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272                        HlSTOKY OF THE THEORY OF NUMBERS.                [CHAP. IX
J. Wolstenholme78 noted that the highest power of 2 dividing (2m^ *) is q—p — 1, where q is the sum of the digits of 2m —1 to base 2, and 2P is the highest power of 2 dividing ra.
J. Petersen79 proved by Legendre's formula that (a+b) equals the product of the powers of all primes p, the exponent of p being (ta+tb—ta+b) + (p~ 1), where ta is the sum of the digits of a to base p.
E. Cesaro80 treated Kummer's71 problem. He stated (Ex. 295) and Van den Broeck81 proved that the exponent of the highest power of the prime p dividing (2nft) is the number of odd integers among [2n/p], [2n/p2],
O. Schlomilch81a stated in effect that (n+i) is divisible by n.
E. Catalan82 proved that if n is odd,
W. J. C. Sharp820 noted that (p+ri)l-p\nl is divisible by p2, if p is a prune >n.   This follows also from (ptn)=l (mod p) [Dickson90].
L. Gegenbauer83 noted that, if <r is any integer, r one of the form 6s or 3s according as n is odd or even,
n-l) =0 (mod n+2)"
The case n odd, cr=2, r = 3, gives Catalan's result.
E. Catalan84 proved Hermite's75 theorem.
Ch. Hermite85 stated that (£) is divisible by m—n+1 if m is divisible by n; by (m— n-f l)/e if € is the g. c. d. of w-f-1 and n\ by ra/5, if d is the g. c. d. of m, n.
E. Lucas86 noted that, if n^p — 1, p— 2, p — 3, respectively,
if p is a prime, and proved Hermite's75 result (p. 506).
F. Rogel87 proved Hermite's75 theorem by use of Fermat's.
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