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100                   HISTORY OF THE THEORY OP NUMBERS.            [CHAP, m
S. Monteiro292 noted that 2n+l divides (2n)
J. Westlund293 reproduced the discussion by Serret256 and TchebycheL76
Glaisher294 proved his291 earlier theorems.   Also, if p=2m+l is prime,
(fl&Op$a(l   -j 2m)=/S2H-i(l,    > 27n) (mod p3) and, if t> 1, modulo p4.   According as n is odd or even,
For m odd and >3, S2m-3(l,..., 2w-l) is divisible by m2, and OT.2(12,..., -jm-1}2),          S2m_4(l,..., 2m-1)
are divisible by m. He gave the values of Sr(l,..., n) and ArSr(l9..., n1) in terms of n for r=l,..., 7; the numerical values of Sr(l,..., n) for n^22, and a list of known theorems on the divisors of Ar and Sr. For r odd, 3^r^77i2, S,(l,..., 2m1) is divisible by m and, if w is a prime > 3, by m.2 He proved (ibid., p. 321) that, if l^r^ (p-3)/2, and Br is a Bernoulli number,
Glaisher295 gave the residues of <rk [Frost268] modulo p2 and p3 and proved that cr2, o-4). .., (Tp3 are divisible by p, and cr3, <r5, . . ., crp_2 by p2, if p is a prime.
Glaisher296 proved that, if p is an odd prime,
Q or -i (mod p),
according as 2n is not or is a multiple of p 1. He obtained (pp. 154-162) the residue of the sum of the inverses of like powers of numbers in arithmetical progression.
F. Sibirani2960 proved for the Sn>m of Sylvester269 (designated sn,m+i) that
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