 
Biman Mahato, a businessman whose liquor 
outlet was damaged, said: "The fact that the 
elephants love the liquor produced by us could 
have been a great advertisement for our 
business if only there was something left for 
us to sell." 

April 5, Florida: Motorist Escapes After 
Alligator Bites Through Car Bumper 

A Florida motorist escaped from an alligator 
after it bit through her car bumper and lifted 
her car off the ground. Stephanie Feola pulled 
over after hitting what she thought was a small 
animal on her way home. Feola, 43, said: "The 
car started shaking and it was lifting the front 
end up. I thought it (the alligator) was going 
to come up through the floor." Feola managed 
to put the car in reverse and escape before 
calling police on her mobile phone. Wildlife 
cops in Port Charlotte later caught and killed 
the rebellious 7ft alligator. Considering the 
significant impact that roads and motorized 
vehicles have on sensitive terrestrial and 
aquatic ecosystems and wildlife in Florida 
(since 1981, 65% of documented Florida 
Panther deaths have been roadkills, reducing 
the total known wild population to 20), it's no 
wonder that this alligator didn't want to 
become the next "roadkill victim" of car 

April 10, 
Elephants Foil Police Chasing "Terrorists" 

A herd of rampaging elephants forced police 
to abandon a mission against so-called 
"terrorists" in an Indian jungle. The elephants 
charged at police commandos chasing 
guerrillas of the United 
Liberation Force of 
Assam, a rebel group 
based in the state of 
Assam. Police and 
commandos raided th 
forest following ; 
heavy gunfire] 

exchange with thel 
rebels near Jaldapara. 
Regional police chief 
Shiv Kumar said the 
operation had to be 
called off after they 
were chased away by a \ 
group of wild elephants. Kumar, who was 
among the police and commandos, said: "It's 
impossible to carry on the operation." 
April 1 7, New York: Turkey Breaks Into Store, 
Trashes Hunting Videos 

Batavia: A turkey recently decided to take a 
turn as social critic, attacking 
movies in a video store and taking 
particular aim at hunting videos. 
Nancy Arena arrived at her video 
store 30 miles east of Buffalo to 
find the front window smashed and 
feathers and movie cases scattered 
everywhere. She called police, and 
when the cops finally arrived, they 
flushed a young torn turkey out of 
the science-fiction section. Arena 
says the episode was "kind of 
I weird" because the turkey bashed 
into the hunting videos first and 
:, left some droppings on them. 
May 12, Florida: Feline Zoo 
Prisoner Bites The Hand That 
Tortures It 

Bush Gardens: A 1 2 year old 350 pound lion 
bit off the lower-half of a zookeepers right arm 
at Bush Gardens — the Anheiser-Bush owned 
"theme park" — in Tampa Bay, Florida, during 
what amusement park managers called a 
"routine training exercise." Lions have a long 
tradition of challenging human tyranny: In 
1898, two male Tsavo lions made meals of a 
reputed 135 laborers, stopping construction of 
what is now Kenya Railways in its tracks. Why 
the taste for humans? Perhaps 
because rinderpest, a disease brought 
by the European colonizers' cattle, 
had killed off most of the lions natural 

Late May: By Leaps And Bounds, 
Marauding Monkeys Overrun Japan 
Violent, rebellious monkeys — 
hostile to human laws and customs — 
are spreading across Japan, a tidy, 
cement-trimmed nation more 
commonly associated with 
electronics and international 
commerce than wildlife. From a 
scraggly postwar population of 15,ooo, the 
number of monkeys has increased tenfold in 
half a century, reaching 150,000 today. The 
generation of monkeys produced by this 
population explosion seems to be an anti-social 
and defiant one, and have been accused of 
everything from burglarizing supermarkets to 
mugging humans for food to carjacking! "It 
just gets worse and worse," complained Toki 
Kaneda, a resident of the Chuzenji Lake 
district who closed her souvenir store because 
of monkey theft. "We haven't been able to 
leave the windows of our second-floor rooms 

open for years." Increasingly, Japanese 
officials demonize monkeys as "pests" that 
"infest" farmland, causing at least $7 million 
dollars crop damage a year. Like coyotes in 
the United States, monkey numbers in Japan 
keep increasing. With monkey bands moving 
from mountain areas to farm areas, their diet 
has improved, allowing most adult females to 
have one baby a year. Japanese monkeys are 
also becoming bigger 
and more aggressive 
because of their Western 
diets: By rooting through 
garbage bags or 
extorting food from 
tourists, they've gotten 
much stronger and larger 
from 20-30 years of 
eating greasy, fatty 
McDonalds food. 
Farmers are wondering 
if they're growing 
vegetables only to 
provide monkeys with 
buffet salad bars. A new book, Protecting 
Mountain Fields From Monkeys, contains the 
latest in anti-monkey technology, including 
electric fences and 12-foot-high nets. Rural 
villages have been posting bounties of up to 
$1,000 for the leader of a particularly 
destructive monkey troop. And in cities, 
sensational news reports about monkeys 
"molesting women and children" have stirred 
police to start patrolling streets with nets and 
bananas tied to poles. 

June 2, Malaysia: Rampaging Elephant Herd 
Kills Plantation Worker 

Kuala Lumpar: Sharifuddin Ghani, 23, a 
worker at a Malaysian palm oil plantation, was 
dragged from his home by an elephant who 
used its trunk to carry him back to the remote 
plantation where he worked in Temerloh — 
once there, a total of five elephants trampled 
Ghani to death. The elephants then returned 
to Ghani 's village and tried to attack his 
neighbors, but they all escaped. Rubber and 
palm oil plantations have replaced large tracts 
of forests over the past century in Malaysia, 
forcing animals such as elephants and tigers 
out of their natural home. To animals, the 
entire world is like Gestapo Germany, humans 
being the Nazis and animals being the Jews. 
These elephants seemed to think that they 
were at war with humans, humans having been 
the first aggressors by destroying the animals 
homes in the interest of capitalism and modern 
agribusiness. The reason animals don't strike 
back more often is their fear of humans, but 

we may be seeing more animal rebellion as 
we humans destroy more and more 
irreplaceable wildlife habitat. The elephants 
who killed Ghani were acting more like 
soldiers on a commando raid against the 
enemy than crazed animals committing a 
random, senseless act of murder. 

Humans Aren't The Only Species 
Oppressed By The System, Nor Are 
They The Only Species Fighting Back! 

Once far enough from the house 
from the confines of civilized language, 
I forget who I'm supposed to be, 
And become who I am. 

Words flow like food, like water, like blood. 
The plants speak to me. 
I become an animal 
Blackberries in my maw. 
All of a sudden 

(8® (BUM &KI&®€[KIW §TJ® 

My fears 

Of breaking human law 

To defend this sacred land 


Playing no part in this flow. 

The bees, the birds, the bears know no human laws, 

Nor do trees, nor berry bushes, 

Nor, when one with bee, bird, berry bush, and tree 

Do I. 

-Winston the Pooh— On Eating Blackberries 


lee ©mm en died Reading: 
*Revolt of the Bats by Alon K. Raab 
(reprinted in John Zerzan's seminal 
anthology, Against Civilization, available 
for $15 from GA distro. (see distro list) 

*Beasts of Burden: Capitalism, Animals and 
Communism (published by Antagonism 
Press, c/o BM Makhno, London, WC1 N 
3XX, United Kingdom ) 

"Let us hope that acts of self-defense and 
resistance by animals, fish, birds and their 
human brothers and sisters increases. Let these 
actions multiply and intensify until human 
tyranny is thrown off and replaced by a 
community of free living beings, assissting 
each other in this magical journey, and 
reforging the ancient bonds of beauty and 
comraderie."— Alon K. Raab 

Several years before animal liberation became 
a national and global issue, the following tract 
by the Chicago Surrealist Group not only 
raised the question in the strongest terms, but 
also related it to the revolutionary struggle 
against capitalism. Initially distributed at 
Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo in August of 1971 , 
this obscure leaflet tackles the issue of animal 
liberation from a revolutionary perspective, 
not a moralistic one, and is much more 
reflective of how many of us involved with 
"Green Anarchy" feel about that particular 
struggle, than the purely ethical arguments put 
forth by the mainstream animal rights 


A Contribution to the Critique 
of the Ideology of Zoos 

The ostrich, the deer, the jerboa, etc., 
will come and join forces with man as soon as 
his company becomes attractive to them, which 
it can never be in the civilized order! 
— Charles Fourier 

It is not without significance that animals 
in the zoo are captured and brought against 

their wills to this, the penitentiary of the 
instincts. The contemptible slavery that man 
too readily tolerates and allows to dominate 
human existence provokes an immediate 
revulsion, a profound disdain, a cataclysmic 
resistance among these animals of grace and 
savagery. It is only through the technological 
brutality of science in the service of oppression 
that the living are forced into a suspended 
death, in which dreams are deprived of the 
future they call forth, and sleep itself crumbles 
against the bars of destruction. 

Here, in the zoo, in this place of hypnotic 
fascination, human beings come to see their own 
instincts caged and sterilized. Everything that 
is intrinsic to humankind, but smothered by 
capitalist society, reappears safely in the zoo. 
Aggression, sexuality, motion, desire, play, the 
very impulses to freedom are trapped and 
displayed for the alienated enjoyment and 
manipulation of men, women, and children. 
Here is the harmless spectacle in which 
everything desired by human beings exists only 
to the degree that it is separated from the reality 
of human existence. The cages are merely the 
extensions of the cages that omnipresently infest 
the lives of all living beings. Here the animals 
are placed in the unnatural habitat of a society 
unnatural to itself. 

The incandescent speed of cheetahs, the 
desperate prowling of leopards, the celestial 
fever of black swans, the immaculate laughter 
of seals, the absent-minded tumbling of 
marmosets, the cabalistic brooding of owls: 
These veritable emblems of grandeur are 
imprisoned, severed from the past and the 
future and turned into empty shells of a 
previous joy. All that has been natural and a 
source of pleasure, for animals, has been 
converted into the performative slavery of a 
zoological bastille. Ability has been made the 
toil of suffering. 

The condition of slavery automatically 
poses the question: What are the prospects for 
liberation? It hardly needs to be stressed that 
the very notion of the revolutionary 
transformation of the relationship between 
humankind and beasts is all but unthinkable 
today . And yet, in the great myths of the 

American Indians and ancient African 
cultures, in the writings of certain thinkers of 
rare genius (Charles Fourier, Alphonse 
Toussenel, John Ruskin), in the tradition of 
so- called "accursed" poetry and in a 
remarkable popular tradition that extends at 
least from Mother Goose to animated 
cartoons, from The Musicians of Bremen to 
The Call of the Wild, it is possible to perceive 
at least some faint glimmers of the immense 
possibilities in this domain. One must heed, 
too, the invulnerable signals through the 
flames by the animals themselves: A few years 
ago, for example, the polar bears at Brookfield 
Zoo, after heavy rains flooded their lair, swam 
across the moat, broke into a concession stand 
and frolicked about as they consumed 
thousands of marshmallows. 

If enslavement begins with humankind, it 
must end with the simultaneous liberation of 
humans and animals from the yoke of 
commodity fetishism and narcissistic 
effusions. The brutal confinement of animals 
ultimately serves only to separate men and 
women from their own potentialities, and to 
make them victims of their own insidious 

It is the reality of dreams that necessitates 
the reintegration of humans and animals in 
everyday life. In the realization of its deepest 
desires, humanity will achieve what it has 
always sought:, a ittp|4rse of the incredible. 
-The Surrealist Group of Chicago 

■I I itf^ Jff 


May 2-7, England: Prison Riots Spread 
Throughout Country 

The prison population in England and Wales 
is at a record level of 71,000. The Prison 
Service is considering using another ship to 
house prisoners because the jails are full to 
overflowing. In this situation it is hardly 
surprising that three separate disturbances 
broke out in British prisons in the first week 
of May. At Guys Marsh, Dorset, on the 2nd 
of May 30 prisoners barricaded themselves 
in and damaged fixtures. At Lindholme jail 
on the 6th, 25 prisoners on a wing refused to 
return to their cells. At Ranby in 
Nottinghamshire, on evening of the 7th, 48 
prisoners took over their residential unit. The 
authorities attempted to keep quiet about 
these disturbances and then when word got 
out, strenuously denied that they had done so. 
There was no mention of the prisoners making 
any demands, but the condition of being 
imprisoned is sufficient to explain the rage 
felt by those inside. 

May 17-18, France: Riots Break Out At 
Detention Center 

Calais: Police used tear gas to disperse illegal 
immigrants after rioting broke out at the 
Sangatte refugee center close to a cross- 
Channel freight depot near Calais. At least four 
of the rioters were seriously wounded in 
fighting, which began shortly after the French 
railway authorities announced measures to 
tighten security at the depot. Britain has 
complained repeatedly about illegal 
immigrants using the depot as a means to enter 
Britain through the Channel Tunnel. The state- 
owned French railway company, SNCF, said 
it would install infra-red cameras and erect a 
double layer of fencing and barbed wire 
around the existing fence of the depot, to deter 
immigrants from Sangatte. Some of the rioters 
threw stones and smashed up a fence and used 

fence posts as weapons in the clashes. The 
violence broke out after a football match in 
the camp, but tensions were already high due 
to the increased security. Police managed to 
quell the rebellion, but more than 100 Kurds 
were stopped from re-entering the camp to 
prevent further trouble. This was the latest of 
several violent incidents at this center, which 
shelters about 1,200 refugees. The British 
Government has accused France of lax 
policing around Sangatte, allowing many 
immigrants to board trains to Britain illegally. 
May 26-30, Ecuador: Prisoners & Families 

Quito: Some 700 prisoners at the Garcia 
Moreno prison seized control of the facility 
during visiting hours on May 26 to protest the 
elimination of sentence 
reduction provisions. Some 300 
family members who were at 
the prison when the protest 
began - including nearly 100 
children - remained there in 
support of the protest. The 
prisoners were angered by the 
elimination of the "two for one" 
provision, which rewarded 
good behavior by eliminating 
one year of a sentence for every 
year served, effectively cutting 
sentences in half. As part of a 
set of reforms to the sentencing 
code passed last September, 
Congress changed the measure 
to reduce sentences by 180 days 
for every five years of a 
sentence - a "10 for one" benefit 
the prisoners say will increase 
violence by providing no 
incentive for good behavior to 
those with shorter sentences. On May 28, 
police tried to enter the prison, claiming the 
prisoners were holding relatives hostage and 
refusing to let any of them leave. The prisoners 
responded by threatening to blow up tanks of 

butane gas if police got in. Police then fired 
tear gas; pandemonium ensued, and 
paramedics had to evacuate a mother, her one- 
month-old baby, a pregnant woman and a six- 
month-old child who were badly affected by 
the gas. Tensions subsided after police and 
prisoners agreed to avoid violence. The next 
day negotiators failed to win an agreement, 
and the prison warden threatened to cut off 
food supplies. On May 30 the prisoners 
announced they were ending the protest after 
the PGE withdrew its interpretation of the 
law's retroactivity. The PGE has asked 
Congress to issue regulations clarifying the 
law's application. By the time the resolution 
was reached, more than 30 prisons around the 
country had joined the protest. 


-by Mary Oliver 

You do not have to be good. 

You do not have to walk on your knees 

for a hundred miles through the desert 


You only have to let the soft animal of your body 

love what it loves. 

Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell 

you mine. 

Meanwhile the world goes on. 

Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles 

of the rain 

are moving across the landscapes, 

over the praries and the deep trees, 

the mountains and the rivers. 

Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean 

blue air, 

are heading home again. 

Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, 

the world offers itself to your imagination, 

calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and 

exciting — 

over and over announcing your place 

in the family of things. 

The Anarchist Black Cross Network 
Conference Is History! 

The first Anarchist Black Cross conference 
in North America since 1994 was held on the 
weekend of July 26-28, 2002, in Austin, Texas. 
The event, hosted by the Austin ABC and 
former political prisoner and Texas anarchist 
Christopher Plummer, comes on the heels of 
the release of A New Draft Proposal For An 
Anarchist Black Cross Network which 
advocates the creation of a new network of 
anarchist anti-prison collectives. The ABC- 
Network is now in existence and is a promising 
development in the generally weak and dismal 
North American activist milieu. Reports on 
the conference have been written by longtime 
anarchist activists Lorenzo Kom'Boa Ervin 
and Ernesto Aguilar and others. These reports, 
and other info regarding the ABC Network and 
prisoner-support activism, can be found at the 
impressive Anarchist Black Cross Network 
website at: 

June 27-28, Australia: Mass Breakout 
From Asylum Camp 

Canberra: Radical asylum seeker supporters 
used a car to drag down fences at Australia's 
most notorious detention center, allowing 34 

[pi\^sH V 

people to escape. Immigration Minister Philip 
Ruddock said 15 asylum seekers were involved 
in a carefully planned mass breakout just before 
midnight on the 27th from the Woomera 
detention center, a former missile testing base 
in central Australia. The other 19 took 
advantage of the confusion and fled into the 
desert. "This is a deliberate, organized breakout 
by people who have been in contact with 
detainees," Ruddock told Melbourne radio 
station 3AW. Ruddock said members of an 
asylum seeker support group drove a car up to 
one of the razor-wire topped fences of the camp 
where they pulled down part of the fence and 
ferried the asylum seekers away. Australian 
Broadcasting Corp. radio said it had received 
an e-mail from a group calling itself Our Sacred 
Country, which claimed 
responsibility for the 
breakout. They say they 
decided to "liberate" the 
asylum seekers only after 
seeing the pain and 
suffering on their faces. 
Ruddock said five of the 
detainees were recaptured 
by police, and another 10 
had been spotted and were 
expected to be recaptured 
by police scouring the 
surrounding area. About 
160 of the 200 Woomera 
detainees there had been on 
a four-day hunger strike. 
Police have established 
roadblocks around the area 
and are using helicopters to 
search for those still on the 
run. The Immigration 
Department says most of 
those involved in the break-out have had their 
applications for asylum rejected. For up to date 
info on the struggle of refugees in Australia, 
see the Melbourne Independent Media 
Center website at: 

Taking Children Seriously (TCS) and Anarchy 

-By (I)An-ok 
What is TCS? 

One of the greatest breakthroughs in anarchist theory and 
practice first appeared six years ago, and hardly any anarchists 
even know of its existence. Not only that, but most of the 
anarchists who do know of its existence either disregard it or 
dismiss it with comments containing hierarchical and 
authoritarian language. I am referring to the philosophy and 
practice known as Taking Children Seriously or TCS. 

Taking Children Seriously is an educational and parenting 
philosophy which uses Karl Popper's views on epistemology, 
critical rationalism and a belief in fallibilism to reach a conclusion 
that coercion of any form is bad for the growth of knowledge 
and psychologically damaging to people, especially children. 
From this conclusion, Taking Children Seriously creates the 
framework for a methodology through which parents can 
cooperate with their children to find mutually preferable 
solutions to problems and disagreements that arise between 
them. The TCS movement has over a thousand participants 
all over the world, has produced two books and main 

journal and a number of active e-mail discussion lists 

ntains a 


The advantages of TCS 

TCS takes parenting, a subject which is hardly ever discussed 
or thought about in anarchist circles. and provides an approach 
to it which is consistent with anarchist principles that oppose 
hierarchy and domination. TCS also lends a sharply critical 
eye towards contemporary authoritarian parenting philosophies 
and practices. 

The lack of such a critical approach to parenting, as well as 
the lack of an alternative parenting methodology consistent 
with anarchist principles, cr^Bts one of the most discouragin, 
situations within the anarchist movement. Namely, anarchist: 
end up inexplicably conveyinjsHiessaiies to their childrefloi 
acceptance of the "necessity" of relationships of domination. 

TCS combines educational philosophy, epistemology and 
parenting and transforms them into a unified and inter- 
dependent system. This is of great value to anarchists, since 
most anarchists strive for a holistic outlook and approach 
towards people and society, and tend to shun laundry lists o 
forms of oppression and anarchist principles 

Along with providing a holistic approach to child-raising 
TCS provides a rational approach, as well as an emphasis on 
peoples innate fallibility. Given the fact that many defenders 
of authority often use the inequality of knowledge as a 
justification for those with the greater knowledge to 
assume positions of authority, TCS sees the explicit recognition 

.ting one 
sees thi 

of ones own fallibility as being essential for prev 

from becoj«ftan authority over childre^. TCS ah 

as vital for the growth of knowledge, since if one realizes th 

one may be making a mistake, one is left more open to ne' 

and better ideas which can be of more use for both parent and 

child alike. BwaMMl 

The TCS approach to learning and parental discipline 

Most people, anarchists included, unconsciously view children 
as being products in the process of being assembled. Schooling, 
parental advice, life experience and sometimes religious 
indoctrination are supposed to supply the product with the 
appropriate software necessary for functioning, while parental 
control and "discipline" are supposed to ensure that the product 
does not damage itself or leave the factory during the assembly 
process. This view of children comes about from a lack of 
faith in the abilities of children to use reason or make their 
own decisions. 

Instead of this, the TCS approach contends that every 
action that one does comes from an individual choice, either 
explicitly or implicitly. The choice one chooses may or may 
not be the right one, but it is through the use of one's abilities 
to reason that one is able to eventually find the choice that 
works best for them at the moment, and as a result create or 
grow their own knowledge. 

TCS says that children can and should live outside the 
factory /product paradigm of childhood. TCS sees authority of 
any kind as being detrimental to the growth of knowledge by 
discouraging one to think for themselves, since such activity 
is futile under authority. With no certain or secure environment 
through which one could put ones thoughts into practice and 
test out the validity of one's ideas, one has no safe grounds on 
which to grow one's knowledge. 

Furthermore, any "education" or "advice" given by an 
authority figure to a child has no deep value for the child, other 
than that of being a tool through which the child can appease 
the authority or use to score points to gain some reward 
(psychological or tangible) which is offered as an "incentive" 
by the authority. Outside of the social construct of the parent/ 
child or school relationships, the "knowledge" or behaviors one 
is supposed to carry out no longer has any apparent use-value to 
the child, and therefore can be forgotten without any negative 
consequences. These behaviors or "knowledge" were never 
something which the child used to satisfy their own curiosities 
or interests, and therefore have no personal significance to them. 

(SEE (EM &M&®€WW $V® 

as n 

:nt w 

ng c 

3tS T 

TCS' role of the parent 

TCS' conception of the ideal role that a parent should play 

is in many ways similar to that of many anarchists conceptions 

of the role that anarchists should play in society. TCS believes 

that parental advice can still be very useful to children and 

that parents should offer their advice and useful information 

to the child whenever the child is willing to receive it. 
TCS sees the role of parents 

as being that of a "helper" for 

the child. The parent is not 

supposed to be a "guide" or 

set an example, but instead 

should be a supplier of good 

ideas, useful information, 

resources, and materials. 

Parents should also actively 

work to make sure that their 

child does not become 

trapped in a coercive situation 

that they do not want to be in 

and to make sure that their 

children are well-informed of 

any potentially coercive situation 

that they could become 

involved with, so that the 

child does not stumble onto a 

coercive situation without 

warning. Parents are not 

necessarily "protectors" of their children, but rather people 

who use their special advantages of being a parent to help their 
hildren live in as open and free an environment as possible. 

This will probably mean that the parent may end up playing 

the role of the "protector", but it would only be done so at the 

expressed (verbally or otherwise) desire of the child for protection. 
Now, some people may look at this and think that TCS asks 

for the parent to be an amazing, always- wo rking , self-sacrificing 
aint. TCS is actually very much against that idea. TCS is 

opposed to parents sacrificing themselves for their children, 
nd sees the desires and preferences of both the parent and the 
ild as being of equal importance. E^ ^k 

TCS instead posits that great effort should be made to find 

mutually preferred solutions to problems and disagreements. 

With authority damaging a lot of our current abilities for 
dependent and creative thought, the potential for common 
eference finding may seem small to none. However TCS 
ntends that with lots of practice and discovering what 
actical and self-imposed barriers exist within ourselves, we 
n eventually discover how to be creative and be more effective 
finding common preferences. The trick is to always honestly 
trive to find common preferences between parents and children, 

and not give into the authority-based myths that it is "impossible". 

The failings of TCS 

One of the major failings of anarchism is that it has so far 
overwhelmingly examined and analyzed big picture things like 
institutions, class, civilization, and society, and has paid next 
to no attention to smaller scale things, like psychology, 
epistemology, inter-personal relations and face-to-face 
interactions. One of the major failings of TCS is that it has 
had the exact opposite problem. 

An example of this problem is the fact that TCS considers 
parental authority to be something which could be eliminated 
by the parent simply thinking and behaving differently. This 

authority, it needs to be simultaneously eliminated at an 
institutional and social level as well as at an inter-personal 
and psychological level. 

Another example of TCS' lack of social consciousness, is 
that it pays no attention to how race, class, patriarchy and other 
forms of social oppression coerce and dominate children. If 
one truly wants to eliminate coercion from children's lives, 

and from the practice of parenting, one needs to have a clear 
analysis of how all the various spheres of life effect and relate 
to the lives of children and parents. Taking this into account, it 
could be said that race, class and patriarchy coerc e children 
just as much as the State and schools do, and that parents 
actions are just as guided by considerations of race, class and 
patriarchy as they are by the dictates of the State. 

em sat 


rchy as t 

rds an A 

; with the 


Towards an Anarchist Parenting philosophy and practice 

It is with the goal of integrating the philosophy and practice 
of TCS into anarchism and anarchism's various analyses of 
the State, capitalism, racism, patriarchy and other forms of 
social oppression that I created the anarchist Parenting e-mail 
list and web-site. I believe that children are a uniquely 
oppressed and dominated class of people, and that this is largely 
either ignored or over-looked by anarchists. And when 
anarchists do pay attention to this, focus is generally just given 
to the educational system and State laws. The institution and 
practice of parenting is left largely unexamined and untouched 
by anarchists. I hope to do my part to help change this. 

' anar 

Contact Info 

TCS Web-site: 

TCS Journal and e-mail contact: 

Anarchist Parenting web-site: 


outlook pays no attention to the fact that parental authority is 
also an institutional creation. With the State using laws that 
force every child to live under the dictates of a legal guardian, 
a police force that will find and bring back every "runaway" 
child, and an economic system that forces every child to be 
materially dependent upon a parent, a parent will have authority 
over their child regardless of what parenting style they practice. 
With this being the case, a child can not genuinely trust a parent 
to be non-authoritarian with them, for at any time and for any 
reason the parent could impose rules upon them and have the 
full force of the State to back them up. To truly abolish 

Editorial note:¥or most modern humans the domesticating 
process begins early in childhood, if not before birth (as it 
does for all the mutant by-products of civilization; cows, mass- 
produced battery hens, etc.). Authoritarian culture reproduces 
itself in the childhood years, generation after generation, as 
damaged, psychologically- scarred slaves unwittingly do their 
masters' dirty work and cut down on capitalism's operating 
expenses by programming the next generation themselves . 
Most children entering the world now are born in bondage, 
just as their ancestors were, from whatever point in time their 
cultures were hunted down and violently assimilated/ swallowed 
up by civilization — and we've been slaves for so long that very 
few recognize to what extent we've internalized the Systems 
values or how thorough our own brainwashing has been. It's 
time to try to heal from the wounds the System has been 
inflicting on us for ten thousand years or at least make sure 
that the psychosis of civilization isn't passed on to another 
generation. Green Anarchy would like to include more articles 
on anarchist parenting in future issues, as it seems obvious to 
us that the roots of authoritarian culture (and the perpetuation 
of patriarchy) lie in sadistic cycles of abuse and domination 
that have been going on for far too long. 
John Taylor Gatto has written some thought-provoking books 
on the compulsory public school system in the United States, 
such as Dumbing Us Down and The Empty Child, in which he 
discusses how one of the State's main priorities is to control 
"education" so that all the rest of the aspects of the social 
engine won't be destabilized. By getting hold of the children 
the State secures its territory and insures that its factories are 
well-stocked with docile, house-broken worker drones. Gatto 
discusses in painstaking detail how the Amerikan public school 
system is based on an 18th-century Prussian indoctrination 
model, a system scientically developed to guarantee certain 
results, like obedience and the willingness and actual need to 
follow orders. This is done by destroying our ability to think 
for ourselves by narrowing our perceptual field and dividing 
life into subjects which had hardly existed before, and then 

Taking Children Seriously 

...continued front last page 

dividing the subjects ( botany, math, language, 
politics) further into units. According to the 
theory, with enough variations in the course 
of a day, no one would know what was going 
on, and would gladly turn to the Bible or the 
State (or in our modern context, television) for 
guidance and direction. Judging from what we 
see around us every day, it would appear this 
theory works and has been yeilding profitable 
results for the ruling class for quite some time. 
Once an individual is addicted to fragmented 

S C H 

I grew up in the woods 

outside my folks' back door 

with the raccoons 

skunks and squirrels 

when I was not in school 

or wrapped around some book 

I was climbing trees 

or stalking bugs 

until the bulldozers came 

to eat the forest 

and section by section 

turn it into shopping plazas 

and apartment complexes 

the woods became my school 

of warfare 


UNLEARN School teaches us a lot of crap. 
Not just in boring textbook lessons, but in its 
day to day activities. It teaches obedience and 
submission to authority. It teaches that 
academic intelligence is more important than 
our passion in life, that getting a job and having 
an income is more important than building and 
nurturing a healthy community. Difference in 
economic class is also a large factor in the 
>•••••••••• equality of a learning 

•environment. But 
^regardless of wealth 
•or poverty, mass 
•education based on 
.compulsion and 
•competition will 

never result in self- 


.empowered, and 
•cooperative people. 
We need to get the 
•schoolin' mentality 
•outta our heads! 

$$} f^H fif[ (If?) (Us 


sabotage became my game 

moving surveyors stakes 

sugaring gas tanks 

breaking windows 

even making home made bombs 

in my war to stop destruction 

of my playground 

it was a losing fight 

for the trees 

but they never caught 

the Little Warrior 

and when school was out 

a Big Warrior 

went on to fight 

the Spirit War. 

studies and mental confusion, it's the rare 
person who can ever get control of their own 
mind and their own will again. They may get 
angry and refuse to do something but they 
don't know how to write the script of their own 
lives, the System has destroyed that in them. 
Of course, authority has utilized many different 
techniques of domestication over the centuries 
and Gatto's books only discuss some of the 
more contemporary forms of mass-hypnosis. 
If we're serious at all about creating and living 
Anarchy, then we need to start taking a close 
look at social conditioning and where it begins, 
and we need to start treating childrens liberation 
as the core issue that it is. In addition to John 
Taylor Gatto's books, we can suggest some 
other useful books on anti-authoritarian 
parenting to our readers: 
Summerhill by A.S. Neill 
Growing Up Absurd by Paul Goodman 
Libertarian Education by J.M. Raynaud and 
C. Ambauves 

June 12, Missouri: Schools Are 
Prisons And Prisons Burn! 

Arnold: Someone apparently set fire to the 
Sherwood Elementary School in the early 
morning hours. The blaze gutted two classrooms, 
melted structural supports in the roof and 
caused heat and smoke damage ammounting 
to more than $1 million dollars. The local 
police have arrested two boys aged 13 and 
15 in connection with the fire. The school 
superintendent, whose position indicates how 
thoroughly he has forgotten his own childhood 
educational experiences, expressed shock at 
the attack. We're sure most of the children who 
have been forced to attend the school recently 
including the two boys currently being held 
by the cops could refresh his memory with a 
thousand reasons for burning a school. 


'Challenging authority 
# can be very empowering . 
•In a society where 
alienation and frustration 
often lead people to find release in drug abuse 
or misdirected aggression, we need to seek ways 
to channel our rage and attack the root causes 
of our problems. Rebellion is healthy, now let's 
make it strategic, too. Get with a group of trusted 
friends or work alone. Make an underground 
newsletter. Write inspiring graffiti. Play pranks. 
Hand out flyers. Make posters. Plan walkouts 
or skip days. Do phone/fax jams to the 
administration office. Just be aware of who you 
are affecting and play safe! 

ESCAPE What are our options? What 
would we do without schools?!? Look around, 
kids everywhere are leaving the school 
institution and taking education back into their 
own hands. There are tons of home school 
groups around. Many are conservative, but 
often they have tools and resources that may 
help you start a more radical unschooling 
support group. If it is the question of pleasing 
the parents, check out the GED option, or a 
structured mail-in homeschool course. If they 
won't be satisfied with your decision then 
maybe you should look into legal emancipation. 
Parents abuse their authority, it is what they've 
learned to do all their lives. They need some 
unlearning of their own, but in the meantime 
don't endure any sort of abuse. We have to find 
ways out of these self-perpetuating cycles. 

IMAGINE what the world would be like if 
kids were free to pursue their own interests, 
instead of being locked up in a school all day, 
for 12 years, and force fed 'knowledge.' School 
doesn't only affect youth, it affects anyone who 
has hope for the future. School is the breed- 
ing ground for the domination, competition, 
and violence in society. Getting out of school 
and fighting it is a big step in the direction of 
freedom and equality. We need to challenge 
authority and social privilege wherever it is 
found. Youth have a strong tradition of igniting 
movements. The potential for a new world 
lives inside you... 

Be sure to check out the "Anarchy Youth" 

Page on at: 

kidz and the "Anarchist Youth Forum" at: 

httpl ' I flag, 

Modern childhood was invented by the 
industrial revolution, science, and public- 
education (mass-media) in the last 200 years. 
Now it's being destroyed. Many millions of 
kids are breaking the old-taboo lines seperating 
or preventing them from wildness. It's widely 
known that shame and guilt, threats and fears 
are commonly used to civilize and control 
children made to grow-up too fast, to fit into 
our high-speed, hi-tech law and order society. 
Giving and allowing children social equality 
is almost unknown in this sick culture where 

domination by elders is very expected and 

Here are a few more books that might be 
useful to anarchist parents and kids: 
Liberated Parents, Liberated Children by 
Paber and Mazlish 

Escape From Childhood by John Holt 
The Politics of the Family by R.D. Laing 
Dreaming In Someone Else's Mind (an 
anthology of poetry and art by third, fourth 
and fifth graders) 

It all starts with the Engineers and 
Inventors. Weaseley little math — and — 
science geeks obsessed with creating the 
perfect circle, the perfect square, the perfect 
system, the perfect mass-manufacturing 
process for a mass-manufactured society. The 
perfect Machine. Ideas are spawned in the 
grid-haunted depths of Euclidean brains, 
plans are drawn up and copied and revised 
and reworked by little front-line armies of 
C AD-artists and R&D-specialists, part molds 
are designed and ordered from machine 
shops, and labor-contracts are devised over 
boardroom coffee and donuts by underworked 
/ overpaid fat-cats in suits whose only real 
job is making six figures a year deciding the 
fate of thousands of manual-labor 
shitworkers. Ladies and gentlemen, the new 
Chevy SUV is a go-ahead, lets order ten 
million of them! A toast to the auto industry! 
It's only 10 a.m., the day is over.. .anyone for 
18 holes on the green? 

"The green", the golf course, the country- 
club. ..even more so than the factory farm, the 
symptom par excellence of corrupt capitalism 
and industry run 
amuck. The futures of 
millions of wage-slaves 
are decided by a small 
handful of filthy-rich 
old men whacking little 
white balls around 
manicured lawns. It 
would almost be funny, 
if it weren't such a 
disgusting travesty. 

My workday begins at 3 p.m., and lasts for 
8 long hours in 105-degree heat. While the 
random ad-execs in some random skyscraper 
in some random city are just finishing their 
grueling day in central air-conditioning, 
alternating between flirting with secretaries 
and surfing the web for e-porn and sitting 
around in padded conference room chairs 
brainstorming about why the all-consuming 
american public needs one more SUV to 
choose from and how to convince them of this 
(though considering the mentality of the 
average consumer, this task is never too 
difficult). I meanwhile am at my assigned 
press, getting my paperwork in order and 
preparing to start my first "heat," or machine- 

I currently work in a rubber parts factory. 
We manufacture parts almost exclusively for 
the american auto industry. When you see cars 
on the road at any given time, chances are 
pretty high that a few of its countless little 
rubber whatnots came from this factory in 
northern Indiana or form one just like it in 
some other anonymous little factory-town 
somewhere. Detroit is hard-pressed to meet 
production deadlines to satiate the ravenous 
auto-driving public. Consequently, all its 
umpteen-kazillion parts suppliers, like this 
place, are under even more pressure. Quantity 
must be high or else we don't make crucial 
quotas, causing us to lose contracts. Quality 
must be high or else the parent companies get 
fed up with the numbers of bad parts we're 
sending out and cancel our contracts. But as 
hard as these idiots making the big decisions 
in modern industry try to convince 
themselves otherwise, they can never get past 
one small and simple fact: QUALITY AND 
can have small quantities of high-quality 
craftsmanship, handmade with loving care 
and pride, or you can have mass-quantities 
of shit. One or the other. Our society naturally 
opts for quantity, so quality necessarily 
becomes a mere facade, a crass and 

hypocritical illusion deftly concealing the 
tenuous house of cards beneath... 

But anyway, back to my mindless job. The 
rubber is milled and prepped (i.e. mixed 
together with various chemicals, then cut to 
size) in the millroom. The people working in 
the millroom push a cart load of rubber 
"preps"-some round, some square, some 
sticky, some grainy, etc. depending on the part 
that's being made-over to the press operators 
like myself. On go the gloves, push goes the 
button, down go the hydraulics, and in go my 
gloved hands to pull out the hundred pound, 
350-degree steel mold. I brush it clean, blow 
it off with pressurized air, slap on a piece of 
rubber, push it back in, and press the start 
button. The press closes at between 1000 and 
1500 psi, and the timer sets itself for a 6- 
minute cycle. Then I repeat the same process 
on 2 or 3 other presses, and wait for the cycle 
to end. After 6 minutes elapse on the timer, 
the presses open. I put on my gloves and pull 
the hot molds out, punch all the parts out onto 
a cooling screen, and repeat the entire process 
the entire shift. Like clockwork, a well-oiled 
performing the well- 
oiled machinations 
of factory life. Every 
odd hour I write 
down a cycle-count 
on the Production 
Control paper, every 
even hour I take the 
molds' temperatures 
(or, more often, 
temperatures within the allowable range) and 
write them down on a quality-control graph. 

I slack off as much as possible, as do most 
of the other press operators and workers in 
other departments. We drink lots of water and 
soda, take lots of restroom breaks (the 
restroom is a good 15 degrees cooler than the 
factory floor), have play-wars with all the little 
pieces of scrap rubber our machines produce, 
leave early and return late from lunch and 
sneak outside for illicit smoke-breaks 
whenever possible. Trust me, inhaling 
cigarette smoke is quite healthy compared to 
the various silicon-polymer and hydrocarbon- 
polymer vapors workers are forced to inhale 
for 8 hours per day at this factory and many, 
many others like it. As evil and insidious as 
the tobacco companies might be, they do 
provide a valuable service to hundreds of 
millions of wage workers worldwide: stress 
relief and a tangible social bond to combat 
the massively alienating and reifying effects 
of the artificial division of labor necessary 
to support the vicious circle of mass- 
production and mass-consumption. Besides, 
most low-end factory workers smoke generics 
anyway, simply because they're too poor to 
afford the name brands; with recent tax and 
price increases, Joe Camel and the Marlboro 
Man are fast becoming the SUV's of the 
cigarette world: only the middle and upper 
classes can afford them. And when you're 
sucking on a cancer stick, you know that to a 
certain degree, at least your death is still in 
your own hands. They might own my life, by 
God, but I'll die on MY terms... 

[p£\(§£% V 

The systemic powerlessness that industrial 
capitalism forces onto countless millions of 
people, all in the name of more and better 
and cheaper products of consumption and 
convenience, is far beyond pathological. The 
machine chokes the bodies and souls of living, 
breathing human beings in perpetual slavery 
so it can in turn choke the planet with more 
automobiles and more concrete and more 
nonbiodegradable waste and more noxious 
pollution. The average city's daily routine 

fresh out of high school, intelligent and 

creative kids who come from poor families 

and are too poor to afford college, selling their 

bodies and souls to these industrial 

sweatshops just to help pay their family's bills 

and put food on the table. I see people 

working two full-time jobs trying their 

hardest to take care of babies they never get 

to see anyway. I see 

apathetic souls and ruined 

minds, wreckage from the 

human sacrifices made to 

the great Machine-Gods. I 

see kids younger than me 

whose arms are covered in 

permanent burn-scars, kids 

younger than me forced by 

their mere birth into an 


technocracy to spend the 

beautiful sunny afternoons 

inside a fume-filled 

concrete building operating 

dangerous machinery, just 

so they can eat. Kids 

younger than me handling 

liquid nitrogen and caustic 

acids and bases and 

carcinogenic superheated 

silicone and working next 

to wide-open vats of 

boiling oil. On and on the 

list of atrocities goes. ..and 

I go home at night, and 

think about it all, about what we've done to 

ourselves and our Mother Earth, and tears 

come to my eyes, and I weep... Every bad part 

I "miss" during inspection is a tiny but 

conscious prayer of hope that we might see a 

new and better world come into being. Every 

intentional act of sabotage is my heartfelt cry 

of passion against the inhumanity of a 

machine that I know, one way or another, can 

be stopped... 

So the next time you hear of a car accident 
involving malfunctioning or poorly-crafted 
internal parts, you can thank me and people 
like me. We do not care. We're only here for the 
paycheck, because we have to be, because we 
have babies to feed and bills to pay. We do not 
care about this system, we'd much rather see it 

crumble and give way to a more humane way 
of life on Earth. We don't give a shit whether 
or not the 2003 Cadillac Escalade is a "top- 
quality" piece of gas-guzzling, air-polluting, 
earth-raping machinery. Some of us will not 
rest until the scrapyards of the world are piled 
high with wrecked, destroyed and abandoned 
automobiles waiting to be converted into iron 

skillets, bicycle parts and alternative energy 
sources. One Wrench will break the Machine, 
and its a wrench we all have a handle on, but 
we must wield it in one final and deadly blow, 
a collective effort of will and passion and 
desperation that will sever every single head of 
the techno-industrial hydra in a single death- 
knell. Until we reach that penultimate point of 
despair for our lives and the life of our planet 
and environment, despair for LIFE ITSELF, 
we will remain doomed to the silenced 
powerlessness of slavery and the hopeless 
futility of isolated individual action. But let us 
act together, as one, and... NO machine will 
stop us. 

For the immanent industrial apocalypse, 


"Your 'right to work'?" the savage said 
Your 'right to earn' your daily bread? 
Why, man alive, what do you mean? 
Have you got bugs, friend, in your bean? 
Your 'right to work'! Ain't there the Earth 
She feeds us all from our day of birth 
You 'don't own it'? Well, you don't say! 
And how did you get that away? 
Your 'constitution' and your 'law'? 
Well I'll be jiggered! Haw! Haw Haw! 
'Civilization'? — excuse my smirk — 
It steals your bread? your 'right to work'? 
And turns you loose upon the Earth 
More helpless than you were at birth? 
And you stand for it? Well, I'll say! 
What is 'Civilization,' anyway? 
— Covington Hall 

1 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance 

| Ten years after it was originally published in the 

■ first issue of the revolutionary Indigenous 
J newspaper 0H-T0H-KIN, 500 Years of 
I Indigenous Resistance remains an important and 
| relevant history of the colonization of the Americas 

■ and the resistance to it. It begins with the arrival 
of Columbus and finishes with the resistance 


strugglesthat defined the early nineties. Includes 

I artwork by former OH-TOH-KIN member Gord 
| Hill. This awesome pamphlet is co-published by 
■ Arm The Spirit and Solidarity, and can be ordered 
J from Kersplebedeb, DP 63560, CCCP Van 
I Home, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

"...Let's Get Free!" 

Check-out the new 28-page zine 
about Jeff "Free" Luers, earth de- 
fender, anarchist, and political pris- 
oner currently serving almost 23 
years for politically-motivated arson 
charges, and other charges which 
were added with no evidence. This 
zine contains writings, poetry, and 
artwork by Free, as well as other writ- 
ings about this eco-warrior. This zine 

ib civciiiduit; iui $0 (wiui iictn ui liic 

money going directly to Free) from 
the Green Anarchy Distro or Free's 
Defense Network. Please contact 
either group if you would like to dis- 
tribute this zine in your area. 

To contact Free: 

Jeffrey Luers #13797671 

OSP 2605 State St 

Salem, OR 97310 

Free's Defense Network: 

POB 50263 

Eugene, OR 97405 


Free's new website is 


Fifth Estate 

Fifth Estate is easily the longest- running 
"underground" publication in the U.S., founded 
in the '60's. By the mid-'70's it had degenerated 
into a sensationalist, sex-ads tabloid rather like 
the other old standby, the Berkeley Barb. In 1975, 
however, it was taken over by a very radically 
exploring bunch that came to call itself the "Eat 
the Rich" gang. From this point on through the 
'80's, they discovered new sources of critique, 
including Camatte, Ellul and Sahlins, and 
published the likes of Fredy Perlman, David 
Watson and John Zerzan who questioned and 
indicted technology and civilization. But over 
the past decade or so, Fifth Estate has come to 
avoid new critiques or visions and no longer 
merits Anarchy magazine's perennial 
description of it as "consistently anti- 
civilization." In fact, it hasn't questioned 
civilization, technology or hardly anything else 
fundamental in some time. And now, sadly, it 
seems to have hit a new level of decline under 
the editorship of hippie-pacifist Sunfrog. No 
more edge at all and an obvious aversion to the 
real resistance developing around the world. 
When opposition to the mounting, all-inclusive 
crisis is most needed, Fifth Estate has reached 
its weakest ebb. It's voice is now so removed 
from an attack on the world system — any world 
system — as to celebrate ( Summer 2002) those 
in Porto Allegre last winter who seek a " a 
process for globalization 'from the bottom up'." 
We'd love to see a rebound from this kind of 
bankrupt reformism but the trajectory of Fifth 
Estate seems to be well-established, especially 
now that the project is in the hands of liberal, 

lifestylist Sunfrog. It's acutely painful to see an 
anarchist paper that once set such a high 
publishing standard — and which spent 15-20 
years examining the foundations of civilization 
to describe how thoroughly its subjects have 
been conquered (with just a handful of eco- 
anarchist allies supporting their inquiries) — 
break down into such a worthless, irrelevant 
waste of tree flesh. How about a decent burial 
for a publication that was once a beacon of 
originality, life, and fighting spirit? 

The Northeastern Anarchist: Magazine of the 
Northeastern Federation ofAnarcho-Communists 

As I trudge through the monotonous, unoriginal 
and long-winded essays in The Northeastern 
Anarchist (NA), what immediately comes to mind 
is Crimethlnc.'s article "Face it, your politics are 
boring as fuck" from Days of War, Nights of Love 
(of which NA provides a condescending "Your 
politics are incomplete until you read a sufficient 
number of dead European intellectuals"-style 
critique). The anti-FTAA resistance in Quebec 
City in one of their issues — the last one I bothered 
to read — has four separate articles, occupying a 
total of twelve pages, devoted to it alone. While 
this was an inspiring insurrectionary event, it is 
a toilsome chore to read four separate articles 
about it in one publication. Equally tedious is 
the burdensome task of reading the three essays 
on antiquated methods of organization contained 
in this publication, along with the numerous news 
pieces that report on assorted mass demos, riots 
and events (of which only some are interesting). 
Only those with sufficient endurance, patience 
or interest to make it through an entire issue of 
NA will be prepared to participate in NEFAC's 
politics, along with the bureaucracy and 
hierarchy it undoubtedly entails. It should be 

recognized by now that federations only serve 
to reproduce the power relations that currently 
exist. If small collectives are to make joint 
decisions with each other, each collective must 
send delegates to act and speak on behalf of its 
members. It is often argued that instant recall 
procedures and "strict mandates" will hold 
delegates accountable. However, this assumes 
that the group can be sufficiently informed about 

their delegation's actions when the membership 
as a whole is not present to monitor them 
constantly. Additionally, a limited number of 
mandates (which are themselves open to 
interpretation) cannot serve as a guide for an 
unlimited number of possible decisions that a 
delegate may be required to make. As 
federations between groups increase in size, 
delegate assemblies must elect delegates of their 
own to coordinate regional, continental or even 
global scale projects, thus creating a relationship 
between communities and political institutions 

that is just as distant and mediated as that of 
today. Also, specialists and experts will be 
assigned to inform political and economic 
decisions, but those affected by their advice that 
don 't specialize in the same areas will not be able 
to adequately evaluate the accuracy or wisdom 
of their opinions. If this is the alternative, why 
bother? - we might as well save our time and 
energy, and just stick with capitalism. Although 

the members of 
NEFAC may have 
intentions, they 
need to re-examine 
their methods, 
for they will soon 
find that their 
organization has 
a bureaucratic 
and authoritarian 
life of its own, 
whether intended 
or not. The fact 
that the inside 
front flap of their 
reveals that they 
have a "General Secretariat Collective" and an 
"International Secretariat" should be sufficient 
to make any anarchist cringe. If personal 
autonomy is desired, collectives should be small 
enough to allow for group-wide decisions to be 
made by all members without delegation. Groups 
can share and communicate with each other 
without joining, and hence controlling, each 
other. For a copy of NA, send a check or money 
order for $4 US ($5 Canadian) to The 
Northeastern Anarchist PO Box 230685, 
Boston, MA 02123. 

[p&(§(i%% continued from last page 
Direct Action: Memoirs of an Urban 
Guerrilla by Ann Hansen (Between the Lines/ 
AK Press, Toronto and Edinburgh, 2002) 493 
pp, $19.95 

In the early 1980's Ann Hansen and others 
calling themselves Direct Action (AKA the 
Vancouver Five or the Squamish Five) blew up a 
hydro-electric substation in British Colombia, 
burned some especially misogynist Vancouver 
porn shops, and bombed a Toronto factory that 
made Cruise Missile components. 

"/ would prefer to live in peace but, when I 
looked around me, I couldn't find it anywhere. 
Everywhere I looked, the land was being 
destroyed, the Indians were victims of genocide, 
Third World peoples were oppressed and 
massacred, people lived in industrial wastelands 
and womyn were being raped and children 
molested. I could never live in peace, only quiet: 
the kind you find in cemeteries." Ann spoke to 
her decision to engage in active, illegal 
resistance in these terms in court in 1984, before 
receiving a life sentence. 

She served seven years and now lives in 
Ontario, Canada. She was and is an anarchist 
whose acts were informed by a deep 
understanding of the malignant nature of 
industrial civilization. In fact, Direct Action was 
virtually unique for its time in having arrived 
at a critique and a vision that were much more 
radical than the prevailing North American 
activism. In both theory and practice the Five 
embodied an exemplary level of revolutionary 

Much of the Direct Action approach finds its 
echo in debates that are ongoing. For example, 
we at GA see property destruction as a necessary 
tactic (among many). Ann addressed those who 
see the sabotage of destructive property by 
protesters as being on the same level as the 
violence of the state and corporations. She 
pointed out that this equation is no more 
accurate than saying that the peace of the 
concentration camp is the same kind of peace 
that one finds in a healthy society. 

Ann Hansen's voice and resolve, (see the 
interview elsewhere in this issue) are urgently 
needed in the movement today. Direct Action is 
a candid and extremely well written account of 
a project that has instructive relevance almost 
twenty years later. Strongly recommended. 

Veiled Courage: Inside The Afghan Women's 
Resistance by Cheryl Benard (Reviewed by 
anarchist p.o.w. Rob "Los Ricos" Thaxton) 

Afghanistan has been ravaged by warfare for 
over 25 years now. Used as a pawn by the U.S. 
in order to draw the Soviet Union into a 
Vietnamese quagmire along its own border, the 
country was left to fend for itself when the Red 
Army withdrew, leaving behind — in the words 
of the Soviet commander-in chief — "Dust, lice 
and blood." 

Since the Soviet withdrawal, Afghanistan has 
suffered constant civil warfare as rival warlords 

and Islamic fundamentalist jihadis contend for 
power. Constantly shifting alliances have not 
helped calm the situation. The U.S. in particular 
has exacerbated the violence by backing different 
factions of jihadis — first the alliance known as 
the mujahideen, later the Taliban occupation 
forces and currently the so-called Northern 
Alliance. The latter is an insane patchwork of 
armed groups as diverse as former communist 
loyalists, opium producers and jihadis ( Islamic 
holy warriors) — including former mujahideen 
and Taliban factions. 

When the Taliban and Al-Quada were forced 
to flee, men throughout Afghanistan celebrated 
by shaving or trimming their beards, which were 
mandatory under the Taliban's reign, with a 
prescribed minimum length. The women of 
Afghanistan have declined to shed their veils and 
burquas, however. All they see is more of the 
same shit coming their way. Hamid Karzai 
proved them right by refusing to rescind Islamic- 
based law after the loya jurga (grand council) 
appointed him as interim president. 

It's difficult to find any good guys in the hate- 
filled factionalism that still plagues Afghanistan. 
I can't think of a single one. That doesn't mean 
there aren't brave, compassionate, militant 
dissidents there. Cheryl Benard's book, Veiled 
Courage, tells of the Revolutionary Association 
of the Women of Afghanistan ( RAWA), 
documenting RAWA to inform the world that 
there are alternatives to the raping, murdering 
thieves and thugs being propped up as the leaders 
of the Afghan people. 

Benard presents a history of RAWA, from its 
beginning as a student-based group in opposition 
to the Soviet occupation in the 1970's, through 

its evolution into a clandestine women's rights 
organization and on to its current status as the 
only Afghani political group that lives up to its 

The contrast between the Taliban and RAWA 
couldn't be more divergent. Under the Taliban 
and other fundamentalists rulers, women were 
prohibited from showing any part of their body 
from beneath their burquas, could not travel 
outside their homes without male escorts — even 
for medical emergencies (this was true for 
widows and orphaned girls, too), and were 
prohibited from either education or work outside 
the home. 

RAWA, on the other hand, ran clandestine 
schools for girls, established health clinics for 
women who could not legally obtain health care, 
and have done much of the relief work necessary 
to provide for the 5 million-plus refugees forced 
from their homes by factional warfare among the 
warlords. The most amazing thing about RAWA 
is that they have been doing all this clandestinely 
in Afghanistan and warily in Iran and Pakistan. 
RAWA was forced underground by the Soviet- 
backed government in power in the '70s. When 
RAWA organized school girls and women 
college students to "speak poetry" against the 
occupation, the terrified police forces fired upon 
the chanting girls, killing two children. This 
murderous incident cost the Soviet puppet regime 
any credibility with the Afghan people. The 
government responded — as any communist 
regime would — by suppressing all opposition. 

The women activists of RAWA have put their 
lives on the line in order to provide everyday, 
vital services to Afghan people, particularly for 
women and girls. The jihadis only provide for 
boys in internment camps where they are kept in 
isolation from their families and indoctrinated 
in religious fanaticism. 

Reverence for RAWA's founder, Meena, is a 
large part of RAWA and this book. Again, her 
life provides a vivid contrast to that of her 
contemporaries, like Gulbuddin Hekmatyr, who 
first came to prominence as a college student by 
throwing acid into the faces of women who dared 
to show them in public. Until recently, the 
cowardly scumbag Hekmatyr was one of the key 
players in Washington's schemes to establish a 
new government in Afghanistan. Whereas 
Hekmatyr 's authority was enforced through 
strength of arms, Meena's influence was 
forthcoming due to her compassion, bravery and 
love. In 1986, Hekmatyr captured Meena's 
husband, himself a dissident in Pakistan, and 
personally tortured Faiz Ahmed to death. The 
next year, with the aid of the CIA-backed 
Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI, Hekmatyr did 
the same with Meena. Many RAWA activists 
hold Meena's memory close to their hearts to 
this day. Not because of her authority, but because 
they knew and loved her as much as she knew 
and loved them. 

Benard's book works best when she allows the 
Afghan people to share their stories in their own 
voices. Her analytical weaknesses are apparent 
when she throws in her own perspectives. 
Thankfully, this is mostly in the second-to-last 
chapter. Benard has fallen under the spell of some 
very strange individuals in regards to her political 
take on the state of world affairs. She also appears 
to be painfully naive about American foreign 
policy. This is as confusing as it is questionable. 
Her husband, Zalmay Khalizad, works for the 
National Security Council (of the U.S.). Since 
Benard mostly sticks to recounting the history 
of RAWA — up through 9/ 1 1 — the book is both 
informative and valuable for anyone who wants 
to learn about RAWA. 

Break The Chains 
#12 Is Out Now! 

The new issue of Break The Chains, the 
newsletter of the Northwest Political 
Prisoner Support Network, is out. This 
issue includes, amongst other things, a 
report on former political prisoner Chris 
Plummer and Bo Brown's recent visit to 
the Northwest, an overview of anti-prison 
organizing in Eugene, legal updates re- 
garding political prisoners in Oregon and 
California, updates on state repression 
in the Northwest, and articles by Oregon 
political prisoners Jeffrey "Free" Luers, 
Rob "Los Ricos"Thaxton,ThomasTripp, 
and Tewahnee Sahme. Order Break The 
Chains for $2 from: PO Box 11331, Eu- 
gene, OR 97440. Email: Visit 
the Break The Chains website at: Subscriptions 
to this newsletter are $5 for one year for 
individuals and collectives, $10 for in- 
stitutions. This newsletter is free to 
women prisoners and all prisoners in 
Oregon, California, Washington and 

Cascadia Media Collective 
Releases Guerrilla Video 

Cascadia Media Collective will release 
its long-anticipated Guerrilla Video 
Primer on October 1, 2002, teaching 
viewers everything they need to know to 
videotape a riot, spot news event or 
community issue. Featuring lessons 
culled from CMC's experiences in the 
field, the lively 90-minute tutorial 
teaches aspiring videographers and 
guerrilla journalists: 

* Camera Basics: how to get a good, 
steady shot of an action in progress; 

* Copwatch: how to catchthe pigs on tape 
for community defense; 

* Editing: how to put together a tight, 
smooth piece; 

* Tips for filming local, national, and 
internatioanl events; 

* Cable access and distribution issues. 
The Guerrilla Video Primer is 
accompanied by a Guerrilla Video 
Handbook which goes into greater detail 
on all aspects presented in the video. 

Guerrilla Video Primer (video only): $15 

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May 31-June 1, Oregon: Police Get Pelted 
With Rocks And Bottles In Off-Campus Riot 

Eugene: Police used tear gas to quell a campus 
area riot that ended with eleven people arrested 
after partiers pelted officers with rocks and 
bottles, lit fires and ripped down street signs. 
The melee began about 11:30 p.m. on May 31st 
and continued for hours as up to 500 people, 
most of them apparently in their late teens and 
early 20s, gathered in streets just west of the 
University of Oregon campus. "There was a lot 
of alcohol consumed, a lot of people out because 
of the warm weather, and they were just cruising 
out and about wherever the action was," Eugene 
pig Jan Power told the press. Power said a 
sergeant first responded to reports of loud and 
disorderly people and quickly realized that more 
officers were needed. An area resident said 
partiers became more aggressive when they saw 
the first police car retreat from the area. Officers 
wearing helmets and face shields ordered the 
partiers to disperse, but people responded by 
throwing rocks and bottles. At least eight pigs 
suffered minor injuries and windows in three 
patrol cars were smashed out. Additional pigs 
were requested as the crowd continued to grow. 

At the height of the riot, 21 Eugene police were 

helped by 20 officers from the neighboring 

Springfield and Coburg police departments, 

Lane County sheriff's office and Oregon State 

Police. Police fired three to five canisters of tear 

gas, but Power said it didn't bother some of the 

revelers. "It didn't seem 

to affect some of them," 

she said. Eventually, 

most people either left 

the area or returned to 

parties inside area 

houses and apartments. 

But even hours later, as 

city crews worked to 

replace signs and fix 

other damaged 

property, some people 

yelled taunts from 

inside homes and atop 

a garage. In addition to 

the damaged police 

cars and uprooted 

signs, partiers started fires in garbage bins, 

broke a water main and removed a manhole 

cover. Because so many officers were focused 

on one small area, most of the city was left 
without police "protection". "It really leaves the 
community pretty vulnerable," Power said. "It 
really does strap our resources. 

June 8, Greece: Man Arrested After Shooting 
Outside Greek Prime 
Ministers' Residence 

Athens: A man 
described by police as 
a "drug addict" was 
arrested after firing a 
stolen police pistol into 
the air outside the 
Athens residence of 
Greek Prime Minister 
Costas Simitis. Simitis 
was in the building at 
the time, but 
unfortunately, was not 
injured or killed during 
the incident. The man, 
38, had been armed 
with both a hunting rifle and a pistol he had taken 
from a policeman, which was the weapon used 
in the shooting. Following an exchange of gunfire 


with Greek cops, the man was "lightly" injured 
before being finally captured after a short car 
chase in the capital. A government spokesperson 
described the shooting as "a particularly serious 
event" though Greek pigs said the attack was not 
connected with any known political groups. It is 
not clear to us how this guy managed to steal a 
cops pistol, nor what "drugs" he was on, though 
whatever it was, it did seem to impair his aim. 

June 14, Greece: Firebomb Blast Damage 
Public Works Ministry, Bank 

Athens: Firebomb blasts damaged three 
vehicles belonging to the Greek public works 
ministry and a bank branch in two separate 
attacks. No injuries were reported. Three bombs 
made with propane gas canisters exploded under 
the cars, which were parked outside a public 
works ministry building south of the city center, 
about 5:00 a.m. Half an hour later, a firebomb 
was thrown at the entrance of an Alpha Bank 
branch in the eastern suburb of Kessariani, 
causing minor damage to the entrance. 

June 17, Indonesia: Police Kill Separatist 
Rebels Of The Free Aceh Movement 

Indonesian police claim to have shot dead four 
separatists rebels connected with the Free Aceh 
Movement and say that they are holding another 
in connection with the killing of two politicians 
the previous week in the war zone in the northern 
province of Aceh. This recent police action came 
as the number of deaths of civilians in the war 
between the government and the Aceh Merdeka 
continue to rise. The secrecy of Aceh 's hidden 
war is startling. Few in the West know that the 
Aceh Merdeka rebels in Indonesia's 
northernmost province have been fighting the 
military for as long as Fretilin in East Timor. 
Aceh, dense with palm oil and towering stands 
of coconut and rubber, has always been the most 
Islamic and independent area of Indonesia: most 
people in Aceh describe themselves as fervent 
adherents of Islam, but say they are not 
fundamentalists. Religion, in any case, the 
people say, has little to do with the conflict which 
is more directly related to the people not wanting 
to share their rich energy, mineral and food 
resources with what they consider to be a corrupt 
and economically-exploitative central 
government in Jakarta. During a 25-year civil 
conflict - between the Indonesian military, who 
are notorious for their repression, and Aceh 
Merdeka, a well-armed rebel group demanding 
independence - a once proud and vibrant people 
have seen massacres, "disappearances", schools 
destroyed and more than 100,000 traumatized 
refugees living in makeshift camps. In 1989, the 
scale of rebel activity and government attacks 
increased and during a military operation which 
lasted until 1992, 2,000 people were killed. Care 
Human Rights Forum lists around 1,300 civilian 
deaths, about 2,000 missing and 16,000 orphans; 
around 3,500 cases of torture, 130 rapes and 600 
house burnings, all blamed on the Indonesian 
military, who have now given in to international 
pressure and are willing to accept human rights 
monitors to enhance their tattered reputation. 
It's only been in the last two years that 
information about the rampant raping and human 
rights abuses of the Indonesian military has been 
collected and presented to the public. Through 
our own research we have confirmed that the 
unanimous opinion of Java-based and 
international organizations and "experts" on 
Aceh is that the Indonesian government is 
responsible for all these atrocities and that Aceh 
Merdeka has no record of attacking civilian 
populations. At the same time, Aceh Merdeka 
has itself prompted refugee flows: these typically 
begin when Aceh Merdeka tells villagers that a 
military raid is imminent and organizes 
transport to the camps. The rebel group has taken 
over the refugee camps and "pooled" the 
refugees' resources so they are left with no means 
to go back to the villages. It has then attempted 
to indoctrinate the refugees and now seeks to 
use them to present to the world Aceh Merdeka's 
view of the truth - that the military has created 
a refugee crisis, should withdraw from Aceh and 
allow it to be independent. In Aceh Merdeka's 
mind the UN and the Western nations cannot 
ignore 100,000 refugees dying and sweltering 
in camps. So the refugees are being controlled, 
even created, and their image manipulated into 
a humanitarian plea for independence. This type 
of leftist authoritarianism makes it impossible 
for the Green Anarchy Collective to endorse the 
Free Aceh movement, though to their credit it 
must be admitted that they have a strong 
environmental agenda and have shown 
undeniable solidarity with the womans liberation 
struggle (something rare in Islamic culture). 
Adding to our suspicions and doubts about Aceh 
Merdeka is Libya's financial support of their 
struggle (in January, the army killed the rebels' 
long-time military leader, the Libyan-trained 
Tengu Abdullah Syafei. Another Libyan-trained 
fighter, Muzakkir Abdul Manaf, who claims to 
have been a bodyguard for Col. Muammar el- 
Qaddafi, quickly replaced him). At the same 
time, it needs to be acknowledged that Aceh 
Merdeka are part of an ongoing international 
anti-colonial movement, and that this movement 
often takes on bioregional forms that may appear 
authoritarian to us, but that are in many ways 
unique responses to unique bioregional and 
cultural conditions. Viewed collectively, these 
various bioregional struggles constitute a 
genuine international movement against 
capitalism and colonialism, and by staying 

©mum &w&®€ww §t]® 

informed and learning to read the "patterns 
within the chaos", we can have a better 
understanding of where we fit into the larger 

June 22: County Deputy Gets Wasted In 

Seattle: Less than two weeks after being 
released from prison for an attack on "law 
officers", Ronald Keith Matthews was held 
without bail for investigation of aggravated first- 
degree murder in the death of Deputy Richard 
Herzog, 46, in suburban Newcastle, WA. 
Sheriff's officers said Herzog responded to a 
report of a naked man running through traffic 
in the Eastside suburb. Witnesses said the deputy 
cop was trying to subdue the naked man with 
pepper spray when the man grabbed a 40 -caliber 
semi-automatic Glock handgun from the pigs 
holster and opened fire. An autopsy performed 
showed that Herzog, who wore a bulletproof vest, 
died of multiple gunshot wounds to the head. 
Noone will ever have proof of the precious 

untested, but the few incidents that we have seen 
of politicized hacking show amazing promise 
and potential. Basic guerrilla concepts like 
invisibility and mobility take on a whole new 
meaning in cyberspace, and this is important 
when we consider the present size of the 
anarchist movement. This type of guerrilla 
activity wasn't possible twenty years ago, which 
means that the State - while concerned about it 
- is still not fully prepared for it. As much as the 
government would like to limit the use of the 
worldwide web to commerce and entertainment 
(the internet is starting to replace TV as 
America's favorite "plug-in drug"), it's clear that 
the electronic matrix known as the web is full 
of opportunities for subversion that don't exist 
in the physical world. 

July 3, England: Margaret Thatcher Statue 

London: A vandal decapitated an eight-foot- 
tall marble statue of former Prime Minister 
Margaret Thatcher by smashing a metal pole 

deeds that I achieve 

Noone can logically argue with the things 
that I believe 

Just a trifle of positive thinking, a healthy 
dose of LSD 

The following day T 11 be watching the news 
and giggle while others grieve 

It's not the first time and it sure won't be 
the last 

Psychic prayer is functional and the piggies 
are dying fast 

This isn't the first time and it sure won't be 
the last... 

June 30, Poland: International Hunt Seeks 
NASA Hacker 

Poznan: Polish prosecutors said they were 
searching for a computer hacker believed by the 
United States to have penetrated the NASA 
computer system. The damage caused by this 
well-chosen act of computer sabotage was 
estimated at $1 million. The search is being 
focused around Poznan, an area in Poland that 
has a tradition of code-breaking dating back to 
Polish citezans helping to crack Nazi Germany's 
Enigma encryption machine during World War 
Two. Green Anarchy is definately interested in 
hearing more about acts of politicized hacking 
in the future, as we consider computers to be 
the systems' Achilles heel: the increasing 
reliance on computers for the normal operation 
of modern society has resulted in the creation 
of critical nodes whose destruction would be 
comparable to brain death. Thus, the ruling class 
have greatly increased the potential for major 
disruption and economic loss stemming from the 
sabotage of computer facilities or interference 
with computer operations. The science of 
electronic warfare is new and for the most part 

against the sculpture of the Iron Lady. The 
attacker grabbed one of the poles that supports 
the ropes keeping people back from exhibits at 
the Guildhall Art Gallery and used it to knock 
the head off the statue. Paul Kelleher, 37, of 
London was charged with criminal damage and 
blamed Thatcher for "promoting capitalism and 
endangering the world". Thatcher is hated by 
many British people for her right-wing, anti- 
labor, pro-capitalist policies. She's hated by 
people the world over because of her 
collaboration with Ronald Reagan in global 

July 5-6, France: Youth Riot Against Racist 

Lille: Roving bands of young people set fire to 
cars and trash cans in the second straight night 
of rioting in this northern French city over a 
court's refusal to imprison a police officer who 
killed an Algerian man. One rioter threw a 
gasoline bomb at a government building, causing 
a small fire. Eight people were arrested. Most of 
the rioters were of North African descent. A night 
earlier, six people were detained in similar rioting. 
All had been released by the 6th, but three of 
them were to face charges for setting fire to 
property. The violence came after a regional court 
threw out charges of homicide against a police 
officer who shot and killed a 24-year-old Algerian 
in Lille in April 2000. 

July 6, Oregon: Explosive Device Blows Up In 
Front Of Starbucks Coffee Shop 

Eugene: A loud explosion shook windows and 
set off business alarms near the University of 
Oregon campus at approximately 3:30 a.m. The 
explosion was centered in front of the Starbucks 
coffee shop at 801 E. 13th Ave. Eugene police 


searched the area and found an improvised 
explosive device that had been detonated. The 
front doors at the shop were slightly damaged. 
The Eugene police claim that several people 
heard the explosion, but that no one saw what 
happened. A newspaper in Seattle referred to this 
incident as "anarchist related", though thus far 
we have no reason to believe this "action" was 
politically motivated. 

July 8, China: Falun Gong Movement Accused 
Of Disrupting Broadcasts 

Beijing: Chinese officials accused the outlawed 
Falun Gong spiritual movement of "launching a 
challenge against civilization" by disrupting 
satellite television transmissions in parts of the 
country for more than 12 hours last month. In a 
news conference followed by a prime-time news 
special, broadcasting officials heaped new 
condemnations on the banned movement. Falun 
Gong has largely been crushed inside China over 
the last two years but still has closeted 
participants in China and a large, vocal 
constituancy abroad. Communist officials said 
the operations of the sinosat satellite, which 
broadcasts national and numerous provincial 
television channels to remote corners of the 
country, had been repeatedly "hijacked" during 
the week beginning June 23, endangering public 
"security" and violating international law. 
Communist officials said that the disruptions 
were the work of "the Falun Gong cult stationed 
abroad, manipulated and directed by Li 
Hongzhi," the group's exiled founder. But they 
declined to provide backup evidence or to say 
where they believed the intruding signals 
originated. For long periods that week, viewers 
"dependent" on the satellite saw black screens 
and for more than 20 seconds on June 23 they 
saw scenes of a Falun Gong rally and hundreds 
of meditating people. "Officials" wouldn't 
estimate how many TV viewers might have been 
affected but said signals had been disrupted to 
13,000 receiving stations, which distribute signals 
locally, located mainly in remote mountain areas. 
The Chinese State's recent statements were the 
first indications that Falun Gong members might 
have taken the more advanced step of jamming 
satellite beacons and trying to substitute their own 
broadcasts. Falun Gong is a movement that 
claims to harness "supernatural" forces for 
improved physical health and a healthier society 
which attracted millions of adherents in the late 
1990's. By outlawing it as an "evil cult" the 
Chinese state has only helped turn Falun Gong 
into an internal and international resistance 
movement. The Chinese authorities took extreme 
measures to prevent the movement from growing, 
and sent thousands of die-hard members to labor 
camps: at least 438 members have died in 
communist custody so far. But remnants in China 
and members abroad have resisted with 
demonstrations and other tactics, such as the 
pirate television broadcasts. Actions such as these 
elevate guerrilla or unauthorized media to the 
level of revolutionary culture jamming and 
suggest forms of resistance that could be 
amazingly powerful and effective if they were 
employed constantly and all over the map. Given 
the fact that the State creates and reinforces the 
dominant paradigm through it's monopolization 
of the means of communication and its possession 
of technology designed and perfected for the 
specific purpose of molding the group mind, 
disrupting their hypnotic propaganda signals is 
indeed a revolutionary act. The communist States 
paranoid reaction to any slight display of free 
thought or deviation from the worldview 
provided by "the Party" shows how threatening 
our very ideas are to authority. It's interesting 
that the Falun Gong movement was originally 
just promoting a meditation technique but, like 
the Branch Davidians in the United States, any 
break with nationalistic social conformity is 
enough to trigger off State-sponsored "search and 
destroy" operations. It's also interesting that since 
September 1 1th, governments the world over are 
describing any and all forms of non-cooperation 
or social rebellion as a "war with civilization", 
which is hopefully what the global resistance is 
becoming. »^^^^^i 

July 13, Italy: Decomposing Water System 
Prompts Large Protests 

Rome: The Italian government is making feeble, 

unconvincing promises to do something about a 
severe water shortage after weeks of public 
protests by southern Italian farmers with 
shriveled crops. While weeks of dry, rainless 
skies haven't helped the situation, authorities say 
the shortage is largely caused by an aged, leaky 
water distribution system. Coming in a country 
where the influence of ancient Roman engineers 
can still be seen in the ruins of aqueducts, the 
unsustainable, fragile nature of the modern day 
water network is a clear sign that this 
civilization, like the Roman Empire, is starting 
to come apart at the seams. Nearly every day for 
two months, Sicilian farmers have blocked roads 
or town squares on the island with tractors and 
cows. Palermo residents have held protests, 
sometimes clashing with 
police, after their faucets ran 
dry for days. Many of Italy's 
water pipelines date from the 
1920's and they "are leaking 
all over the place", a top i 
Civil Defense official said. 
He estimated that about 40 
percent of the water destined 
for farm lands and cities is 
lost to leaks. Nature has also 
been stingy with rainfall, 
perhaps due to the 
hammering the biosphere 
has taken at the hands of 
industrialism. In the last 10 
years, precipitation in Italy 
has decreased by an average of 25 percent 
nationwide. With temperatures in southern Italy 
in the mid-90s nearly every day for weeks, 
tempers have flared on farms, ranches and in 
homes dependent on these modern systems for 
survival. The Interior Ministry, which controls 
state police services, said that police chiefs have 
been ordered to keep on guard for disorders or 
"illegal acts" linked to the water shortage. 
Hopefully, this situation is prompting people to 
take a deeper look at the unsustainable nature 
of mass society and most forms of agriculture. 

July 24, Papua New Guinea: Power Pylons 
Destroyed, Mining Operations Disrupted 

Ten power pylons have been blown up on 
separate occasions between the Hides Gas project 
and the Porgera mine area. A police official said 
he believed the attack on the pylons to be election 
related. He said the pylons were not destroyed at 
the same time. The Porgera Gold Mine relies on 
power supply from Hides Gas and may have been 
severely affected by this act of sabotage. Recently 
a mine manager from Hides Gas expressed 
concerns about the operations of the mine being 
affected by shortage of fuel due to election-related 
violence. But he said since his office received 
information of the attack, he had dispatched a part 
of a platoon stationed in Tari with police into the 
affected areas. Damage estimates have not yet 
been made. In February this year, when some 
people cut a 22.1kw power pylon, the mine 
suffered serious damage. It is unclear who is 
responsible for this action or what was the 
motivation behind it, though one can guess that it 
was an action against corporate exploitation and 
for self-determination for Papuan people against 
colonial rule. Papua New Guinea, West Papua in 
particular, is a country suffering from internal 
strife, as well as foreign imperialism. Violent 
conflicts between various rebel factions, Natives, 
foreign companies, and the government are a 
regular occurrence. Some groups within Papua 
wish to keep the country a neo-liberal colony, 
others want an independent state, and others, 
namely certain indigenous communities, do not 
want any government, or any other aspect of 
modern life. They simply want to be left alone. 
But the government and the corporations are not 
likely to respect their wishes, and they will have 
no choice but to engage in armed conflict for their 

August 1, Chile: Students Protest Bus Fares 
With Force 

Santiago: Some 5,000 Chilean high school 
students marched to the Education Ministry to 
demand that the government of President Ricardo 
Lagos freeze student bus fares at the current rate 
of 100 pesos until 2005. Some of the protesters 
blocked traffic, threw rocks at police and 
journalists, vandalized public and private property 

and looted businesses. Rocks injured two TV 
camera operators. Police agents from the 
Carabineros Special Forces arrested 378 people 
and used tear gas and water cannons to break up 
the crowds. The police tried to disperse the 
crowds, but the students regrouped and the 
protests continued in several locations of the 
capital over the course of the day. 

August 2-3, Haiti: Police Flee City After 
Jailbreak And Attacks By The "Cannibal 

Gonaives: On August 3, Police searched cars 

and buses leaving this northwestern city for 159 

prisoners who escaped after gunmen drove a 

tractor through the wall of a prison to free a jailed 

political activist. Police fled 

Gonaives on August 2 after 

the jailbreak, and residents 

locked themselves in their 

homes as automatic gunfire 

rang in the streets. People 

burned down city hall and 

the courthouse, and 

authorities acknowledged 

they had lost control of the 

town. On August 3, police 

returned with 

reinforcements and restored 

calm. Officers were 

patrolling the streets and 

searching vehicles for 

escaped prisoners on the 

southbound highway from Gonaives to the city 

of Port-au-Prince. Gonaives has about 200,000 

people. Government officials said the purpose of 

the prison assault was to free Amiot Metayer, a 

former ally of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide 

who turned against the president after he was 

jailed July 2 on charges of burning down the 

houses of a rival gang. He blamed Aristide for 

his arrest. Metayer was seen on August 2 parading 

through Gonaives with his supporters, an armed 

group calling themselves the Cannibal Army. 

August 11, Oregon: FBI Investigates Multiple 
Attacks On Bonneville Power Lines 

Lane County: The FBI and Oregon State Police 
have joined an investigation to find out who is 
shooting out insulators on key Bonneville Power 
Administration transmission lines. Investigators 
now suspect that recent incidents of vandalism 
against Bonneville - that seem to have begun in 
May - are related. "This is an inordinate amount 
of vandalism for this area," said a BPA security 
officer. "We've noticed a distinct pattern. 
Whoever 's doing this knows exactly how many 
insulators to shoot out so the line will not go out 
immediately. They also leave the area clean, with 
no shell casings or other evidence left behind." 
A power line insulator works like the surge- 
protector feature on a computer plug. The glass 
bell-shaped hoods help regulate the flow of 
electricity through high-voltage power lines as 
they approach a tower. They prevent the tower 
and the ground below it from becoming 
electrified. When an insulator is damaged, water 
or moisture can cause the power lines to go dead, 
interrupting the flow of electricity. Investigators 
say that usually this type of vandalism is done 
by bored people who mix guns and alcohol, but 
that these recent shootings in the Oakridge area 
are carefully calculated to cause an outage after 
the shooter has time to escape. The suspect would 
have to be a pretty good shot to hit the eight- 
inch-wide insulators, which are usually about 70 
feet from the ground. The first set of damaged 
insulators was discovered May 24 near Cougar 
Dam, about 25 miles east of Eugene. In that case, 
vandals shot about 80 insulators on the Cougar - 
Thurston line, causing it to go out of service. 
Repairs cost about $6,000. The insulators cost 
Bonneville anywhere from $90 to $300 to 
replace. On June 3, a helicopter surveillance team 
discovered additional broken insulators on the 
same Cougar- Thurston line. A few days later, 
another helicopter patrol spotted more damaged 
insulators on the Hills Creek-Lookout Point line, 
eight miles west of Oakridge: repairs were 
estimated at $6,500. On July 30, vandals damaged 
insulators 15 miles east of Lookout Point, causing 
a two-hour outage in Oakridge. At that point, the 
Lane County sheriff's office joined the 
investigation. When a U.S. Forest Service 
helicopter crew discovered 16 more broken 

insulators on the same power line on August 3, 
the BPA notified the FBI. Similar acts of 
vandalism have been discovered in Montana and 
Idaho, where damaged insulators shut down a 
dam for nine hours in June. Repairs and power 
outages have cost the BPA and smaller power 
suppliers close to $40,000 since late May. 
August 19, Greece: Government Office 
Attacked With Bomb! 

The local office of the PASOK ruling party in 
the Thessaloniki district of Kyveleia was 
damaged in the early morning by a gas-canister 
bomb. Nobody was injured, and no group claimed 

The Global Police State Is Coming Down 

We're standing right now on the brink of a 
planetary police state, a technological and military 
net of social control being woven by the 
combined nation states of the world, that has 
the potential to crush all effective resistance to 
it unless we react quickly and become educated 
about the new threats facing us all. Ultimately, 
any movement that seeks fundamental and 
transformative changes in society will be 
confronted with state repression. If the legal 
apparatus limits or restricts this repression, State 
security forces will ignore such laws, or the State 
itself will enact new laws legitimizing repressive 
actions: this has been true throughout the 
history of Empire and should come as no shock 
to anyone engaged in revolutionary struggle with 
the State. What is unique about the current 
consolidation of ruling class power that we're 
seeing now is the unprecedented level of 
cooperation that's taking place between the 

governments of the world as they attempt to 
neutralize all resistance to their rule both locally 
and globally. The essential characteristics of the 
new National Security state are not the results 
of 9-11, but rather of a historical process, today 
referred to as Globalization. As such, the effects 
of 9-11 signify a new stage in the development 
of total social control, which is based on 
technology, increasing social conflict, and the 
need to ensure the continued exploitation and 
expansion of transnational capital. This inevitable 
progression has led to the establishment of a global 
corporate fascism, where technology has vastly 
expanded the capabilities for the surveillance 
and monitoring of political dissidents, non- 
conformists and "undesirables". Just as technology 
has been a driving force behind globalization, it is 
also used as a means of repressing those sectors 
which resist and/ or have no place in the new 
economic order (particularly indigenous 
peoples). The only logical response to the 
National Security state and its repressive function 
is the continued application of resistance, based 
on present-day analysis and the lessons of history. 
The uncertainty and conflicts of the future will 
create conditions in which resistance will be 
fertile, providing that revolutionary movements 
are prepared to exploit such oppurtunities, 
overcoming their present marginalization, while 
at the same time being able to survive increasingly 
violent and lethal forms of repression. It's 
vitally important for revolutionaries and dissidents 
to begin communicating with each other 
regularly, sharing important information with 
each other about our various struggles, and 
engaging in the critical self-analysis that is 
necessary to keep our tactics and strategies 


"If there were any serioius concern about 
liberation we would see thousands of people 
simply walk away from the vast economic, po- 
litical, and intellectual machine we call West- 
ern Civilization and refuse to be enticed to par- 
ticipate in it any longer. ... Liberation is not a 
difficult task when one no longer finds value 
in a set of institutions or beliefs. ... Liberation, 
in its most fundamental sense, requires a re- 
jection of everything we have been taught and 
its replacement by only those things we have 
experienced as having value." -Vine Deloria 
Jr., from For This Land 

"If a plant is threatened with overwhelming 
danger or damage, Backster observed that it 
reacts self-defensively in a way similar to an 
opossum -or, indeed, to a human being- by 
"passing out," or going into a deep faint. The 
phenomenon was dramatically demonstrated 
one day when a psychologist from Canada 
came to Backster's lab to witness the reaction 
of his plants. The first plant gave no response 
whatsoever. Nor did the second; nor the third. 
Backster checked his polygraph instruments, 
and tried a fourth and a fifth plant; still no suc- 
cess. Finally, on the sixth, there was enough 
reaction to demonstrate the phenomenon. 

Curious to discover what could have influ- 
enced the other plants, Backster asked: "Does 
any part of your work involve harming plants?" 

"Yes," the physiologist replied. "I terminate 
the plants I work with. I put them in an oven 
and roast them to obtain their dry weight for 
my analysis." 

Forty-five minutes after the physiologist was 
safely on the way to the airport, each of 
Backster's plants once more responded fluidly 
on the graph. 

This experience helped to bring Backster to 
the realization that plants could intentionally 
be put into a faint, or mesmerized, by humans, 
that something similar could be involved in the 
ritual of the slaughterer before an animal is 
killed in the Kosher manner. Communicating 
with the vicitm, the killer may tranquilize it 
into a quiet death, also preventing its flesh from 
having a residue of "chemical fear," disagree- 
able to the palate and perhaps noxious to the 
consumer. This brought up the possibility that 
plants and succulent fruits might wish to be 
eaten, but only in a sort of loving ritual, with a 
real communication between the eater and the 
eaten. ..instead of the usual heartless carnage. 

"...Entertaining a group of skeptical psy- 
chologists, medical doctors, and computer pro- 
grammers at his house, Vogel let them look 
over his equipment for hidden devices and gim- 
micks which they insisted must exist, then 
asked them to sit in a circle and talk so as to 
see what reactions the plant might pick up. For 
an hour the group conversed on several topics 
with hardly a response form the plant. Just as 
they had all concluded that the whole thing 
was a fake, one of them said, "How about sex?" 
To their mutual surprise, the plant came to life, 
the pen recorder oscillating wildly on the chart. 
This led to speculations that talking of sex 
could stir up in the atmosphere some sort of 
sexual energy such as the "orgone" discovered 
by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, and that the ancient fer- 
tility rites in which humans had sexual 
intersourse in freshly seeded fields might in- 
deed have stimulated plants to grow...." 

—Taken from The Secret Life Of Plants by 
Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird 

State Repression and Political Prisoner News 

Italy: Anarchists Arrested For Acts Of 

Last winter, Green Anarchy recieved an 
envelope of news clippings pertaining to the 
reppression of Italian anarchists from 
comrades of ours in Italy, but unfortunately 
for us and our readers, all of these articles were 
written in Italian and it took us several months 
to have them translated. At this point, some of 
the information is a little dated but we've 
chosen to include it to give our readers an idea 
of what the eco-anarchist movement is up to 
in Italy and also to try to generate support for 
anarchists who have been arrested there in the 
past two years for impressive actions carried 
out in defence of the Earth. If anyone reading 
this has more up-to-date information on either 
of the two situations we're about to discuss, 
then please contact us at PO Box 11331 
Eugene, Oregon 97440 USA 

On March 13, 2000, some unknown people 
knocked down an ENEL (an Italian electric 
utility company) electrical transmission tower 
in Sedonira, Italy causing a power blackout in 
the rural areas of Sedrina, Ubia Le Cloorezzo, 
Almerro San Salvatore and Villa da Aline. 
Shortly after this action, Italian cops arrested 
"G.B.", a 24-year old man with no fixed 
address who was involved in anarchist circles. 
On October 17th, 2001, the Italian courts 
sentanced "G.B." to 2 years of imprisonment 
at a preliminary hearing. Evidence against him 
included tools, topographic maps, a copy of 
"Terra Selvaggio" (an italian anti-civilization 
anarchist paper) and a small notebook with 
drawings including one of an individual sawing 
the legs off a transmission tower. "G.B." 
continues to deny any connection to this action. 

In a related story, on July 4, 2001, in 
Porteranica on the Maresara River in Italy, a 
television, radio and cellphone transmission 
tower was attacked with simple incendiary 
devices -10 fruit juice bottles full of gasoline. 
Those involved climbed the gate, and 
systematically attatched the bottles to the base 
of the tower where the cables that transmit data 
are located. Flames caught the cables on fire 
and burned the tower up to about 50 ft. There 
was graffiti left behind which read " Struggle 
Against All That Is Noxious And Against 
Telecom" (probably referring to the Italian 
phone company); the Graffiti was accompanied 
by a circle A. Other anarchist graffiti was found 
sprinkled around the town: "Against Every 
Drug, Against Human And Animal Abuse" and 
"Consumerist Murderer" being two examples. 
Damages were estimated at $1 million dollars. 
On July 17th, cops searched the home of 19- 
year old anarchist student Silvia Guerimi. The 
pigs found spray paint that matched the same 
color and brand as that used at the transmission 
tower site, as well as four bolts that looked 
similar to those from the sabotaged tower. This 
was all their evidence but on October 22, Silvia 
was placed under house arrest with charges of 
participating in the attack. She denies any 
connection to the action. Anarchists and 
classmates demonstrated in front of the 
courthouse during the preliminary inquiry. 
There were other demonstrations in solidarity 
with her in November and December, but the 
flyers handed out at these demos weren't too 
impressive — one of the flyers even went so far 
as to claim (without any evidence) that the 
action might have been the work of 
government agents and fascists — the worst sort 
of dissociation! All of the support offered in 
the flyers depends on the presumed innocence 
of Silvia, and so one is left to wonder if these 
people would stand by her if she decided to 
claim the action. We've recently learned that 
Silvia was sentanced on June 3 of this year to 
three years imprisonment, but is currently free 
from the restrictions of house arrest until her 
appeal trial occurs. If the sentance is upheld, 
she won't go to prison, but will be placed under 
the supervision of a "social assistant" for the 
two years and four months remaining of her 
sentance ( the eight months of house arrest 
counting as time served). 
Russia: A Call For Solidarity With Natalia 


Natalia Kexiopoulou is a 19-year-old student 
who came with her step-family from Abhazia, 
a region of the former Soviet Union. From the 
time she was 14 years old, her father had been 
raping her regularly, threatening to send her 
back to Abhazia - a place that she remembers 
mainly for the horrors of the conflict there - if 
she said anything. On March 11, he tried to 
rape her again in her office. She pulled out a 
knife to defend herself and stabbed her father 
to death. It should be noted that her father was 
a man of some power, being a member of the 
security service of Vladimir Putin, Russian 
head of state. In addition, he may have been 
involved in "people trafficking", that is to say, 
pimping. Rapist, security agent, pimp - in other 
words a pig through and through. Acting in her 
own self-defense, Natalya did us all a favor, 


Brm\ £^B 

i ■■'■Wi '; 



vmL* ; 


■ i L. 



xgM m\ 



I '"' 


> ^1 11 

[#'-" .f^Bfef W- III 



\ 1 


ridding the world of another petty authoritarian 
piece of shit. She was supposed to go to court 
on March 15. We have not heard what the 
outcome of that hearing was. We agree with 
the Greek anarchist group "Back to the Streets" 
in their call for solidarity with Natalia 
Kexiopoulou and all who take direct action 
against those who exploit and victimize them. 
Email "Back to the streets" for more 
Holland: Volkert van der Graaf Accused Of 
Wasting Fascist Scumbag 

On 5-6-02, the Dutch fascist politician, Pirn 
Fortuyn, was shot dead. A 32-year old man, 
Volkert van der Graaf, has been arrested and 
accused of Fortuyn's murder. International 
media reports around the world have described 
Volkert as an animal & earth liberation activist. 
However, as yet, no official reason has been 
given for why Fortuyn was murdered. 
Tennessee: Anarchist Political Prisoner/ 
POW Needs Support! 

Long-term US anarchist prisoner Harold H. 
Thompson is challenging a decision that will 
determine whether inmates across the US are 
able to receive mail containing "political 
content". Currently between 22,000 and 25,000 
prisoners receive anarchist, environmental or 
animal rights literature. Thompson has been 
pursuing this case for over two years to ensure 
this legal right is maintained. A recent District 
Court setback (these invariably produce biased 
verdicts) means that at least a further years 
intensified struggle will be necessary to ensure 
prisoners access to what state governors refer 
to as "Security Threat Group Material". This 
is a serious heavyweight legal contest with far- 
reaching implications for every prisoner held 
in US jails, particularly those prepared to stand 
up and fight the system from behind cell bars. 
There is increasing likelihood it will finish in 
the US Supreme Court for final resolution. 
Harold needs funds urgently to carry on this 
fight. He remains convinced that this struggle 
can, and indeed, must be won, and an awful 
lot of hope is riding on his endeavors. If the 
case folds through lack of resources then 

prisoners across the USA will be the losers. 
Please help if you can with donations to: 
Friends of Harold H. Thompson PO Box 
375, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey, GU21 2XL, 
England. For more info on Harlold H. 
Thompson, see our Political Prisoners 

July 25, Sweden: Man Sent To Prison For 
Anti-EU Actions 

A 22 year old man from Stockholm received 
a five-year prison sentence for his involvement 
in the protests at EU-summit in Gothenburg, 
Sweden in 2001 . Letters of support can be sent 
to him by addressing your letters to: "Man 
jailed for 5 years" c/o Solidarity Group 
GBG c/o Syndikalistiskt Forum Box 7267 
SE-402 35 Gothenburg, Sweden. You can also 
email for 
more info. 

August 13, Oregon: Activists Detained For 

Portland: Two eco-activists, Jacob Sherman 
and Jeremy Rosenbloom, were arrested on 
suspicion of arson against logging trucks at 
Eagle Creek last year. The police also 
announced they were seeking two other 
activists, Angela Marie Cesario and Michael 
Scarpitti, on the same charges. Following the 
initial arrests, news of Angela's arrest soon 
followed. Jacob, Jeremy and Angela have now 
all been charged with four counts relating to 
arson and bailed pending trial. However, 
Michael, who is known as Tre Arrow, has not 
been located by the police and he is considered 
"on the run". For more info, contact: Break 
The Chains PO Box 11331, Eugene, OR 

August 24, Chris Plummer Arrested On 
Bunk Charges 

Huntsville: The Texas Department of 
Criminal Justice (TDCJ) held what was 
supposed to be a public forum for families of 
Texas prisoners to address concerns with TDCJ 
policy. A reporter for Indymedia, longtime 
activist, and former political prisoner, Chris 
Plummer was arrested outside the campus 
building for asking a simple question regarding 
TDCJ policy. Many activists in Texas feel this 
is not only a violation of his free speech rights, 
but also an example of the repression and 
intimidation that TDCJ officials use to 
eliminate any real concerns that families and 
supporters of prisoners have. Chris Plummer 
is on parole and this bunk arrest could land 
him back in prison if the movement does not 
give Chris the support he deserves. For more 
info on how you can help, call: Chris 
Plummer at #5 1 2-497-5975 or 5 1 2-476-3446 
or email him at: Solidarity 
is needed immediately! 
August 24, Maryland: Revolutionary Anti- 
Fascists Arrested! 

Baltimore: About 200 white supremacists on 
their way to a Washington DC racist gathering 
were attacked with gas grenades, tire irons, 
baseball bats, and hockey sticks at a Southeast 
Baltimore hotel. Twenty eight people were 
arrested on assault and weapons charges in the 
melee, which erupted at about 7:30 am in the 
parking lot, lobby and hotel rooms of the Best 
Western Hotel and Conference. Officials said 
about 30 to 40 people participated in the attack 
on the white supremacists. Three of the white 
supremacists suffered minor injuries, one of 
whom was hospitalized. Some of the nazis 
attacked are members of the racist group 
National Alliance. They were travelling to a 
Washington DC anti-Jew demonstration. Of 
those arrested for allegedly attacking the nazis 
are members of the Northeastern Federation 
of Anarchist Communists (NEFAC), Anti- 
Racist Action, and the Anarchist Black Cross. 
They are facing very serious charges and they 
desperately need your support. For more info, 
contact: Black Planet Books 1621 Fleet Street, 
Baltimore, Maryland 21231-2931. Email: 
August 26, California: Feds To Indict Raise 
The Fist Webmaster 

Los Angeles: Federal prosecutors are 
indicting Sherman Austin, founder/webmaster 

of Raise The Fist - an anarchist/independent 
media/direct action network. Sherman is being 
charged with two felony violations, including 
"Distribution of information relating to 
explosives, destructive devices, and weapons 
of mass destruction with the intent that such 
information be used in furtherance of a federal 
crime of violence." Sherman rejected a guilt 
plea in court offering him one month in jail, 
five months in a half-way house, and three 
years supervised release. If founf guilty in trial, 
Sherman could serve a maximum of four years 
in prison. For background info on the case of 
Sherman Austin, and updates on his situation, 
please visit the Stop Long Beach Repression 
website at: 
Biometry: A State Developed Human- 
Tracking System Goes Global 

Biometric identification using such 
technologies as fingerprint and retinal scanning 
is well underway worldwide, a development 
that should be of concern to anarchists and 
outlaws everywhere. After debuting in 
Australia in 1987, national computerized 
fingerprint systems now exist in several 
countries. The Japanese telco giant NTT is 
developing a fingerprint-recognition method, 
and the U.S. Department of Energy's Sandia 
National Laboratories is assessing equipement 
from several vendors in the retinal scanning 
industry, including EyeDentify (Baton Rouge, 
LA) and Recognition Systems Inc. (Campbell, 
CA). Transpoder technology is now routinely 
implanted in animals: the pet market most 
predominately, at 3 million ID chips and 
counting. LifeChip, produced by the Destron 
Fearing Corp. (St. Paul, Minn.) and the Trovan 
electronic identification tag, from Electronic 
Identification Devices Ltd. (Santa Barbara, 
CA), offer a chip etched with a 10-or 64-bit 
ID code. Available for $10 at local animal 
shelters, the chips are small eneough to inject 
with a syringe, and the ID number is read by a 
handheld scanner. These implantable 
transpoders were originally developed in the 
1970's by the livestock industry as a form of 
high-tech "cattle branding", and tags are now 
routinely implanted in pigs, sheep, cows and 
horses. Texas Instruments Inc. is also 
manufacturing a device called Tiris, a radio 
frequency identification technology for vehicle 
identification and livestock monitoring. 
Though the Trovan dealer's agreement 
prohibits placing a chip under human skin, 
there's currently no law preventing them from 
being worn on a bracelet, and indeed, such 
devices are already being utilized by nursing- 
home and prison administrators to track 
people. Even ski resorts are putting the chips 
inside lift tickets. Not satisfied with this level 
of social control, the U.S. Department of 
"Justice" and the FBI are now pushing for 
transpoder chips to be implanted into the 
bodies of ex-cons and parolees to "cut back 
on recindivism and keep tabs on the criminal 
class." As further indication of where all this 
is heading, a Florida family recently became 
the first humans to be implanted with computer 
chips containing "only" telephone numbers 
and medical information. Jeff and Leslie 
Jacobs, along with their 14-year old son, 
Derek, voluntarilly had chips about the size of 
a grain of rice implanted into their arms in a 
simple procedure that takes about a minute 
under local anesthesia: the family wanted the 
implants ( called the VeriChip and designed 
by Palm Beach-based Applied Digital 
Solutions Inc.) in case of "future medical 
emergencies", reinforcing the State's sales 
pitch that these technologies are here to keep 
us safe. Biometrics takes the domestication 
of life to intolerable levels, and in our opinion, 
the development of these technologies needs 
to be opposed as forcibly and aggresively as 
anti-GE activists are opposing the development 
of genetic engineering. Once these systems are 
in place, they may be next to impossible to 
dismantle. ( A more detailed pamphlet on the 
"Veri-Chip" or "Digital Angel" can be 
downloaded from the Cascadia Media 
Collective at: 


Anarchist Prisoners: 

Frank J. Atwood #62887, Arizona State Prison 
- Eyman, Box 3400 - SMU 2, Florence, AZ 
85232. Radical involved in anti-establishment 
actions since the '60's. He was framed for 
murder in 1984 and sent to death row. 
Jerome White-Bey #37479, Jefferson City 
Correctional Center, PO Box 900 (5C-146), 
Jefferson City, MO 65102. Social prisoner 
turned anarchist activist. Founder of the 
"Missouri Prison Labor Union." 
Ojure Lutalo #59860, POB 861, Trenton, NJ 
08625. Black liberation activist and anarchist 
serving a lengthy sentence for clandestine 

Robert Middaugh T41 137 Bldg 410 23up, PO 
Box 8, Avenal, C A 93204. Serving three years 
for an assault on a pig during the 2001 Long 
Beach May Day action. 
Mike Rusniak DOC K88887, Dixon CC, 2600 
Brinton, PO Box 1200, Dixon, IL 61021. 
Serving time for stealing a police car, and other 
anti-government acts. 

Robert Thaxton (Rob Los Ricos) #121 12716, 
OSP, 2605 State Street, Salem, OR 97310. 
Long-time anarchist activist convicted of 
Assault and Riot for throwing a rock at a cop 
at the 1999 Eugene J18 Reclaim The Streets. 
He received a seven year sentence. He's 
currently assigned "Anarchist Security Group 
Status." Do not send anything containing any 

Harold Thompson #93992, Northwest 
Correctional Complex, Route 1, Box 660, 
Tiptonville, TN 38079. Sentenced to life plus 
50 years for a 1979 robbery of a jewelers, 
killing a police informer who had murdered 
his partner in a shooting incident in Ohio. He 
was later given an extra 32 years for a failed 
escape attempt. 

Thomas Tripp #12032560, 777 Stanton Blvd., 
Ontario, OR 97914. Social prisoner turned 
anarchist activist. He's facing up to three years 
in prison for his participation in a prison 
insurgency aimed at winning religious rights 
for Native prisoners, better educational 
programs for everyone, and other concessions. 
Shaka N' Zinga (Arthur Wiggins) #196612, 
POB 534 (MHC-X), Jessup, MD 20794. New 
Afrikan anarchist being framed for a crime he 
did not commit. 

Ecological Resistance Prisoners: 

Charles Hoke #861206, ACH, Indiana 
Department of Correction, Indiana State Prison, 
PO Box 41, Michigan City, Indiana 46361- 
004 1 . Radical farmer serving time for robbing 
banks in order to support himself, and other 
farmers, who were being forced from their 
homes by developers. 

Ted Kaczynski #04475-046, US Pen-Admin 
Max Facility, PO Box 8500, Florence Colorado 
81226. Sentenced to multiple lifetimes in 
prison for the "Unabomber" bombing attacks 
against industrial society. 
Jeffrey Luers (Free) #13797671, OSP, 2605 
State Street, Salem, OR 97310. Long-time 
environmentalist serving 22 years for 
politically-motivated arson attacks. He needs 
your support! 

Craig Marshall (Critter) #13797662, SRCI, 
777 Stanton Blvd., Ontario, OR 979 14. Serving 
five years for a politically-motivated arson 
attack against a Romania Chevrolet car 
dealership in Eugene. 

Peter Schnell #99476-111, FCI Otisville, PO 
Box 1000, Otisville, NY 10963. Anti- 
authoritarian earth/animal liberation activist 
serving two years for being in possession of 
incendiary devices. 

Fran Thompson #93341, 1107 Recharge Rd., 
York, NE 68467. Eco-activist serving a Life 
sentence for shooting dead, in self-defense, a 
stalker who had broken into her home. 
Matt Whyte #99477-111, Taft Correctional 
Institution, PO Box 7001, Taft, CA 93268. 
Anti-authoritarian earth/animal liberationist 
serving two years for being in possession of 
incendiary devices. 

Helen Woodson #03231-045 FMC Carswell, 
POB 27137, Admin. Max Unit, Fort Worth, TX 
76127. Serving 27 years for robbing a bank 
and then setting the money on fire while 
reading out a statement denouncing greed, 


capitalism and the destruction of the 

Assisted Suicide: 

Dr. Jack Kevorkian #284797, Southern 
Michigan Correctional Facility JMF, 4010 
Cooper St., Jackson, MI 49201 . Imprisoned for 
helping suffering people die through assisted- 

Indigenous Prisoners: 

William Firewalker Burchett #03655032, 

West 5852, Federal Prison, PO Box 7000, Fort 

Dix, NJ 08640. Native American religious 

rights activist being held in prison under 

questionable circumstances. 

Eric Wildcat Hall BL-5355, Unit I/A 10745 

Route 18, Albion, PA 16475-0002. Serving 35- 

75 years for helping ship arms to Central 

American indigenous resisters. 

Eddie Hatcher Marion Correctional 

Institution, PO Box 2405, Marion, NC 28752. 

Long-time Amerindian activist being framed 

for crimes he did not commit. 

Leonard Peltier #89637-132, PO Box 1000, 

Leavenworth, KS 66048. American Indian 

Movement (AIM) activist, serving two life 

sentences, having been framed for the murder 

of two FBI agents. 

Andy J. Riendeau (John Two Names) 

#193786, B-Dorm, Staton Correctional 

Facility, PO Box 56, Elmore AL 36025-0056. 

Native activist being framed for setting schools 

on fire. 

Tewahnee Sahme #11186353, Oregon State 

Prison, 2605 State St., Salem, OR 97310. 

Native rights advocate facing time for 

participation in a prison rebellion. 

David Scalera (Looks Away) #13405480 OSP 

2605 State St. Salem, OR 97310. Dedicated 

Native rights advocate serving time for a prison 


Anti Imperialist & 
Anti-Capitalist Prisoners: 

Kathy Boudin #894171, PO Box 1000, 
Bedford Hills, NY 10507. Former Weather 
Underground activist serving time for being a 
passenger in a get-away van during the 1981 
Brink's expropriation attempt in New York. 
Despite her work with incarcerated mothers 
and AIDS victims, she is still being denied early 
release by the authorities. 
Marilyn Buck #00482-285, Unit B, 5701 8th 
Street, Camp Parks, Dublin, CA 94568. 
Serving 50 years to life for actions taken after 
she escaped prison herself including an armed 
robbery of a Brink's armored truck and the 
liberation of Assata Shakur from prison. She 
is the only white member of the BLA. 
Judy Clark #83-G-313, PO Box 1000, 
Bedford Hills, NY 10507. Former Weather 
Underground member. 

Bill Dunne #10916-086, Box 1000, Marion, 
IL. 62959. Anti-authoritarian sentenced to 90 
years for the attempted liberation of a prisoner 
in 1979. 

Larry Giddings #10917-086, PO Box 1000, 
Lewisburg, PA 17837. Anti-authoritarian 
activist imprisoned in 1973 for attempted 
expropriation, paroled in 1978 then re-arrested 
in 1979 while attempting to liberate a comrade 
from prison. He's serving 75+ years with no 
known parole opportunities. 
David Gilbert #83A6158, Attica C.F, POB 
149, Attica, NY 14011. Serving time for 
clandestine actions against imperialism and 

William Gilday P.O. Box 1218, MCI Shirley, 
Shirley, MA 01464-1218. Jailed for the 
shooting of a cop during a 1970 bank 
expropriation intended to fund the movement 
against the Vietnam War. 
Alvaro Luna Hernandez #255735, Hughes 
Unit, Rt. 2, Box 4400, Gatesville, TX 76597. 
Chicano-Mexican freedom-fighter serving time 
for a police-orchestrated frame-up to stop his 
effective community organizing. 
Yu Kikumura #090008-050, PO Box 8500 
ADX, Florence, CO 81226. Alleged member 
of the Japanese Red Army. 

United Freedom Front (UFF) Prisoners: 

The following three individuals are serving 

huge sentences for their role in actions carried 

out by the (UFF) in the 1980's. The UFF carried 

out solidarity bombings against the US 

government on a variety of issues. All of these 

individuals are excellent people to write to and 

will answer letters. 

Jaan Karl Laaman W41514, Box 100, South 

Walpole, MA0207. 

Ray Luc Levasseur #10376-016, Box PMB, 

Atlanta, GA 30315. 

Thomas Manning #10372-016, Box 4000, 

Springfield, MO 65801. 

Richard Williams #10377-016, 3901 Klein 

Blvd., Lompoc, CA 93436. 

Black Liberation Prisoners: 

The following prisoners are all serving time 
for activism for black liberation. Many of them 
are former members of either the Black 
Liberation Army (BLA), or the Black Panther 
Party (BPP), or both. They are either in prison 
for their clandestine actions against the state 
and the racist pigs, or because they have been 
framed by the authorities who work to crush 

Sundiata Acoli #39794-066, Box 3000, White 
Deer, PA 17887, USP Allenwood. BLA POW. 
Zolo Agona Azania #4969, Indiana State 
Prison, PO Box 41, Michigan City, IN 46361- 
0041. Community activist being framed for 
murdering a cop. 

Hanif Shabazz Bey (Beaumont Gereau) 
#295933, Wallens Ridge State Prison, PO Box 
759, Big Stone Gap, VA 24219. Imprisoned for 
actions carried out against US colonialism in 
the Virgin Islands. 

Jalil Muntaqim (Anthony Bottom) 
#77A4283, Box 338, Napanoch, NY, 12458. 
Former Black-Panther who's accused of 
participating underground activities. He's been 
in jail for 22 years, which makes him one of 
the oldest political prisoners in the U.S. He may 
be up for parole soon and he needs support! 
Joseph Bowen AM-4272, 1 Kelley Drive, Coal 
Township, PA 17866-1021. BLA POW. 
Marshall Edward Conway #116469, Box 
534, Jessup, MD 20794. Veteran BPP leader 
who continues to maintain his innocence of a 
police murder in 1970. He asserts that he's one 
of many political prisoners as a result of FBI's 
war against the BPP. 

Romaine "Chip" Fitzgerald B-27527, Box 
290066, CSP-SAC FC 1208, Repressa, CA 
95671-0066. Former BPP member serving time 
for the death of a cop. 

Bashir Hameed (J. York) #82A6313, Box 
149, Attica, NY, 1401 1-0149. BLA POW. 
Robert Seth Hayes #74A2280, Box 500, 
Elmira, NY, 14902. He was captured and 
convicted in 1973 under a host of charges, 
attributed to membership in the BLA. 
Mumia Abu-Jamal AM8335, SCI Greene, 
1040 East R. Furman Highway, Waynesburg, 
PA 15370-8090. Former BPP. In 1981 he was 
framed for the murder of a cop. He was recently 
taken off death row and was re-sentenced to 
Life in prison. 

Khalfani X. Khaldun (Leonard McQuay) St. 
Joe County Jail, 129 S. Main St., South Bend, 
IN 46601. New Afrikan activist serving time 
for allegedly killing a prison guard. 
Richard MaFundi Lake #079972, 100 
Warrior Lane, #6-39, Bessemer, AL 35023- 
7299. Black community activist being framed 
for a crime he did not commit. 
Robert Mitchell In transition. Social justice 
activist serving time for a frame-up. Email 

JoNina Abron at for 

more info. 

Mondo We Langa (David Rice) #27768, Box 

2500, Lincoln, NE, 68542-2500. Former BPP 

member accused of killing a cop. 

Abdul Majid (Anthony Laborde) #83-A- 

0483, Upstate Correctional Facility, Box 2001 

Malone, NY 12953. Former BPP serving time 

for a crime he did not commit. Another victim 

of the COINTELPRO wars against the BPP. 

Ruchell Cinque McGee A-92051, PO Box 

7500, SHU-2-C-233, Crescent City, C A 95531 . 

Serving time for a court-house action to free 
incarcerated black liberationists. 
Sekou Odinga #05228-054, 3901 Klein Blvd., 
Lompoc, CA 93436. Former BLA sentenced 
to 25-to-Life for shooting a cop in self-defense, 
and an additional 20 years for the liberation of 
comrade Assata Shakur and the expropriation 
of an armored truck. 

Ed Poindexter #110403, 7525 4th Avenue, 
Lino Lake, MN 55014-1099, Minn. 
Correctional Facility. Former BPP member 
falsely accused of killing a police officer. 
Mutulu Shakur #83205-012, Box PMB, 
Atlanta, GA 30315. He was sentenced to 60 
years imprisonment for an alleged conspiracy 
by the Black Liberation Army/New Afrikan 
Freedom Fighters against the U.S. government. 
Russell Maroon Shoats AF-3855, SCI Green, 
1040 E. Roy Furman Highway Waynesburg, 
PA 15370-8090. BLA POW. 
Herman Wallace #76759, CCR Upper C Cell 
1, Louisiana State Penitentiary, Angola, LA 
70712. Former BPP member and one of the 
infamous "Angola Three". 
Gary Watson #098990, Unit SHU 18, 
Delaware Correctional Center, 1181 Paddock 
Rd., Smyrna, Delaware 19977. Social prisoner 
turned black liberationist. One of the "Smyrna 
Five" (S-5), a group of radicals that attacked 
prison authorities after the death of George 

Albert Woodfox #72148, CCR Upper B Cell 
13, Louisiana State Penitentiary, Angola, LA 
70712. Former BPP member and one of the 
infamous "Angola Three". 

Prisoner Support Groups: 

Anarchist Black Cross Network See the 

website to get the addresses of the various 
chapters: If 
you don't have internet access, then write to 
the Austin ABC to get filled in on ABC 
Network activities. Write to: Austin ABC POB 
19733, Austin, TX 78760-9733. 

Anarchists Prisoner Legal Aid Network 

(APLAN) 818 SW 3rd Avenue, Portland, OR 
97204. Email: An essential 
prisoner-support group. 

Break The Chains: Northwest Political 
Prisoner Support Network POB 11331, 

Eugene, OR 97401. Email: and visit the 

Chicago Anarchist Black Cross POB 721, 
Homewood, IL 60430. A very solid prisoner- 
support group. 

Free's Defense Network POB 50263, Eugene, 
OR 97405. This is the newly formed support 
group for Oregon eco-defense/anarchist 
political prisoner Jeffrey "Free" Luers. Be sure 
to check out their excellent website: 

Friends of MOVE POB 9709, Philadelphia, 
PA 19143. Friends and supporters of the 
MOVE organization and their prisoners. 

Rob Los Ricos Enterprises POB 50634, 
Eugene, OR 97405. Friends of anarchist 
prisoner Rob "Los Ricos" Thaxton. 


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Oregon, April 16: Political Prisoner 
Thomas Tripp's Statement to the Court: 

Today you think you have won, today you find me 
guilty of turning your methods against you and today 
you steal away more of my life. 

K Today the state, rapist of the Earth, thief of years , 
murderer of innocents , has passed judgment on me - 
not for being criminally mischievous, nor for 
engaging in riotous behavior - but for battling against 
— the tyranny of the state, in its most tyrannical setting: 
_ its prison system. 

Today the state fancies itself as above the people 
because it is grown fat on the bloodstained dollars 
of capitalism. Because the state owns the prisons, 
the guns, the fences and walls. Because it has raped 
the meadows and murdered the forests and stolen 
the lands of the Native peoples. And you, the 
representatives of the state - the judges , prosecutors , 
politicians , and cops - also are grown fat on the 
bloodstained dollars and have built the electric chair 
and bought the guards to silence the dissidents and 
secure your positions as the representatives of a false 

But do you know that a tide is rising - a tide of 
liberation, of which the actions of my comrades and 
I are only the merest hint - and that no guns, no 
prisons, no fences or walls can stem that tide? Do 
you know that the days of your illusory power are 
drawing to an end? Your two million prisoners know. 
The homeless, wandering the streets with only hunger 
in their bellies, know. The families and minds torn 
apart by your bombs and prisons and guns know 
also. I know. And soon you judges, prosecutors, 
politicians and cops will know too. 

So, for today, you may think you have won. But a 
tide is rising, and someday we will all be free - maybe 
even you. Until that day, I remain openly defiant to 
this court and everything it represents, with a proud 

- Thomas Tripp 

Write to: Thomas Tripp: #12032560, 777 Stanton 
Blvd., Ontario, OR 97914. 

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