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Full text of "Higher education and the student rebellion in the United States, 1960-1969 : a bibliography."

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I960 - 1969 -- A BIBLIOGRAPHY 


Bibliographical Series No. 6 (1969) 


Bibliographical Series Number Six (1969) 

The American Institute for Marxist Studies (AIMS) is an 
educational, research and bibliographical institute. Its 
purposes are to encourage Marxist and radical scholarship 
in the United States and to help bring Marxist thought into 
the forum of reasonable debate to produce a meaningful dia- 
logue among Marxist and non-Marxist scholars and writers. 
Its policy is to avoid sectarian and dogmatic thinking. It 
engages in no political activity and takes no stand on 
political questions. 

To these ends it invites the support and participation 
of all scholars and public-spirited individuals. 


20 East 30th Street 
New York, N. Y. 10016 

Copyright 1969 
All rights reserved 









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The amount of material available on higher education and the 
student rebellion in the United States staggers the imagination. 
Especially since 1965, in the Left and in general, literally 
thousands of books, pamphlets and articles have appeared. 

Of necessity therefore, this bibliography is limited to the 
United States and is selective. But it is not limited to Left 
commentary, nor even to only favorable and sympathetic accounts 
of student rebellions, or progressive and radical criti .ues of 
higher education. The criterion was that the material be coher- 
ent, relevant, provocative and influential. The reader will find 
listings for material from the "Liberal Establishment" defending 
the present structure of higher education and attacking the stu- 
dent rebels. Most prominent among these ruling class apologists 
are Clark Kerr, Sidney Hook, Irving Kristol, David Riesman, Chris- 
topher Jencks, Nathan Glazer, Seymour Martin Lipset and Lewis 
Feuer. Of course, greatest emphasis was given to the Left, and 
especially to the critiques of the rebels themselves. Special 
attention was given to black students and the crisis in Negro 
higher education. 

A problem in compiling a bibliography such as this is that 
many very important radical articles have appeared in "under- 
ground" newspapers of limited circulation and scattered through- 
out the country. Therefore, I have listed especially important 
newspapers and magazines at the end of the bibliography. I also 
call attention to the "Underground Press Directory" compiled in 
1968, which gives a complete listing of these periodicals. To 
obtain this directory send $1.00 to: COUNTERPOINT, Box 396, 
Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481. Also at the end of this biblio- 
graphy is a listing of some important national student and edu- 
cational organizations, especially those whose pamphlets or jour- 
nals are cited. 

I call attention, as well, to the listing at the end of the 
bibliography of excellent documentary films which are available, 
on the s t ude n t rebe 1 1 ions . 


In addition, I wish to mention a new, excellent study, not 
yet published, which, when it appears, will undoubtedly be the 
definitive work on the Berkeley Free Speech Movement of 1964. It 
is entitled Conflict on the Campus : The Berkeley Free Speech 
Controversy , written by Max Heirich. It will be published soon 
by Columbia University Press. 

Finally, I wish to thank my little son Joshua, for his crea- 
tive efforts in managing on numerous occasions to rearrange and 
"de-alphabetize " the listings for this bibliography. 

Bettina Aptheker 

San Jose,, California 
March, 1969 


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of this book entitled "The 'New' Militancy"."" "a* .' ""."-'■ . 

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For the purposes of this bibliography the reader is referred to, 
pages 251-506, which contain many of the most important articles 
"lh| documents of the black movement in the 1960's, especially -of i 
the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee. ... _,.-/ 

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■ — ■ - «- — - f— — ■ 

Clark Kerr is the former President of the University of California 
and one of the originators of the concept of the "multiversity" . 

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might have implied. 

Ridgewa y , Jame s , The Closed Corporation - American Universities in 
Crisis , N. Y„, Random House, 1968. Mr. Ridgeway is an associate 
editor of the New Republic , and in the pages of that periodical 
has written extensively on the academic scene. The book is 
weak analytically, but superb muckraking. 

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A superb collection of essays by radical faculty members, in- 
cluding essays by Louis Kampf (English), Staughton Lynd (History), 
Marshall Windmiller (International Relations), Kathleen Gough 
(Anthropology) and Christian Bay (Social Science) , concluding 
with a classic by Noam Chomsky. 

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. rt :■■'■( I- 

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* * * 



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California, issued May : 7, 1965, 64 pp. Despite its apparently 
conservative origins this is a very important Report-because 
its primary conclusion is thrt the FSM was largely a justified 
response to a bureaucratic and unresponsive governmental struc- 
ture for the university. The Report is available- in full in the 
anthology by Seymour Martin Lipset and Sheldon Wolin listed in 
the "Books" section of this bibliography. 

Carnegie Corporation of New York, Quarterly , January, 1966, "The 
Invisible Thread: A University's Reputation," 8 pp. 

California Law Review , "Symposium: Student Rights and Campus 
Rules," March, 1966. (The entire issue of over 100 pp. is 
devoted to this . ) 



California Monthly , "A Season of Discontent/' Vol. LXXV, No, 5,. 
February, 1965. The entire issue is devoted to the Free Speech 
Movement events of the Fall of 1964. Despite its unsympathetic 
bent, this journal published by the California Alumni Association 
contains one of the best chronologies of events ever compiled "," 
and a very complete appendix of important documents, generally 
unavailable elsewhere . 

Davidson, Carl, Toward a. Student Syndicalist Movement , Chicago 
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Free Speech Movement:, Steering Committee, We Want a University , 
Univ. of Cal., Berkeley, December, 1964, 10 pp. Available in 
the Bancroft Library on the Berkeley campus of the Univ. of Cal. 

Garson, Marvin, The Regents , Berkeley, Cal., Independent Socialist 
Club, 1967, 25 pp. Originally printed by the Free Speech Move- 
ment in 1965. 

Gr.iswbld, A. Whitney, The University , Santa Barbara, Cal., Center 
for the Study of Democratic Institutions, November, 1961, 29 pp. 
Mr. Griswold is President of Yale University. 

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lished by the American Federation of Teachers Local #1570 (and 
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20036. Sub,, $4 ♦5.0: per year - Monthly . 

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per year - Bi-Monthly 

Change , a very recent journal of higher education, 59 East 54th St., 
New York, N. Y. 10022, Sub., $8.50 per year - Bi-Monthly 

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America, 34 West 17th St., New York, N. Y. 10011, $2.00 per 
ye ar , Quar te r ly- . -, 

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1785 Massachusetts Ave . , N. W.', Washington, D. C. 20036, Quarterly 

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Psychological Association, P. 0. Box 1248, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 
$7.00 per year, Quarterly 

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133 W. 72nd St., New York, N. Y. 10023, $4.00 per year, 9 issues 

* * * 


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House ,, r San Francisco,. Cal. 94126, $7.50 a year, Weekly 

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Guardian , independent radical Newsweekly, 197 E. 4th St., New York, 
N. Y. 10009, $10.00: per year ($5.00 for students) 

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per year, Monthly. , 

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W. Madison, Chicago, 111. 60612, $10 for non-members per year; 
$1.00 for SDS members per year, Weekly 

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Committee, 360 Nelson St., N. w. , Atlanta, Georgia 30313 

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180 University Ave., Palo Alto, Cal. 9430i, $5,50 per year, Weekly 

People's World , 81 Clementina St., San Francisco, Cal., $7.00 
per year. Weekly 

"Underground Press Directory, " a complete listing of all underground 
papers in the US compiled in 1968. Send §1.00 to: Counterpoint, 
Box 396, Stevens Point, Wise. 54481 

* * * 

C. '6 R G A N I Z A'T I O N S f 

Black Panther Party, 3106 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 94705 

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Testing Service, Princeton, N. J. 08540 

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Eshelman Hall, University of California, BerkereYV Cal. 94703 

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New York, N. Y. 10011 

W.E.B. Du Bois Clubs of America, 34 West 17th Street, New York, 
N. Y. 10011 

* * * 




News re el 

Box 302, Canal Street Station 

New York, No Y„ 10013 

- "The Columbia Revolt" - a documentary on the Columbia 

University uprising in April-May, 1968 

- "The Chicago Convention Challenge" - a documentary or" the 
student demonstrations in Chicago, in August, 1968 -during 
the Democratic Party Convention 

American Documentary Films 

379 Bay Street 

San Francisco, Cal. 94133 

- "Sons and Daughters" - a documentary of the Vietnam Day 
Committee demonstrations conducted by Berkeley students 
in October, 1965. 90 Minutes 

- "Huey" - film of the Birthday Party for Huey P. Newton 
held in April, 1968. Includes speeches by Carmichael, 
Cleaver, Forman and Seale. 30 Minutes 

- "Chicago, The Seasons Change" - the demonstrations and 
police riots during the 1968 Chicago Democratic Conven- 
tion. 45 Minutes 

(Many other films of interest are available, but are not 
directly relevant here. Catalogues may be obtained by 
writing to the above address.) 

* * * 


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Aims Publications of Related Interest 

Lee Baxandall. This Is an absolutely indispensable work and the first 
of its kind in any language. An exhaustive bibliography covering every 
area of the arts from dance to drama, painting to cinema, fiction to music, 
literary criticism to architecture; and employing the term Marxist in the 
largest and least exclusive possible sense. ....... .$10 (cloth only) 

Again, the only bibliography of its kind ,50i (paper) 

TRADE UNION MOVEMENTS. The only compilation of its kind 

. . . 60# (paper) 


BIBLIOGRAPHY, comp. by p, C. Stooge, Andover-Harvard Theological 
Library _. ... 75^ (paper) 

by O.C. Johnson and C. Reeve; exhaustive and unique. . .SI (paper)