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380                  HISTORY OF THE THEOEY OF NUMBEKS.             [CHAP, xv
A. Ge*rardin61 noted that Fn==(240s+97)(240i/+161) for all the Fn fully factored to date, and specified x and y more exactly in special cases.
C. Henry*2 gave references and quoted known results.
R. D. Carmichael63 gave a test for the primality of Fn equivalent to Pepin's19 and a further generalization (p. 65) in the direction of Hurwitz's.41
R. C. Archibald64 cited many of the papers listed above and collected in a table the known factors of Fn with the exception of that given by Morehead.61
For a remark on Fn, see Cunningham101 of Ch. VII.
"Sphinx-Oedipe, 7, 1912, 13. "Oeuvres de Fermat, 4, 1912, 202-4. "Annals of Math., (2), 15, 1913-4, 67. "Amer. Math. Monthly, 21, 1914, 247-251.