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Full text of "History Of The Theory Of Numbers - I"

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"The aim of the book is to bring the reader to a comprehension of the questions which at present form the summit of the theory of algebraic number fields, without presupposing any knowledge of the theory of numbers.
"an elegant and comprehensive account of the modern theory pf algebraic numbers."
—Bulletin of the A. M. S.
PRINCIPLES OF MATHEMATICAL LOGIC, By D. Hilbert and W. Ackermann. 1950. xii+172 pages. 6x9.                     $3.50
The famous Grundsuge der Theoretischen Logik by Hilbert and Ackermaim, translated into English, with added notes and revisions.
DIE METHODEN ZUR ANGENAEHER-TEN LOESUNG VON EIGENWERT-PROBLEMEN IN DER ELASTOKINE-TIK, By K. Hohenemser. 1932. 89 pp. Sj^x &y2. cloth. Originally published at at $4.25.
". . . condenses the results obtained by wide reading, many of the journals being inaccessible to the general reader."—H. Bateman, Bulletin of the A. M. S.
ERGODENTHEORIE, By E. Hopf. 1937. 89 pages. 5j4x8^.                               $2.75
From the series Ergebnisse der Mathematik.
THE CALCULUS OF FINITE DIFFERENCES, By Charles Jordan. 1947. Second edition, xxi+652 pages. 5j^x8}4- Originally published at $8.00.                               $5.50
". . . destined to .remain the classic treatment of the subject... for many years to come."—Harry C. Carver, Founder and formerly Editor of the ANNALS OF MATHEMATICAL STATISTICS.
THEORIE DER ORTHOGONALREI-HEN, By S. Kaczmarz and H. Steinhaus. 304 pages. 6x9.                                     $4.50
The theory of general orthogonal functions. Mono-grafje Matematycsne, Vol. VI.
DIFFERENTIALG LEIGH UN-GEN REELLER FUNKTIONEN, By E. Kamke. 1930. 450 pages. 5j4x8j^. Originally published at $12.80.                            $4.50
The existence and uniqueness of solutions, their topological structure are studied exhaustively. A full one hundred pages of the text are devoted to the study