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Full text of "History Of The Theory Of Numbers - I"

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H. Bohr. 1932. 120 pages. 6x9. Lithotyped. Cloth. Original German editio'n was published at $4.50.                                     $2.50 From the famous series Ergebnisse der Mathematik und Ihrer Grenzgebiete, this monograph is a beautiful exposition of the subject of almost periodic functions, written by the creator of the theory.
THEORIE DER KONVEXEN KORPER, By T. Bonnesen and W. Fenchel. 1934. 171
pages. 5j4x8^2. Cloth. Originally published (paper bound) at $7.50.                           $3.50
"The reading of this remarkable monograph . . . is extremely suggestive and . . . well worth the effort."—/. D. Tamarkin, Bulletin of the A. M. S.
VORLESUNGEN UBER REELLE FUNKTIONEN, By C. Caratheodory. 2nd, latest complete, edn. 728 pp. 5^x8j^. Originally published at $11.60.                      $6.95 This great classic is at once a book for the beginner, a reference work for the advanced scholar and a source of inspiration for the research worker.
REELLE FUNKTIONEN, By C. Caratheodory. 1939. 190 pages. 5>4x8.          $3.50 Reelle Funktionen is a rewriting of the elementary part (the first third) of the author's famous Vorle-sungen Ueber Reelle Funktionen.
EIGENWERTPROBLEME UND IHRE NUMERISCHE BEHANDLUNG, By L. Collatz. 1945. 350 pages. 5^x8^. Originally published at $8.80.                               $4.50
"Part I presents an interesting 'and valuable collection of PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS.
"Part II deals with the MATHEMATICAL THEORY.
"Part III takes up various methods of NUMERICAL SOLUTION of boundary value problems. These include step by step approximations, graphical integration, the Rayleigh-Ritz method and methods depending on finite differences. Here, as throughput the book, the theory is kept in close touch with practice by numerous specific examples." —Mathematical Reviews.
ALGEBREN, By M. Deuring. 1935. v+143 pages. 5^x8^2- Cloth. Originally published (in paper binding) at $6.60.                    $3.50
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